Can I have that with a side of PTS

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Can I have that with a side of PTS

Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Shadowcat, Armand, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkette, Empath

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Phillip's Crab House - New York City

There's a large gathering of folks sharing a table at Phillip's Crab House. One waitress reacts poorly to Shadowcat's Date.

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-----==[ Phillip's Crab House - Brighton Beach ]==----------------------------

You walk in and immediately your senses pick up a lot. You smell the sweet odor of seafood being cooked, sauteed, etc... When you finally got to be seated (There is /always/ a long line, waiting to get in here), you see that this place looks a lot like a boat. There are fishing nets on the ceiling, old lanterns on the walls. The tables are all fairly large and look comfortable. To the right is where a lot of waiters and waitresses disappear to, so you could assume that the kitchen is that way. To the left is an area with more seating, but it is outside. It is the patio and on gorgeous days, there is usually a fight for people to sit there.


Rex Gregson has called Mike and a few friends here for a meeting. She had pulled together two large tables for people to sit at, with a sign at one end inviting folk to have a seat and join her. Right now, she sat alone, not having ordered yet save for some tea as she hummed. It was a chilly afternoon on the riverbank, the water levels high from a recent storm, but not enough to close up the crab shack as the wind rattled the windows and made the woman look up anxiously.

What a week, what a week. First there's Native American gods ripping trees out and peace pipe ones giving warning of more to come. And he BARELY had time to swing by to give the F4 and Baker a heads up on the warning. Whatever Rex's meeting is, it's likely a welcome distraction from the WTF-ery of the times for Mike. Dressed down, hair tucked away, the knit capped musician walks into the restaurant, and takes off the cap. Look! He's even brought an Armand!

Armand is brought! He wears a dark green sweater that falls off one shoulder over a black tank-top underneath it, a pair of fitted black jeans and dark green and black pair of converse sneakers as all his hair is tucked away in a green cap as he follows behind Mike, tilting his head to the side as he rummages around in his messenger bag, his golden backpack over one shoulder.

A cab pulls up to the curb outside the restaurant, depositing a pair of handsome mutual paramours from the back passenger-side door. Steve Rogers takes a moment to lend a hand to the comely Wanda Maximoff in order to lift her gently out of the cab, then fishes out a twenty from his pocket to give to the driver. "I figure if Namor saw fit to stop here once, it's worth a visit," Steve says in a hushed tone once the cab pulls away.

"Mike! Armand! Over here!" called Rex, smiling warmly at Armand "You never DID get your free shirt for that wonderful dance you did!" she remarked teasingly, guesturing to chairs for them both "Its on me! I thought a little 'thank god its over' party was in min-mind." she blinks a little bit as something outside distracts her.

Wanda laughs softly at Steve, slipping her arm through his, "Well, he's definitely got the best taste for that." She steps into the restaurant, looking around curiously, "Seems to be rather busy too, always a good sign." Her eyes flicker over towards Mike, almost recognizing him for a moment, blinking a bit.

Pale blue eyes set upon the table that Rex is seated at and the rocker gives a bit of a slight smile, tilting his head in greeting to the other musician. Leading the way over to the table, he grabs a seat to the side of Rex tugging it out before sliding onto the awaiting chair "From one thing to the next." Mike replies, glancing around for the waitress, "Enjoying your rest?"

Appearing from no where is kitty with a purple dragon on her shoulder hiding in her hood as she wore skinny jeans and wedge boots

Kate Bishop makes her way in, purple trenchcoat wrapped tightly around her. Her lavendar scarf is wound around her nack and jaw, this time out of necessity more than for fashion. "Sure... Go to the beach for seafood... in January. It's not like there are any 5-star restaurants in Manhattan that can't serve a decent chowder." She takes a look around and notices a crowd already starting to form. With a raise of her brow she says to the hostess.. "Wow.. You serving lobster specials or something?" The hostess chuckles a bit and brings Kate to her table, offering a menu. "Expecting company?" The hostess hopingly asks. "No, just... me." She says, before taking a sigh and glancing out the window towards the seaport.

Armand just follows after Mike, lifting a hand to Rex and approaching the table. "Ahhh! not important, the music was worth it oui?" He ducks his head sheepishly, the young Frenchman glances between the two individuals he does know and tugs out his own chair, settling down and taking a deep breath.

"I am yeah. I got an idea the other day reading for next year's concert... I thought uhm... About something operatic.." she kept on halting though, as Rex turned to stare now, and then her cheeks stared to go bright red as she guestured over Mikes' shoulder. "What?? Oh yes! It was worth it. I will always have that memory. Order what you want." recovering, she shoves a menu across the table to Armand.

Steve heads inside after Wanda and also catches sight of Mike. "We, um... we know that young man, don't we?" he asks her as he confirms to the hostess that a table for two is indeed in order. The super-soldier's clad this evening in a sharp button-up, cargo khakis, brown leather hiking boots, and a brown leather bomber jacket.

Wanda blinks, then nods, "Oh yes, that's Michael, I believe." She waves over towards Mike, "Hello there!" A pause, and she looks back at Steve, "Did you want to go over?" Her lips curve into a warm smile.

At the mention of a concert being referred to as 'next year's' Mike's brow lifts, "Something, operatic?" As Rex starts gesturing to someone behind him, Mike turns his head, looking to see what she's looking at. Spotting a Wanda and a Steve, Mike's half smile returns as he gives a nod of acknowledgement to the pair from the charity events.

Shadowcat entering she lowers her hood and looks around, before shaking her head to the hostess "Thank you but no, just a table for one"

Armand concentrates on the menu, holding it up to hide himself from sight...or maybe he's slipping his compact from his messenger bag, holding it up so he can retouch his eyeliner.

"Operatic? Oh yeah!" she nods to Mike and slides a folder to him "I thought you'd like to take part agan, but we dont wnat to do it too often or folk will figure out its you. I was thinking of calling it The Phantom of Rock. You know the Phantom of the Opera? " she blinked as the three started looking that way, and almost uncharacteristically shut up.

Steve amiably nods his assent. "Sure, couldn't hurt." He looks to the hostess and asks if they can be seated in their general vicinity, and she nods and leads the pair of them to a table near the trio of musicians.

Mike grimaces, "The idea sounds nice but, yeah, I don't think they're going to fall for the masked musician bit again two years in a row. Unless the, issue can be resolved, it's not going to be safe to do that."

Wanda leads the way over towards Mike's table, "Well, it's nice to see you again. How's it going?" She smiles towards Mike and the others already seated, "Mind if we joined you? I realize there's the sign, but I'd rather be certain than presumptive."

Shadowcat noticing the sign at rex's table she smiles to the hostess "On second thought, just a menu well be perfect thank you" walking over to to the gathered group and nodding her head from Lockheed toward rex, the dragon lifting off her shoulder to pose dramatically on rex's shoulder.

Kate Bishop looks up as the waitress arrives. She offers a smile. "Hi. I'll have a crock of your chowder with a roll on the side. Coffee, lots of it." Kate believes it'll be a long night. A patrol around Central Park before heading home and studying. She looks up and notices the rather handsome couple that walks in, and spies Wanda. After meeting Clint, Kate's decided to do her research on the Avengers.. Not hacking, just whatever comes up on Google, and she recognizes Wanda. She smirks to herself and pulls out her phone, checking on the weather and thinking to herself exactly how she wants to tackle the next patrol in this sub-zero weather.

Rex Gregson sits back as Wanda and Steve approach, her lips thinning a little bit. She smiled at both quietly, cheeks still pink and guestured "Be my guest! Its on me!" the woman blurted, suddenly nervous and a little bit excited as she settled back once more "Yeah, I dont think so. A pity, I love working with you. Though how long has it been? Shoudlnt it be... over by now?"

Steve pulls out a chair for Wanda before seating himself at Rex's table. "Hope you don't mind us sitting in with you all. Mutual friend of ours recommended the place and we thought we'd give it a try." Kitty and then Lockheed also gets his notice, but he opts to act as if a purple alien dragon partaking of New England cuisine happens all the time. New York and all.

Wanda takes the offered chair by Steve, giving him a warm smile, before looking over at Rex and Mike, "Thank you for the invitation. Musicians... well, I wish I had that talent. I am, however, fairly skilled at dancing." She steeples her fingers, looking curiously over at the others seated at the table.

"I didn't quite have the chance to check the schedule of the asshole who caused this." Mike mutters, shaking his head, looking towards Wanda once more and giving a practiced smile, a bit different than the half one from earlier. This one a bit more dead. "Haven't seen you two since Rex and I were at that ball. How're things?" Upon the waitress coming to his side of the table, Mike puts in his food and drink order. When he turns back and sees Shadowcat, Mike looks a bit surprised but he soon relaxes back into his chosen demeanor.

"Dancing is nice. I have to work to be good at it. " remarks Rex, glancing to Steve, then down, then back again once more "I'm glad you can join us!" he blinked at Mikes' mutter, confused somewhat, so picks up her tea to drink "It IS a nice place. I 've been here before. Not quite fish and chips but..." she admits with a faint shrug of her hands.

Armand lowers the menu a bit as he stares at the people he does not know, eyebrows raising and he's politely quiet before turning back to peering at his menu with a tilt of his head, murmuring his order to the waiter, ordering hot water and something with shrimp. Fried.

Steve smiles and nods to Rex. "Must agree. Hard to get a decent order of fish and chips outside of the U.K. Though if I recall right, there's a genuine chipshop owned by a British gentleman in Greenwich Village. I remember it being about as good as anything I'd had when I've visited London."

Order taken and with Rex speaking to the Avengers, Mike has a chance to glance over to Armand's quiet form. He looks over to Steve and Wanda, while tilting his head in indication of Armand, "This is Armand. He's a very good baker and cook."

Shadowcat looking around the table with a warm smile "mind one more?" grinning "Wanda is a decent dancer"

Rex guestures to a seat for Shadowcat. Then blinks in surprise as a little purple dragon appears on her shoulder. "Yipes! Oh, you again! you're going to scare someone someday!" She remarks to it, nudging its' head "No drinking my tea now. Its probalby not good for you." she nods to Steve "Greenwich Village. I'll check it out, thank you! I /do/ miss it terirbly. "

Kate Bishop smiles and looks up from her phone when her order arrives. "Thanks." She says, as she drinks up an entire cup of coffee before ordering a refill. She takes a spoon of her soup before she thinks she sees purple from the corner of her eye. She takes a second glance and rubs at her eyes.. "Perhaps i need to lay off the caffeine..."

Wanda smiles up, "Oh, hello Katherine!" She nods towards Shadowcat, then blinks, "I don't think you've ever had the opportunity to see me dance, though." She then glances back towards Steve, "Well, I never turn down an opportunity for good fish and chips, myself. Particularly with some nice malt vinegar and some tea."

"Bonsoir...Mademoiselle, Monsieur..." Armand nods politely to Wanda and Steve before looking over to Shadowcat and the dragon and he closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath...and then another deep breath before rummaging in his bag to pull out a special little box with special little patches and a nico-patch is carefully placed on his wrist before he slides his sleeve back down.

Seeing Armand put on the nicotene-patch, Mike is quiet for a moment, before he gives a small smile. An expression he carries over as he gets his coffee from the waitress.

Steve grins to Wanda after giving their waitress his order of a grilled salmon fillet with brown rice. "We'll have to head there sometime."

Rex missed the patch, and nods at the other two "Sounds like a fun time. Maybe I'll see you tehre." She remarked, glancing to Steve and then back as her own dish arrived, crab of course. "On another note Mike, how about doing some studio work with me then? I'm not taking the ENTIRE year off. Just not touring till next spring."

Shadowcat nods pulling a chair over with a smile to rex, Lockheed though have a raspy chuckle at rex's comment before flying over to perch on kitty's shoulder "There does seem to be a considerable difference in food from American to European" don't even get her started on the whole lingo difference trunks weren't the back of the cars, etc. Looking to Wanda with a smiling chuckle "but I know you, and I'd bet on it. I was at the ball after all or do I need to take you dancing?" half teasing Wanda before petting Lockheed "you show off, you little purple thing" smiling softly to Armand, poor kid didn't have it easy.

Mike looks over to Rex as she brings him back to her discussion regarding performing together. "Sure. At least with that we don't have to publicize it until after the fact. Plus I've got about another year until people will start expecting my next album." He sips the coffee quietly, looking towards the rest of the group.

Wanda smiles faintly at Katherine, "Oh, I remember, but that wasn't quite the same thing." She then glances at Steve, "And yes, that would be quite enjoyable. I was in Europe recently, though I didn't spend much time in Britain."

"I tink I may want to consider being a roadie. I can keep individuals plied with the sugary goodness and caffeine." Armand chuckles softly. "And sparkly-" He cuts himself off as he takes a sip of his warm water.

Kate Bishop sits at her table, eating chowder, spending most of her time scanning the crowd and reading the people.

"Well, we're not roading anywhere soon armand, but I definitely hire folk to help out and stuff... plus extras in videos." notes Rex with a meaningful eye. "So you said you've been here before steve? Mister Rogers rather? " a pause "That sounds kind of... odd actually I think. Sir."

Steve smiles to Wanda. "We should definitely head over sometime. I got to see a lot of sights the tourist sites keep forgetting about." He doesn't specify when exactly that was, probably because it was 70 years ago or so. At Rex's question, he quirks a brow. "Umm, actually this is my first time here. Colleague of ours recommended it."

"We can always use extras in videos." Mike agrees with a smirk, "Chenda got to be one in one of mine for the last album."

Shadowcat smiles add the talk turned to things to benefit the band, rolling her eyes as Lockheed posed like a badass....what a showoff!

Wanda looks over at Mike, "Richenda, really?" She smiles a bit, "Well, an extra? What exactly would that entail?" Her eyes flicker over at Steve, "And maybe some extended vacation time, when we can do that. It would be interesting."

Making his way into the suddenly popular crab house, a well-to-do Spaniard enters with a small entourage of people following him. Manuel looks about at those gathered, some people he recognizes, others he does not. "I suppose this will have to do." The empath mutters to himself in Spanish. An oddly jovial young lady screams loudly, "WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN! YAY!" The small group heads to a table, oddly enough closest to where the main group present is. The group takes their seat with the overly excited lady pushing the seat out for Manuel to sit down. As he does, his eyes loom over at the group seated across and as he eyes each one. His eyes seem to stop at a few. First Mike, then Kitty, and then Armand. It is on the baker that his stares looms the longest, almost intentionally.

Rex Ohs at Steve, nodding as she falls silent, now only watching him as she eats. Quite happy it seems to just sit and let them talk without her for now, simply cracking open the crustateans and devouring with much butter.

There's a feeling individuals can get, when they are being watched. Its like a burning weight resting on the side of your face and he then dancing all over your skin like a bunch of ants. Armand is familiar with this feeling as he pauses in mid bite of his fried shrimp to glance towards the newer arrivals and he tenses up as he bites down slowly on a piece of shrimp, eyeing Empath for a moment and his table and then quietly he reaches into his bag for his box of nico-patches, selecting another one to place on his other wrist as he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath.

Steve glances over his shoulder bemusedly at the arrival of Manuel and his entourage for a moment, then returns to his grilled salmon. He looks over to Wanda. "I certainly hope so," he says to her with an air of confidence.

Kate Bishop looks up as the group enters the shack. A raised brow as she takes the last spoonful of her chowder. She orders another cup of coffee from the waitress as she sends a text. Looks like the crab shack is getting quite the reputation. She looks to the new arrivals once again.

"The shoot was over a year ago," Mike provides with nod, "Being an extra kind of depends on what the video needs. But it's usually to fill in the background if you have a crowd scene." Noticing Armand going for his box again, the musician glances to him curiously before looking towards the other table, finally taking note of Empath. His smile fades, gaze turning cold.

His entourage grows louder in particular, the young woman who chortles loudly even though Manuel has said nothing. Fawning over him, the staff of the crab house approach his table. Odd that literally all the staff approach his table to take their orders, each member orders an item on the menu but only after Manuel gives a nod of approval. One particularly pert waitress who was taking Kate's order simply stops and ignores the lass as she leans in closer to Manuel as he whispers something to her and then both she and Manuel look across to the other table, clearly speaking about them. She nods as they both stare towards the table and this time Lockheed is the source of their stare.

Shadowcat looks overt at the new arrivals signaling manuel out in particular with a narrowed gaze before sighing with a chuckle at Lockheed "alright alright...Mike, if you want you can use Lockheed sometime" then looks at the dragon on her shoulder again "happy?" getting a bid from the people alien she just chuckles with a shake of her head

Wanda arches a brow towards Kitty, "You know him?" She glances towards the Spainard, then towards Steve with a shrug, "How is the salmon?" Her lips quirk in a slight smile, as she offers a bit of her seared salmon to Lockheed.

"Oh this is the shrimp here, my uncle made the shrimp oh oui...I remember now, the shrimp at Uncle Eddie's house and it was...very shrimpy." Armand utters, swallows a mouthful and trying to hold his hand steady as he picks up his drink, hand shaking a bit. He glances back towards Manuel and his table before looking down to his plate and then looking back up to examine the various exits in the restaurant.

The waitress approaches the table and asks, "Excuse me, but could you please be quiet. You are being too loud." She then looks to Kitty, "And, miss, I am going to have to ask you take your pet outside. It cannot remain in here. We do not allow animals, including whatever that is."

Manuel's group is served incredibly quickly considering they pretty much entered. A young waiter finishes serving his table and then moves to the other to address Armand, "Excuse me, young man. Your presence is requested at the other table." Manuel eyes the young mutant and signals for Armand to come to him.

Kate Bishop blinks as the waitress ignores her.. "Um.. ok... Can I just get the check then? Hellooooo?" She stands up, holding her black AMEX..."This is your tip, rapidly shriking to nothing...."

Steve glances over to Manuel's table due to the influx of staff heading his direction, then responds to Wanda, "It's pretty good actually. Only better I've had's came from Jarvis." He then makes note of the waitress coming over to give their group the hush order. He mutters an aside to Wanda, "If I were Spider-Man, I'd swear my spider-sense was going off. The mood here just got very peculiar."

Mike's eyes shift, looking over towards Armand for a few moments before he glances to the rest of the group. His hand reaching to pull out his cracked up old cellphone. Blinking at something that must've been showing in what part of the display that still worked, he glances down to it, fingers starting to type in the remembered combination of keys to unlock voice mail but it stops. Mike lowers his phone, looking to the waiter, shaking his head. "Unfortunately, my friend here has JUST gotten his food. And it would be bad for him to let it grow cold over some formalities. Since He wants to speak to him and he doesn't seem to mind letting his food grow cold to chat, maybe he should come over HERE instead."

Shadowcat nods to Wanda "I've had some encounters, Empath" then looks up at the waitress "Actually, the laws against purrs in food establishments are to prevent fur and dander in food prep areas. This is a dragon, now if you'd like to try to tell him he can't be here...but he can breathe fire" after all would someone tell a tiger to leave? no they'd back away and let the river stay.

Armand stares at the waiter for a long time before he takes a deep breath and then another deep breath and there's a glance to Mike before he looks back over to Manuel and such and he swallows. " is alright Mike, we are not wanting any trouble." He removes his napkin from his lap and carefully places it beside his plate before getting to his feet and swallowing, making sure his hair is tucked away and then...he just sits back down and takes a deep breath. "Ahh, pardon, give me a moment."

Wanda nods slightly, glancing to Steve as she murmurs back, "Indeed." She then glances to the waitress demanding that Lockheed be taken outside, "Additionally, this is not an ordinary animal, but a sentient being. And I think you should apologize to him." Her eyes flicker over towards the Spainard, as she murmurs to Steve, "Your Spider-senses are pretty good, after all. This could get prickly." Then she looks at the Spainard, eyes meeting his as she makes a slight gesture with her fingers. Nothing obscene, and not even a hex... but the implication is rather clear as her eyes look a bit cold in his direction.

Mike looks over to the waitress. "We'll need two to go boxes."

The waitress still ignores Kate and as she continues with Kitty. Her expression is pure dread as she crumbles onto the ground, "Please. . .please. . . PLEASE. . .I didn't mean anything by it. Don't sick your dragon on me? Not like what happened in Japan. Please." She starts to crawl away staring at the table. Clearly reacting to some traumatic memory. Everyone at Manuel's table turns to see the ruckus caused by the waitress and watch. Manuel's expression suddenly reads as very confused by all this. A look of surprise as he catches the display and then Wanda's gesture. The wait staff that had been serving Manuel rush from him to seeming attend to the waittress. He looks to Armand and Kitty shrugging indicating that he isn't doing this.

Kate Bishop blinks again.. "Um.. ok.." She looks around agian.. "If no one wants to take my money, I'll just leave..." That usually snaps them out of it. No one can ignore the loss of revenue.

Armand inhales sharply and then exhales shakily before he nods quickly to Mike, getting to his feet and smoothing down his sweater before making his way towards Manuel's table, narrowing as he moves towards Kate's table, tugging something from his messenger bag and counting out a few bills before setting them on the table as he leans against the table for a moment and continuing on his journey to Manuel's table.

Shadowcat blinks looking to Wanda and Steve "For the record....that wasn't Lockheed that route up was his girlfriend. Lockheed talked her down." Looking toward the waitress ad Lockheed hung his head and nuzzles against kitty like he wanted to hide. "Think she'll be ok?"

With the woman crawling away, Mike doesn't quite notice when Armand gets up. It takes a few moments before he even realizes the younger guy is gone. It doesn't take long to locate the baker and Mike's attention shifts back towards the table Armand's heading towards.

Sighing as he sees this display, the Spaniard mutters something about "heroes." Looking towards Armand, "This is who you ally yourself with now? As usual, I'll have to deal with this." Manuel offers disappointedly towards Armand as the wait staff try to control the waitress who suddenly finds herself calming down. "It's going to be ok." An older woman who runs the cash register cradles her and look to Kitty and Lockheed, showing expressions that range from hurt and disappointment to anger towards her and her pet. A waiter moves to Kate and apologizes, "Sorry. I'll get your bill."

Steve nods in understanding to Kitty. "I remember reading something about that." He glances over to the display of concern and PTSD in the restaurant, the look of concern clear on his face. "Would you excuse me a moment?" Uniform or no, the soldier in Steve Rogers is never completely off-duty. He goes over to the stricken waitress and kneels next to her. "Miss, are you all right? Would you like me to call someone?"

Shadowcat sighing looming over at the waitress with a mix of apology and concern "I'd go over to get myself but it'd only be counter productive...." nodding to Steve "thank you l then looks over trying to find Armand b Reggie looking to the elderly waitress "It wasn't me or Lockheed who damaged's a long story, but my dragon helped to stop it"

"Ahh, of course Monsier, I do miss your witty commentary and presence, it is a pity that the number of sociopathic idiots that seem to come from the school has made it unfortunately not the best place for me if I'd like to live past the age of 18." Armand murmurs softly to Empath when close enough. "I am not proud of how I was leaving because I did very good in the school, but I like living...very much."

Kate Bishop blinks and smiles with a nod. "Thanks." She follows the waiter to the register and pays the bill, still leaving a hefty tip for the waitress. As she makes her way past the 'group' of staff dealing with the woman on the floor, Kate smiles.. "You guys are good. You should try dinner theater." She says as she heads to the door.

Wanda nods towards Kitty, giving Lockheed a comforting pat on the head, "No one's fault, and frankly, I think the waitress wasn't entirely herself." She sighs a bit, staying clear of the fray for the time being.

The waitress is calming down, considerably fast considering. She smiles to Steve, "I'm sorry. It's just the dragon. I. . .I work here. I need this to feed my kids. When the girl called it a dragon and . . .why? I just. . ." Confused, the waitress, "Please. Your friend. I need to stay working here. . .my kids. . .I just. . .why is the dragon still here?" She asks Captain America. As Kitty assists in trying to calm her down, â?Just keep it away from me. Please just outside. . .I" The old woman looks to Kitty, "Just keep it outside. You can stay, but please. . .don't be so cruel."

All but ignoring what is happening with the waitress, Manuel looks to Armand with a bit of surprise, "Did you just get snippy?" Referring to the sociopathic idiots. Manuel actually chuckles, "I see you some things did rub off." He then hmmmns, "I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Things have changed and you are always welcome back."

"Of course no, Monsieur...would I do that? With the snippy?" Armand deadpans before rubbing a hand over his face. He glances back to where Mike is and then back to Empath. "If I am returning, I am not to be living long I fear...and this you know." He swallows and takes a deep breath. "You cannot promise me, my safety. So now, I am to be nothing...just a baker."

Steve speaks to her gently, "I understand completely, miss. I know very well how memories from tragedy can linger. And I know your children must appreciate all you do for them. I can assure you that this will heal with time, and I can personally attest that my friend's companion has never acted in anger or aggression towards another. But I understand your feelings." He nods reassuringly to her then rises and returns to his seat. To Wanda, he says, "I think she'll be okay, just a bit shook up."

Mike glances to the distracted wait staff and sighs, getting up from his seat and wandering over to one of the work stations to grab two to go containers. Geez, the service really SUCKS when Empath's around.

"That is where you are wrong. For someone to have among his friends, Avengers, A dragon and its pet human, and a ghost." Manuel laughs, "And of course, there was the little dalliance with Loki." He sighs, "Never forget Armand, you are and will always be more than a baker." Armand may feel a slight tug of confidence and a sense of pride. With that he looks over to his table. "Well, that was all." He then hmmmns, "But we will be watching you. Always." He adds and then gestures with his hand to dismiss the baker.

The waitress smiles at Captain America and as his words assure her, she looks to Kitty, "Sorry. I just. That was a horrible day." She exhales and composes herself, "How about I give you all crabs?" The overly excited girl at Manuel's table hears that and laughs loudly, "I bet they have crabs already." Manuel just shakes his head and sighs eyeing the girl.

"...I am having wh-" Armand looks over his shoulder at the table he was and looks back to Manuel with a quirk of an eyebrow and a wry twist of his lips. "I just thought it was a service animal of some sort..." He blinks some more before quickly shaking his head. "Merci...Monsieur." A quick bow before he scurrying towards the door, calling out. "I need fresh air, Mike...I shall be...oui, I shall be outside!"

Wanda looks over at the waitress and shakes her head, "Your generosity is overwhelming, but please, you don't need to do that. In this case..." She smiles a bit, and probably thinks Carol is going to give her grief for it, "I believe this should cover the tab at this table for everyone." Quietly, she slips the waitress a Visa card... but not many cards have the Avengers logo on them. Which should definitely cover things.

Mike returns to the table with the to go containers in time to hear Armand's statement. Giving a sigh, he proceeds to put his food into one box and Armand's into another. Oh thank goodness Rex is paying for this. He glances over to the remaining folks at the table, "I think it's about time for us to head on back. Enjoy your meal."

Shadowcat smiles to Wanda, staying in her seat as she pets Lockheed "Wasn't your fault Lockheed, you helped save the day then, best dragon ever" giving her poet a little kiss before lifting her hood a bit for him to climb into out of sight, and with that the people dragon sinks into her hood and out of sight. Then looks toward Mike whispering to him when he returns to the table "Jean has been looking to have a word with Armand" relieved as Steve returns to the table "I'm glad to hear it, the situation in Japan could have been much worse" then looks toward the wait staff "A fair compromise? Cruel is the last thing I want to be. I understand it was very difficult day but I assure you Lockheed knows how to behave and worked with me to protect people on numerous occasions. I'm sorry you went thru such a horrible experience"

Mike hears Kitty and glances over to her curiously. Sealing up the boxes he moves over to her side of the table to lean in, "School Jean?"

Steve smiles at Wanda's gesture of generosity. "Well, I suppose we can't say the evening wasn't interesting, hmm? Just hope that waitress is okay."

Shadowcat nods her head to Mike in answer "Thank you miss but really it's not necessary, you're too generous" smiling gratefully to Wanda and Steve "Thank you both for your help and kindness" then looks back up at Mike "keep him safe, Mike" the look on her face a bit worried and protective of the boy she barely knows.

Mike nods, the affirmative and heads out, following after Armand.

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