Bundle of Joy

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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Medbay - Xavier's Mansion

Dani and Rahne talk about stuffs, and Tier is introduced.

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==[ Med Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==
This large room is totally white from the ceilings, to the walls, and to the floors. The middle of the room is filled with many medic beds of all sizes and shapes. Each is covered in white sheets with a white pillow. Along the walls, many cabinets, drawers, and tables are found. Located all over are medical equipment of all sorts and of the utmost quality and very advanced for its time. Anything from a stethoscope to a heart monitor is located through out. Several monitoring devices, IV's, medicines, antibiotics, and other such chemicals and the like are also located in different types places. Along the wall handing up, are several containment suits to allow medical attention when exposure to the patient is harmful. Also fire suppression gear as well as climate control is through the medical area. The door is air-locked and can be completely sealed off if the need ever arise and unable to be opened unless from the outside.

It's been loads of hours since the little wolven infant was born. Long enough at least that all the initial excitement has died down and everyone has left the new mother and child alone for awhile to rest and bond and do whatever it is that needs to be done. Dani had been in and out throughout the whole process...if she was welcome. If not she was still on sight and as anxious as everyone else about what was going down. But finally she succumbed to the need for sleep and disappeared for awhile, though again, she didn't go far, just up to the room that is held for her.

Now though she is awake and wanders once more into the Med Bay bearing nurishment in the form of the usual breakfast foods, toast, hashbrowns, eggs, and the obligatory sausage and bacon. Dani gently reaches out mentally, to make sure the new mother is awake, before saying anything though. If she is asleep she certainly doesn't want to wake her. From what she hears new moms need all the sleep they can get.

There's been a /lot/ of sleep. This was a normal birth, but not the kind one would go to the typical hospital for. Just too attention-grabbing. Wolfsbane and Tier rest together in one of the beds, rails up on the sides to ensure safety for both. The initial surprise at the appearance of the cub has mostly come and gone, determined as no huge surprise given the father, and the two look rather peaceful as Dani enters. Rahne's somewhat half-asleep, conscious but resting with the little boy nestled in against her for warmth, comfort and the like. Her eyes open and slowly trail toward the Cheyenne, a small smile growing.

Dani wasn't overly surprised by the fur or the claws really, the fangs though she was a bit surprised at, but got over it quickly. She had commented onhow fangs would make teething interesting, but left it at that. "Morning Rahne." she says in a soft tone as she carries the tray over. "Ready for something to eat?" she holds the tray between hip and arm as she graps a wheely surgical tray and rolls it along with her to the bedside of mom and babe, "You certainly had everyone on edge. I don't think I have seen the mansion in that kinda of uproar..." she ponders a moment "Well in a long time. It was a nice change of pace."

For one reason or another scans did not produce a defined image within Rahne's belly at any point, so the birth itself was still a surprise. If she was shocked it passed quickly, replaced by more of a mother's pride and joy. "Mornin'," she answers quietly, trying not to disturb Tier yet. One of his little hands, more like a paw at the moment, rests near one of her collarbones. "Aye, did ye know I was hungry?" she teases, glancing down at the fuzzy boy. "Did anyone faint when they heard th' news?" she wonders.

Dani moves the plates of food from one tray to the other and sets the one she carried in aside. "This is me your talking to. It may be the hormones running through you, but I could sense it from across the mansion." she snags a peice of the bacon as she speaks, "There was a bit of wide eyes and gasps of disbelief, but no fainting. At least none that I witnessed." she noms the bacon after the is done talking.

"Who's tha' for, me or ye?" Wolfsbane prompts when a piece of bacon is stolen, but she's far from growly or 'gimme' about it. Dani might notice a hazy 'second' sense there, being Tier himself. There isn't much to it yet, with him slumbering, but the connection is possible. "Well, I..worried about this a lot, an' it hurts tha' Hrimhari's na here tae see muh wee boy, but noo tha' he's here in muh arms it makes all th' rest worth it."

"Share and share alike." Dani quips with a grin and provides Rahne with the cutlery she will need to eat. "I'm sure he knows." she looks down at the fuzzy boy, but refrains from doing anything about his mental presence in the back of her mind. "I sent a message to Asgard and was told they would pass along the message. I also thought real hard at Hela asking her to do the same." she gives a shrug in regards to the last, she is dubious that Hela will do so "Who knows she might actually do it.

"Hela." Wolfsbane says the name and in those two syllables is a growl, a flash of anger clear through the link. "She took him from me. She took Tier's father from him an' I'm na sure they'll ever get tae see each other. If I ever lay eyes on Hela, I'll give her a piece o' muh mind, ye can be sure o' tha'." The flash of anger causes Tier to stir, putting Rahne's own dining on hold as he reaches out and yawns, eyes blinking, widening and squinting in the strange room before settling on Dani for a few seconds, his head cocked to the side. Rahne's anger subsides and she murmurs, "Do ye know who tha' is?"

Dani holds up her hands in an appeasing gesture, "I'm on your side in this one. If I could talk the goddess into freeing Hrimhari I would. As it stands I'm already up a creek with the 'woman'." and she uses that term loosely "Cool your jets." she looks from Rahne to the now awake infant "It can't be good for his developing senses to feel that kind of rage." she eyes the boy again meeting the infants gaze "Weird." she states for some strange reason.

Wolfsbane continues. "It's Dani, muh oldest an' best friend," said to the infant who probably has no idea what she's saying, but the tone is softer, warmer. Right now that's more important. "Aye, ye're right," she adds to Dani herself, a sense of defeated resignation passing through. "I just thought he an' I would finally be together an' we'd actually have a boy tae raise. Noo it's on me, an' even if there are others around tae help it's just na th' same." At the comment from the Cheyenne at the end, she cocks her head the same way as Tier. "Hm?" The cub coos at her, reaching for hair before he nips at one of her fingers.

"I have a gut feeling that not even Hela is going to stop Hrimhari from coming to visit his son." Dani has lived with Asgardians for long enough to know how stubborn thier lot can be, "It will be different certainly, but the most important part is that he is raised around people who love and care for him as much as each other. And that is certainly the case around here, even if it doesn't show all the time." she moves around to the other side of the bed, "He's all fuzzy." she moves a hand around her head, so it is obvious she doesn't mean his fur, "How about I hold him so you can eat?"

Wolfsbane makes a face at the talk of Hrimhari finding a way, nodding. One can hope. "I know..he an' I are na' married, but it's different with him. I mean, it's na th' same as, um, regular people going before th' church an'..things." Hard to explain, but the point is they might as well be mates for life. She begins to eat while Dani gets a closer look at Tier, the baby looking confused at first as he tries to gnaw on one of /her/ fingers next. "Aye, all fuzzy." And there's a tail, too.

If anyone on Midgard knows about the nature of wolves /and/ Asgardians it's going to be Dani. "I wouldn't sweat it any. No one here is judging you. And if he is anything like a real wolf he has already staked his claim on you for the rest of the 'pack' and world to see." she bounces lightly as she holds the infant, her eyes staying on him as he gnaws on her finger, while she speaks "Mates for life, better than any old marrige certificate if you ask me." she smiles at the babe, "Isn't that right little man?" she doesn't use baby talk but isn't asking in any serious fashion.

"Th' only problem with tha' is, well, th' rest o' his pack was killed before Asgard came back, an' they're gone," Wolfsbane explains, reminding Dani in case she just forgot. "But aye, tha's th' way it is between us." Mates. For life. An odd concept, but one that probably cements the fact she's a lot more than just a human with the ability to become a wolf. She drinks and eats while keeping a watchful eye on how Dani and Tier interact. He's not crying, but there is some of that cooing and even a faint yip or two as he turns grabby with that finger, the nipping nowhere near enough to be of concern yet.

Dani probably didn't forget, its just that her definition of death is a bit different from everyone elses. In her mind even death isn't permanent. She doesn't seem to be to bothered by the gnawing, and Tier's mouth is nothing compared to when Peanut decides to gnaw on her. She's lost more shoes to that dog. "Mom and Dad," her parents of course "Are going to want you to come out for a visit...soon." she makes a face "Oh, I forgot to call them." she extracts her finger from the little guy and gently lies him back down next to Rahne "I better go call them." she will then out a hand to her pocket an realize she left her cellphone in her room "I better go call them. Eat your breakfast. I'll be back in a little while.

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