Blink or You'll Miss Her

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Blink, Jean Grey, Blindfold, Wolfsbane

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Mutant Town

Plans are acted on to chat with Clarice and an offer is made

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The sunset covers the City in a sleepy, dull hue. A line of orange covers the western horizon and peels in through the buildings that dot the cityscape. A soft blue stretches up through the sky, becoming a deeper blue until eventually the star-spotted blackness covers directly overhead. The evening chill begins to creep in as soon as the sun goes down. Clarice sits on a park bench facing a row of restaurants, plotting out possible pilfering targets. She makes sure that she doesn't hit the same place too frequently, so as they don't notice the obvious loss right away. She decides on one and stands, about to cross the street.

A rather nondescript SUV drives up along the road, eventually pulling over near the park bench that Clarice sits on. The door opens, and Jean gets out of the driver's seat, glancing back and forth as she smiles a bit to herself. She then pokes her head into the van, "Need a hand, Ruth? We're here." With that, she shuts the door, her mind absently flickering around to find the match that Cerebro detected.

Blindfold smiles toward Jean from the back seat. "Thank you it's appreciated Miss Grey but I'm fine thank you yes," getting out of the car and closing the door behind her. If it wasn't obvious by the blindfold it sure became obvious when she unfolded a cane and started tapping it on the ground. 'Easy target' might as well be in neon above her head.

On her way to the area is Wolfsbane, wearing normal clothing today - no costume. It consists of a coat over jeans, sneakers as well. She still shows signs of her mutant side, just to a minimal effect right now. That means light fur, fangs, claws, ears. Recognizing the SUV and the people getting out of it, she walks in that direction while noting Clarice's location.

Blink's pupiless green eyes go wide as the car pulls up.. "Crap.." she says, not recognizing anyone yet and not noticing Rahne. She doesn't know what's going on but the whole thing reeks of 'No Good'. Feeling exposed, she snaps her fingers, opening up a portal with the ever-present *blink!* sound. She jumps in headfirst and ends up in the shadows of an alley across the way, peering at the group from around the corner of the building. She's yet to rationalize or realize that Rahne can more than likely track her scent.

Not only the scent, but there's a message that echoes in Blink's mind, >> That wasn't entirely necessary, Clarice. We only wish to talk. << With that thought sent to Blink, Jean tilts her head towards Ruth, speaking softly to her, "Think she got a bit spooked by us... perhaps I should have had Kitty paint the dragon on the side of the van." She then glances around, noting Wolfsbane with a slight nod, "I sent her a message. We'll see if she comes back."

Blindfold giggles softly to Jean. "She'll realize once she recognizes Rahne, yes please Miss Jean" turning her head toward the alley with a warm welcoming smile.

And there goes Clarice. Not far, though. *sniffsniff* Wolfsbane's attention shifts in the direction of the alley but first she looks to Jean and Ruth, speaking more to Jean first. "Or ye could ha parked 'round th' corner instead o' right in front o' her. Let me go see if I can get her tae come oot." Steps are taken that way, and before she's even reached the alley all fuzzy signs of her are gone. "Clarice?"

Blink covers her ears, as if that will stop the voice in her head. "I didn't say you could do that!" She says angrily as she steps out from the building. Her both hands glowing with pink wispy energy as a precaution. "Fine... I'll talk... But if you try anything funny, I'll disappear and i.. I.. I'll send you all to a hell that you've never imagined!" Not that Clarice would do that... or even could... but it's the streets. Sometimes bravado helps when you're facing a stronger predator, and to Clarice, that's exactly who these people are.

Blindfold looks somewhat hurt at that declaration, nodding to Rahne before slowly coming over toward the older feral girl, giving her the lead.

Yes, at the moment Rahne looks like a normal human being, if short. It's a way of letting her guard down, though Clarice may not understand that yet. "Do what? Did Jean talk tae ye..tha' way?" she wonders, standing in the alley without blocking it. Rather, she's right next to one of the walls. "Ye could teleport away if ye like, but I dinna think there are many places ye could send us that'd be worse than some o' what I've already seen." She rubs her cheek, no trace of fur there whatsoever. "I told ye th' other night muh friends an' I try tae help people who need it, an' ye may na believe it but we'd rather keep ye from coming intae contact with th' kinds o' people who'd get ye tae do bad things for them if they could. Ye dinna have tae run away from yuir problems, an' maybe we can even help th' ones ye're looking oot for."

Blink blinks.. (haha) "I..." She looks around. She nods to Rahne.. "She said something... In here." She points to her head. "Others have tried it before. It didn't end too well... for them." She does consider herself responsible for those she helps. The ones that look like her yet don't have her abilities. "I know.. I believe you, I just... " She shakes her head. "What do you want from me in return? There ain't no such thing as a free lunch... Unless you go out and take it." She notices Blindfold and looks around, feeling more protective of the girl with the outward-looking disability. "Is.. she ok? Should she be out in a place like this?"

Blindfold smiles as she comes up beside Rahne "Thank you yes, I'm as fine as I've ever been. With most people there's no such thing as a free lunch it's true but things work quite differently with us. A place to stay and go to school to learn more than just academics, a place to be safe...if you want it please yes. My name's Ruth, it's nice to meet you" offering her free hand toward Clarice's to shake if she wants. "I was born blind but I still see"

"Jean is a telepath," Rahne answers. "Ye get used tae it," she adds, glancing back toward the redhead. Following on what Ruth says, she corrects slightly, "Nae place is completely safe, but we have a place where mutants have learned more about who an' what they are an' how tae better control what they can do. What's th' farthest ye think ye've teleported before? I noticed th' other night ye only made it a few feet when I surprised ye, but I figured it was because yuir focus was off." She chews at her bottom lip briefly, letting Ruth's answer about her own condition cover things. "Many o' us do what we can tae help other mutants, but our goal is better peace between us an' everyone else."

Blink nods to Blindfold and shakes her hand. "The name's Clarice.. Clarice Ferguson. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to assume.. I just... don't like to see anyone get hurt. Too many get hurt out here." She listens to both Ruth and Rahne. "It... sounds too good to be true.." She sighs sadly, then looks to Rahne as she asks about her powers. By this time, the pink energy has dissipated, no need to be defensive. "Well.. I need to see where I'm going. If I guess.." She shrugs.. "I may end up in a wall, and that would be ugly. Sorta like how Han Solo explains hyperspace computing. So I need to focus." She demonstrates by opening up a portal, *blink!* and stepping in, quickly closing it behind her. She then shows up twenty feet down the sidewalk.. *blink!* She then walks back. "It can be dangerous. I don't know where I go 'in-between'. It's like I walk through a dark tunnel, each end is an exit. I don't want to be stuck in the dark place." She demonstrates by picking up a loose tree limb. She opens up a portal, sticks the limb in part way, and then closes it. The part of limb still in the real world is cut clean off, as if cauterized, smoke coming from the cut end. "This happens if anything gets stuck in the hole when it closes."

Jean just stays quiet for a while, letting Rahne and Ruth do most of the talking. Then she smiles, "Clarice, I didn't poke around in your head, I just wanted to let you know that we were friends, not enemies." She nods towards Rahne, "I am Jean Grey, Headmistress for Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning... and I want to offer you a position as a student." She arches a brow at the demonstration of Blink's portals, "You obviously have a fair degree of control already over your power, but we can help you expand that knowledge. We have a teleporter that can probably help you teach you more about your powers, though he doesn't exactly use portals as you do."

Blindfold smiles warmly "Ruth Aldine yes thank you, I'm a precog, it's alright thank you." letting Jean explain further about the school "it was a birth defect, yes please" lifting her blindfold from one eye briefly before putting it back in place, people liked it better in place.

Rahne doesn't make a point of it, but she refrains from looking at Ruth without the blindfold. "Aye, too many people get hurt. Whatever we can do tae lower tha' number, we hope tae make th' world a better place." She grows quiet, listening to what Clarice has to say about the teleportation before a demonstration is made, head tilting slightly at the dangers mentioned. As Jean comes closer to get more into the conversation, Rahne lets her take over as she steps back, the fur returning as well. Back to the normal Wolfsbane.

Blink just looks to Jean.. "Institute? Like.. A school?" She shrugs. "I didn't do too well in schools.. Mostly due to this." she says, indicating her appearance. "But.. if you think I can do some good there?" She shrugs, looking around the area.. "And some good here.." She looks to Ruth and chuckles.. "So you knew I was gonna say yes? You cheat!" she says, jokingly. She returns to serious. "I.. should learn how to be better.. To stop being afraid all the time."

Jean offers Blink her hand, "Clarice... believe me when I tell you, you aren't going to stand out at our school, not by a long shot." She smiles a bit, "We are not a typical school, and we believe in trying to get humans and mutants to live together, in peace."

Blindfold chuckles softly at the joking "The school is built on a dream and for many it is a dream to attend, yes thank you. A dream that one day mutants and humans can live in peace with non-mutants as well. We all do what we can to keep each other safe and make the world a better place. We're taught a lot more then just academics, long days that are busy but three day weekend, yes please"

Wolfsbane tucks her hands in the front pockets of her coat, nodding slowly to what each of them say. "They helped me learn how tae control muh shifts an' grow more confident in muhself," she puts in. "I know there are people ye want tae help around here, an' I'm sure we can do something tae make tha' easier, an' done legally."

Blink shakes Jean's hand. "Sounds good. Um.." She thinks, looking around. "I don't have documentation... but we can handle those details later?" She shrugs. "When would you like me to come by?" She blushes at the legal bit from Rahne, it comes up as a maroon hue on her cheeks. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to break the law, it's just.." She shrugs. "it's tough to live out here any other way..."

Jean nods, "I understand." And she sounds like she really does, as she gives Blink's hand a comforting grip in the handshake, before letting go. "We can handle the paperwork, Clarice. And as far as coming by... well, you can come with us now, if you want. Or if you'd rather wait, you can come up at your convenience."

Blindfold nods with a smile "You'll fit right in, no one had blamed me yet for my abilities..except for one or two but that's alright yes thank you. You'd even get your own soft bed but you'll have a roommate, sorry yes" necessary evil roommates.

"I know, but we dinna want ye tae end up in trouble for it even if ye're trying tae do th' right thing," Wolfsbane answers, remaining nearby. "An' ye shouldna feel pressured tae go anywhere right noo, just know tha' there's an offer extended for ye tae see what we're about." Glancing back down the street, it seems she's been hit with an idea. "Maybe once ye feel comfortable with things one way or another, we can work on setting up a place here tae feed needy mutants an' people, an' ye can help make it happen?"

Blink says, "N..Now?" Clarice says, then turns and looks around at the buildings, the alleys, the eyes that are unseen but see everything. Her eyes tears up, a sad look on her face... "Sure, Ms. Grey." She says to Jean. "I'll be back... I promise", she says to no one in particular. "I won't forget.." She turns back to the group and wipes the tears from her face. A sign of conflicting emotions as Clarice wonders if she'd just taken the easy way out. She nods to Ruth, a faint smile at the thought of an actual bed... and a shower. At Rahne's idea, she just nods with a smile, a bit too emotional to use her voice."

Jean nods at Rahne, and looks at Clarice, "I'll talk with X-Factor, and see if we can't coordinate to get some aid to the people here. Not much good in saving the world on a regular basis if we can't also help when the world isn't exploding." She smiles at Clarice, and lightly places her hands on the girl's shoulders, "If you want some time to think about it, Rahne is right... you don't have to come up right now if you don't want to, but if you do, we have plenty of room."

Blindfold smiles to Blink, suddenly softly wrapping her arms around the other girl in a hug "you can always come back here on the weekends and during free time on school days too, yes honest, you're welcome. Trust me it's not the easy way out just a road with more options. School keeps us busy with hectic schedules, yes thank you, but can make a difference, more of one with training than without" she tells cCarice softly as she gently hugs the girl "Sorry, my apologies."

Wolfsbane wears a neutral expression, though a smile cracks the exterior. "Ye dinna have tae be alone in what ye're trying tae do. Jean's right. We have tae focus on th' small things as well if we have any hope o' making th' big problems any better, but it's yuir choice what ye want tae do. We're just making sure ye know what we can tell ye so far."

Blink wraps her hoodie tighter around her as a stiff, cold wind whips through, as if pushing Clarice closer to her destiny. "I..I'll go now. If I wait, I may change my mind. It's time to start thinking of others and not myself." She says, making up her mind and nodding to herself. She giggles lightly when Ruth hugs and returns one back. "Thank you." She says to the blind girl.

Jean smiles, "Well, you'll be in good company, Clarice. I was actually the first student ever at the school." She turns and leads the way back towards the car, "And actually, you'll do a lot more than just sit in a classroom and learn, that's for sure. We tend to have a fairly... active, student body." Jean then looks at Rahne, "By the way, Dani said yes to coordinating the New Mutants initiative. Though probably not active field work. Thinking more like how the Professor coordinated you guys while you were on the team."

Blindfold gives Clarice a good squeeze. "The more people we help bring to the school the more people they can help, pay it forward, yes thank you" tapping her cane on the pavement as they walked back to the car, the news of the new mutants added a brighter smile to her face.

"That's good news," Wolfsbane says of Clarice's decision, content to leave it at that. She hasn't come anywhere close to hugging the lavender-skinned young woman, however. Not yet, anyhow. Other thoughts end up interrupted, a flash of surprise showing at what Jean tells her of Dani. "She did?" is asked, confusion showing.

Blink just nods to Jean and follows the group to the car. Her head swimming with all the new information and the changes. She knows nothing of this New Mutant Initiative nor this 'Dani'. She just walks on.

Jean smiles over at Rahne, "Oh yes, she did. I'm not sure how that leaves her working with X-Factor, but I had the impression she was looking for a change. And frankly, I'd love to have her working with the kids." She telekinetically fetches the keys from her coat pocket to her hand, opening the car doors with a *BE-BEEP*.

Blindfold whispers to Blink, "The New Mutants is a team of students, kind of like X-Factor, yes thank you. Dani is a teacher at the school. If you want I can make you a blanket, please yes?"

"I had nae idea.." Wolfsbane answers, and whether or not anyone can tell she takes on a more joyful attitude at the prospect that Dani might be making a shift in priorities. She climbs into the SUV, not particular about where she sits. Seems she's hitching a ride back to Salem Center tonight.

Blink just nods to Ruth. "X-Factor?" All this X stuff is new to her.. She just grabs a spot in the back seat. She takes a deep breath as she takes a leap of faith down the rabbit hole. "So..." she asks timidly, "Who's this Xavier fellow, anyway?"

(To Be Continued...)

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