Blindfold sees the Rising Sun

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Rising Sun

Shatterstar, Blindfold, Vaughn

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09/20/12 01:00

Rising Sun Dojo

Blindfold, Shatterstar and Vaughn at the rising Sun

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-----==[ Rising Sun Dojo - SoHo ]==-------------------------------------------

You enter the Dojo, and you can feel that this is no place for the weak. Their are no actual physical clues of this feeling, it is just a over-powering sensation. To your left is a small rack where a few pair of shoes rest. It is quite evident that you must remove your shoes before stepping into the Dojo. The floor is a simple lacquered wooden floor. The walls are mostly bare with the exception of a Japanese Imperial Flag hanging on the front wall. The flag is not over powering, or huge, it is simply a flag placed in a place of honor. A few pictures decorate the walls of the Dojo, with the faces of Masters of the Kendoka, and even older paintings of Samurai from a time long gone.
This is a Kendoka. It is a place to study the Way of the Sword. One does not come here to learn Jujitsu, Karata, Kung-Fu, etc. Those are far inferior martial arts compared to Kendo. A rack holding the Shinai, a bamboo sword, hangs on the wall to your immediate right. Three rooms lead off the main.

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[GA] - Dojo Gardens - SoHo [O] - SoHo and Tribeca - New York

Shatterstar kneels at the edge of the floor, watching a pair of fighters practicing their Kendo skills. He nods in approval as they strike each other, watches them bow and then stands up and goes over to look at the rack of swords. His own sword is nowhere to be seen, but a small duffel bag rests next to the shoe rack. The bag is covered in pockets and compartments and seems to have a padded bottom where it rests on the floor, a dead giveaway that it belongs to Shatterstar.

Blindfold had heard angry yelling and the sound of fighting, so she turned toward the building in her wandering and knocked on the door but feeling it was more the kind used for businesses she checked...yup unlocked. And so in walked Ruth blind folded in her jeans hoodie and sneakers and tapping her cane lightly on the floor as she turned her head this way and that

Shatterstar turns away from the swords and then walks over to look at a few of the pictures, glancing in Ruth's direction as she enters.

Blindfold turning her head side to side "Excuse me please, but is everyone alright, if you don't me asking? I heard yelling and fighting as I was passing by" starting to follow the wall with one hand as she tapped her cane along the floor, having no clue that this was a dojo or the rules about shoes in such a place, though the look on her face was one of puzzlement at the floor and concern for the possible conflict she'd heard

Shatterstar glances in the direction of the Kendo practitioners, one of whom looks aghast at this blind girl who's about to violate their most fundamental rules of courtesy and respect. The other one looks angry and seems about to say something. Shatterstar quickly moves over to Blindfold and puts a hand on her elbow, trying to turn her until she's facing the shoe rack. "You must remove your footwear if you wish to enter," he explains in a whispered voice.

Blindfold startles, freezing in place as she shrunk where she stood "Who are you, please if you don't mind and what is the trouble being done-" but she cuts herself off and nods wiggling her feet out of her shoes.

Shatterstar keeps his voice at a whisper. "My name is Shatterstar." He doesn't look at the others in the Dojo, but once Blindfold has removed her shoes he nods in approval. "What are you doing here - those sounds you heard were from fighters training in the Way of the Sword." You can almost hear the capitals in his voice. "But one such as yourself...what could you hope to do even if it were a real battle...?"

Blindfold tilts her head toward him at a slight cant "Shatterstar, you're part of x-force aren't you, forgive me if I'm wrong" dropping her usually quiet voice down to a whisper to match his "If women can do everything men can, then why please would a blind person not? My disability hasn't gotten in my way yet, I don't want to let it do so now. Training...the way of the sword...This is a martial arts dojo??" seeming surprised and a bit awed before she smiles at him That makes sense then why you would be here. I can actually function better then you might think as I tend to see better then most but a friend should be arriving soon"

Almost on que, Vaughn opens the door. He steps just inside, looking around. The teenage boy has a note in his hand. Moreover, he has a very, confused expression on his face. He is about to say something, when he notices Ruth. It is almost like the confusion is suddenly lifted from his eyes. Unlike the blind girl, the boy seems to have some understanding of the custom of such establishments and does not move from the immediate doorway, at least while still shoe'd. He seems to be pondering whether to remove said shoes or wait to see what's going on.

Shatterstar's face registers various expression as he listens to Blindfold. First surprise, when she correctly identifies him. And then maybe disapproval when she claims her disability won't get in her way. But finally something close to approval. "Well spoken!" he whispers...with enthusiasm. "But who are you? How do you know of X-Force?"

Blindfold smiling at Shatterstar "I want to learn to fight, if nothing else then to protect myself so others don't have to, please, thank you. I'm Ruth, it's nice to meet you Shatterstar, but I blundered when coming in didn't I? The others aren't pleased with.." then as if she heard Vaughn she turns her head in his direction "Oh Vaughn, glad you could make it. I hope the trip wasn't a problem please?"

Okay, so not all of the confusion is completely gone. Vaughn furrows his brow just slightly. He shoves the piece of paper into the pocket of his jeans, as he takes a step towards where Ruth and the man stand, taking care to not enter the floor itself. He runs his canine over the right corner of his lip, as he replies to the girl, "Um... no, not really, though I am not sure why I am here." He regards the man, nodding politely.

Shatterstar turns to follow Blindfold's gaze, sizing up the latest arrival. Then he turns back to Blindfold. "I'm glad to meet you as well, Ruth. I've often wondered why this planet's young recieve so little combat training." He turns to look at Vaughn and then returns the nod, although Shatterstar's version is grave and formal as if he's been practicing the gesture. "Is your friend here to learn with you...or to teach?"

Blindfold chuckles toward vaughn "I don't know either but I know you should be here" then turns back toward Shatterstar "Possibly the young don't receive combat training because their days are filled with school and cramming their heads full of knowledge they rarely remember into adulthood, some who can find the time, choose to take boxing lessons or some fighting style but it's viewed as sport and fun. I think perhaps the answer may lie in that parents are protective, sometimes to an extreme of their children and unless one is a police officer or in the military rarely do they find a reason to learn combat, but that is only one perspective and by no means the 'right' answer"

Vaughn smiles just slightly, "It most likely stems from the fact that most of the dominant cultures held a clear distinction of ruling and serving classes. Keep the peasants from being able to overwhelm the rulers by prohibitting them from fighting. By the time things were different, gun powder was invented and the perceived need for personal combat was overlooked and ignored. Now we live in," and he does air quotes, "civilized times where the citizens should not need to know how to fight because in theory the law enforcement protects them domestically, and those that enter the military protect their borders." He shrugs, "Too bad theory doesn't always mean fact." Every once in a while, Vaughn does let the intelligence that lurks in the depths of his gaze out to stretch its legs.

Shatterstar listens to each theory, then finally shakes his head. "Madness," he says. Then he turns to look at the others in the Dojo. Finally he looks at Ruth, as if remembering something. "You didn't answer my question - how do you know about X-Force...?"

Blindfold smiles again at Vaughn "I knew you were smart Vaughn" then turns that smile to shatterstar "Yes, I'm sorry, but isn't that like asking how I would know of Astraea, or the avengers?"

"What's X-Force? Another super-hero group, like X-Men or X-Factor." Vaughn shrugs then grins, "That's a vicious lie, Ruth, and a terrible thing to say." He looks over at Ruth, "So I'm guessing that this is one of your dream things?"

"How do you know of..." Shatterstar starts to ask Ruth, then stops himself. Then he shakes his head briefly at Vaughn. "Not like the X-Men, and certainly not like X-Factor. X-Force is hunted by this world's security forces." There's a certain hint of relish in Shatterstar's otherwise unemotional voice as he says explains. "I only sought to understand how you knew of us, where you'd learned about us. Both of you..."

Blindfold smirks "No, I'm sorry it isn't such a lie Vaughn, you are quite intelligent when the subject is abstract, when it's structured and school like then you get frustrated" then tilts her head toward Shatterstar "You don't view highly X-factor do you, please if you don't mind my asking?"

Vaughn looks at the two for a second. He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. This really is not a conversation to be had in public. He closes his eyes for a second, bending the sound waves around the trio so that their conversation is muffled to anyone else in the immediate area. "Um, sorry, Sir, for any problems.. We certainly didn't know anything really about you guys... Ruth here is kind of like a psychic and sometimes gets dreams that are sometimes more true than not... She didn't mean any kind of offense."

Shatterstar nods in understanding to Vaughn. "On my world, those without sight are afforded much patience and lenience for any...unusual behavior." Because they are deprived of TV, he leaves unsaid. "I take no offense. And I don't think poorly of X-Factor...I only think less of them, than the X-Men." Shatterstar takes up his bag and shoes, then looks at the exit. "But I must rejoin my own team. Farewell Ruth, and Vaughn. Good luck in understanding the teachings of the Sword."

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