Cap's Back!

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Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Beta Ray Bill

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Parking Lot, Avenger's Mansion

Cap and Wanda get back from some downtime and meet a new member of the team.

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There is a low rumbling through the streets of the Upper East side, a vintage Harley to perpetrator of the noise. It cruises the streets slowly, the rider appearing not to be in much of a hurry. Steve eases the bike over to the shoulder in to one of the parking spaces near the large Avengers mansion and lets it idle for a few seconds with a satisfied smile before he kills it and looks over to the mansion.

Coming out the gates of the mansion at just that moment is Wanda, who tilts her head at the rumbling of the Harley. Turning to look at the rider, she moves quickly over by the bike, "Steve!" She waves, then pauses as the bike engine dies, before continuing, "Where have you been? I figured you'd be here already, but..." She pauses, then smiles a bit more sheepishly, "Anyway, it's good to see you again."

Overhead, the summer skies darken somewhat, and a warm wind, heavy with the promise of summer rain, cascades down across the grounds, stirring the grass, and touseling the hair of those present. This is not something unknown or surprising to the Avengers, of course, and if they should choose to look skyward, they could just make out a figure clad in blue and gold, with a distinctive red cape, trailing several light grey rainclouds as it moves through the air. They might be forgiven for jumping to the obvious conclusion...

With a quick slide of his foot Steve pushes out the kickstand and leans the bike over. Wanda is greeted with a warm smile, "I took some personal leave. How's everyone been doing?" he asks, lifting a leg over the bike and standing up to pull a green army rucksack over his shoulder in the process.

With the rising of the warm wind and smell of rain Steve looks skyward, squinting his eyes a bit at the blue and gold figure for a long moment in silence. One hand reaches instinctively in to his rucksack.

Wanda hmms, "Well, I only saw Carol and Vision... and Jarvis, of course. I swear he must have a psychic power with when people are coming and going." She smiles a little more genuinely, though it fades a bit as she looks at the sky, "I don't /think/ that's..." All the same, she twists her fingers around in an arcane-looking gesture, a green glow surrounding her hand as she doesn't question Steve's judgment.

Perceptive bunch, the Avengers, which is unsurprising, for while there is a definite and deep similarity, the figure which begins to descend from the sky, trailing dark wisps of cloud in a lazy spiral is -not- the thunderer who has often spent his time here. But to the Scarlet Witch, it still resonates with the raw power that follows The Mighty Thor, almost as if a twin to it.
A gentle roll of thunder sounds from above, and the warm wind grows heavy with moisture, droplets clinging like dew to the fence surrounding the lot and bowing the grass down with their weight. The wind rushes forth, then subsides as the massive figure alights with surprising gentleness a few dozen feet off, red cape rustling. Clearly, this is -not- Thor, but again, there is an uncanny resemblance despite the very alien nature of his features. For those who ever bothered to read up or listen to the stories, this is the alien thunder god, Beta Ray Bill.

Steve withdraws an empty hand from the ruckstack, readjusting it to his shoulder as the large orange alien descends and lands before the pair. He offers another polite smile as he takes a step forward, "Evening." he says simply, stopping a good six feet from the being, "I figured I might run in to some people, but this is a little surprising." he says, the smile shifting to a half grin.
A quick side-glance is given to Wanda accompanied by a reassuring nod before settling his attention back on Bill.

Wanda snaps her fingers, the green glow fading as she says, "Good evening, Bill. I didn't realize you were staying here. Or are you just visiting?" She smiles back at Steve, "I was actually just heading out to find something for dinner."

Bill pauses, white eyes moving over the figure before him. The golden warhammer held lightly in his right hand is turned, slipped into a belt loop. He isn't -perfectly- sure he knows who the man is, but he has an idea. Thor and the other Asgardians spoke of him often enough. His head inclines slightly and he explains his presence, "Forgive me for not calling ahead, but I had hoped to catch your leader here-" he refers to Ms. Marvel, "-I have matters of some import to speak with her about." he pauses again, curious, but forges ahead, "Unless I am very much mistaken, you are the vaunted Captain America, are you not?" and he does not neglect the other figure, although he takes more time, "Forgive me, but I am uncertain if you are whom I think, Lady, and I would not wish to cause offense."

Steve nods to Wanda, "I was thinking of getting something to eat myself, I've been on the road all day." he says before he studies Bill for another moment before looking down the street around them making sure there is noone within ear shot before making a downward patting motion with his hand as if to relay 'keep it down', "Not so loud, please." he says simply before clearing his throat a little, "But you're not wrong...." he says, trailing off towards the end as he glances back to the mansion, "I haven't been in touch with anyone, just got back in to town myself. You seem to know who I am, mind if I ask who you are?" he adds, extending his hand towards Bill.

Wanda pauses, "Oh, yes, we haven't met yet... sorry, I remember reading about you from some Avenger's reports. Been catching up, since I'm coming back to active duty, and..." She frowns, "Great, I'm doing it again. Anyway, I'm Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as the Scarlet Witch." She then smiles over at Steve, "Steve, this is Beta Ray Bill, friend of Thor and he's been helping out around here, from what I understand."

The hand that takes Steve's is large, and four-fingered, somewhat warm as well, "She has the right of it. I am oath-brother to Thor Odinson, though I hail originally from another world. I apologize if I misspoke," Bill notes, "I am unused to the notion you seem to have of distinct identities. I had forgotten it is often such here."
At Wanda's words he adds, "I found myself here due to...circumstances on my people's new homeworld." there's something there he doesn't seem eager to get into, "And I could not refuse those in need, lest I prove unworthy of the weapon I bear." He releases Steve's hand and those white eyes look him over carefully, with interest, as he says that. "It is an honour few have I am told."

Steve smiles and give the hand a firm shake before returning his hand, crossing his arms in front of his chest, "An honour? I don't know about all that. We all have a job, I just try to do mine." he says, still a faint smile on his face as he glances over to Wanda, "Ah, a friend of Thor's? I guess that counts for something." he says, his tone light and joking as he in turn studies the Alien, some interest but mostly curiousity. At the mention of the weapon he looks to Bill's side, gazing over the hammer for a long moment, "That looks familiar and" he points upwards, "From the stormclouds, I'd go out on a limb and say it was similar to Mjolnir." he finishes.

Wanda nods, "Most of us have secret identities, but mine has been public for a while." She smiles a little at Steve's modesty, and looks over at Bill, "It's always good to have a friend of Thor's here. I have to admit, it has been a while since I've seen him. Or many Avengers since I've come back."

The alien champion nods once, slowly, "He and the Lady Sif have returned to Asgard for now. They are needed there. As I am here, your leader has made overtures toward inviting me into this august body. We worked together during this late crisis involving the rampant AI, Ultron. My own vessel was heavily damaged after being co-opted, and she remains in orbit 'till she is spaceworthy again - then I am sending her to New Korbin to be 'drydocked' for repairs. I shall remain here for the nonce." There is regret in his tone as he speaks of his ship's damage. He still blames himself somewhat for it.

Steve listens to Bill, offering a sympathetic nod and slap on the shoulder, "Sorry to hear that, buddy." he says before taking a step back, "Regardless, we're glad to have you. If you need any help, just let us know. I was away when the robots made their move, thought I was going to have to cut my 'vacation' short at first but I guess I overestimated them. Everyone did a great job." he adds.

Wanda nods over at Steve, "Yes, after hearing about what happened... well, I couldn't stay on the sidelines any more. Even after... well." She smiles a little wanly, then shrugs as she looks at Bill, "In any event, we're glad that you're here." She passes a sidelong glance at Steve, "Wait... you, took a vacation?" Her brow arches just a bit, as she looks at Steve with... well, disbelief might be a polite way of putting it.
Bill, on the other hand, seems sympathetic to that, "I will admit, I spent time convalescing with the X-Men - their medical technology was sufficient to aid in my recovery - and spent my time getting to know many of the children there and being introduced to some of your popular culture." he sighs softly, "Immediately thereafter I was called upon to aid in a rescue mission, so in retrospect, my choice was the correct one. If what the Asgardians tell of you is true, you have more than earned time to yourself." he adds, his muzzle curling up in the equivalent of a bit of a smile, "They do have a tendency towards hyperbole, truth be told."

Steve quickly halfsteps back, raising up his hands defensively at Wanda's surprise, "I take breaks. Sometimes." he says, keeping his hands up as he looks back to Bill, "Ah, I'm sure they've exaggerated on me some. But a break is good sometimes, a little road trip to clear my head." he explains, finally lowering his arms to his sides.

Wanda gives Bill a smile, "I'm pretty sure that they don't exaggerate much, though. Steve is... well." She doesn't continue, but looks back at Steve, "Oh, I'm sure, it's just that you're always so driven whenever I see you, the thought of you taking a break boggles my mind a bit. But, since I haven't had dinner, and you haven't had it either, did you want to get something together?" She looks over at Bill, "You can come, of course. Though, I'll be honest in that I didn't plan on going anywhere in particular. Unless you had any thoughts?"

For an alien, Bill seems to actually know a few things about New York cuisine. Blame a certain warrior goddess for that. "I have found that Italian food is most filling and comes in quite the variety. But mayhaps I should accompany you, if you'll have me, in a less conspicious manner? Although, to be honest, my original form is still distinct enough that you may wish otherwise. I would take no offense."

Steve reaches up and scratches his cheek, "Something a little less... conspicuous might be a good idea." he says to Bill before looking back to wana, "Yeah, I could eat. Italian sounds good, or there is this little diner downtown that has some great burgers and chili fries." he says with a smile.

Wanda nods, "Probably best, and Italian actually sounds really good right now." She wrinkles her nose a bit at the mention of chili fries, giving Steve a wry look, "You know, the West Coast branch was right next to this delightful little sushi place, I should see if there's one nearby here." Uh-oh...

Steve crinkles his nose at the thought, "Sushi? I think I'll stick to my chili fries." he says simply with his lips shifting into a wry grin. He then motions to the motorcycle, "If you want you can ride with me." he says to Wanda as he sits back on the bike, casting Bill a look, "I've been to a decent place down town if you want to just follow us over." he adds, waiting on the two's decision before firing up the Harley.

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