Building Snowmen and Bridges

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Firestar Blindfold

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12/1712 16:24

Xavier's Mansion

Firestar and Blindfold build snowmen and Firestar finds she may get more than just permission to visit the Mansion

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Firestar giggles as she hears what Ruth has done thus far, "oh...? And did Mr. Logan see it yet?" She shakes her head, "that should prove amusing. How about Kitty? You have any ideas for a Kitty snowman? I'm thinking half phased through a Kurt snowman?"

Blindfold giggles "No Logan hasn't seen it yet. I made one of Beta Ray Bill reading a story but I need to make the kids listening, yes thank you. I was thinking Kitty as evil? So unlike her, yes thank you and Beast as santa"

"I'd love to see his reaction when he does," Angel says with a grin, looking at the snowmen Ruth made on her own, "you're very talented Ruth, I don't even know how you can do it." Angel looks a bit mixed about the notion, "Kitty as evil? But she's such a good person, I don't think she deserves it. But maybe give her cat ears and whiskers?" Angel then moves to settle down next to the Beta Ray Bill snowman, as she starts gathering snow to make kids listening, "let's start with the kids...I do like Beast as Santa, do you have a nice little hat for him?"

Blindfold nods pointing to the bag of mittens scarves and hats "I was thinking putting everyone into amusing poses rather then the usual cutsey ones, yes thank you. Hmm the students as whos and x-23 as the grinch, you think yes please? Not everyone has families to go home to and some can't go home because there's no family to go home to, so they're a bit grinchy bout it but something to make them laugh would be good to make them not look so bitterly on the holiday, yes thank you" starting to gathr snow up into a ball for the bottom of a Beast Santa. In the bag there were other hats some woven of straw "Hmm I think a straw cowboy hat would suit Logan, what do you think please?"

"Terrific! It'll be the best Beast Santa anyone ever made!" Angel assures Blindfold, while she herself seems to take great joy in making the snowmen. "Sure, we can do that. I haven't met X-23 though, who is X-23?" While Ruth prepares the basis for the Beast santa, Angel completes little snow kids by the Beta Ray Bill one. "You got it, would be perfect. Ruth, I don't mean to be rude, but is there a reason you keep saying please? And thank you? Just noticed you tend to say those words a lot."

Blindfold smils toward Angel with a shrug "I always do, a compulsion I suppose, yes sorry, it's a habit. I tend to have bad news to give people, I don't need to add harsh bluntness to it, thank you yes. Oh! Can we do Bobby with his pants around his ankles like what happened to him in central park, please yes?"

"A compulsion? weren't abused when you were younger, were you? I mean...if you ever feel like talking about anything, I would be someone who knows what it's like," Angel murmurs, feeling like there's something she wants to help Ruth with, but not entirely sure she's reading it correctly. "Well, even if you give bad news, it's not your fault...I mean, I used to be such a walking disaster, everybody hated me, but it wasn't my fault, so I didn't let them get to me." Angel looks at Ruth with surprise, and though Ruth can't see, her cheeks are blushing quite a bit. "Ermm...Bobby with his pants down? Are you sure the faculty would approve?"

Blindfold chuckles softly sitting down in the snow and unraveling her blindfold "I wasn't abused, no thank you Angel. I was born without eyes and my mom died when I was just a baby, my aunt raised me, yes thank you. I'm a postcog and precog as well as a bit of a telepath receiver, I tend to get my times mixed up sometimes, yes thank you. I lost all my friends because of it before I came here, it's ok thank you. Here...there's hope and opportunity, yes thank you"

Angel puts down the snowballs and moves over towards Blindfold and just gives her a warm embrace without saying anything, leaning her head against her, "you're a very strong girl, Ruth. It's wonderful to hear how pleasant you are despite what you've experienced. You make light of it, but some would break facing the same experience."

Blindfold smiles hugging Angel in return "It's not easy but nothing in life is, no one has an easy life, yes thank you. I just...I follow my visions and do what I can to help, that's all, please thank you"

Angel seems to make a bigger deal of what she heard than Blindfold does, but that's fine, it just means Blindfold can handle hardships. "Does following your visions help? Or do you find it sometimes takes you by the hand, in a way, preventing you from doing what you want to do if you haven't seen the vision?"

Blindfold hugs Angel warmly "It did when I was very little, I didn't understand it but now...Now I know I'm needed, those things I see will happen if things don't change and I can help change them, yes thank you. I can help make things better and help people, here I can learn to control it and make better use of it, thank you please. I saved my Aunt when I was little from being killd at the bank and so many things here have not happened or been minimized, yes please. I may blurt things out that don;t always make sense and I might be weird but I'm the way I'm supposed to be and that includes having my abilities so I'm going to make the most of them, yes thank you"

"Good for you, Ruth," Angel says as she moves back to finish up the last of the snow-kids, "I guess it's quite a huge benefit to have you around, being able to stop bad things before they happen. It's a special kind of gift." As she looks at the palm of her hand, Angel smiles and quips, "you're special, Ruth, not weird. Special." Once she's done with the snow kids, Angel moves back to Ruth's side, "so, need any help with Beast?" Angel peers at the cute little hats, already having one in mind.

Blindfold chuckles wrapping her blind fold back around her head and tieing it in place "I may be a trouble magnet but I'm no bad luck charm, yes thank you. Least I can do is be polite maybe it cushions the bad news, yes please. So will you be teaching here, if you don't mind my asking please? Yes thank you some help would be appreciated" gathering up mor snow to make the majority of beast's chest

"I heard Ms. Grey refer to you as a trouble magnet, what is it that you've done to earn that title?" Angel asks curiously, not really believing that this nice girl can be so much trouble. "Me? Teaching here? I don't know...I'm not sure they'll even want me teaching here." Angel says, sounding quite surprised by the question itself. She starts on helping Ruth rolling up more snow for Beast's torso, as she muses aloud, "what made you ask the quesiton, if you don't mind?"

Blindfold giggles "Well I told Jean when we got back after meeting you the first time and mentioned you wanted to come visit and make an ice sculpture, yes thank you. Miss Grey said she'd like some of your work around the mansion, she'd love it and we got to talking and she mentioned you in the new warriors and said she'd like you as a semi permanent addition here, I asked if she ment that as a student or a teacher and she said you could probably fit as either but because of your experience you'd do well as a teacher and due to your age you'd be able to relate to the students easily and they'd be comfortable around you, yes thank you! Trouble Magnet is a nickname she gave me mostly a good one, yes please. Ballista from the hellions, the black knight in the inner circle of the Hellfire club kidnapped me to try and teach me to not stop her from doing bad things to people and Miss Moonstar had to come and rescue me yes thank you. I tend to meet alot of people and not all of them good I know somethings Mr shaw would very much like to know as I've met him from a distance and then also the super-skrull and the enchantress, yes thank you I'm alright. Combined with the trouble I tend to get myself in the center of around here, yes trouble magnet is fitting thank you" and it seems to be a title of some amusement and pride. "An ironic title but not one of shame, Armand helped rescue me and said I was cuddlier then a teddy ruxbin"

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