Bringing Rush In

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Havok, Mirage, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Rush

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12/10/12 09:12

X-Factor Tower

Rush has a welcome to the club party

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A day later, Rush is invited to return to the X-Factor Tower where, upon his arrival, he is directed to the bank of elevators and lifted to the top floor where a few members of X-Factor have assembled. Part hats are available on a table just outside the elevators and Havok is already wearing one with one of the blow out streamer whistles in hand.

Dani wasn't told she would have to wear a party hat but has donned one with a minimal of complaint because of the occasion. "I don't know if I should be glad or insulted that I didn't get this type of reception when I joined the team.

Kitty had taken control of the tunes, a party hat on her head and one on a cat sized purple dragon who had a streamer whistle in its mouth. Kitty was dancing in place "I'm insulted, I didn't even get a 'welcome to the team' Jerkface Alex gave me 'I'm not sure, you might be better suited for the new mutants'. Guess who gets the brunt of my pranks for life"

Rush looks at one of the hats dubiously, then tries it on. It looks a little silly given his height and overall demeanor, but he's game. " I'm really in?" He doesn't think they'd joke about something like this, but hey this team seems to be pretty informal...and if it is a joke they're going to a lot of trouble. Taking the comments of the veteran members of the team as more or less confirmation, Andre permits himself a fistpump. "All right! Made the team!"

Alex grins to Dani's remark seconds before the ding of the elevator opening, "Kurt welcomes her every day."

Upon the entry and queries of Andre, Alex steps forward and says, "Yeah, you're in. Welcome to the clubhouse."

Hangs her head a moment before looking to Havok "We have to rethink this.." a smirk on her face proving she was teasing. "Least we know who he modeled his ego after" thumbing her finger at alex, biggest ego on the team, new poll taken next week. Will Alex keep his title? Lockheed blows his whistle before dropping it and letting out a belch of fire "Very pretty Lockheed..remind me to teach you manners"

Having drawn the line with the hat, Dani will just give the young man a welcoming grin "Let's see if you feel that way after being in the big leagues for a few months.

Rush chuckles. "Bring it on." He goes over to the nearest window to look out at the view of New York. "So what are we doin' first? Fighting off some evil superheroes? Going to track down Mutant hate groups?" He turns around and comes back to the team. "Say, do I need to pick out a costume?"

"SHIP will hook you up with a costume, but that's later. Right now we do nothing, other than hang out and relax, Nothing too spectacular." notes Alex right after taking a drink from a cup of punch.

Rush takes a cup as well, clearly doing his best to fit in. "Fair enough." He peers towards the doorway. "This SHIP is..." he glances around at the walls. "Uh, alive? Like an AI?"

"Thankfully our lives aren't filled every minute with missions. We get down time too. which you'll need trust me. You have no idea what you're getting into" Kitty tells the new guy "Shipa is a living spaceship, you might have seen her arrival on the news when we landed here and she transformed into a building, she's an intelligent living space ship. similar to an AI but more advanced, she's always changing so I haven't been able to map out all of her"though kitty is always trying to mapout and understand everything about SHIP. Doing a flip over the AV equipment she grins to lockheed and he flies over to perch on her shoulder "Good boy Lockheed"

"As much as I would love to stick around and relax my other duties are going to have to take precedence today." Dani doesn't explain what those other duties are (Xavier's stuff), those people that should know do know. "I'll be back later. SHIP, home." with that she will just disappear as SHIP bodyslides her back to the mansion.

Alex waves Dani off and lets Kitty ramble on about the SHIP. He nods along as needed, but for the most part, she's the best one to ask such questions.

Rush nods as he listens, but he seems to get lost very quickly. "Uh...yeah. Maybe I'll just ask again later." He pauses and then looks at the nearest wall. "Uh, nice to meet you, SHIP."

Alex's watch beeps and he glances, "Oh crap. Sorry to punch and run, but I gotta catch you guys later." he'll then make his way to the elevator. One last notation, "Welcome aboard, Rush." and then depart.

A voice comes from..well everywhere in the room "Hello Andre Jefferson, codename Rush"

Kitty chuckles "SHIP is a living space ship, more then an AI she adapts to her own needs and ours so parts of her are always changing and shifting. She really likes mutants but can't really stand nonmutants. We had to go on a mission toget her, but more then worth it. And this purple guy is Lockheed" petting the yellow eed dragon between his wiings as she waves to Dani and Alex "Sorry about them Dani is busier then the rest of us"

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