Bozho Bitch Slap

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Armand, Deadpool, Mirage, Shadowcat and (emitted) Nanabozho, Black Crow, and Red Wolf

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01/17/13 15:01

Liberty Island - New York

Nanabozho seeks revenge!

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It is a rather pleasant afternoon on Liberty Island. Sunny skies and suprisinly warm for January. Instead of a blistery winter day, the temperature and weather make it appear like a spring day.

Liberty Island is packed with many tourists, as a special exhibit and presenation are being made on Liberty Island regarding the history of this great nation and how immigrants have made America what it is. Speakers include various politicians seeking votes and professors of European descent speaking on the origins of this nation.

A small protest takes place right at the edge of the island as some Native Americans gather protesting the exclusion of their contributions to this great nation.

Just behind the Native Americans stands an unusual figure, his face hidden behind a mask of red and black, and he holds a sign as well. It reads 'Down with this sort of thing.'

Shadowcat milled about the crowd interested in the speeches that would be made by the politicians and what points they'd make. A casual jacket and messenger backpack on over her uniform...never knew how these gatherings would go. The bash on her back looked full...well full of a purple dragon...

Armand is finally visiting Liberty Island, carrying a bag of scones as he nibbles on a blueberry scone and squints as he notices a protest that has formed and he tilts his head to the side making his way closer to see what's happening there. The young man wears his cream colored turtleneck and a dark green peacoat with fitted dark jeans and a pair of green converse sneakers, all that long hair braided and worn in pigtails.

Despite what her personal feelings are on the matter that her people are protesting, Mirage is here in an semi-official capacity, as a member of X-Factor to make sure things go smoothly, but mostly because her friend and team member came to her and said "Hey let's go to Liberty Island! It will be fun!" so far it has not been fun, only cold and boring. The only highlight, seeig a familiar red and black costumed figure protesting, protests. She couldn't help but chuckle at that. "They could at least have a vendor selling hot chocolate or something." she tells Kitty as she trails behind her through the crowd.

A lone black crow can be seen flying high above the statue of liberty. The single bird caws loudly. Its caws are almost ear piercing and odd. They are considerably louder than the presentation currently going on. Anyone with enhanced vision may notice the eyes of the crow are blank, just white orbs.
As it continues to caw, a mist begins to form on the other side of the small island. As the mist slowly begins to fill the island, glowing white eyes peer out as a wolf, a red wolf, growls.

A flash of lightning strikes the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Things have suddenly shifted to ominous and foreboding as one of the protesters near Deadpool eyes the Merc with the Mouth, “You should not be here!” The protester’s body shape is a typical as his body seems to grow and his legs take a more satyr like appearance.

Deadpool stares back at the protester. "Hey. F-r-e-e c-o-u-n-t-r-y. Free country. Shouldn't you be on a reservation somewhere? And what the hell is up with your legs? Your mother get busy with a goat?"

Kitty chuckles at the suggestion from her friend and team member "Since when do politicians think of entertaining others? It's always about their egos and pockets...wish they could think of something bigger then their small little problems, y'know?" well that might be over simplifying but kitty was no politician. "woah....and so the fun begins" grinning to Dani to see if her friend was ready for some action

Armand lowers the scone from his mouth and just stares at he watches the things begin to shift and change and his eyebrows raise as he sighs softly, closing his eyes and swearing softly in French.

Mirage may not know anymore about crows than the next person, she does realize that the one flying over is extraordinarly loud. Looking up, her eyes follow its path, her right hand curling into a fist as she were holding an imaginary bow in that hand. At Kitty's words her attention moves to the misty wolf and then to the shifting Satyr. "You go after the Goat guy, I'll take the wolf. Hopefully security can get the crowd clear before it gets to be a mad house.

“I am no goat, mortal!” The creature grows in height to about 10 feet tall and appears as an incredibly muscular top half with a goat like bottom. His eyes aglow with ebon energy, “I am Nanabozho! I am a god!”

The Statue is struck by lightning and the features of the statue change from Lady Liberty to that of Nanabozho!”

The crow flies down from atop the new statue and swoops down towards Armand attempting to grab his scone.

The wolf rushes from its misty surrounding and looks as if it is charging towards Kitty.
The mist continues to spew until it covers one large section of the island. Most of the people trapped within it find themselves completely still and frozen as if unhinged from time. Oddly enough, the tourists from other countries are able to move about. Some snap pictures. Others run.

Shadowcat nods to mirage in acceptance of the plan but then....well plans change when needed. "mind if we switch? Who is this guy anyway? another asgaurdian?" swinging her bag around her torso she unzipped her pack to let Lockheed out "c'mon fido, think you want a piece of me?" running at the misty wolf as she pulls a knife from her bag.

"Oi! Non!" Armand gives a protest as the crow comes down for his scone, it is a tad delayed however seeing as he was somewhat distracted by the giant goatman. He quickly looks back to the crow and just swats at the bird as his hair fades from the natural brown to a dark jetblack shade. "Wait wait, I shall get you a scone, monsieur bird! Which do you want!?"

There is a nod at Kitty from Mirage "Not Asgardian." is her answer before Kitty springs into action. "Be careful Shadowcat, they," meaning the crow and wolf "may not be what they seem."

The god she recognizes by name and by descriptions from stories her grandfather told her. At one time she would have been skeptical about the claims, but she has had dealings with gods and is a firm beleiver in them.

A mental summoning goes out to Brightwind, to come to her, and stay close, but not engage in battle, unless necessary. She moves forward, the psychic bow manifesting, making her right hand no longer empty "Nanabozho!" She calls out as she moves toward him, holding her left arm up in supplication "Grandaughter of Black Eagle, late shaman of the Cheyenne people asks for your attention.

Showing a clear expression of annoyance, the god looks down at Deadpool, “You annoy me, gnat!” With that he swings his burly arms and hands in an attempt to backhand Deadpool away from him. The man’s build and muscles suggest should be strike Deadpool, he will send the Merc flying far.

The wolf continues charging towards Shadowcat and as she brandishes her knife, the fanged creature leaps forward, sharp fangs out ready to sink their teeth into her, should it make contact.

As Armand swats at the bird, he completely misses, but the bird does return his scone and attempt to perch on his shoulder waiting for its one of its own.
However, at the summons from one of his supplicants causes him to look towards her. He moves away from Deadpool after the attempted swing and responds to Mirage, “Your request has been granted, Granddaughter of Black Eagle.”

The mist continues to engulf the island and freeze more and more Americans in time. The non-American toursists all stop as everyone seems to take notice of Mirage and the god.

Deadpool sees the goat guy swing his arm back to hit him, and has time to say, "Oh Shi-" before he's sent flying.

Shadowcat stands her ground as she positions herself ready to phase the wolf into the ground "I don't want to hurt you, people have hurt wolves fir toy long already but I can't let you hurt these people either. I hope you understand" emploring the wolf just in case.

Armand exhales softly rummages around in the scone bag before offering one with seeds and nuts in it to the Crow, exhaling softly as he watches the fight, eyebrows raising and his lips forming a tiny 'o'.

If all the stories and experience has taught Mirage anything, it is to be polite to 10' tall goat legged gods. She highly doubts that this particular diety falls into the seriously evil/death column, so polite words is all she's got, since she doubs her god-beating stick is going to be effective. In situations such as these politeness for her is hard to come by, it takes all her will power NOT to ask what the hell does he thing he is doing. Instead she says "Great Nanabozho, it has been many generations since our People have fought the white man, why are you trying to start trouble now?

Hearing Kitty’s plea. The wolf seems to stop itself midleap and lands on all fours and simply eyes the mutant heroine. Simultaneously, the crow reaches for the offered scone from Armand and then flies to join the wolf. They remain silent and unmoving as Nanabozho approaches Mirage. “Child, many generations have gone by and the white man continues its blatant disregard and disrespect for those that made this land great. Centuries before the white man arrive. And yet, another celebration for their destruction of our homeland and they use their garish idols to celebrate what was death and dismay to your people. My followers, my supplicants, my children!” He gets angry as he continues his speech, “They have defiled what was once great.” As he continues the people who were frozen within the mist begin to transform turning from flesh and blood to plants. The island begins to shake and quake as its façade seems to break apart.

Shadowcat breathes a sigh of relief and smiles at the wolf "thank you, something tells me we're not that different. you fight people?" pausing as she remembers some steak tips in a pocket of her bag and takes the baggie out to offer one to the wolf as Lockheed comes in to land on her shoulder "I fight fir my people, for a day when everyone can live in peace as equals, mutants and humans side by side. I help protect those who can't protect themselves"

"-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-URK!" says Deadpool, bouncing off giant statue of Not Liberty, and falls to the ground. He lays there momentarily while his body recovers.

Armand waves to the crow and takes a deep breath as he bends over, nibbling on his scone and taking the time to breathe and then he looks back up as the island begins to shake, holding his arms out to keep his balance and he blinks slowly.

Mirage listens to the words he speaks, hard not to with his bellowing angered voice, a frown forming as she looks around at the destruction of innocent lives the god is causing, "I do not disagree with your anger. Our people live in squalor while others look away, but the same holds true for all people, we are not alone in that." she too is getting angry and if anyone has the qualifications to chastise a god it is her, considering her own nature "Your methods bring shame and dishonor." she points back with her free hand to the wolf and crow "You take your people and use them as slaves to aid your agenda." she waves the glowing bow toward all the people he has frozen and made ash "You take innocent lives, people who's only crime was to come enjoy a nice day with thier families?" she seems to be starting to wind down now "Where was your anger when thousands of the People were forced to walk the Trail of Tears? Where were you when hundreds if not thousands of the People were killed at Wounded Knee?" she could give more examples, but stops at two "It's a little late for the Vengence of a wraithful god." she stands craning her neck as she yells her own anger up at him.

Taken aback by her words, Nanabozho takes a moment. Two thoughts cross his mind. One, he is being yelled at by a lesser being. Though, Mirage has walked with the gods, not just her own. Two, she speaks the truth. While his anger is justified, the god of mischief picks the wrong time to seek vengeance. Forcing those of his own people to fight for him and yet, having heard Kitty’s words to the wolf.

His eyes glow black with ebon energy as the island stops quaking. “You speak the truth, Granddaughter of Black Eagle. Now is not the time for vengeance. We must heal and prepare ourselves.” As he speaks, people begin to return to flesh and blood, the statue begins to return to his normal appearance. He then releases two beams of black energy which strike the wolf and the crow. They scream out as Nanabozho turns to Mirage and speaking in a tongue only she would understand, “For now, it is better to assist my supplicants than lash out at the white man.”

The crow and wolf suddenly are transformed into their human counterparts, Black Crow and Red Wolf. The god of Mischief then warns in the same native language to the three Native American heroes, “But the spirits of the past cry out for vengeance! And we shall have it and you will serve us when the time comes!” He takes a few steps back and slowly begins to walk away.

Deadpool grips his sign and stands up. He shakes his head. Ears still there? Ringing "Damn it.. Why couldn't it have been robots?"

Okay then, Deadpool thinks to himself, Naruto-whatever-goat-man is officially on my shit list.

Mirage doesn't move for a minute or two and in that time the psychic bow in her hand fades away. As she stands there watches the Cheyenne god walk away, from her expression it is easy to see that is somewhat surprised that she was able to talk him out of it. Gods aren't always the reasonable sort. Turning to Kitty where she nows stands next to the human Red Wolf, who she gives a nod of greeting to, "let's go home Kitty. I think I have had enough history for one day.

Armand finishes off his blueberry scone and idly brushes the crumbs off his coat before bending over to place the paper bag with the rest of the scones, on the ground and backing away. "I hope you find peace in the journey you are the taking." He murmurs softly before taking a few steps backwards, turning around and carefully starting to head back in the direction he came.

Shadowcat blinks a look of compassion at the screams of pain but finds herself rather...confused by the whole thing...beyond the surface obviousness of the usual native American injustice inflicted by the white man "I thought such was dealt with already through legislature. our history is riddled with injustices, the native American, then the african American, then women's civil rights, now mutants..." note to self ask Dani for an explanation

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