Breakfast in Mutant Town

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Ambrose and Mirage

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02/12/2013 08:00

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Ambrose and Mirage run into each other at the Diner

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=[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==

The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.

From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.


Early morning finds the diner in Mutant Town busy, but not packed to the gills. The staff are efficient so customers come and go pretty quickly, those that mean to linger usually do so at the counter. This is where Mirage sits, sipping a large cup of steaming coffee, and empty plate pushed to the side, in favor of the usual paperwork that one of her two jobs require. She is dressed today in her X-Factor uniform so it must be something in regards to that.

Another figure comes in, waiting impatiently inline. He twitches a few times, glancing this way and that uneasily. But his stomach growled, and he soon got breakfast and a coffee, searching for a place to sit. His eyes fall upon Mirages' table and he pauses "May I sit with you? I promise I will not steal any private information.

Looking up from her paperwork Mirage's eyes fall on the familiar face "Of course." she gestures to empty spot "Not much in the way of private here. Just going over the government's most wanted dossiers." she closes the file and sets it aside in favor of present company and coversation, "Jean tells me that you have finally taken a position at the school?

"I have! Forgive me, I dont recognise people well before my morning cup. At least this cup stimulates me though." The man remarks, taking the seat with his bagel "I begin next week. My suit should be in by then... my own, while I like it, is rather threadbare and not presentable for a school like Xaviers' I feel. So uh, why are you looking at most wanted Dossiers?" he asked, puzzled

Mirage waves away the apology, she hasn't been that quick on the uptake lately either, "I think you may be able to get that expensed with the school, the suit that is. You may want to ask Jean about that." her eyes go to the folder when he asks about the dossiers "Part of my job as X-Factor." since X-Factor is a public team, the members are a known entity, no secret identities, except for Nightcrawler, though real names aren't public information.

Ambrose ohhs and nods "I remembr now yes." he sips "That's a good point too. I used my own little pocket money and a secondhand suit store for now though. I do have myr eceipts. I always keep them after all." he rmarks "So you just memorize the faces and identities?"

"Yes, but we also investigate their activities and locations. If they are anywhere in the tri-state area X-Factor will go after them and bring them in. We also take private cases as well, but those have been slow lately and usually taken care of in a day or two." she gestures for the waitresses to come over an refill her coffee as well as to take Ambrose's order.

Ambrose nods "I see I see." he had already ordered at the counter and got his food but did get a refill of coffee "How successful are you usually? or does it depend?"

Doctoring her coffee with a bit of sugar and cream, Mirage gives a shrug at the question "It depends. Usually we have a pretty good success rate, but there are a few times that we haven't been as successful." she takes a sip of her coffee "What will you be teaching at the school?" she does recall they talked about that previously, but not the conclusion reached.

"Biology. I decided on a semi-open floor format, with daily topics and open discussion to a point." his hand shook a bit as he drank down the coffee. "I thikn it will be a good way to start, and I can always adapt it later

Mirage looks interested in his explanation, and as Dean of Students it is most likely genuine "I'm sure the students will find it a pleasant change over how thier other classes are run." if she notes his shaking hand she is polite enough not to mention it "Do you think you will be up to full time next school year?

"Quite possibly. Its all probationary at this point." he looked away, uncertainly, and then back once more "I'm going to do my best though. And of course, the discussions will have rules, and topics which we will avoid simply because certian thigns will devolve into nonsensical arguments that really go nowhere but circular."

"I have confidence that you will do well, it's a shame we will only have you part time at first. Though considering the situtation I guess it's better that way." Mirage takes another sip of her coffee "Have you had a chance to meet with any of the other students?

"A few yes. They do frequent the grounds at least and i've run into them. nothing official yet. They all seem very... well, they act like normal teenagers, which I suppose is to be expected in the end." agrees the man, finishing his coffee "I forgot, I have to get going but thak you for the breakfast conversation! I will see you later no doubt!"

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