Business, As Usual

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Jean is grading essays as Scott enters. She knows something is wrong.

Cyclops, Jean Grey

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07/10/12 16:45

Formal Sitting Room - Xavier Mansion

Jean is grading essays as Scott enters. She knows something is wrong.

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-----==[ Formal Sitting Room - Xavier Mansion ]==-----------------------------

Decorated with a refined elegance, this extensive sitting area looks like something you might see in a book. A dark brown carpeting spreads itself across the room, muffling all footfalls and nicely complimenting the mahogany trim along the walls. The trim is further garnished with strands of dark green garland, giving the room a holiday atmosphere.

The furnishings of the room are spaced comfortably across the area, beginning with a large oaken coffee table in the center. Two small loveseats face each other from across the ends of the table, thier backs to the opposite walls of the room and two long sofas face off each other along the length of the table, their backs facing the back door and the entry to the room.


Walking into the Mansion and specifically into the Sitting Room on his way to his office, Cyclops, dressed in his X-Men blue and gold uniform, appears a bit annoyed. A quick mind-scan will show he has finished dealing with the Seth situation and is ready to deal with one of the many issues regarding the school, X-Men, or mutant matters that seem to weigh on the mind and shoulders. Letting out a small exasperated breath, he walks full on not looking at anyone or anything, in particular. His mind and thoughts, ready to address whatever issue comes his way. . .such is the case with Scott Summers.

Already positioned on one of two sofas in the room is Jean Grey, with paperwork sprawling across the expanse of the coffee table before her. She is rather casual this late in the evening, having briefly visited her quarters to change now that classes are over for the day. Her shoes are also off on the floor, legs inclining in the cushions of the furniture, producing a comfortable position as she reads. Although her shields are settled, the distinct mind-link between another resident of the mansion causes her attention to shift behind her, emeralds catching sight a the familiar mental presence. She notes his demeanor - both physically and mentally - asking, "Things going alright, Scott?"

Any terse or tense possible reactions of stress or agitation fly out the window the moment, Scott spots Jean. He smiles and stares a moment at the lovely lady seated before him and offers another loud breath, this one of relief. He moves to the sofa on which she relaxes and joins her, pulling back the cowl and headpiece to his costume. Brown locks fall over his head as he requires a haircut. "Things are fine, Jean." They are despite small stresses, but Scott is not the type to share, though he should learn to share with Jean. Noting all the paperwork before her, "How was your day?" Most people offer the question dismissively, but with Scott is always genuine, in particular with regards to Ms. Grey.

As Scott begins to sit, Jean pulls the already read papers from the couch and deposits them on top of the other papers on the table. "It doesn't sound like things are fine," she notes, turning her body enough so they see each other perfectly. Despite his not sharing, Jean inquires because she cares. "Grading essays. It amazes me how creative the kids are when they start things at the last minute. Reminds me of Bobby, actually." She laughs at the imagery floating around in her head of the past, shifting slightly, and returning to the present. "But something is on your mind. I can sense it."

Her laughter makes his smile as he reclines his head on the back of the sofa and places his hand on her shoulder giving an affectionate rub, "Oh well. I had to punish my first student since Charles left. Seth accidentally revealed information about the school." Looking away a moment, Scott continues "I feel bad is all. I may have been too tough on him. And he was honest and approached me about it. So I want him to continue to be honest and approach us when he has done something. I hope I have not dissuaded him from being honest and open."

Jean accepts Scott's shoulder rub and raises him a kiss against it. The perfect couple. When he speaks of punishment, Jean's interest peaks. "Revealed information?" she repeats in inquiry, not exactly sure she understands the full extent of the situation, yet concerned nonetheless. "He's the recent addition to the school, correct? Came here a couple weeks ago?"

"Yes, Seth Garland, aka Radiance, he manipulate Zero Point Energy." Scott enjoys the kiss and sits back up and places his hand on the back of his neck as he stretches it. A few cracks can be heard. "It seems our new batch of students have encountered some Hellions and have heard about the situation over in Massachusetts. They are trying to 'rescue' one of the Hellions and in approaching him, shared information about our school with someone who is a student at neither facility. Vaughn, a sound manipulator and someone I have considered recruited, now knows about the school and the X-Men." He shrugs, "This could be helpful in bringing him here though. We all have to play this one carefully."

"Code names are for the field, Scott," Jean quickly replies. Her tone is serene and smooth, not spiking even once at her boyfriend's usual professionalism. "And I've seen Seth around the mansion a few times. He's somewhat troubled, but adjusting." She positions herself up a bit more at the mention of the Hellions, wiping free strands of crimson from her face as she lets out a soft sigh. "Who are the students that were trying to get the Hellion?"

Nodding his head in agreement to his paramour's note of codename usage, Scott offers, "True. Plus I think some of the students are anti-codename." Kisha comes to mind. "Seth has had a rough life. The mob was after him and his family and when he first used his powers. . .well. . .it was tough and I am glad he is adjusting and beginning to open up." He smiles, but the smile soon disappears, "Well, Tom, the young Brit we met who can change things to different elements. I heard he is there as is a young girl who helped Dani and I. Takara. She has growth powers. And recently, a odd young boy." He pauses a moment, "Yes, boy. Well androgynous kid with hair powers has made it known he is a Hellion. A lot of the students here have heard about the previous Hellions and so, they want to offer their protection. But with Kurt there now, I think we will take a watchful behind the scenes approach. Kurt will be filling us in on reports and should we need to get those students out, we will. I won't allow another massacre." His tone becomes series as he stiffens and a small memory flash to the previous massacre of Morlocks and Hellions appears at the forefront of his mind, with it a flash of guilt.

Jean takes mental notes of the students Scott mentions, looking outside of the sitting room to see kids roaming about during their free time. It touches her a bit as she says, "I think we may have overestimated the situation a bit." A pause after her sentence draws her physical distance. "Despite Emma's decision to leave the mansion under not-so-good terms, I am confident that she will protect her new students with a bitchy fury, even from the likes of Selene and Sebastian Shaw."

"Well, we'll see. I genuinely felt bad for Emma after the massacre of her students and I imagine she took the decision to leave her hard. But I hope you are right. Kurt recently reported that Amora the Enchantress is there too. For now, it is a we'll see how things go. Kurt will inform us what is going on and if we need to step in we will. But for now, I want to avoid an a lot war with Shaw, Selene, and the likes." Scott then looks at Jean and offers a smile, "Since Charles went with the Starjammers back to the Shi'ar Homeworld. We've had little time to ourselves. How are you handling the headmistress thing?"

"I just want to make sure our students aren't getting involved, and that the teams aren't focusing too much on them," Jean admits, her concern at its epicenter. Scott's smile satiates her more calm side, and another shift positions Jean in his arms. "I'm learning a little more every day. Looking at Charles go through the motions is definitely easier than being him. I feel like I'm torn in so many different directions."

"Well, Jean. We will get through this together. Charles really did prepare us for this and everything else. X-Men to being the new professors. As with everything else, Love. We'll get through this." Standing up and planting a kiss on his partner, "Alright, it's my turn playing guinea pig for Hank in the Danger Room. I'll see you later." With that Scott starts to make his way out of the room, but gives a smile and mental message of affection before leaving the room completely.

Comfortable in their mild embrace, Jean nods her head as she listens. When Scott maneuvers up, though, she adjusts abruptly with a slight shock. Scott explains the reason and Jean interprets: business, business, business. The mental message meets her mind for her soothing thought processes, and then Jean returns to the essays.

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