Blindfold Gets Kidnapped!

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Ballista kindaps Blindfold pt1

Armand, Blindfold, Ballista

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Public Gardens-New York

Ballista kidnaps Blindfold

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Blindfold was wandering along the sidewalk tapping her cane in the public gardens. The smell of night flowers so different from all day flowers, the sounds of birds and owls..and trickling water, it was quite peaceful.

Ballista has been following Blindfold for a few days. She suspects the girl of having told someone about her after her parole officer made a suprise visit and made things rough on her for a bit. No proof though so it didn't hurt Ballista in the long run, just had her worried. She is squatting on a wall looking down at her tapping along in the gardens.

Blindfold stops to smells some tree flowers and then turns her head straight toward Ballista "Is someone there please? Hello?" maybe she'd just heard a strange rustle.
Ballista uses her power as she leaps to give a little power umph and basically super leaps over to land right in front of Blindfold, "You can say that." she says softly, "Hello again chickie." she flexes her hands.

Blindfold steps back several paces startled "You again, yes thank you I remember you. You do not sound happy though, no thank you, you are upset..with me. I am sorry for your troubles, I sincerely wish things could have been different but you didn't leave me an acceptable choice" Ok running not an option. Ruth tightened her grip on her cane. "Who sent you, please if you don't mind my asking?"

Ballista shakes her head, "No one sent me." she says and shakes her head, "You should have kept your mouth shut, caused problems for me, I don't like people causing problems for me. I think I need to teach you a lesson."

Blindfold sighs shaking her head "What you do is wrong, I couldn't keep quiet about it. You don't see it as wrong? I'm sorry no, you won't teach me anything except to not be like you. Though Empath and Shaw might give you some points for trying I will stick to what I beleive, thank you yes" putting her other hand on her can as though holding a sword

Ballista shakes her head, "Just keep your mouth shut but I see that isn't going to work. Don't want to have to hurt you but I will to keep you quiet, but the cane down and come with me peacefully and I won't hurt you right now."

Blindfold frowns with a shake of her head "I'm sorry I do apologize but I can't go with you or I won't make it back for curfew and my cane is necesary for me to get around, I'm fully blind you see" as though it wasn't obvious by the blindfold she wore

Ballista shakes her head, "I don't mean give up the cane, just put it down as in not trying to wield it like a weapon, and I think curfew is the least of your problems."

Blindfold smiles with a nod "You're probably right but I'm sorry, I'm not weilding it like a weapon and regretably I can't give in to you"

Ballista shakes her head, "I am sorry then too, because need to take you someplace where we can have some time to talk privately." she grins and pulls out a tennis ball. She looks at
Blindfold a moment and then throws the ball at her, accelerating it with her powers looking to try to hit her hard enough to knock the wind out of her or unconscious without seriously hurting her.

Blindfold shakes her head with a frown again "You don't want to do that, you want to threaten, scare me and use whatever means to keep quiet that are necessary, yes I'm sorry Anastasia Gerard" side stepping she tries to dodge where the tennis ball would otherwise hit her. Then...she does actually raise her cane, just like someone would a sword and tries to whack Ballista in the head.

Ballista blinks and her eyes narrow as the ball misses and she is called by name. She slows the cane down and just grabs the end that would have hit her, and just slams her fist towards Blindfold's face.

Blindfold turns to the side still holding her cane as she brings her knee up trying to knee ballista in the abs. She wasn't fast enough though as she does get a fist to her face and yelps in pain "Nice shot Ballista, or do you prefer Black Knight please?" snorting blood onto the ground.

Ballista gets knee to abs but takes the blow like she is used to it. She shakes her head, "Not sure how you know so much." she says and then decides to accelerate herself as she throws another punch at Blindfold doubling its potential kinetic energy as she goes for a gutshot.

Blindfold oofs! doubling over as she coughs. Fighting was definitely not Ruth's forte, the wind knocked out of her but luckily the ribs hadn't been hit or she'd probably have some broken by now " appreciate...the tennis...ball though, thank you...for outright"

Ballista shakes her head, "You don't deserve to die...yet..just be taught a lesson." as she moves forward fast again and with the other doubled over she brings her fist in an uppercut to see if she can knock the other girl out.

Blindfold still catching her breath, her chest aching she doesn't have time to dodge and winds up falling over onto her back with a groan and a bloody face from the fist.

Ballista shakes her head and grabs the cane careful of it, and then Blindfold, picking her up and carrying her from the park heading to a nearby abandoned warehouse that she set up earlier to accomodate her prisoner,

Blindfold is down and out, hanging like a limp rag doll over ballista's shoulder.

Ballista is one of the lead students at the moment and often in charge of different parts of the team. She looks up as Armand comes in and dips her head, "Hello" she says and looks him over for a moment.

Armand's eyebrow raises as he regards Ballista with a tilt of his head. "...bonjour..." He greets cautiously, adjusting his grip on the strap of his bag. "Pardon...was there someting that you were needing? It was not informed if there was a baking ting that you needed like cupcakes or cookies or something so ah." He gestures vaguely behind him. "I have homework..."

Ballista nods, "Just need a moment of your time." she says, "Something has come up that has required my attention and as such there is something pressing that I am unable to do, looking for someone to take care of it for me. It would be a way to see if you how you are progressing as part of the team." she says as she looks him over.

A slow blink and the expression of bewilderment fades away as he resigns himself to whatever fate awaits him, offering a polite bow of his head. "I am sorry, you will find my progress as a part of the team will be...very slow, hardly any progress is made. But I do make delicious waffles." He then takes a deep breath. "What do you ask of me?"

Ballista nods, "I am called elsewhere which precludes me from seeing to someone I am detaining. There is someone who has become a threat to me so I am teaching her a lesson. I just need to you stop by the place I am holding her and take her like a happy meal or something, don't want her starving yet." she chuckles a little.

This just gets stranger and stranger but he shows no emotion as he gives a small nod. "...ahh, oui. You want to see suffering but do not want to hear hunger." There is a long pause before Armand looks back in the direction he came and then back to Ballista. " assuming this is not a request but an order, non? Because if it is a request, I will have to respectfully decline, but as an order...I must comply, despite extreme reluctance."

Ballista nods, "An order," she holds out a twenty to him, "Get her a happy meal or something then take it to this address, its an abandoned warehouse. She is in a steel cage inside. I want her to suffer and learn the lesson I have to teach, not to die. Not yet anyway." she chuckles a little and for a moment the fact that she isn't fully sane shows through, maybe its some kind of test for Armand too.

Armand accepts the twenty, lowering his lashes as he rolls it up slowly around a finger and slips it into a pocket with a shake of his head as he studies the address that is given and he closes his eyes for a moment, murmuring softly in French to himself before he crosses himself and then gives another small nod. "Is there anything else?"

Ballista shakes her head, "Nope, don't need to lock up or anything, no one should be getting out of that cage, just get her fed, you can scare her a bit if you want." she smiles.

Armand just stares at Ballista for a moment and shakes his head, turning to make his way back out the way he came, there really are no words to express how he's least not in English, but he's cursing a great deal in his native language, anybody French would be blushing.

Blindfold would find herself waking up in an empty warehouse in a heavy-duty steel cage about 15ft by 20ft. There is a cot in there and a bucket the bucket probably meant to serve as a bathroom. Other than that there is no sounds other than that of a decrepit building. Her injuries were cleaned up a bit, but she is probably sporting bruises and the split lip on her face. This is also what Armand would find upon entering the warehouse.

Blindfold woke with a groan and turned her head side to side before getting up and walking in one direction until she found the bars, carefully measuring along the cage walls using her stride. Slipping her hand into her pocket Ruth sighed "Cell is broken...probably wouldn't be able to get a signal out anyway...." thinking thinking as she paces along trying to think of a way out of this.

Okay, when asked to do something questionable...Armand always does the same thing. He goes to his room, he packs his duffel bag filled with his belongings, makes sure to spray his roommates stuff with Glade once more before he heads off to make his way to the destination in question. He also, keeps the twenty and puts together some sausage biscuits using the buttered biscuits he baked not too long ago, gets a couple bottles of water and a fills a thermos with apple juice before heading off. When he arrives at the warehouse, letting his duffel bag rest near the door before he brings the small cooler of food further into the area...hesitating as squints in the shadows and then takes a few steps closer to the cage to see who's in it. There is a long pause as he just stares. "Wow. I might as well just jump off a cliff and pray a mermaid is to be drowning me..." Another pause. "RUTH?! How the hell is you pissin' off anybody?! You're more cuddly and soft than one of this mister robot teddies! How DARE you be in a cage?!"

Blindfold turns her head forlornly at Armand, oh she looked pitiful! and youch! her face was all bruised and swollen possibly with a broken nose. Still she managed to smile thru it all with a chuckle at being compared to a teddy ruxbin "Thank you, yes that is very sweet of you to say Armand. I knew you would come, I saw it. Ballista, Anastasia, the black Knight, attacked me in the public gardens because I wouldn't go quietly, she knocked me out and I woke up a short time ago here. She was upset I'm afraid, though I had little choice but to tell authorities of her soon to be actions. She was attacking rich people, not criminals or people who had done anything bad but earn lots of money, she was robbing and beating them. She was upset I alerted someone to this and it ruined her 'fun'. I'm sorry, I apologize, you probably don't want to hear why I'm in here, I just don't think it's right to steal and injure people who've done nothing wrong"

Armand listens, blinking and sighing as he shakes his head slowly, hand moving to the back of his head to unpin his hair let the braid fall free, tugging the tie out as well and shoving them into his pocket as he looks the poor young girl over and he rubs his hand over his face. "Okay, okay...okay...Ruth-RUTH! Okay...oui. I am getting it. You are seein' the future, non? Then perhaps you can see what I am about to say to you, hm? Okay...SHHH. Let me tink!" He takes a deep breath and studies the cage carefully, walking around it and he worries his bottom lip. "Also, consider breathing when you are speaking, it is easier maybe to understand you..."

Blindfold blushes unwittingly as she quiets, with a grateful expression on her face toward him "Yes, thank you...sorry I do apologize for being long winded. I see the past and the future" following the sound of his footsteps as she walked with him, just to be near someone familiar if nothing else. "I also can..well see and hear what others are thinking sometimes. Are you alright? Yes, thank you I'm serious, I worry about you.."

"I hope for you own virginal and pure mind that you cannot hear what I am thinkin' right now. There are just some tings that monkey's should not wear while taking advantage of a cross dressing hippo." Armand murmurs softly and he just studies the cage carefully, searching for the entrance...the door that is to the cage so he can examine any lock if there is one, or find the hinges. "I am fine. My future is fuc-is...messed up now, but I am fine."

The cage looks to be all one piece maybe it was dropped on top of Ruth or something like that, lowered into place.

Blindfold giggles at that imagery, course her version is clean and not the sexual one, but the giggling makes her wince and hold her ribs. Then turns a sympathetic face to armand "Not as destroyed as you might think, trust me Armand, I would never want anything bad for you, you're my friend. There's an option, you have the card for it, it's a good place, less lies, more acceptance, and it's your choice, they just give you the tools, what you build with those tools for your life is up to you." then turns her head side to side "No door, it's all one piece isn't it? I'm sorry you feel this way about things, part of me wishes you hadn't been pulled into this mess, but a part of me is also hopeful and knows you'll find what you're looking for with that card Mike gave you"

Armand closes his eyes and looks up towards the ceiling and then towards the floor and he finally just shakes his head. "You did not feel which way you came, did you?" He sighs, licking his finger and holding it up towards the ceiling as if feeling for a draft of some sort, squinting and shaking his head again. "Mon dieu...Ruth. Did you see, in your the hell you were put in here? How about that, let us talk about how we are going to get out of here non?" He takes a few steps back, crosses himself and then makes a run for the cage, using not only his hands and legs but even his hair wraps around a couple of bars to steady himself as the former street kid with acrobatic training starts to use the bars as leverage for shimmying up on top of the cage, panting softly, more French cursing goes here.

Blindfold shakes her head "No, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I was knocked out still when I was brought here." turning her head as she tracks him via the noises of climbing he makes "More then man's height. Keith also goes to the school. no doorand high walls of reniforced bars...but the top is open?"

"It matters not who goes to whatever school. This is not school, this is somehow you are kidnapped and injured." Armand mutters as he feels over the top of the ceiling for any potential openings of places and tendrils of hair reach up actually...secret thanks to his training, reaching up as his hair grows longer to extend his reach and it fades into its prism color shade, and he feels with his hair for any openings against the ceiling.

There are beams and supports for the ceiling, rafters of a sort near the roof.

Blindfold nods "I saw what Ballista was going to do to rich elderly couple, I tried to talk her out of it to reason with her, I'm sorry, regretably I didn't succeed. My only recourse was to tell someone, seeing bad things happen and not doing anything to stop them...I just can't do that. I'm sorry, I hope you can understand that I have to folow my visions and do what I can to prevent the bad things from happening. That's what Ballista wants to teach me a lesson about, to keep quiet and not do anything about the bad things I see that will happen. She attacked, and I'm not good in a fight but I tried"

"You cannot reason with evil. Even when I was helping Loki, I never tried to make him do good or become a different person. If evil, then you just do what you can to protect those who will be attacked. You no talk to the person who is bad first, or else they know it was you who called who it was to came to stop them...and then you will no longer be able to help. Words are powerful! It is in history, but just like a sword you must know how to wield it properly or else it all goes to shit." Armand continues to feel up the ceiling, searching for a weak point or a trap door or even a hinge of sorts as his feet are used to feel the top of the cage. "You know what, lets talk about someting else, I know...kittens. Talk about kittens."

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