Bomba Part 3

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Havok, Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, FBI Agents, Stryfe, Zero

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10/10/12 12:45

Federal Building, MLF HQ, Ship

More bombs, more conflict.

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The rest of X-Factor is scattered over the city searching for bombs. Most are underground when Dani reports. First to respond, Alex's voice is choppy at first due to signal strength and then words come clear, "Mirage, this is Havok, say again?"

Thinking in might be best to go someplace she won't be overheard by the general public, Mirage heads to where she left Brightwind. "We found an explosive device in the tunnels under Grand Central. The device has been neutralized. Has anyone else found anything?"

Alex notes, "Damn, I found one too, beneath Madison Square Garden. I called the bomb squad, but I've a feeling that there's more than just these two. Realizing that the MLF hedged their bets."

"I'll continue on to my next target then. I'll report in if I find anything." there is a brief pause "If I have signal that is, we should get Ship on boosting the signal." Mirage mounts up and speeds to her next investigation site.

Ship relays over the com, "I apologize; I have done all that I am able regarding boosting of signal."

Alex states, "Same here. Oh, and be careful. I found a booby trap. Nearly took off my head."

The next target is presented on Dani's PDA as being beneath the Federal Building. It's within a mile and easy spot from Brightwind. Touching down on the front steps, officers approach and the first asks, "Mirage. I'm Agent Davenport, this is Agent Washington. We were expecting you. Please, follow us."

Dismounting, Mirage sends the pegasus to the rooftops, then follows the Agents up the stairs "And you are aware of why I am here, I take it." she will continue to follow them into the building and where ever it is they are leading unless they start acting suspicious.

With a grim, Davenport says, "Yes ma'am. We also understand that evacuating the building would trigger a preemptive strike. So we are hopeful that you'll be able to detect and disarm any potential explosive devices."

They enter the building and descend into the underneath. The basement isn't as complex as that of the GCS, but it does have many levels.

"You and me both." Mirage is skeptical about her ability to disarm any explosive device but there is no need to dispell the hopes of the agents "Have you at least cleared the basement levels of unessential staff? We have found traps at other locations, I don't want someone wandering around and tripping one.

While on the elevator, Davenport states, "We have."

The elevator doors open to reveal the forth subbasement of the federal building. It's a well-lit series of hallways with various rooms for storage and utility. A main hallway connects most of it and several meters down that hallway are Cannonball and Sunspot trying to be stealthy. However, fail when they collide with one another trying to find a place to hide from line of sight in a hallway that presents no means of hiding.

Davenport and Washington both pull their guns and Davenport announces, "Intruders."

Mirage is sufficently surprised when she sees her former team mates down the hall, but it doesn't keep her from facepalming at thier behavior "Stand down men." she commands as she steps in front of them "What the hell are you two doing here?" she beckons them forward.

A sudden realization that it's Dani, Sam and 'Berto move forward with growing smiles.

'Berto says, "No way! Look who it is Sammy. It's that chick we used to know. You know the one, that went off to join another team and totally forget about her friends."

Sam elbows 'Berto and says, "Aw, be nice now. She got 'erself a sweet deal with benefits and a fat government check."

The two FBI agents stand down.

She will signal them to stop before they get to close. They maybe her friends but with thier prior associations and the current situation, them being in this location doesn't smell right "Well...why are you here and how did you get in?" she doubts they used the front door since the agents reacted poorly to their prescence.

"Cable sent us. He thinks that the MLF are up to something and we uses our bodyslide to get here." answers Sam as he and Berto come to a stop in the hallway.

Berto adds, "I'm guessing that's why you're here too?"

"Well given that the MLF are always up to something it's not a big stretch to come to that conclusion." Mirage nods at their explanation taking it at face value for the moment, "The MLF have planted bombs around the city. We've found and disabled two so far but we are still investigating other likely locations. How much of the lower levels have you covered?

Sam states, "The two above us, we were just about to check this level when yall showed up. This is the lowest level, except for a few access tunnels to the sewer connection."

Mirage glances back at the agents to guage their reaction to all this, but no matter what it is makes a unilateral decision "Fine. You two search down that way." she gestures down the hall behind Sam and Roberto, "Watch out for traps, and call if you find something." she gestures behind her "Well search this end and do the same.

Rounding a corner and entering a certain area, Dani finds the bomb in question. It's strapped to one of the support structures of the building, that if destroyed, would bring the building down.

Around the bomb <intuition>, Dani will notice an intricate series of laser detectors that will trigger something if they are disrupted. <think Leverage>

Holding her arms out Mirage will keep the agents from getting to close and setting off the traps around the thing "Agent Davenport, please have security clear any remaining staff from the lower levels." she backs up well away from the explosive device "Agent Washington, locate Cannonball and Sunspot and tell them we have found the device." after giving her orders she checks her comm for signal, and if she has it calls in the bomb professionals.

The signal is sporatic, but Ship will see that it is done.

Washington returns with Sam and 'Berto and they look in on the bomb. Sam says, "Whoah."

Berto agrees. Then asks, "Hey Mirage, what are you gonna do about it?" in an awkard joking tone.

"Throw you at it. You can absorb that, right?" Mirage jokes back before slipping back into serious mode "I called in the professionals. It's trapped to go off if anyone gets to close. Those will have to be dealt with first.

The bomb squad will arrive within 22 minutes.

Berto says, "No, but I'll bet Sam could contain it."

Sam grins, "Yeah, but Iah'd be paste on tha inside of mah shield."

Mirage just shakes her head at the two guys then goes over to deal with the bomb squad when they finally arrive "There it is, it's trapped with laser trips. Have fun." is her succint explanation to the pros. "Can you guys make sure everything gets taken care of here?" she goes back to her former team mates after the bomb squad gets to work "I have other places to check out and I am running out of time."

Sam is quizzical, "How many /other places/ are we talkin about?"

'Berto remains quiet and listens for the answer.

The bomb squad gets to work which will require a +roll.

Soon after beginning to work, the bomb squad triggers a trap that signals the bomb timer to start ticking much faster. 10. 9....

The leader of the squad yells, "Everyone out, now!"

'Berto looks around, he says, "Oh crap!"

"There were 36 possible locations." Mirage starts to explain to the two guys "X-Factor split up. This is my second spot and the third explosive that..." she stops when the squad leader shouts. She doesn't bother with words she just runs.

As will everyone else, except for Sam who is likely invulnerable with his shield up. He rushe into the room with the bomb.

There are stairs on one side of the elevator bank where many rush into and begin their ascent.

Stairwell. Yes those are good. Solid, cinder block walls, no windows, while no place is safe when a building is about to explode, stairwells, especially those underground, have better reinforcement then other places in the building. Mirage doesn't realize that Sam isn't with them until she is up the first flight then she curses "Don't tell me that idiot stayed behind." she rounds on Sunspot, that is if he fled with the others.

'Berto turns around, "NO!"

Then there's the explosion (or lack thereof) - just a rumbling. The stairwell is shaken, dust freed so it will drift downward toward the floor. But no concussion, no shattering force, no flash of fiery light or even a burst of heat. Nothing but the minor tremor.

'Berto says, "SAM!" and will start moving back down toward the room where they left the bomb.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Mirage runs back the way they came. Sunspot will probably beat her though with his headstart and greater speed, if he is flying at least. "Ship," she says into the comm "Prepare medical for a possible casualty." worst possbile scenarios run through her mind, of course they were put there by Sam and 'Berto's earlier banter.

When they get to the room, they will find Sam on the floor, unscathed (just unconscious). The bomb is no longer present, there's not even black marks on the floor. It's quickly realized that Sam encased the bomb in a force field sphere, allowed it to explode, the stress knocked him out.

'Berto stands in the doorway dumbfounded.

"Out of the way." Mirage pushes past 'Berto to go check on the unconscious Sam "Well," her gaze roams around the area "He actually did it." her fingers then snap at Roberto "Sunspot, take Cannonball and slide over to Ship. You two are welcome to stay for as long as necessary.

Berto snaps out of it, he rushes over and grabs Sam. His black, mottled skin reveals that he's shifted fully into his stronger form. "We'll be there." and then he'll push a button and slide.

After checking the time, Mirage quickly tells the Squad that the bomb has been neutralized and heads back upstairs via the elevator and out. "Federal Building is all clear...well now." goes out to the team via the comm "This investigation is becoming more like an episode of "This is your life." she pulls out her PDA to get her next location.

When Mirage pulls out her PDA, she sees a subtle flash (or bending of light) and hears the tick of a teleporter appearing behind her. She's grabbed, and pulled from the steps of the Federal Building to appear in a silvery metallic room (10x10x10) with no exits, no windows, nothing other than an invisible light source that seems to come from the ceiling.

No sooner does she arrive with her teleporting companion (Zero) does he release her and teleport away to leave her stranded.

She totally didn't see that coming, so after the obligatory struggle to get free, followed by several more minutes of the required wall pounding and yelling, Mirage takes a deep breath and begins to assess her new situation. She seems not to be hurt by the abduction, so she goes through the rest, weapons, powers, comm signal.

Weapons, yes, comm signal, no. She will then hear a strong male voice resonating from the walls, "Welcome, Mirage. Please forgive the abrupt nature of your arrival, but I didn't expect for you to come willingly."

"And I didn't expect to come at all." yes she is past angry at this point and her tone echos it "I can't imagine you would want Rusty back bad enough to abduct me to get him.

"This isn't a hostage exchange situation. This is a recruitment opportunity. As you may well have guessed, I am Stryfe, leader of the MLF and I was hoping that you and I could talk, face to face, without you trying to shoot or otherwise have a flip out moment."

Hands ball into fists at his assumption that she would willingly join him "Then you may as well leave me in here to rot, because that will never happen." Mirage begins to pace the confines of the cell "As soon as I see your face, you better beleive there will be an arrow flying at it.

"That is a shame. Then we will have to do it another way." intones Stryfe. Then there's a hissing sound as the room begins to fill with an paralytic gas which will make her groggy, weak in the knees, and then comatose.

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