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Sandman and Topaz

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02/19/13 09:41

Grapevine Cafe - Upper East Side

Sandman and Topaz meet up for breakfast

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Early morning Tuesday, but just the right time with most of the New Yorkers having gone to work, this area is not as crowded. Throw in the winter cold and the cafe is nearly empty. William Baker, dressed oddly comfortably considering the cold weather, wears a brown polo shirt and some blue dockers. He looks at his Avengers ID noting the time. He had asked Topaz to meet him here. Not the usual location for a meeting, but this is more of a social thing than anything else. And the criminal turned hero is not used to such things, but makes a valiant effort. At the counter, he orders breakfast for himself and what he believes Topaz would like and then seems to second guess himself and holds off on the order until she arrives.

Having graveyard shift hours makes meeting for breakfast much more convenient for Topaz, as this would technically be a late dinner for her. It's not often she strays to this part of Manhattan so if she is a few minutes late, it's not surprising. Some of those little cafes can be hard to find. It's not enough to cause concern though.

She strolls in as Bill is giving his order and after a quick look around to take in the feeling of the place, goes to his side "Good Morning." she greets with a warm smile. "Nice choice." she is dressed in a long colorful skirt and a solid crimson blouse. Her usual blindingly colorful duster over it all.

“Hey, they make pretty good coffee here. None of that Starbucks crap.” He smiles brightly and walks towards her, giving a nod with his smile and reaching out his hand in greeting, “I was just about to order for you. . . .so perfect timing. The eggs here are fantastic!” The worker behind the counter smiles and nods in agreement, “All our food and beverages are great and organic.” Bill takes his pre-ordered coffee and waits for Topaz to place her order before he places his.

Topaz is certainly pro-organic, and nods as Bill makes his suggestion and she takes a moment to glance over the menu options "Eggs? Any specific egg dish better than the others, because the breakfast burito is looking good to me." she does go ahead and order a decaf coffee "Or would the frittata be better?"

Shrugging his shoulder, Bill grins, “I have never tried either, but you know what. I am on this new kick of trying and doing things I haven’t done before, so. . .” Bill walks to the counter and orders two of the breakfast burritos and two frittatas. He then moves towards a table. He stops, walks back to the counter and orders a large plate of scrambled eggs. Patting his stomach in anticipation of the food, he then heads back to the table and pulls out a seat for Topaz, all gentlemen-like. “Chivalry is not dead. . .it’s just on vacation from time to time.” He hmphs and then continues, “I’m pretty sure I heard Hercules say that. . .”

Following him over to the table Topaz grins at his comment "It is always good to try new things. I do so frequently myself." sitting in the offered chair she murmers her thanks then pulls her coat off and drapes it over the back "That seems like something a demigod would say." some might beleive that Hercules and maybe even Thor aren't actual gods but just mutants with delusions of grandeur, but she knows better than that. "Chilvary is well and good, as long as it does not seek to remove the rights of the individual.

“Hey I am all for women’s rights, mutants’ rights, gay rights and everyone’s rights. But women in particular, since they are prettier than me, deserve for that alone. . .” The worker brings out the freshly made burritos for the two heroes. “. . .And of course to the prettiest lady of all.” Bill lifts up his cup of coffee in a mock toast.

"I agree. Everyone should have the right to live as they choose as long as they aren't hurting anyone." Topaz pauses a moment as the food is set down on the table, eyes widening a bit at how much there is of it, "That looks delicious." she isn't sidetracked by the food for long though. She lifts her own coffee cup with a chuckle "In this cafe perhaps.

Disagreeing with Topaz, “Nah, not just in the cafe. You’re pretty. Own it. I am surrounded by some pretty women, Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch. . .” Bill seems like he would continue, but shakes his head, “Anyway. . .you are just as beautiful or moreso. I think your whole down to earth vibe is what makes you hot though.” He sips his coffee after the toasts and grimaces, “Speaking of hot. . .” He asks the cafe worker for some ice water. “This is cool.” He starts into his burrito.

Blowing into her own coffee Topaz takes a sip, making a face at the bitterness "Powerful women too." she stirs a bit of sugar into the hot beverage "The two seem to go together, attractiveness and power." she glances down at the burito on her plate holding the fork above it and wondering if she is going to be able to eat the whole thing. Only one way to find out so she digs in.

“And with an appetite.” Bill laughs as he does not put on airs and simply lifts the burrito into his hand and bites into it. “So my story is pretty well-known or well-publicized. I was a criminal and got my sand powers. Reformed and became an Avenger. What’s your story?”

That's quite the question. Summing up all she's been through to become the bar owner she is today. She takes a few bites of her 'breakfast' to organize her thoughts "I was living on the streets of a refugee camp in India, when I was found by a man with a talent for magic. He took me in, taught me what he knew." a pause for a sip of coffee "I left his service when he asked me to harm someone, I have a strict shall not harm policy, when it comes to people, even the bad ones.

“Well, that is a good. . .great policy to have. . .one I try to follow. . .but it can be hard.” Sandman sighs a bit as the burrito is already done. He looks over to the eggs as the worker brings out the eggs. He ponders starting on them, but waits for Topaz to begin them. While he is all for being himself, he does not want to be a pig. Not on a first date anyway. “Well, the magic part is obvious, but there is more to you than magic. Or more to us than our powers. If you don’t mind my asking, what was life like in that refugee camp? I can’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like?”

"I was quite young, my memories of that time are fuzzy at best." Topaz scoops some of the eggs on her plate, but leaves over 1/2 for Bill "Some called it a refugee camp, others a prison camp. I guess it depended on what side of the war you were on." a shoulder lifts as if the name didn't matter, "I remember always being hungry, or being to cold or to hot and the feeling of sleeping on the hard ground, and the despair of the others in the same situation I was in. There was very little happiness there."

“Wow that really sucks. I’m sorry you went through that, but it just goes to show how much stronger you are as a person to have endured and survived that.” Bill offers a half smile as he starts on the eggs she has left over. “You know, people only see the powers and what we can do, but don’t get to know the more human side of us. What makes us what we are. I’m glad you came through that experience and everything else for the better.”

As he takes his turn in the conversation Topaz continues to eat alternating bites of egg and burito and washing it down with another sip of coffee before replying "I doubt I would be who and where I am had I not been through all that at such a young age. I'm a firm beleiver in karma." she seems to agree with people not taking the time to get to know each other "That's one of the reasons I opened the bar.

“Well if you believe in karma, then I guess those who ran the camp will get their comeuppance soon enough. . .hopefully.” Bill offers though the idea of karma disturbs him slightly for he has done quite about in his past and who knows what the future holds for him. . .though with his doubts being what they are as of late, he simply lets out a sigh and works on finishing up the eggs as the date continues along nicely.

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