Camping Wolf

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Wolfsbane, Wolf Cub

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Northern Forest, Xavier's

Wolfsbane finds Wolf Cub out in the woods and the two chat

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Snow has found its way into parts of the forest, though some areas are completely devoid of it thanks to the canopy overhead. Wolfsbane's on the move, paws to the ground as she sniffs at this and that, making her way through the undergrowth on all fours as a wolf. The pace she keeps is moderate, senses alive as she wanders.

This section of the woods is not deserted, however, as there appears to be a small camp set up beside one of the larger trees. A one-person tent is present and a small propane burner is on, casting light and warmth around it. Sitting near the burner is Nicholas, his arms wrapped around his legs as he looks absently at the flame.

Might be that's what's led Wolfsbane this way, for all anyone knows. Once she found the scent she was determined to follow it to its end and see just what the newcomer to the mansion had done with himself out here. So it is that a lone she-wolf pads into the clearing slowly, obviously, a curious side to her body language as she watches him.

He doesn't take notice of her at first when she moves into the clearing, his eyes distant as he looks through the steady flame of the burner. Everything around the camp makes it look like he just set it up and was planning on only being out for the night, including what appears to be a few sandwitches that he made and wrapped up.

Interesting. With that failing, Wolfsbane tries another angle. She makes a sound. It's not really a bark, more of a whuff, but the intent - at least to her - is a greeting, something that'll get his attention.

An ear twitches at that sound, his attention returning to the world around him from wherever it was. Nicholas blinks before he turns his head, his eyes narrowing as he sees the wolfess there, not recognizing it. A slight growl comes from him as he shifts to stand up slowly.

Hmm. So, a growl. This might be a good test. The female wolf is unbothered by the sound he makes, though she must be evaluating it inside that head of hers. She makes a slow approach, ears perked though her stance is non-threatening. Another 'whuff' is offered.

Nicholas frowns as she approaches him, wondering just why this strange wolf is acting in this manner to him. "Ummm... Good Wolf?" he states as he stands up, his eyes briefly leaving her to see if there's any other wolves in the area.

Wolfsbane is! A good wolf, that is. There are no others around. In fact, there's almost no sound in the area. Watching him, she approaches and nudges a couple times at his hand with her nose, lifting up toward the palm.

He looks down at her when she nudges his hand, frowning slightly at that action before he raises it up a little. "I don't have anything there." he states, wondering just what kind of wolves they have in these woods.

Wolfsbane gives him a sniff, more like a snort as she turns away from him. Moving back to pad over to the other side of the fire so it's between the two, that's when he sees the wolf is more than she seems. The form shifts and changes, something visible also flowing down from the neck area - a costume. In no more than a second, the mutant that was there to help find him is there. "Hullo, Nicholas."

Nicholas cocks his head in confusion as the wolfess moves away from him, that frown remaining on his features as he watches her odd actions. When she starts to shift he backs up, not quite sure what will result until he sees the somewhat familiar form before him. "Ahh... umm... Rahne, right?" he offers.

"Aye. I thought I'd find oot how ye handled seeing a real wolf, once I figured out ye were here," Wolfsbane explains, her features about halfway between wolf and human right now. No tail, but a short muzzle. "..are ye doing all right so far?" She gestures toward the tent and the rest.

"A real wolf?" questions Nicholas, his head shaking slightly, "But you're... not exactly a wolf like that." he states before he shrugs a little, "I'm okay... First time I've been outside since then. Almost forgot what it's like when I'm not running."

Wolfsbane's head tilts. "Well, as close as it gets tae one, ye know," she answers with a faint, brief smile. After the initial show of friendliness, she's taken up a spot that allows him more space to himself should he need it. "I know th' place we brought ye tae must be a big change from anything ye've been used tae, but I want ye tae know we're here tae help ye however we can. A' least from me, a' whatever pace ye're comfortable with. I dinna want tae overwhelm ye with things."

"Mmmm... I suppose." replies Nicholas with a slight shrug. He moves to sit down again when she continues again. "It's nice. Fancy place." he muses before he looks up at her. "I'm still trying to figure things out for myself. Talked to Ruth a few times, but nothing beyond that. Mainly just staying in my room."

Wolfsbane crouches after he sits, then takes a similar position in the end after moving so she's not looking directly through the fire. The light shines dimly off the blue and gold colors of her outfit. "It's a verra nice place. I've spent a number o' years here off an' on, since muh early teens. I've got a lot o' help learning about muhself an' what I can do." Just a nod follows the mention of Ruth and not much else. "I'm sure when you're more ready tae talk with others, ye will. If ye ever feel like ye want tae learn more about what ye are, I'm sure I can help in some way."

"Learning about yourself?" questions the male, that concept pondered a bit by him before he sighs softly, "That would be good. I know very little about what I am, aside from the fact that I'm a mutant. Why am I like this? What can I do? Can I do anything?"

"Aye. Th' first few times I turned intae a wolf or even like this, I was afraid an' had nae idea what it meant, either. I thought it was proof I was a spawn o' th' devil, but..well, that's more because o' what someone taught me when I was a wee lass," Wolfsbane answers, looking self-aware for a few seconds as she rubs the back of her neck. "Why ye're like this? It's because ye have tha' X gene an' ye changed. Ye're still Nicholas, but ye're obviously different from people without it. Have ye noticed anything different about ye compared tae before?" A pause, then another half-smile. "Except for th' fur an' things."

Nicholas nods his head slightly as he listens, then the male shrugs slightly before he replies. "Well... I've only been this since I did change. Nothing like what you can do." he says softly, frowning a bit before he continues, "Mom and Dad didn't say it was wrong or terrible. I was their Wolf Cub." A shrug is given when the X gene is mentioned, "I know about that, but still, Why? Why this?"

"What about yuir senses? Are ye stronger than ye were before?" Wolfsbane asks, then she gives him a more complete smile at the 'Wolf Cub' mention. "Ye should keep tha' if ye like it, if it's special tae ye. Mine, Wolfsbane, it's almost nae longer a fit. A' first I thought it was a bad an' horrible thing, but na any more. I like what I am." As far as the gene goes, she shakes her head. "Tha's th' mystery. Why is it some people can fly, or teleport, or walk through walls like a ghost, or shoot beams from their hands? I dinna think anybody knows why we end up with what we do."

"Maybe? I don't know. I changed so long ago I can't really remember what it was like before. I wasn't even a teenager." replies Nicholas. "Keep what?" questions the male before he smiles softly, "I dunno... maybe. I'm almost in my twenties so Cub sounds odd... but..." he goes quiet for a second.

Wolfsbane says, "As a codename. We all end up with them as a way tae protect our real names, unless we're already registered with th' government. I would have avoided it but I had nae choice a' one time." She moves to her feet and walks slowly this way and that, just pacing. "I'll assume ye've got stronger senses than most people, like I do. Ye should be able tae tell things others are na aware of."

"Oh... Is that really necessary for me though? I can't exactly just blend in, you know." states Nicholas, a frown wandering over his features again at the mention of registering. "Do what with the government? I don't even have a license. What am I supposed to register for?" questions the male as he watches her move around.

Wolfsbane shakes her head, pausing as she looks back at him again. "Na yet, but if ye end up a student here ye'll be expected tae have a codename just in case. If ye're oot an' people hear ye being called by yuir real name all th' time, ye never know who might be able tae figure something oot. We're careful tae keep things as secret as possible here, but there are mutants who canna hide what they are. Well, there are ways if they really want or need tae..." She trails off, then it seems best to handle the government question. "They want tae know who th' mutants are, as much as they can. Some people dinna want them tae know. Others didna get a choice." She frowns as she says this, the last few words sounding wounded as they're spoken.

"And we pick them ourself?" questions Nicholas, the male shaking his head a little, "Rather strange. I've never had to think up of a name like that." he muses. His appearance darkens when she mentions figuring things out. "What's to figure out about me anymore? All I have now is me." he states in an annoyed tone, close to anger already. A sensitive topic it would seem.

"I'd rather choose muh own than have someone do it for me," Wolfsbane answers, nodding slowly. "I know it's a change." Then she lifts a palm as if in attempt to calm him down. "I'm sorry. I know. Look..I never knew who muh parents were. Muh mum died when I was born an' naebody ever told me who muh da' was. I'd still have liked tae na have th' government know who I am. Tha's all I mean."

He calms down a little at her words, the male shifting slightly in his seat while he listens to you. "What can they know about you? If you don't even know how can they?" he questions, asking it honestly, not insultingly.

Wolfsbane frowns. "Governments have ways o' finding things oot ye dinna think they'd know, an' once they know who ye are ye never know if they're gaunae find ye for something. I canna hide it any more because I had tha' choice taken away from me, but if ye still have it I wouldna let them know who I am."

"Maybe they should find out some then? So that you can find out from them?" he questions, not quite understanding why the Government is something to be worried about. He shrugs then before he continues, "Like I said, nothing really to hide. If crazy fanatics can find out about me despite my parents' attempts to hide me, how could I stop the government?"

Wolfsbane can't help but respond with another brief smile. "I guess ye have a point. I'm just giving muh advice. I know more about what I am than all tha', though. It took me a long time practicing things tae get better a' muh shifts, but there's th' wolf side tae account for as well. Have ye ever felt any urges or instincts?"

Nicholas shakes his head slightly at that question, "I don't think so. Like what? Howling at moons? Sniffing people? I mean I can sometimes recognizing smells on things."

"..more or less," Wolfsbane answers, and there's a touch of embarrassment that surfaces for a split second, more in her cheeks and ears as if blushing. Question is, can he tell? "I just mean tha', a' least for me, sometimes there's a balance o' sides I have tae focus on."

He doesn't seem to notice the blush at all, the male looking down at the fire for a few moments before he speaks again, "Maybe it's because I'm different than you? I can't become a wolf like you? I can't go back to being a human. I'm caught between and have nothing to fall back upon? Not much... um... werewolf tradition?" he offers, giving a slight smile.

Wolfsbane rubs the back of her neck again. "Tha' could be. Maybe ye really just have th' look o' one without all th' rest," she supposes, though there's a hint of doubt in the idea. "I'll have tae think o' some more ways tae find oot. Though, I'm na really a werewolf either." She returns the smile.

"Are there werewolves then?" He questions before he smiles softly, "Do I have to fight vampires?" questions the male with a soft laugh. "Should I avoid silverware?"

"I..well, I wouldna be surprised," Wolfsbane says, struck unsure for the moment as she tries to recall if she's come across any. "I think ye're safe from silver, but tha' doesna mean ye'll never have someone try tae hurt ye with any." She grins, at least pleased that he's laughed.

"Well... I haven't noticed myself being exactly invincible either. Got a few cuts while I was running and I don't think they were silver." muses the male. He looks back down at the fire again as he continues, "What am I supposed to say? Something about how I just want a normal life?" he looks back up again, "That's clearly impossible. Could you even see me with a suit and tie? Working at a desk?" he wriggles his fingers before him, "Can't type fast with these things."

Wolfsbane nods a few times, rubbing behind one of her ears. "I heal faster than most people, but there are limits. I know ye'll never be able tae have a normal life. None o' us can, but th' important thing is making it as safe for ye as we can. Naebody's gaunae tell ye tae hide on th' campus th' whole time, though." She eyes the fingers, noting their shape along with the claws. "Nae, I dinna suppose ye can," she smiles.

"Not much wrong with hiding... Guess I was with my parents before. Camped, hunted, fished. Not bad life. Isn't that sorta what this place is anyways?"

Wolfsbane decides to be careful with what she says next, knowing very well what happened when he tried to live with his parents. "In ways, but here we can also help ye learn how tae use yuir abilities better in case ye have tae defend yuirself."

"Apparently I can do that pretty well so far." rumbles Nicholas, a somewhat dark tone to his voice as he looks at one of his fingernails. "Don't want to have to do that again, but I didn't exactly get a choice the first time, did I?"

Here, the she-wolf mutant thinks back to some of the things she's done, things she's been involved with. The question is a very basic one, but blunt. "Do ye remember what ye did?"

Nicholas shakes his head slightly, "No... I saw the man. He told me what happened, then the next thing I remember is me being outside the house as it burned, blood on me and all of my stuff packed."

It seems to be as Wolfsbane thought, perhaps feared. "Ye blacked oot, or just went intae a rage, nae control. I know what it's like. It probably saved yuir life tha' time, but we'll need tae be careful in case it happens again, because ye dinna want tae hurt innocents."

"Rage?" he questions softly, not fully following what she is referring to but finding that he doesn't even like the implication of it at all. When she speaks of hurting innocents his ears fold back and he shakes his head violently. "No! Not that!"

Wolfsbane shakes her head with a frown as he reacts this way, leading to her moving over in an effort to calm him. "Shhh..Nicholas, shh.." She starts to extend a hand toward him, hesitates, then reaches for one of his arms, near the elbow. "It's all right. I'm just saying we..we might need tae work on controlled situations tae help ye stay aware o' yuirself. It's okay."

"How though? I don't remember anything. Will I remember anything?" he questions before he shakes his head again, "Don't want to hurt anyone, especially if they're trying to help. It's kinda why I avoid others."

Wolfsbane's fingers linger at the elbow, patting softly a couple times. "I dinna know yet. Ye might remember, but ye might na. I know someone who goes through things like tha an' it can be a danger for anyone tae be in his path when it happens. For ye, ye could recognize who friends are. I'm na sure. That's why we have ways tae practice it in safe ways."

Nicholas looks briefly at the hand touching his arm before he looks up at her, a light smile upon his features. "That is good, I guess. Never know until we try, right?"

Nodding, Wolfsbane's eyes shift up toward his ears but she lowers her hand and takes a step back, then another. "Right," she agrees. "If ye try it, I think you'll be impressed a' what we can do. We've got ways tae run different types o' training an' record it all. It's how most o' us get better a' what we can do."

"I'll try it, but it better be done safely." replies Nicholas, "If it hurts anyone then no more." states the male firmly, barely wanting to even consider that possibility.

"When th' time is right, we'll figure oot th' best way tae set it up," Wolfsbane says, then she indicates the tent and the rest. "Do ye want a hand packing up, or would ye rather stay oot here a while longer by yuirself?"

"I just got out here a few hours ago. No point in setting up a tent if I'm not going to use it."

Wolfsbane nods once in understanding, though she seems to consider something before offering, "If ye just want tae talk about anything in general, I can stick around a bit longer. Whatever ye're all right with." She's not pressing, sensing that he might need the time alone he apparently came out here for.

Nicholas shakes his head slightly, "No... Not right now. You've given me a lot to think about. And I've had a pretty large amount already." he says with a soft smile.

"I know what ye mean. Talk tae ye again soon, I hope," the other mutant answers, then she lifts a hand to wave before shifting back to a wolf, looking over her shoulder toward him, and padding off into the woods again.

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