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Mirage and Havok

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10/11/12 08:45


Dani Wakes Up, gets briefed

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What could be several hours later, Dani starts to wake. A bright light shines in her eyes, flits away, then comes back. She hears voices, "Tox screens indicate that she was knocked out using Asphyxene 537; it is a common compound anesthetic used to render large animals unconscious for veterinarian surgery. She will wake with a mild headache and no side effects."

Alex's voice answers, "Thanks Doc."

As the feeling comes back into her limbs and torso, Dani will note she's on her back within a decently comfortable bed and her sense of smell will imply that she's in the Ship's med bay.

Blinking at the sudden bright light in her eyes, Dani turns her head to keep from getting temporaily blinded by it, "What?" she asks grogily before she remembers what went down. She sits up suddenly, or as suddenly as she can manage considering the after effects to the knockout gas. Looking around her expression is a mixture of releif and confusion.

The doctor (hard light hologram) is on Dani's right, Alex on the left. There's also a few nurses in the room taking care of nurse things. The doctor (Harold, the hard light hologram) says, "Easy there, Mirage. There may be some residual dizziness."

Alex notes, "Yeah, don't want you falling out of bed or puking on my shoes."

"I'm not making promises that both won't happen." she closes her eyes a long moment, waiting for the sensation to pass before continuing "What happened? Last I remember was Stryfe was asking me to join up with his band of miscreants." Dani's brow furrows and she rubs her temples.

"It went down last night. Sam contacted me and said they had found you and said they were going to hit the MLF. Initially they didn't invite me, but I went off on them and reminded them of the favors they owed us. So I was bodyslid to their base, and then we hit the MLF base. I really don't know how, and they weren't forthcoming, but somehow Cable was able to use you as a homing beacon. Anyway, we hit them hard and fast. Sent them packing. Domino, the real Domino, was able to get into their computer and shut down the bombs and give us locations. The Bomb Squad picked up the remaining 7 explosive devices that we'd not gotten to yet. We got you. Cable set his own explosives, and we got out of there. The MLF base was destroyed - but Cable thinks there's other bases. Still, they won't be using that one again."

Dani hmmms at the telling "Sam and 'Berto were at the Federal Building doing thier own investigation for Cable. They knew that MLF was up to something, but not sure what." she then frowns in disappointment as she swings her legs off the side of the bed, apparently ready to get up "I'm sorry I missed all the excitement. I would have really liked to shown Stryfe what I thought about his offer.

"You'll get that chance. Rusty is turning states evidence against Stryfe for a deal. We're about to learn of other base locations and secret information.", Alex notes as he steps aside so she can stand when ready.

As she gives an adamant shake of her head, Dani slids off the bed to her feet, "It's not the same." she sways on her feet as a result of the sudden motions, "But I will take what I can get. What kind of deal is Rusty getting though.

"Reduced sentence, but don't know the details yet. But it's contingent on whether or not the information is good. I'm thinking about bringing X-Force in on this because they've been working against the MLF for some time now." Alex notes as he offers a hand if she needs.

Given the choice between a hand and a faceplant, Dani wisely chooses the offerend hand "Of course. I have a feeling it won't be. With his plan backfiring Stryfe will probably make sure that most of what Rusty says either doesn't stick or becomes invalid.

"Let's hope otherwise." Notes Alex regarding the rather grim suggestions. "Come on, let's get you something to eat - you gotta be hungry."

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