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Ariel, Richenda Gray, Ultragirl and Mirage

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Xavier's Mansion - Grand Foyer

Ariel arrives and the Mansion and sets off the alarms

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==[ Grand Foyer - Xavier Mansion ]==

This is the kind of place that modern architects eye with envy and construct only in their deepest dreams. The Xavier Mansion unfolds around you, a palatial vision remade and reinvisioned from the original structure.

The mansion's vast front doors open into a massive grand foyer with gleaming marble floors, a vaulted ceiling, and tall windows that let in radiant streamers of light from the outside during the day. Tapestries and draperies line the walls here alongside priceless paintings. Great doors hewn from oak lead into the other wings of the mansion, east, deeper into the mansion, south and north into the administration and class wings. The true rulers of this room, however, are the crystal chandelier and the grand staircases that fan outward and upward to the second floor. Looking up, one will take note of the atrium and landing beyond.

The foyer is quiet most of the time, the silence only broken by the students who come and go and rarely linger. But if you close your eyes and listen, perhaps you'll hear the ghosts of the past, the echoes of fears and uncertanties that gave way to wonder, and ultimately to hope, upon seeing this room for the first time.

All ye who are different, gifted, reviled, and wonderful; welcome home. This is your sanctuary.

The foyer serves as a central hub and connection point between the main house and the northern and southern classroom annexes.


When the front door opens the sounds coming from the other side aren't those of students playing on the front lawn or cars in the distance or birds signing happily. No, the sounds coming through the door are suspiciously loud and racous. Slot machines and people carousing. And the person who walks through the door is not cleared to be in the mansion. A bright and sparkling (literally) young woman with blonde and pink hair, dressed in 80s fashions and a killer pair of shades. The alarms immediately blare even as the door swings closed.

Being Dean of Students comes with a lot of paperwork and when the alarm goes of that is what Dani was taking care of, paperwork, in her office. The alarm going off is a relief. Grabbing her bow from where it hangs near her desk she rushes toward where the alarm was tripped.
And from the back of the mansion comes Chenda Gray, blinking in surprise at the sight of the front door /not/ holding the lawn she's so familiar with. The girl stepping through it isn't any more familiar. "Hey, hold it!" she calls, fixing Ariel with a stern but wary look. The traffic cop attitude isn't natural to her, judging by her nervous eyes. "What are you doing here? And what happened to the door?"

Suzy's close on Chenda's heels, but 'skids' to a stop as the two enter the Grand Foyer, as if feeling a little out of place and whatnot. She eyes the woman who's clearly the newcomer to the place, and arches an eyebrow at what she sees through the door.

"Nothing's wrong with the door." The sparkling (literally) young woman explains. Ariel opens the door and, behold, there's the lawn. Just the way Dryad's dad sculpted it. Ariel closes the door again, then says, "My name is Ariel. Bobby DeCosta and Warlock can vouch for me. I'm a mutant, just like you and I've come to live here! Isn't that wonderful?" She throws out her arms in excitement.

Bursting out one of the side doors Dani brings her bow up, its glowing arrow ready to be fired upon the sparkly intruder. Her late arrival prevented her from hearing the girls opening speech but she is quick on the uptake and a look of mild confusion crosses her face as she recalls long read memos and reports and the girl contained in them fitting the description of the girl newly arrived in the Foyer, "Ariel?" she queries, though the bow and psyarrow are still ready.

Chenda, of course, isn't familiar with Warlock or Bobby DeCosta, though she's heard the names. Her hands tense, though her uncomfortable frown loses some of its force, especially when Ariel opens the door and shows her the lawn. Fortunately, Dani arrives just then and all but confirms the newcomer's name.

"Um, hi... I'm Chenda," she says, making an attempt to be friendly. That's a lot more natural.She glances back at Suzy, nodding. "This is Suzy. Nice to meet you, but how'd you get here? What was that with the door?"

Suzy's not an expert on things 'superheroic' and such, and she's 'the new girl', too, so she keeps to the back. More importantly, Dani's here and seems to have things under control, so she keeps her mouth shut... and watches.

"Hmmm." Ariel steps forward and examines the chick with the bow, "You must be Dani Moon... something... or another... DeCosta mentioned you once or twice." She pauses, then shrugs, "Well, somewhere between the speeches about honor and the showing off about how macho he was..." She smiles. "Anyway, where's my room? I'd like something with at least two doors, please."

The glowing arrow fades out of existance and the bow comes down as Dani determines the newcomer is not a threat, "That sounds like the Bobby I know." she crosses the foyer toward Chenda and Suzy "Good response time you two. I'll expect a report on my desk tomorrow afternoon about what you would have done if Ariel here," she gestures to her "had been a threat. Nothing extensive a few paragraphs will do." apparently Dani takes her faculty position seriously. Turning to Ariel "Not so fast. Care to explain why you couldn't give us some warning.

Chenda sighs in relief when Dani identifies the newcomer... until she mentions a report, anyway. Then she grimaces. "Right... a few paragraphs. Will do, ma'am." She's polite about it, but nothing, not even the fact that it's for Dani, will ever make the gypsy girl like writing. Since Ariel seems to have lost interest in herself and Suzy, she leans against the wall and watches, glancing over at her blonde friend quizzically. How's Suzy taking this?

"A report? I'm not even assigned to classes, yet, and I hafta do a report?", Suzy can't help but to ask aloud, though she's directing her words to Chenda, surprised at the sudden 'homework assignment' she's been given. "Wow... this place is gonna be challenging, huh?", she adds, hands on her hips and her lips pursed as she starts to get an idea of just what it is she's signed herself up for.

Ariel shrugs her shoulders. "I don't have a cell phone. Right now. Or your number. So, I decided to come pay you a visit. I mean, the school year is starting and you'll need me, right?" She takes a step back and opens the front door. Outside? Dinosaurs and tropical jungle. "Savage Land." She closes the door and then opens it once again. Now? A strange, alien landscape filled with abandoned buildings. "Blue Area on the Moon." The door closes and opens again. This time, there's Xavier and some alien chick with hair feathers in the middle of cuddling. "Liliandra's bedroom." Xavier stares for a moment, but then the door is closed and opened again to reveal a giant, purple foot. "Galactus's ship..."

"It is possible we could have a position for you." Dani starts out as the first two doors are opened and shut. The one showing the Savage Land certainly perks up her interest. When the third one opens though and she notes who and what she is seeing and hand quickly comes up to cover her eyes "Gah!" she exclaims but it's to late, she will forever have the image of Xavier and Lillandra canoodling burned into her memory. Going to Jean for a brain scrubbing just jumped to the top of her to-do list.

"Challenging is one word," Chenda notes. "'Specially if you're not and never will be a scholar." Which certainly applies to herself. "But it's not all bad. Rooms are comfy, the food's good, and it's in support of a good cause. Just be prepared to tell yourself that last bit a lot."

And then Ariel starts opening doors. Unaware of Charles Xavier's relationship with the Shi'ar ruler, the dark girl recoils in surprise as she sees just who is on the other side of that door! "Wha..?!" And the door shuts. "Was that the /Professor/?"

And then the portal opens again, with something huge and purple on the other side. "Uh-oh... I have a bad feeling about this."

Suzy's eyes widen as Ariel starts 'showing off' by opening the door, over and over, to different places. "I ... don't think all those places were here on Earth!", she says to Chenda, trying to whisper, but ending up more with a 'stage whisper' sort of thing happening. Then, in a more conversational tone of voice, she asks, "... what planet are you from?", of Ariel.

"Better close that one before the big guy notices." Ariel says conversationally. She closes the door again. Suzy asks her question and Ariel answers. "Coconut Grove! Home of the party that never ends. Ever." She leaves the door closed and claps Dani on the shoulder. "I'm not afraid of hard work. Unless it will chip my nails. So, hard work without nail chipping."

"Thanks Ariel. I'm not going to hear the end of that one." Dani says as she rubs her forehead "Right, no nail chipping." she glances at Chenda and Suzy "I think the two of you have places to be." which is pretty much a dismissal "Ariel, follow me to my office and we will start the paperwork. I think I have just the job for you.

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