Campfire Camaraderie

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Campfire Camaraderie

Dervish, Gypsy Moth, Mirage, Nightcrawler, and Sunpyre

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06/01/12 14:29

Waterfall Clearing - Savage Land

The members of X-Factor relax around the campfire and get to know one another.

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Recovering or winding down, the team camps in the village of the Fall People for the evening, planning to continue the search in the morning. As the stars come out, Kurt winds his way back to the group's campfire as the village tries to recuperate after being mind controlled and forced into slavery to the mutates. Sighing and saying to no one in particular, "I wonder if they'll let us borrow some raptors, it sure would help us cover ground faster out here. Its funny though, Sam was indicated in the area, but we only found Tabitha ..." Just simple musings as he crouches on all fours, comfortable, on a fallen log used as a bench,or head rest for those lying on the ground even.

A whirring can be heard in the distant night sky followed by a faint glow. The glow and the whirring sound is getting closer towards the camp and making its way towards the campfire moving past the huts and Fall People. The little spinning dervish stops right at the fallen log/bench. Ali Aziz, simply stares at the fire and then to Kurt. Mostly the silent type, he has yet to bond or truly connect with his teammates. After a few seconds, he bows his head his furry friend, “Raptors might not be a wise ideas. . .if Jurassic Park is true. . .they will eat you before they let you ride them.”

Sunpyre is sitting on the ground - kneeling, in fact, though she seems inordinately comfortable in that posture - leaning back slightly, as her hair seems to unbraid and rebraid itself alternately. She has been happy to help with the starting of fires, but has been equally happy helping to dispose of the charbroiled remnants of some of Lupa's wolves. She has remaind pretty quiet, although she is likely to join the guard on the captured mutates soon enough. "I would prefer to fly, myself. I am sure Gypsy Moth would agree. I have no desire to risk being a snack for a velociraptor."

Still in her Fallen People oufit despite the fact that she recovered her own gear, Dani sits in front of the fire, roasting a hunk of meat on a short spear "It's the mount of choice here in the Savage Land." Dani says her gaze goes from the fire to the newest team member "We were riding them earlier with no problems. The locals have a domesticated herd.”

Turning his head up as both Sunpyre and Dani respond, Kurt nods, "It was pretty awesome actually, if we save all the people, maybe we'll get some to take home." He isn't complaining about wolf patties on the fire tonight, it makes him hungry thinking about it, even if he's already had one. "Because not everyone is cool enough to be capable if fling," only the half the team, the half that doesn't include himself. "Ali, you can sit down you know, loosen up a little, Leyu won't bite you ... too hard, honest." Half a grin, then a ponderance, maybe still too early for a tease.

As Dani approaches, a small grin forms on the young mutant’s face as he shakes his head and clears his throat loudly, “Ah well, if I can avoid riding the dinosaurs, I will try to provide my own transportation.” Finally taking a moment to sit on the log as Kurt offers, “I did not thank you all for saving me from Desert Sword. Thank you.” He bows and looks to Leyu, “And thank you for treating my wounds.” He looks down to the glowing tattoo on his chest and sighs, but then smiles, “So is this sort of location and adventure the usual for X-Factor?”

Tossing a pebble at Kurt "Yeah, you and Alex are the non-flying losers of the team." Dani grins at Kurt, with the emergency of the enslaved tribe dealt with she is relaxed and in a much better mood then her earlier indignation. As her teasing proves "I'm sorry I wasn't at that one. I was dealing with another important matter." she flips the spear over to expose the other side of the meat roast to the fire "We should have packed marshmallows.

"You are quite welcome, Dervish." Sunpyre offers, giving a little bow despite her kneeling posture. At least doing so doesn't interrupt the braiding or ubraiding of her hair, since no hands are involved just now. "I honestly have no idea what the 'usual' adventure is for X-Factor, as my very first mission and day on the team was retrieving you from Iraq." This, then, would be her second.

Thus far, Sybil Dvorak has been silent. Her efforts and energies focused on braiding Leyu's hair. That gorgeous, black hair has been moving on its own, as Sybil's power makes sure not a single strand escapes the braid. "The Brothers Grimm would hate this place. They always complained about how hot their suits were."

“Well, we are all present now. . .so I suppose this is as good time as any to try to fit in. . . So, Kurt is Nightcrawler, teleporter. Dani is Mirage, psionic. Leyu is Sunpyre, plasma emitter. Sybil is Gypsy Moth, a telekinetic. And Alex is Havok, leader and also plasma manipulator. And missing is Theresa., Siryn, sonic emitter?” He says aloud trying to remember everyone and what they do. His stomach then rumbles loudly and he grimaces embarrassed. Looking over the meat, the mutant is hungry and so, he pats his stomach and reaches for some of the available wolf meat, “I do not suppose they have any spices here.” He chuckles as the pebble is tossed at Kurt, “Well a few days ago, trapped in a desert with a bunch of terrorists. . .today at a campfire in a hidden jungle in Antartica with friends surrounded by dinosaurs. . . Insha'Allah we succeed and have more such adventures.”

"At least I'm a cute non-flying loser," grins Kurt at the comment from Dani, partially pretending to dodge the pebble as it bounces off his blue fuzz. Then he grins more still, "Usual type adventure, with our kind, I don't think there is a usual type. Think of anything you can imagine and we'll probably do it. Deep space, deep sea, other planets, other dimensions, illusionary places, inside people's minds. I mean, I can't speak wholly for X-factor, its government work, but with the X-Men and Excalibur, there wasn't a limit to a typical adventure. What you really want is people you know you can trust. This is a good team to be with."

"There is no typical." Dani nods in agreement with what Kurt has said "Just last week I was in Limbo, a few weeks prior, Madripoor and a couple months before that Asgard." she puts a hand on the bow sitting at her side "Have bow, will travel." she debates correcting the fact that she is more than a psionic but that would cause more questions so will just wait for a better time. She pulls the meat off the fire and examines it. Satisfied that it is done she props the spear on her leg to allow the meat to cool.

Leyu is ... not having wolf steaks. Whatever her reasons. "I believe that is accurate, Aziz." That's what the young Japanese woman remembers from reading her briefing packets, anyway. "I rather like the warmth, when the insects keep their distance."
Leyu manages that more than some, since she can generate enough heat that even Savage Land bugs want nothing to do with her. Smoke helps too. "So, our plan is still to continue on in the direction Warpath took when he left upon arrival? Still expecting to find more of the X-Force team? Or are we hoping Ms. ... Tabitha, was it? ... will be able to tell us more?"

“When then I am in the right place at the right time with the right people.” Holding up a piece of wolf meat, “To us. . .” Smiling at Leyu, “I believe that is the correct course, find Warpath and if the others are here, find them. . .I think?” Ali then bites into it and blinks a bit, stares at the meat, and smiles, “Much better than I thought it would be.” Looking from the seasoned vets of the team to his fellow neophytes, “Leyu, Sybil, how are you handling this new lifestyle of heroing and adventures? While I have worked for the government, I am not quite used to teamwork and missions, such as the one we find ourselves on now.”

"Aren't we a diverse little group." Sybil finishes, using a strange of Leyu's own hair to finish the braid. She settles down next to the Leyu and then reaches out to slide her hand along Kurt's cheek. "Delightful. Like velvet but softer and richer. I would adore a shirt made from material such as this. Do you shed?"

No matter how much Leyu is trying to be professional and business-like about all this heroing talk, she erupts in a fit of girlish giggles at Sybil's interjection about Kurt's soft elven fuzziness. Ahem. Hemhem. "Sorry about that, Aziz. I am ... handling it well enough, I think. It is something I have longed to be a part of for several years." She doesn't get into her reasons why. Many know, others can guess. But she sees no need to expound. "I must admit, working so closely with others like this is very new to me. But ... I think I like it."

For Leyu, Kurt offers up, "Tomorrow, we'll follow Jimmy's flight direction a little, but we'll have to circle around the Blackbird, Jean found Sam's signature and could narrow it down to a short radius from the point we landed. If Jimmy doesn't show up, we should focus on Sam next." Providing Tabitha doesn't recall some information by the time she gets all her sense back following the mind control by Worm. Grinning then to Sybil, he offers, "I'm afraid I don't shed - if you want to be covered in this blue fuzz you'll have too ..." Then he looks at Leyu, "Er, wait, did we go over team fraternization rules yet?" Having a chuckle himself. "Working this close and all with others," he mirrors the girls words.

Looking between Leyu and Sybil, Aziz quirks his brow and grins to himself at a thought as he continuing eating away at chunks of the wolf meat. Team fraternization indeed. "Are there any rules about such things? What are the dynamics with regards to relations among the team? Anything against it or for it?" He looks between the four teammates around him, "Not that I would. . ." He clears his throat again and ahems, ". . .but just curious, if such is allowed? Or does Val Cooper keep us all on a tight leash?”

Dani has taken out one of her knives in the mean time and is using it to cut her meat into strips and nibbles on strips. Despite her earlier teasing of Kurt, she tends to be the more serious of the team, sometimes even more so then Alex, if that's possible. She rolls her eyes at Kurt and her mention of rules "That never stopped Alex and Lorna." she comments, which probably isn't any help at all.

As the group socialize around the fire the village goes about their business, occasionally staring and whispers about the outsiders. One of the earlier raptor mounts also ambles by and decides to lay down by the fire with the team.

"Many rules exist to make people who have never been in a real situation feel better about themselves." Sybil says with a smile. She draws her hand away from Kurt and then opens up a small pouch kept on her belt. She withdraws a length of cotton fabric. It flutters free from her hands and wraps around a chunk of meat. Then the meat floats over to her, dragged through the air by the cotton, so she can nibble on it. "Mmmm. Better than blue whale. Not as delicious as polar bear."

The young Japanese mutant keeps her head down and looking at the fire instead of at Kurt and Sybil, as the blue furred mutant teases back. None of her business! "As far as I know, there are no actual rules on the matter, beyond the fact that we are all expected to maintain professional demeanor and the ability to work together. That's all that Alex explained to me." And why was Leyu asking Alex about anything like that? No answers are forthcoming from her lips, at least. "I for one do not do 'leashes'."
Leyu gapes as the raptor mount comes over, then lays down by their fire not so far away. Sure, she could incinerate the thing. But that's scary! She also isn't commenting on the wolf steaks, or Sybil's other culinary commentary.

Making a quick movement up and away from the raptor, Ali is not quite that comfortable around the creature. Unnerved a moment, but as his teammates are not jumpy around the prehistoric creature. He is a bit skittish, “Sorry. Still not used to them.” He half-smiles embarrassed and takes his seat again, though the wolf meat he had been eating is on the ground now, so he dusts it off and peers about for a stick to place it back in the fire. “I thought it was illegal to eat whale meat. . .and I do not think I have ever seen polar bear or leashes as optionz on menus.”

As if reading into the eye roll, Kurt softly chuckles as it becomes a real topic. He probably wouldn't care if there was a rule, despite the Alex-Lorna on-off again thing. That or maybe something he'd talked with another about before, a slight inside joke maybe. "Wait, blue whale and polar bear, is that some fuzzy elf jape?" A chuckle just the same. "I'm teasing, sorry, there are no fraternization rules. But Leyu is right, it must work for team dynamics." There is a look given to the young japanese girl then, a warm smile. Though when Dervish startles, "Not so fast, their domesticated, but instinct draws them to sudden movements like moths to fire ... no puns intended ... mostly no puns ... nevermind."

"Polar bear tends be a bit greasy if not prepared correctly." Dani does comment "I would think whale would be too considering the blubber." she shrugs, turning to stare at the raptor that lays down nearby. She cuts two more strips from her meat hunk, offering one to the lizard as she eats the other one. She seems to have to have no concerns when it comes to the creatures, she just tosses the strip so it can catch it. She then scoots closer to it and leans against it as she scratches and pets it as if it were a giant dog.

"Both were prepared excellently." Sybil says, in response to Dani. She, too, doesn't respond to the dinosaur's presence. Something to do with hanging out with Kali cultists, demonically empowered murderers, and werewolves no doubt. "I have never eaten long pork." She notes to Kurt, "Either normal human or altered human. Being naughty is fun but even I know there are lines."

Heeding Kurt’s advice, Dervish remains still and making small movements as he finds a long enough stick to place the wolf meat on and place it into the fire, “Duly noted.” As Dani treats the dino like a dog, Ali imagines the Flinstones and chuckles at his own imagination when he is drawn back to the conversation by Sybil’s admission of bring naughty. “Goodness, not only will I end up in exotic locales, but will also enjoy exotic cuisine, no doubt.” He smiles, “So what do we all do on our downtime?”

Kurt's mirth nearly bursts at Sybil's retort, coming in a fit of light laughter. None-the-put-off at the comment in the least, he enjoys the situation even more now. "In that case, blue fuzz is a delicacy to be enjoyed, have your feel, I'll save strands for your elf suit. For we share this in common ... I have not sampled longpork and I know already it doesn't suit my pallet." A slight turn to Ali, "Sorry mein neuer fruend, that is an exotic cuisine I cannot share with you." His side may be splitting, literally from recent injuries as he finds this all too amuzing, the current topic. "Alas, my sleeping bag will only sleep one ... Alex isn't letting me borrow the translator tonight," his eyes veer off to the locals a moment.

"I am, as you already know, a doctor. I have come to the United States to join Doctor Xavier's genetics research. As he is away currently, I am working with Doctor's McCoy and Nemesis for now." Leyu offers, since Dervish is asking. "Beyond that, I am spending what time I can getting to know the people who live in what is becoming my new home. It is ... a very different environment from my life in Japan." And she likes it that way, challenging as it may be. She came for different, and she got that for sure. She gives Kurt a glance and a wry-smiling shake of her head. Silly elf.

"I run a sex club." Sybil explains. "Wealthy people pay me great sums of money so they can go to a safe place and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh in ways society says they should not." She follows Kurt's glance. "If you need words to seduce one of those women.. or three of them... you are not very good at it, elf." She considers for a moment, then glances to Leyu. "Perhaps you should give it a try."

Blinking as he is not entirely sure what just happened as he is only catching some of the stuff between Kurt and the women on the team. As Leyu offers her take on her life at X-Mansion, Ali nods and offers, “Admirable. . .I realize our home is also a school. Not sure if I could teach anything and science was never my thing. I figure trips to New York could keep me busy. Recently had a run in with some sort of bird, ghost, shadow type person. Not sure if he is a ‘good’ guy or ‘bad’ guy, but he has a nasty attitude.” He finishes cooking some of the wolf meat that earlier fell to the ground when he stops and looks at Sybil, “You run a what?” He heard her but shakes his head, “Oh. . .Um. . .Wow.” He is still relatively young.

Still looking beyond the fire, Kurt shakes his head, "No, I'm still behaving on account of something I said at an inappropriate moment because I want let those parties involved to know it wasn't meant to be harmful, only to help lighten cultural blunderings down the road from happening. Teasing is one thing, the elf isn't looking for bed company tonight." Sigh, "Whew, that was a lot of words. I'm rambling, no beer make elf talky too much," he imitates a hulk voice. Then he turns to Dervish, and keeps talking,
"Downtime, did Alex give you downtime in your contract, I didn't sign that one." Though in part, he's watching Leyu's reaction to Sybil's suggestion even.

Teased, Leyu blushes. It's predictable, to those who know her or have watched her closely in her short time at the Mansion. "I don't think so, Sybil." she offers. She doesn't swat at the other woman, though to be fair Gypsy Moth deserves it for that one. She doesn't glower. Truth is, she only meets Sybil's gaze briefly before looking down and away. It's either endearing or frustrating, really. "I think perhaps I should go survey the rest of the villagers to see if any need medical attention, before I take over watching the prisoners." Yes. Because staying here might become even more embarrassing.

"I will go with you." Sybil says. "You might need bandages or thread for sewing wounds. I can provide both quickly." She rises to her feet. The cotton cloth she used to manipulate her hunk of meat flutters into the fire to burn.

Kurt mutters to himself, "Where's my young medic so I can sneak off for moonlight kisses in exotic lands ..." As the two ladies head off ...

As the ladies leave, Dervish looks confused at Kurt, "I'm sorry. . .but I have to ask. . .are you all?" He ponders how to say it and thinks of the word, "Um. . .do the three of you engage in some sort of group sex?" He scratches his head, "Not that I am a prude or anything. And they are both extremely beautiful? But. . ." He watches them off in the distance, "How could you possibly hand both of them?" His expression reads confusion, "And they seem rather to be into each other more. . .than you." He shrugs, "Well, if this is what it means to be on X-Factor, I guess I better work out more."

Looking over to the young man, Kurt ponders the sincerity of his words a moment as the two ladies go off into the village. "What? .... No, no, it is nothing like that. There was some teasing in there, but the three of us more engaged in the teasing for the fun of it. At least Sybil and I did, half out of the joy of watching Leyu blush I'll have you mind, she is a beautiful one that is true. Actually I don't have any personal relations with anyone on X-Factor, I'm not sure if I would want to have teammates that are bedmates young sir. A team is like a family to me, I'll teast them until they punch me, but I want to know I have somewhere trusted to turn for advice." He still looks suspicously at Ali though, "You do know what longpork is right?"

“Well, Pork is haram, so I am not allowed to eat any type of swine. So no I have not experienced long pork.” Ali ponders a moment, “Maybe it is America. I have spent time here and my family is pretty liberal, but having a madam on the team.” He hmmmns, “Ms. Cooper did not tell me about this.” He then smiles, “Well, it adds to the experience. It is not my place to judge people. . .For example you look like a blue Shaitan, but I make no ill will towards you.”

"I have been called Shaitan many times mein neuer freund," responds Kurt. "The term we have teased about is indeed American in origin, but it is not consumed like swine." Cough into his fist, he consider how to broach this subject. "Longpork is a sexual reference to that object which only those of the male gender have ..." There is a long silence, at least long enough to see if Ali catches on. He waits to see if he needs to be more direct.

Dervish blinks and frowns as he looks to Kurt. “Penis. . .you are referring to a penis.” He looks around and mumbles something in Arabic and then back to Kurt and then blinks, “Oh. . .I am confused. I thought you found Leyu pretty. . .I had no idea you were. . .” He appears to step back, but then does not, “You were. . .into the longpork. . .well, I apologize I do not eat pork of any kind, long or swine.”

Still smiling, Kurt shakes his head, "No ... I definitely prefer female companionship Ali, and I do find Leyu very pretty, but she is spoken for." Which isn't wholly true, but best way he can explain the circumstance. "I think Sybil and I have put you off on this whole teamwork business. We'll definitely respect your eating requirements when it comes to team cookouts. The team isn't all about sex, that's personal business for everyone on the team, we pass no judgements. The teasing tonight pushed that envelope and its all out of cultural context I imagine. My fault and I apologize Ali, even though joking with Sybil as fun, I shouldn't have gone there. My only intentions here in the Savage Lands are to find Jimmy Proudstar's friends and follow any mission Alex has for me."

Dervish just stares at Kurt and blinks with a blank expression. He then starts laughing a bit, “I am well aware of the teasing. I was fine with it all. I was taken a bit aback by Sybil’s extracurriculars, but she is free to do as she does. As are we all.” Sighing with a laugh, he goes back to working on the wolf meat and after a few nibbles, “Yum.”

"Sybil's extracurriculars and her joining the team is an arrangement between her and Alex, mind you Ali," offers Kurt, "That doesn't mean we should all open clubs that accomodate sexual fantasies for the wealthy patrons. I'd advise keeping extracurriculars within the confines of the law though, just as a precaution." Then again, he's probably gone beyond those confines himself. Then he grins more, "You should of laughed more while we were talking, I was starting to think you saw us all as sex crazed maniacs or something."

“Well, I do see you all that way. . .it is funny, though.” Ali finds something to use as a plate and puts his meat on it, “Do you want some, Kurt?” He asks with a smile. He pokes at it for a little bit hoping it is not rare. After a few pokes, he shrugs, “To each his or her own. . .But yes, I shall refrain from illegal activities on my downtime.”

"Ali," chuckles Kurt regarding him viewing the team in that light, "I can see I'm going to have to watch you around the ladies. You'll get me in trouble some day." With a shake of his head, "I think I'm good on the wolf meat, maybe we should set some up to cure, as like snacks for tomorrow." He comes off the log and looks to nestle onto the ground somewhere, in his own bag. "If you do find illegal activities though, and they're fun, don't forget to invite me along." He's going to nod off too, leave Ali to his exotic meat sampling activities.

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