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Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage, Tempo, Forearm

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10/09/12 16:32

Mutant Diner

X-Factor enjoys lunch until the MLF show up

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Oblivious for the moment, Kurt ponders the complexities of two sets ... of eyes? Regardless, he controls his eyes better than his compatriot in the male gender group. Instead he throws out there, "So, Honey Boo Boo ... are we taking bets yet if she turns out mutant or what?"

Even though she has already ordered food Dani continues to look at the menu, spefically the dessert section of it, she has no interest in the waitress, besides the normal female sympahty of having to go bra shopping, "I only take bets I can win." setting the menu down she looks around at the diner about to ask how about the diner crowd when she notes the two heading toward them "We have company." she mentions in a low tone and nods in that direction.

Looking in the direction noted by Dani, Alex mutters, "MLF".

Tempo steps up and says, "That's right, Alex dear. MLF, as in Mutant Liberation Front. But before you get your cockles in an uproar, we're just here to talk."

Forearm takes a step to the side and circles around the table but keeps his distance.

Other mutants in the diner are watching, but none have really caught on that this could be a super fight. They know who X-Factor is (their new neighbors) and some may know who the MLF are by face - but for the most part, just a bunch of students hanging out and minding their own mutant business.

"Unsere Aufmerksamkeit haben," says Kurt to the five now gathered at or near their table. With a smile, "Our attention, you have it. What is this talk about?" He remains seated but diverts attention between Tempo and Havok for the now, simply to see how Alex might react.

Eyes narrowed Dani looks at the two with suspicion, it's probably best that Kurt spoke up first, because she certainly wouldn't have been so diplomatic in response. As her eyes follow Fourarm around she is tempted to go for a weapon, she always has one on her person somewhere, but with all the civillians around she keeps both hands on the table.

At most, Alex is annoyed but he's not going to leap out of his chair and start blasting. This is the older, wiser Alex, not the one from 3 years back.

Standing before the empty chair, Tempo lays it out for the team to hear, "Stryfe, our enigmatic leader, wanted us to come by and have a chat - You see, you have something that belongs to us and we want him back. I know, I know you'll protest and say that he'll never be released and that he has to stand trial for his crimes against humanity or some crap like that but you see, we have one thing that you should know about all of this before you get all brash and start with the threats. We have a bomb and we're going to use it to take out some place important which is filled with all sorts of humans."

Forearm produces a manila folder and tosses it onto the table. From it spill out photographs of the 'bomb' and it looks very bombish.

Tempo says, "You have 10 hours to release him or /boom baby, boom/."

Alex clenches his fists and says, "Listen up chica, you should know by now that we don't take threats laying down. There's no way you're going to.." and before he can react (tempo, duh), she has her index finger to his lip and says, "Shhhhh. Don't talk, it's not very attractive."

Then before anyone can blink, she and Forearm are gone. The pictures remain.

Blinking, dumfounded after the are gone, Kurt ponders the obvious, "So, how long before we try to figure out where the bomb of the MLF are, or do we use Rusty as a lure by releasing and tracking him?"

Dani's attention is on the pictures, she is listening to the threats sure, and she looks up from the pictures long enough to stare daggers at the two MLF members until they disappear. "I knew they would try something, but this..." she takes a few of the pictures and studies them, paying more attention to the background of the pictures, hoping there maybe a clue as to location.

Alex is pissed, his brow is furrowed, eyes annoyed and he sighs. He leans forward and says, "We really need a telepath..." in reflection of their current situation. Then looks to his companions, "Let's talk tactics when we get back to the tower - no sense in running the risk of being overheard."

The pictures depict the bomb positioned within a basement of sorts. It is a little larger than 3'x1'x3' and duct taped to a large metal beam that stands vertical. The rest of the area is dark and shadowy - ship will likely be able to extract more information from the photos.

"Its a plan, the Adventurer's Three are Go!" Kurt thinks its a good plan for now. "That means were taking our food to go, unless we just want to dash now, forget waiting for the foot." His hands are coming up, while he doesn't have the distance advantage Ariel might have, they are all in mutant town and close to 'home' in this instance.

"I should have just taken them out from the start." Dani begins to gather the pictures that scattered and sticks them back into the folder. Admittedly she seems not to be equipped for it, despite what she has said in the past about that, "We can have it delivered.

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