Blink the Burglar

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Blink, Wolfsbane, Richenda Gray

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Mutant Town

Wolfsbane catches Blink in the process of stealing

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A chilly evening, though clouds overhead help to keep it from being worse. It's still a night for people to bundle up if they're going out for more than a few minutes. In Mutant Town, Wolfsbane makes her way through one of the main streets, passing a couple clothing stores. She's in costume and openly fuzzy, since it's not as dangerous here. The costume itself lacks the usual colors, consisting instead of black with a few bits of red that accent it in the form of following a curve or two. A small backpack is slung over a shoulder.

Blink is wearing her over-sized green hoodie and baseball cap. Even though she doesn't need to be so conspicuous with her appearance, she keeps up the disguise. She's slipped down an alley that a couple restaurants use as a way to take out trash. She makes her way to the door and snaps her fingers. An audible *blink* sound is made as a 'hole' opens. Clarice then jumps quickly into the hold before it closes behind her. Within 15 minutes, the sound is made again as the hole is reopened and the young woman emerges.

It may be coincidence, or perhaps fate. Wolfsbane turns to head down that alley and passes the spot of that portal a few seconds before it opens back up to deposit the woman there once more, though it seems to be neither are facing each other just yet. However, sharp senses clue the wolfen mutant in to the fact she's suddenly not alone, leading to her turning quickly and quietly - for she's in bare feet - to look with a brow raising.

Blink has a bag in her hand when she emerges. She was expecting to be alone when she exited. Her pupiless green eyes go wide as she spies Rahne. She backs up slowly, preparing to run. She keeps one hand free, pink energy wisping around her hand, in case she needs a quick, emergency portal... But where to? She looks around frantically for an exit point.

Wolfsbane catches the end of the portal closing, a confused expression showing for all of a split second before the young woman's efforts to put some distance between them is initiated. "Hold on there," she begins, fully facing Blink. "What're ye up tae in here? An' what's with th' pink stuff there?" She gestures to the hand.

Blink panics! "Stay away! This has nothing to do with you!" She pops open another portal and tumbles in quickly, closing it behind her. Only she dumps herself out no more than 5 feet away, onto the sidewalk at the mouth of the alley.

"Tha' depends on what ye're up tae, lassie," Wolfsbane answers, an initial step closer taken as the black-suited 'werewolf' makes to close the distance only to stop short at the sight of Blink falling into the portal to reappear just a few feet away. "Ye're a teleporter!" she exclaims, momentarily stopped in her tracks.

"Now hold on," Wolfsbane gathers her wits again and starts to follow, though she's briefly caught up in the visibly different appearance of the other one. "What are ye running for? I'm na here tae hurt ye!" She's definitely got an accent, this one. "What's in th' bag?"

(Richenda Gray arrives)

A chilly evening in Mutant Town, a young woman is out looking to feed herself and others at the expense of local eateries that have closed for the evening. A blur of pink and green is running out of an alley and being followed by a wolfy Rahne Sinclair. "Leave me alone! It's none of yer...OOMPH!!" The running pink elf trips over her own feet and tumbles onto the ground, dropping her purloined goods onto the cold wet ground. Epic Fail Acrobatics Roll.

Wolfsbane's considerably more nimble than this young woman appears to be, the trip and fall leading to her easily shortening the distance between them without a need to really run like she can. However, just as a hand clutches at Blink's shoulder to haul her to her feet, she stops before doing so. "Food? Why would ye be running from me if all ye have in there is food? Is something wrong?" An initial tone of accusation shifts more toward concern.

There's just something about people being chased that draws the eye. Being nearby and alert, Richenda Gray definitely has hers drawn. What looks like a pink elf is fleeing from... someone she knows, now that she's got a good look. Someone should definitely investigate.

Well, nobody's exactly lining up, not in Mutant Town. So it looks like she's it. "Hey! Rahne, what's up?" she calls, hurrying to join the wolfgirl and her odd quarry.

Blink looks up, a couple tears stream down her cheeks. "Just leave me alone. I'm not stickin' my nose in *your* business. I'm not hurting anyone." She props herself up on her elbows. looking to right herself. The only hope she has is to not get hauled in. It wouldn't look too good coming up unregistered, even in Mutant Town. She looks to Richenda. "Oh great.. A crowd. Just call the cops already!"

"Richenda?" Wolfsbane only takes a moment to glance over, lest she lose focus on Blink long enough for the lavender-skinned elf to escape. "Are ye sure o' tha'?" she asks when told Blink's not hurting anybody, but rather than wrench an arm behind a back or anything like that, she's helping the woman to her feet - still with a hand on her arm, however. "Noo why would I call th' cops? Ye think I trust all o' them, especially when it has tae do with mutants? I told ye I'm na here tae hurt ye. Why dinna ye just tell me what this is all about? Are ye on th' run from somebody?"

"That's right, the crowd of one," Chenda ripostes quietly, stepping up. In her denims and borrowed winter jacket, she could be anyone, save for the witchy black hair and concerned expression. "What's going on? I mean, nobody runs for no reason... and in this town, there might be a lot of good ones."

Blink blinks and is helped up. She takes her arm back. She's got no issue with Rahne's looks, not even a shock. "I'm not running from anybody but you. and that seems to have failed. I.. I... I'm jus' trying to feed myself... and some friends." She looks to Wolfsbane. "If you're not with the police, then what's with the get-up?"

"Ye still didna tell me why ye were running from me. I never did a thing tae ye," the furred mutant remarks, a brief nod following to what Richenda says. "She's right. Here.." She pauses, frowning as some of it starts to come out. "Ye took th' food, right?" she determines. "Why else would ye run th' moment ye saw someone else?" A glance is had at her attire and she sniffs once. "Let's just say it's th' 'in' thing among some o' muh friends. We do our best tae help th' people who need it. Do ye need it?"

Accent or no accent, Rahne seems to be doing the talking. Chenda smiles wryly and lets her. "We're not going to hurt you, miss... um, what should we call you, anyway? I'm Chenda," the gypsy girl says, offering her hand to the pink elf. "I'm a mutant, too."

Blink shakes her head.. "I... I don't need help. I'm not some charity case. I've heard stories of people that help... They're usually looking for a way to get you into a van and then you disappear..." She swallows, coming clean.. "i was stealing the food. Most of those people won't miss it." She wipes her face, proving her coloring is natural and not make-up. "The name's Clarice." she says, shaking the offered hand.

"Rahne..or Wolfsbane, depending on th' circumstances," the other mutant answers, though she's yet to offer to shake at the moment. She continues to talk, given the status Richenda ought to be familiar with. "So ye're helping others? Have ye thought o' asking th' restaurants if ye could just have th' stuff they dinna need? It's na about whether they'll miss it or na." She waves off one of the concerns, shaking her head. "We' th' kind o' people tae lure ye intae a bad place. I dinna blame ye for being careful who ye trust, though."

"Maybe some do. Personally, I've driven a lot of vans, but I've yet to pull anyone into one, or drive one that carried people doing that," Chenda says. "If you stole the food because you needed it, I'm not one to pass judgement. I've done as much." She kneels, beginning to pick up the purloined goods.

Blink sigh and shakes her head. "You don't know what it's like out here.. Well, physically you do." She finds her cap and puts it back on her head and pulling up the hoodie. "I do what I can, with the skills that I have." She looks around nervously. "i need to get going. I'm not looking to cause trouble."

Wolfsbane rests a hand against her hip, the claws and fur quite visible. "I think ye'd be surprised tae know th' things I've been through an' seen. I already saw some o' yuir skills, but it looks like ye could use some work with them." A glance toward Richenda follows before she turns attention back to Clarice. "As much as I understand th' need tae help others, stealing from people is na th' way tae do it. Look..I come around here when I can. We should talk soon. Maybe I can help ye find a better way. Will ye think about it?"

"Actually I do, Clarice. I've been where you are." Chenda finishes gathering up the stuff, pulling off her scarf and wrapping up the non-ruined goods in it. "But Rahne's got a point. There are other ways to get your supper." She offers the scarf-bundle to Blink. "Here. But I want my scarf back later, so we'll have to meet again," she adds with an impish grin.

Blink sighs and nods.. "Fine. I'll... I'll talk with you.. It's the least I can do for not turning me in.." She looks to Chenda.. "And I'll get this back to you.. Th... Thanks."

"I have a small apartment on the edge of Mutant Town, sort o' a safehouse," Wolfsbane explains, though she doesn't share the actual location. "I'll stay there th' next day or two an' I can find ye around here if I have tae. I'm na gaunae pressure ye, though. I just want tae find oot a bit more if ye'll trust me enough tae share." She does step back a couple paces, in a slight crouch as she gives the woman room to go. Another sniff, likely amusement, follows Richenda's bit of cleverness.

"Take care, Clarice. And next time, let's meet someplace indoors, okay? Like a restaurant? My treat," Chenda promises, with a smile for the mutant girl. She steps back next to Rahne, just so it's obvious that Clarice is free to go. There will be no grabbing or pulling into vans... were there a van anywhere around or not.

Blink just nods wryly to the two before she opens up another portal, an audible *blink* heard before she steps into it and it closes. This time, Clarice is nowhere to be seen.

Wolfsbane squints at the disappearing act, reaching up to rub one of her ears afterward. "I wonder how far she can go with those things," she says, a glance shared with Richenda.

Chenda, not expecting it, blinks and steps back again at the sudden vanishing of Clarice! "Whoa... okay, that's different. But cool." She grins at Rahne's question. "I wonder if she could take other people with her."
She shakes her head. "Listen to us, thinking tactics when we've just met a starving young mutant. I think Jean should hear about our young friend, if just so she might get a warm place to sleep and three squares a day. I was seeing ribs, Rahne. Ribs are not supposed to show."

Frowning, Wolfsbane shakes her head. "I'm na thinking tactics. She only went a few feet earlier when she tried tae get away from me, so it'd be nice tae know when she's na in a panic. I'll mention this tae Jean, though. I dinna want tae risk her meeting up with th' wrong kinds o' people if we can avoid it, but I'm na sure how old she is yet either."

"Oh... sorry." It's probably a good thing Chenda's skin's naturally tanned, since it hides blushes pretty well unless someone's used to watching her. "Right. And I'll bring it up as well. Even if she's not student-age, there are a lot of older people at the school, and we've sure got room for one more."
She looks at Rahne curiously. "When did you run into her? Before or after the food-snatching?"

"Let me handle it first, as an X-Man," Wolfsbane answers after a pause, starting in the direction of the alley she'd come out of just in case she might've missed something. "I was on muh way through here an' she stepped oot o' one of those portals with her bag. We saw each other an' she got scared. I'm sure we'll help if she wants it, but I'm na gaunae force her tae do something unless she keeps stealing."

"Okay... but if nothing changes in a month I'm going to Jean," Chenda replies firmly. "That's long enough to starve to death or get into real trouble without help."
She can't help smiling at Rahne's story. "She saw you when she came out of her portal and got scared? Funny, I always thought you looked pretty nice for a girl covered in fur."

Wolfsbane raises a brow. "I'm na even gaunae wait for th' weekend tae mention it tae her," she answers quietly, sniffing around in the alley for a few moments before pointing to a spot. "This is where she appeared. I was over there." She gestures a few feet away, then a hint of a smile follows. "For a girl covered in fur?" she repeats.

Chenda shrugs. "You wanted me to let you handle it first. I'm doing that." She follows Rahne to where her nose leads her. "And she ran out of the alley, which is where she tripped and you caught up, and I came along. At least it was a short chase."
She glances up from the alley's rough asphalt and grins. "Yes, for a girl covered in fur. Makes you look scary in dim light, though."

In the alley, it's easier to avoid notice from random people. Even in Mutant Town, it often pays to be cautious. "Aye, it was brief before ye showed up." Wolfsbane sounds somewhat distracted, frowning at something unclear before shaking it off. "I dinna look scary. Maybe if I turned more wolf, though.." she says, trailing off in thought.

Even with her thoughts running over the matter, Chenda's not distracted enough to avoid seeing Rahne's sudden distraction. "You okay, Rahne?" she asks, stepping a little closer. "You look like something's bothering you."

"I'm all right. Mostly, I'm just wondering if she's been around here long. I've never seen her before, never even heard about someone like her around," Wolfsbane murmurs, moving back toward the way in, where a few clothing stores are that she'd passed before. "What about ye?"

"Neither have I. But I'm not over this way nearly as often as I should be," Chenda admits. "I think a pink elf who can vanish would draw a lot of mention, unless she was very, very careful about the whole vanishing thing."
She nods, frowning thoughtfully at the question. "Me? I'm okay. Kind of missing my scarf already, though," she adds with self-deprecating good humor, rubbing her neck. "I'm amazed you're not /freezing/ in that outfit, Rahne. It's like running around in your underwear in winter!"

Wolfsbane looks up and down the sidewalk, a hand at her hip again. "Well, it'll be harder for her tae go unnoticed here if she sticks around. I just hope th' wrong people dinna trick her, but it sounds like she's suspicious enough o' strangers." She smiles back at the other young woman. "Ye forget I've got th' fur tae help."

"So do cats, but they notice when it gets cold, all the same," Chenda replies, shivering as the alley funnels a gust of wind down on the two. "Want to get in out of the weather?"
She nods, thinking again of their pink mutual acquaintance. "I wish I were still living in New York. It'd be a lot easier to keep an eye on her without a long bus trip between the two of us. She does seem to have a good head on her shoulders, though. I hope it's good enough."

"Sounds like a good reason why wolves are better than cats," Rahne answers, a hint of a teasing tone to her words before she glances about. "Sure. Where do ye want tae go?" As Wolfsbane moves up the sidewalk a few steps she looks back to Richenda and says, "Th' important thing is we should be able tae keep tabs on her if we have tae."


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