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Blindfold, Cyclops, Finesse, Seth, and Vaughn

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07/17/12 20:51

Front Grounds - Xavier Estate

Vaughn gets a tour of the school

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With the tour having ended, Scott Summers, dressed for the summer weather, in black polo shirt with blue and purple stripes and black trousers, returns to the Front Gate with Vaughn. “So, Vaughn, what did you think?” Scott smiles and he displays a professionally cheerful mood despite his eyes being hidden behind ruby quartz shades.

Somewhat overwhelmed by the school itself, Vaughn blinks at Scott for a second before his eyes track the words. He looks back to Scott, "Oh.. um.. Well, it's not like I was expectin'... I was thinking it was probably going to be like some outdated hospital or closed down school from like the forties or something." He reaches back and rubs the peach fuzz of a buzz cut on the back of his head. "If I..." He holds up his hand, "not saying yes, but if, I did say I wanted to come here... what about my jobs? Would I still be able to work? 'Cause I don't feel right just up and quitting on the Lee's... they kind of depend on me..."

Almost laughing at Vaughn’s reaction, that is typically how most people react to seeing the campus. For a moment, Scott flashes back mentally to the first time he set foot here. The school was different then, but still as amazingly impactful then as it is now. “Well, in theory you could have the jobs if they do not interfere with your school work. I would suggest, either cutting down on your hours, limiting it to weekends or giving them enough notice that they could hire someone else. It is possible to do both, but hard.”

Something is approaching the front grounds of the mansion, and it's flying. Seth is approaching the arrivals to greet them. "Hello there, Mr. Summers." He sees Vaughn. "I see you brought a guest."
Jeanne looks to be heading outside, her laptop bag slung across one shoulder, while the bag itself rests against the opposite hip. There's a slightly concerned look on her face, which is usually kept quite neutral of expression. She doesn't even slow down as she approaches the gate, but does offer an obligatory wave at Scott and Vaughn, before commenting to Scott, "prospective new student or guest?"

It is obvious that Vaughn is not used to seeing people use their abilities so openly, much less people that he's known from elsewhere. His brown eyes figuratively grow to the size of saucers and his jaw drops open slightly. He shakes his head slightly, "Hey Seth... " He looks to Scott, "Well, I figured that... considering I doubt that I'd be able to be in Hell's Kitchen all day during the week, like normal. I'm sure that they'd be willin' to let me cut down on hours..."

As the two current students approach, Scott nods to Seth and Jeanne, “Ah, this is a prospective new student.” Scott looks away a moment. Those familiar with telepathic speech will know he is in communication with a telepath. He holds his hand up, “Excuse me, one moment. Please introduce yourselves to Vaughn and give him the student perspective, since he has only had the staff perspective and been amazed by the Institute grounds.” Scott moves to the side and it appears he is staring at the wall.

For a prospective new students, Jeanne finds the time to stop for a moment, looking Vaughn over as if she was inspecting some furniture for flaws. "You don't pay much attention when you do your laundry, do you?" Jeanne asks while taking a glimpse of the pinkish hue of Vaughn's shoelaces, before eventually extending her hand towards him, "Jeanne Foucault. This school is optimally equipped if you want to progress and develop yourself." Probably not the kind of input you'd expect from a student, but that's Jeanne.

Seth looks at Jeanne, and he offers his hand, "I don't think we've met yet, by the way. I'm Seth." He looks at Vaughn. "So, give us the rundown. What did Mr. Summers tell you so far?"

Vaughn's gaze follows Jeanne's down to his shoes. He shrugs slightly and offers a slightly goofy grin. "Still can't figure out what did that... dyed a good bit of my socks pink too. One of the hazards of using the apartment building's laundry room... " He grins, "Guess it's a good thing that I don't really care what color my shoe laces are or that I'm bothered wearing pink." He offers his name to her, "I'm Vaughn, which you probably already got..." He looks over at Seth with a slight shrug, "Oh, what I imagine is the usual sell's pitch... I can finish school here, be safe here, and learn to control my abilities so that I don't get myself or other people hurt by them."

"I'd imagine a bad mixing of colors, they do say wash with like colors on the label for a reason," Jeanne suggests an explanation, "good for you not being bothered by wearing pink, it's stupid how squeamish boys get around the color pink." When Vaughn doesn't shake Jeanne's extended hand, she turns to shake hands with Seth instead, as he does offer his hand, "nice to meet you Seth, love your hair color," she then smirks, "it's stupid how the media makes mutants seem like hazards, living people should not be judged as weapons. If they don't like the accidents that happen with lack of control, there should be government sanctioned institutes for learning to control such gifts, instead of having to find underground big secret schools like this."

"Actually, I would be a lot worried if the government had a say in mutant education", Seth replies to both teens. "If there are those who believe we're weapons, then what would stop them from guiding the mutant generation into a path this would not want to follow? Then make military service mandatory for mutants? And then ship us off to fight wars in, say, the Middle East, or wherever they would see an enemy?"

Returning to the small group of teens, Scott exhales, “So Vaughn, you met Jeanne and of course you know Seth, already.” Scott winks to Seth jokingly. “Were they able to answer questions from a student perspective that I might have missed?”

Vaughn smirks slightly, "Just that like any place... politics is always gonna be a discussion best avoided at all costs. And I have to kinda admit... it's kind of hard to concentrate... it's so quiet... I know that's probably oxymoronic for me... but I'm just so used to having to filter out so much.... "

"Funny, the path mutants are set on right now is survival of the fittest. Sure, many unfortunate ones die due to the likes of the Friends of Humanity, but those that survive are stronger for it and know how to use their powers well. I'd say right now the way mutants are handled pretty much encourages vigilantes and villains to be created all over the place." Jeanne doesn't sound like she's debating, so much as presenting a fact, and moving on to the next subject. Jeanne turns to look back at Vaughn, "naturally, politics never has a favorable option, only crooks make it to the top.
Honest people get destroyed at much earlier stages and can never reach a position of control over anything." She does smirks at Vaughn's 'oxymoronic' comment, "you have problems studying in a quiet atmosphere? Don't worry, it gets loud as well, depends on where you at and around who.”

Seth grins, looking at Scott, "Obviously, he's never heard me practice guitar at 50 percent full volume." He looks at Vaughn, "If you like, I can put the amp right behind you. You'll hear so much noise, you'll feel right at home!" He looks at Jeanne, "It's an unfortunate problem, those Friends of Humanity... among others."

Blindfold came out to the doorway nd turned her head side to side andsmiles as she hears Jeanne's voice "Jeanne, if you would, please, would you mind giving me a little help? It's a little easier getting around when I had my cane"

Vaughn chuckles slightly to Seth, "Volume's not the problem... and actually, it's be pretty cool to jam someone sometime... " He pauses trying to figure out how to describe it. There really isn't words sufficient. "Um... I kind of feel almost blind without sound around me... I kind of perceive sound um... three-dimensionally." It almost sounds almost like a question than a statement. He sighs slightly as he makes a blind remark and so appears Ruth. "I swear... it's like I taste my shoe every single time she's around." He glances over at the new arrival. "Hey, Ruth. Good to see you." He sighs and hangs his head. "See what I mean... I mean... crap.. well just crap."

"Agreed, ignorant bigots are always the easiest to manipulate, and the dumbest and easiest army to amass against any kind of group, as in the case of Friends of Humanity, mutants...but history is rampant with different groups being targets by these charming folks at different times." Jeanne recites whether Seth cares for her elaboration or not. "Do you mean like a sonar?" She asks Vaughn

Upon hearing Ruth, Jeanne turns immediately to her roommate's side, offering her support by reaching for her hand and letting her lean on her if she likes to, "what happened to your cane? Do you need me to get you a new one?" Hearing Vaughn's comment at Ruth's arrival, Jeanne grins, "do you fancy my roommate, Vaughn?"

Blindfold smiles gratefully as she takes Jeanne's hand, glad that her roomie was willing to lead her and chuckles at Vaughn's blind comments "Oh no, not to worry Vaughn, it's perfectly alright, you're not the only one to do it" just the one to do it most often "You worry too much Vaughn, thank you though" and smiles back to her roomie "It..kind of exploded, I'm sorry, yes" oh yeah there was a story there.

Seth turns to look at the newest arrival, and smiles. "Heya, Ruth." He scratches his head in a bit of fault. "I may've had something to do with that explosion... Well, we both did, in fact."

Vaughn cocks his head, "Never really thought about it like that... As I'm not completely sure what sonar looks like, I'm not really sure, but if the soundwaves hit something within sight, I can see where they bounce off. " He pauses, "Who's your roommate?" He then looks at Ruth's hand on Jeanne's shoulder, "Oh no... " He grins and his tone is obviously joking, "I personally have come to the decision that Ruth is the universe's perverse sense of humor manifested to harrass me."

Returning to the conversation with the teens again, “So sorry. Having a telepathic conversation with a staff member.” Scott smiles, “Welcome, Ruth.” He looks to Vaughn and then teases, “So, Ruth, what do you see in Vaughn’s future? Will he be attending the school?”

Seth looks at Vaughn, "So, you do stuff revolving around sound." He pays attention to what he says he can do. "That does sound like a sonar to me."

"Exploded? That doesn't sound like a normal state of existance for a to fill me in on what happened? Is there someone whose bones I need to break?" Jeanne offers in the calmest of tones, not sounding one bit angry, and yet also sounding completely serious about it. "That's all kind of rude, Vaughn," Jeanne comments, but doesn't insist on Vaughn apologizing to Ruth.

Blindfold chuckles in seth's direction "Yes, thank you, we did, but we also kicked butt" ad also chuckles in vaughn's direction as well "I think...the best way is he sees sound like...toph in the airbender cartoon saw with her feet but more in color for Vaughn, excuse me pardon me." and gently squeezes Jeanne's shoulder "Oh no, thank you, it's alright, he was joking, I've met him a few times before. It was during our feild trip to the museum with Miss Grey" and smiles with a nod to Scott "As sure as I am that Keith will be joining us as well, yes, thank you.....though...keep an eye on him, he will need medical attention soon in central park on his way to a delivery"

Vaughn looks at Ruth, blinking for a second. He then shakes his head, "I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about...Seeing with my feet?" He looks over and nods to Seth. "Yeah... either perceiving sounds or tweaking their waves... well, mostly..." He looks to Scott, "I still have to think about it. It's a big decision." Finally, he looks over at Jeanne and offers a slight grin, "I was joking with Ruth, and I hope she knows that. Just most of the crazy stuff that's happened lately generally happened after Ruth showed up..."

Looking to Vaughn, he blinks a little bit. It is incredibly useful to have a precog at the Institute and ponders why one was never made an X-Man before. Shrugging a bit, he looks to Vaughn,
“Well, it looks like it is in your future that you will be joining us. Up to you when that happens.” Scott smiles, “Should I prepare the paperwork.” Scott makes no reference about any potential injuries as his mind is already abuzz on how to deal with that and make note of whoever this Keith is. When Jeanne makes mention of breaking bones, Scott blinks and shakes his head. She means well, but he will still have to work on her.

"Airbender? Toph?" Jeanne is clearly not up to date on that department, as she stresses, "I'm pretty sure sonar is quite spot on." Jeanne then frowns, "I should have gone on that trip, good that you're at least alive and well. I'll see about getting you a new cane, I was just about to leave on a lead...I can stop on the way to get you a new cane."

Seth uhhms, "No, Jeanne, be glad you didn't go on that field trip." He shakes his head. "We had a couple robots going apeshit on the Human Torch, Ms. grey, and quite posibly would've gone for the student body if they hadn't been stopped." He points to Ruth, "That's how she lost her cane; it served to impale one of the androids in its head."

Excusing himself yet again, Scott walks back into the Institute, “I will be right back.”

Vaughn listens to the description of Seth's and Ruth's adventure of the field trip. He blinks slightly, possibly reconsidering the "safe" factor of being one of the school's benefits, growing quiet.

Blindfold smiles to vaughn with a chuckle "Not my fault for the weirdness, I just see things, I dont make them happen.You should really watch avatar: the last airbender with me sometime, please thank you" and then nods her head to Scott before chuckling softly to her roomie "Modern cartoon anime Jeanne" and nods to Seth "Yes, thank you, they certainly would have attacked and killed the students if not stopped, one said as much. Though I think the improvised spear worked well with Miss Grey's help, thank you, you're welcome" and shakes her head at vaughn "Don't worry Vaughn, the teachers here are perfectly capable of keeping ussafe and would do so to their last breath. Safest place to be and be yourself as a mutant, please thank you"

Seth is abot to say something else, maybe tell the story, but as something dawns on him, he takes flight. "Well, boys and girls... It's been fun but I got a computer class I can't lose." He takes flight. "See you soom!"

"Watch...? I take it that it's a tv show? Well, if you want to, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot," Jeanne sounds almost like Ruth asked her to do something unpleasant. "How do you like Ms. Grey?" Jeanne asks Ruth, having heard some stuff about Jean, but never really having met her for more then a few seconds in passing. Looking at Seth, Jeanne appears impressed, "you got to meet the Human Torch? Now I'm really sorry I didn't go with you..." tapping Ruth on the shoulder, Jeanne whispers in her ear, "your cane died in service of the school, good job, Ruth."

As Seth leaves, Scott returns and waves to him. Scott carries a cane similar to the one Blindfold has before. “Since you are a student now, we have to be prepared, so here you are, Ruth.” Scott moves forward to hand Ruth a new cane.

Vaughn gives Ruth a slight glare at the remark responding to the thought plucked from his head. He watches Seth fly off with a mild touch of awe in his expression. He smirks slightly, "You know... it doesn't really do that much to whisper around me... I can't really help it... besides the fact that I can see the words just softer... I've got really good ears... I can even hear dog whistles... " He mumbles under his breath, "Hate those damned things."

Blindfold waves as Seth takes off before nodding to Jeanne "We didn't exactly meet him, he was quite preoccupied with his own tour guide and trying to get her number, until she tried to drag him into the river and kill him. Miss Grey is a very protective motherly woman for a head mistress" then turns as scott returns to hand her a new cane which brings a bright smile to her face "Oh thank you ever so much, it's greatly appreciated!" stepping into him to give a hug, yay no more following walls and getting lost! Then turns her head apologetically to vaughn "Sorry, my apologies vaghn, please forgive me. You can't help hearing whispers and sometimes I can't help hearing thoughts."

"Motherly...?" Jeanne murmurs the words, almost as if wondering aloud what that must be like. "Still, I wish I would have been there." Jeanne smiles along with Ruth when she gets a new cane,
"very thoughtful of your Mr. Summers," Jeanne says and then whispers to Ruth, "I guess that means I don't have to make a pit stop along the way."

“Well, Vaughn, what do you say? Still need time to decide or have we impressed you enough yet?” Scott smiles and looks to the current students.

Vaughn shakes his head slightly. "I know, Ruth... that's why I didn't say anything... " His forehead between his eyebrows furrows slightly, as he thinks it over. He shakes his head, "It seems like a nice place, and you seem like a nice bunch of people, from what I have seen... but it's a lot to think about, and I don't think it's something that I can just decide on. I mean, I understand how some people would see it as the perfect solution... and maybe I will too.. but I think I need to think it over... You know?"

Blindfold looks hopefully at Vaughn "You'll like it here Vaughn, plenty of students here that are musicians" then turns her head up at Scott "Keith is a gravity manipulator, bit of an acrobat as well and quite new to the area, bit brazen..clearly gay, but given a chance...I think he'd accept an invte in a pinch, yes you're welcome and thank you again for the cane" nodding to Jeanne "Looks like you don't no, thank you"

"Smart thinking Vaughn, you should always consider the next big step in your life, I was thinking very hard before I left the Olympic Gymnastics team," Jeanne offers some of her own experience. "That's bad luck to pumpkin man," Jeanne murmurs to Ruth, "because I'm on his tail full time."

Nodding his head in response to Vaughn’s response, “I understand. It is a lot to take in. Well, whatever you decide you have an ally at the school here.” With that, Scott smiles, “Well, when you are done here, Vaughn. We have arranged transportation for you back to the city. I have to go address some other issues, but I am glad you made it out to visit.” He bows his head to the ladies, “Good night all.”

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