Blindfold Gets Rescued

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Blindfold, Ballista, Armand, Mirage - NPC: Lazer

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Seedy Part of Manhattan

Mirage comes to get Blindfold

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---Several Hours After Blindfold is Kidnapped---

Ballista makes her way to the warehouse having finished whatever it was that had required her to ask Armand to feed her...prisoner. She enters and glances around, unknowing that assistance has been called to help Ruth.

Blindfold turn her head up at the noise of someone entering as she sat on the floor against the bars, not letting go of Armand's hand yet "Who's there please if you don't mind my...oh Ballista" not wanting to get Armand in trouble she reluctantly pulls her hand away from his "What is it you want now, please if you don't mind?"

Ballista shakes her head, "Time to convince you to forget I even exist to never mention it to anyone." she answers Ruth and then looks to Armand, "You can go as you want." she does move over closer to the cage, "I see the cage is holding well."

Armand stands with his face tense "Is that an order for me to leave?"

Blindfold stands up turning her head toward Ballista "Next time you might want to think about a roof, just a piece of advice you're welcome. As for what you want, I'm afraid that's not possible, you and I see things differently as oppsite as two side of a magnet, yes sorry about that but I won't do as you want, I can't"

Ballista looks at Armand, "That is up to you, if you want to watch me torture her." she says and then looks back at Blindfold, "Well we will see what we can do to make you see things a bit differently then."

As soon as she got the message that one of the students was being held captive Mirage was suited, weaponed and out the door. The only thing she paused for was to grab someone who could deal with the bars that was mentioned in the message. It was only a matter of minutes before the two arrived within blocks of the location.

Glancing at the device in her hands, Mirage points out a particular rundown building, and motions for the young man with her to take a position on the rooftop across the way. Once he departs she unharnesses the bow and approaches the building her mocassioned feet not making much noise onthe pavement

Armand ground his teeth and gave ruth a look before heading for the door to wait for the help to arrive outside.

Blindfold smiles finding some humor in that statement from Ballista "You can try but I already see better then most. I tried to reason with you and understand, get you to understand the error of your ways, but I'm sorry no, I will never look at the world the way you do"

Ballista shakes her head, "You don't have to see things the way I do." she says as she looks at Ruth, watching Armand go and then looking back, "Just see them differently enough for you to forget about me, like we never had met."

Noting the departure of the young, long haired man, she sizes him up and dismisses him as any sort of threat to her. She makes a gesture with her head, indicating that he should get the heck out of dodge. Going up to the doorway the young man came out of the bow comes up, and the string is pulled back, a glowing arrow of some form of energy forming where a normal arrow should be "And how do you plan to do that?" she asks a veil of threat in her tone.

Blindfold giggles now, cuz that was funny "I'm sorry no, that just won't happen, it can't. But thanks for the effort, it's a nice day dream yes" then turns her head with a smile at the familiar voice "You came!" she knew someone would but wasn't gonna give away mirage's name to ballista

Ballista turns and glances towards the doorway and blinks a bit, "I have my means." she murmers and reaches into the pouch that she keeps at her waist, as she eyes that energy arrow. She has gone from standing normally to being quite wary. She glares at Blindfold, "SHould have checked for tracking devices."

"You can step away from the girl." Mirage states, her eyes never leaving Ballista as she takes a few more steps in, "Lazer, if you could come in and take care of Blindfold." she speaks into the comm device on her collar "So, Ballista, if I remember right.." she doesn't wait to be corrected "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I don't think I have to tell you what the hard way entails...or which I would prefer." she has always had the reputation of being a tad on the agressive and violent side.

Blindfold grins at Ballista "Sorry, yes, you should have done alot of things" not correcting Ballista in the least about whether it was tracking device. Ruth turns her head toward Mirage "Speed manipulation, be careful please yes" Ruth still sported the ugly bruises from the fight she'd had with ballista but no blood, that was a good thing

***SYS: Mirage targets Ballista and rolls PSYCHIC attack using STUN_ARROW/UNEARTHLY_100_RANK_ARROW. Result: 93 -- Stun ***

***SYS: Ballista rolls a psyche FEAT. Result: 2 -- Blue Damage: 100 Stunned For: 5 Rounds ***

Heeding the young girls warning and not wanting to give Ballista the chance to attack, Mirage lets the glowing arrow fly. Since there is just the one enemy and not wanting to take any chances she makes it at full power. As Ballista falls, stunned, a young man steps up behind, wearing one of the Xavier's training uniforms. "Blindfold are you alright." Mirage asks, her concern apparent in her tone, as she frowns at the noticeable bruises. "Lazer, the bars please."

"I'll try Mirage. Never done anything like this with my powers before though." the young man's hands begin to glow and a focused beam of light is emitted at the bars at the opposite end of where Ruth sits.

Blindfold smiles with a nod toward Mirage "I'm ok, yes thank you she got some accelerated punches in but I got her a couple times before she knocked me out. Her mind is not a nice place but she was holding back. Did you see the long haired boy? He was the one who called. I'm afraid though I couldn't call, I'm sorry, my cell phone broke" staying where she was until she was told the young man was done cutting the bars. There was only a dirt rockety cot and a bucket for a bathroom, ew.

The bars begin to ooze like melting candle wax and the area begins to get stifling hot and stuffy. Lazer continues to pour light from his hands. Despite the fact that he has only been at it for a minute or so, sweat beads on his forehead (and not just from the hear) and his face is a grimace on concentration. Soon instead of bars at that end there is a puddle of molten metal. With several bars missing he rushes into the cell to help Blindfold out.

"Yes, we passed outside. I wish I got a chance to thank him for calling." Mirage's frown continues at the condition of the cell "Let's get out of here. Brightwind is waiting in the alley. I'll call Code Blue and let them know to come pick her up." she gestures at the stunned body of Ballista.

Blindfold turns her head toward Lazer and takes his help getting out of the cage but keeps a hold on him as they head for the door "I wish he'd stayed as well, yes thank you, he could some help but he's Armand and very upset right now. He just wishes everyone could get along peacefully. Thank you for coming yes, I owe you both"

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