Brandy with Brandy

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Club Conversation

Empath and Skids

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06/13/12 23:54

Grand Ballroom - Hellfire Club - New York

Sally and Manuel meet up at the bar and talk over Club stuff.

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Seated at a bar at the corner of the expansive Grand Ballroom, Manuel de la Rocha dressed in his Hellfire Club period piece clothing sips from a sifter of brandy. Speaking of brandy, the young maid dressed simply in black corset and matching thing panties joins the Black Rook for his drink. In thick regal Spanish accent, “So tell me, Brandy. They say the help is always willing to do things for promotion within the organization. Would you find yourself willing to do anything for a promotion?” The young maid smiles as she takes a sip from her own glass of alcohol. She giggle nervously as Manuel easily reads her emotions before opting to take any specific action just yet.

She's still slightly annoyed. Armand on her mind. Frustrated about how...useless he was. Something needs to be done, but that's something for another time. She's cleaned up though, and in her own regalia. The observant may notice the peeking of a white rook outline from the rear, but that's not up for discussion right now. She takes a seat at the bar, several seats away from Manuel and his girl of the moment, a tall glass, a dark concoction placed before her soon after she sits. She glances over, but doesn't interfere with her counterpart's...offerings to the staff.

Brandy smiles uncomfortably as she finishes her drink. Manuel could easily assuage her to him, but finds the idea of her willingly complying to her, albeit nervously, makes him that much more entertained. Paying no heed of anyone else in the room at the moment, he eyes her and points to another bottle of the expensive Brandy. She scoots over behind the bar and pours him another glass. Looking to the bartender who makes no problem since it is for the Black Rook. As she pours her own and makes a toast, Manuel grabs her hand rather tugs her forward, “Wait for me in my chambers. Bring the brandy with you, Brandy.” She nods uncomfortably and rushes past all in the Grand Ballrom and up to his chambers. For his part, he continues sipping the new sifter as he finally peruses the room, paying close attention to all present and a smirk forms on his face when he thinks he may recognize someone. Up off his seat, he heads in the direction of Sally.

She wasn't seated. She was leaning slightly against the bar. A sip or two from the drink, dark brown in color. Collins glass, ice. Sally offers a nod of acknowledgement, "Manuel." she offers once he's in earshot as her greeting. A shift of her head, watching the made scurry off, "I'm not keeping you from something, am I?"

“She will wait. They all wait. I could be gone for hours and she would simply wait. The Club has trained them well. And it is nice to have without having to exert much if any effort at all.” Holding his sifter up, “And another toast to welcome you, Sally Blevins, to the Club.” Manuel bows grandiosely, a bit overdramatic. “How have you found the Club so far? “

"It's different from where I was. Quite different, but nice. Enjoyable." she says with a smile. She reaches for her glass, taking a sip. She chooses not to comment on the girl and how she'll wait, or much anything else beyond the latter half of what Manuel has said.
“Well, I can only imagine how different it must feel for you. You seemed nervous and a bit uncomfortable at your initiation ceremony. . .but you were brave and managed to get through. . .much better than most of the other Lord Cardinals.” Manuel loudly hmphs at the thought when he decides to take a seat next to Sally, “And I was impressed both with the training earlier tonight and your input on the decision on what to do with the campus drug traffickers.” His glass is raised again in faux toast, “Kudos, you are impressing the King.”

"I've learned alot, i've had to survive, to do what's needed at times. More recently i've seen that sometimes, the right thing to do, isn't the right thing to do." She lets out a sigh, but does raise her glass, "I'm merely doing what's in our best interests." she says after a moments contemplation.

“My oh my! You imply from your vaguely cryptic yet carefully chosen words, that your life before the club was one major struggle after another. I wonder if it was out of some desperate situation or was it simply because you were a mutant?” He sighs, “I must admit that neither has been my case.” Manuel pauses a moment as he splashes some of the brandy around in his glass, “Well, actually, only until recently. . .as glorified servants for the King and Queens, we will learn a lot about each other. . .let us do save some time, dear. Tell me about yourself. What is your story? How did you get here?”

She looks to Manuel. Silent a long moment, "I would rather not talk about how I came to be here, the trials i've been through that have preceeded here." With a past like hers, who would want to talk about it? A slightly sour mood hovering about her, an uncomfortable shift in her pose, "I came here for the promise of power, to shape things, to make it better for our kind." she does finally say.

Not needing his powers to read her body language, “Fair enough. With our positions, we are afforded the luxury of some privacy from most of the members. Aside from the Inner Circle and primarily the King and Queens who have no problem delving into our thoughts or how I may delve into feelings from time to time.” Noting her field is down, but out of respect for the Inner Circle, he chooses not to intrude. . .yet. “Well, we can gain power. You may have already sensed it. You are shaping things out for the new Hellions. Hopefully things go better for them than they did with my former teammates.” He finishes his glass and gestures to the bartender for another.

Her drink is set down. A slow, even breath. Trying to calm herself. Sally lets another sigh slip, "I heard only that there was a fire, Stryfe mentioned it, was a busy time." A little hint of some past associates, though her time with the MLF was no secret. "They need work though." she says, "Today showed me that." She tries to hold back her thoughts, her emotions. Trying not to project as much as a flatscan might.

Not looking at Sally, instead giving his attention to the bartender who is taking too much time to get Manuel’s drink. A scowl forms just in time when he receives another sifter of brandy. The scowl forms into a smile. As he turns back to Sally and his gaze reads as much that his interest has been piqued by the mention of Stryfe’s name. “Well, it was a little more than a fire. Foolish flatscans. . .” He stops as he was warned by Shaw not to use that term. But then his expression reads like a ‘fuck it’ and he shrugs, “The Right massacred my teammates, my friends. Of the original Hellions, only three are alive. I won’t let that happen to this new group. And I’ve assurances from Shaw and Selene that there will not be a repeat this time.” Whether it is the alcohol or something else, “So it is why I am appreciative of your help with their training. As head of the Hellions, much falls on me. But I see an active role by the Inner Circle. Amora pops her pretty head in from time to time. And the new faculty. . .as dubious as they are. . .seem to be the right choices.”

The blonde plucks up her drink and takes a heavy pull. Her cheeks slightly flushed, the alcohol dulling her a little, "They should be removed, taken care of. Them, the FoH, and all the others who are like them." she says. Her mood darkening slightly, anger welling inside of her. A particularly strong emotion in her it may seem. "I hope they are the right choices. We have lost far too many to the flatscans as it is, and to our own kind." A touch of guilt as she says that last little bit.

“Oh. . .you taste deliciously dark at the moment, Sally. I like that.” Manuel sips the drink, “Emotions have different taste. And you taste. . .well. . .I’ll savor it.” An audible sigh as Brandy can be seen on the balcony and Empath gives her a wink and gestures for her to go back into his room. “I am not saying I am all for Magneto and Exodus’s credo of kill all the humans. I do believe those who would slight us should die. Maybe Shaw will figure that out eventually.” He shrugs, “At least he is nowhere near as foolish as Xavier and his idiotic X-Men. Well except for Nightcrawler, I suppose.”

"They can be used, not killed. Their place, is under us." she says with an icey tone. Another long pull from her drink, finishing it's contents. She turns, setting the glass back down, "Another." she calls back.

The bartender is quick to pour Sally another dark concoction which he slides along the bar, but Manuel catches and sniffs, “Dark drink for a dark girl.” He passes it to her and then reaching for his drink, clinks his glass against hers, “We will afford them the protection and training needing to succeed with the opportunities my friends were not given. To the Hellions.” With the toast done, he sips his drink again.

A long island tea it seems is the drink of choice. She listens, and without much fanfare she takes up her glass as it's offered. "To the Hellions." she says gently, measured. She takes her sip, and then another. The girl letting out another sigh. She catches the looks, "Seems someone's training isn't...up to snuff. Impatience, jealousy perhaps?" she asks.

Curiouser and curiouser. Taking a long drink from his brandy, Manuel tilts his head with a slightly confused expression, “If you are referring to Armand, well. . .he has a decidedly weak mutation. . .but he has a. . .well. . .I was attacked by an enemy of the club. He was one of the few to rise to my defense. . .not that it was much. But that spirit he has, or had anyway, was enough to warrant entry into the school. But his little dalliance with Loki . . .well. . .I have attempted and believe I have succeeded in ending that.”

She can't help but be amused as you go on about Armand. A little loud, her movements alittle staggered, exaggerated. The blonde letting out an amused sigh, "Mmmm, no, not Armand, I meant the girl who's waiting for you."

Laughing at himself a bit embarrassed, a truly rare sight. “Oh, Brandy. . .” He looks up at the balcony, “She will wait. She is nervous. . .kinda how you were when you stepped into the milk or before the cold water was poured over your body or when the firefan first appeared.” He digresses, “Truly memorable for me, by the way.” A grin as he looks over Sally with clear intent of what is on his mind, “Brandy will come through. . .as you did. . .though you are more than welcome to join us, if you like.”

"No." she says softly. "I don't think that would be a good idea." she explains. Though there's something she's not saying. She sips from her glass, looking past Manuel out to the others in the room, then back to the Black Rook, "That is a night, I will not forget."

“My loss then.” Manuel shrugs, “That is a night, I shall not forget either. You are the goddess. And that mead. I swear I was knocked out before I had the chance to even to do anything. Those Asgardians.” Shaking his head and he rolls his eyes, “Sorry, I still have Loki on the mind a bit. Amora showed up in time, hopefully the Club takes action against him. . .if Shaw sees it fit, that is.” With that he finishes his drink, excuses himself and goes to partake in some Brandy.

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