Blindfold Arrives at Xavier's

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Blindfold, David

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Gathering Hall of Xavier Mansion

Blindfold arrives at Xavier's, meeting David there, and talking for a bit

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David is sitting on a couch relaxing, reading a comic book, The cover shows some guy in blue spandex and red underwear and a cape.

Blindfold comes feeling along the wall tapping her cane, still mentally mapping the place out in her head and in thru the doorway

David hears the tapping and is so startled to see Blindfold, he falls out of his chair with a "Whao!" He gets to his feet, and approaches her. "Ruth? What are- I guess you got invited on your own?" he asks.

Blindfold startles as she hadn't realized someone was in the room and backpedales into the doorframe managing to catch herself before she fell "David?" she smiles "Yes, thank you, I met Scott and Seth at a diner in mutant town. I'd had a strange dream and it fullfiled itself you could say, thank you, yes." she chuckles "Seth was rather paniced until he figured things out. Scott though was impressed by your initiative to speak on my behalf without outting the school"

David blinks. "Huh? He is? Weird. I hadn't actually had a chance to talk to him about it yet."

Blindfold smiles and shakes her head "He wasn't impressed with you actually doing it, but taking the initiative to do it, whether events gave you time to or not. Yes, thank you, you took it upon yourself to ask someone to speak on their behalf without outting the school and also decided that you would because you recognized the potential and need for it"

"I guess you must have mentioned it to him then?" David asks.

Blindfold just smiles "Yes, you're welcome, now I have a similar thing to speak to him about involving someone else. Possibly two people, soon as I see him again"

"No better advertisement than word of mouth," David mutters a bit.

Blindfold chuckles "I didn't say anything about the school not to worry, thank you, please"

"Oh no. I just think that the number of students coming in has just shot up quite bit," David says, "Seth is almost as new as I am, and now you're here. Apparently, before we came long, new students were relatively rare."

Blindfold grins thinking about that "Hmm and if I'm not mistaken Scott may be looking at Vaughn as a recruit and I know of someone that could really use the opportunity. Yes, thank you, things are going to get busy in a hurry. You think there is a reason for the new recruiting, please, thank you?"

David shrugs, "I have no idea," he replies. "By the way, why do you keep saying 'please, thank you'?"

Blindfold shrugs I'm sorry, my apologies, it's how I've always spoken, how I was taught, to always be mindful of my manners, because there is always time for politeness. I guess it's partially anticipating what people will say and...trying to compensate for the bad news I bring, thank you, I'm sorry"

David sighs and puts a palm to his face for a moment. "I think.. I think you might have to learn to drop that particular habit. If you apologize too often, people don't believe you. Same with saying thanks. And if you say you're welcome when people aren't thanking you, a lot of people will find it aggressive."

David sighs and puts a palm to his face for a moment. "I think.. I think you might have to learn to drop that particular habit. If you apologize too often, people don't believe you. Same with saying thanks. And if you say you're welcome when people aren't thanking you, a lot of people will find it aggressive."

Blindfold looks puzzled "But it's not, it's just answering before they've spoken. I learned not to do it all the time, people found it confusng and agravating when I was the only one speaking. There is always time to be polite"

"Yeah, but if you're answering statements before they are given, unless you're deliberately playing up on being mysterious, some people might take it the wrong way. You know what happened when I said 'you're welcome' to someone before they said thank you?"

Blindfold shakes her head and slowly moves around him to try and find a chair or couch to sit down on

"Lets just say it didn't go over well, and the bruises were there for weeks," David says, just a bit bitterly.

Blindfold grimaces and tentatively puts a gentle hand on his shoulder, if he stays still long enough for her to feel around for his shoulder I'm sorry, yes, people can be mean cruel and not understanding or accepting. I...haven't had many friends"

David doesn't shrug away from her. "Yeah, but that brings me back to my point. Unless you're trying to be mysterious, try not to respond to people before they speak."

Blindfold gives his shouldr a squeeze and pat before nodding "I'll try..Can I ask you something?"

"You just did," David replies, his tone going a bit lighter, but there's still a bitter flavor lingering.

Blindfold smirks "What is the danger room? Seth became instantly on alert when I asked about it, then panicky and Scott was interested but almost wary"

David blinks. He tilts his head. "How much did he tell you about the school?"

Blindfold thinks "Well, he seemed a bit hurried, but after I told him what I saw of the circular room with four ramps on the curved floor and ceiling he invited me to come here and then things moved past that and then we had a friend of his I think that came to join our table but he told me alot" fighting the urge to say thank you at the end

David nods. "Well, currently the Danger Room is off limits, as something went wrong with it. But it's a training simulator, which can actually injure you." He looks at Blindfold, "I.. Don't imagine you'll be using it very much unless you get really good at detecting danger on short notice."

Blindfold smirks and raises an eyebrow at David as if to ask 'wanna bet?'

David shakes his head at the smirk. "I don't even want to use it given that Scott nearly got torn to shreds by one of the simulations," David says, with a shudder.

Blindfold grimaces and nods her head "After what I saw, I'm not sure I want to go there either but I can usually see danger coming just before it arrives, barely enough time to dodge it"

"Yeah, I think we /both/ have a long way to go before we actually are ready to take on the Danger Room," David says, flatly.

Blindfold nods "We're sure not taking it on before it gets a major make over"

"So you saw something?" David asks, "About the Danger Room?"

Blindfold nods "I told Scott when we were at the diner before he invited me. Keep an eye on Seth, would you? I saw him running a program in the danger room and you're sharing a room with him. Danger room got seriously trashed and some blue metal and wires and cable female being came walking out of the smoke, cable and wires for hair, computer parts showing. Not going to a fun time"

David blinks. Several times. "The only way he'd be running a program right now is if he'd done so without permission. I'll keep an eye on him, I guess, but I don't know how much help I can be."

Blindfold nods "I'll have to tell scott I guess as well. If Seth is cocky enough to argue with the god Loki...he's cocky enough to think he can take on the danger room when it nearly chewed Scott up and spit him out"

"Wait.. Loki.. Loki..." David says, thinking. "Wait.. Isn't he a god or something? Like... Thor's brother?"

Blindfold shrugs "He's a god, and an asgaurdian. Seth doesn't thnk Loki is a god or any powerful then a mutant, said Loki had a stick up his you know what. Apparently Seth didn't recognize Loki and tried telling him not to dress like some going to a live action rpg and wound up antagonizing Loki and got into an arguement"

"I don't know about Seth, but if I didn't know who he was, I probably wouldn't go picking a fight with him. If I knew who he was, I definitely wouldn't. Of course, if you pick a fight with him and then try to back down AFTER finding out who he is, that might just make it worse," says David.

Blindfold hmms "I guess it depends on asgaurdian culture?"

David shakes his head. "Any bully. You back down, you're prey."

Blindfold nods "I'll have to remember that...usually stuck to myself most the time, it cut down on the visions"

David winces. "Well, you'll probably have a somewhat more difficult time avoiding people, seeing as this is school and you are expected to attend classes."

Blindfold smiles and nods "I've been to school and classes before this just a very different school but now I'll have help to gain control and train my abilities and that's what I've been looking for for a long time and I can learn to use my abilities to help"

"Yeah," David replies, "it's nice to be able to study, and get training on how to effectively use my abilities."

Blindfold nods "I'm looking forward to it. They put me in a room with Finesse, still kinda settling in. Thank you for meaning to talk to Scott on my behalf, I appreciate it"

David smiles. "See? There's an appropriate time to say thank you, even if I didn't actually get to do anything. You're welcome..

Blindfold smiles not realizing she's blushing and chuckles softly nodding and fidgets with her cane "Well after the otherday I knew it'd work out, it was in a dream I had and yes my visions in my dreams are different then just dreams I have but it's hard to describe"

"I wonder... How good are you at math?" David asks.

Blindfold turns her head to him puzzled "Math?" she shrugs "I'm ok I guess. Would you tell me why?"

"I just kinda wondered if your precognition was actually you seeing the future, or some kind of instinctive knowledge of probability," David makes a face. "Before I found out I was a mutant, I was a huge fan of sci-fi. I learned to technobabble."

Blindfold chuckles smiling "Nope, no mathematical understanding of probability. I don't really understand it, just sort of happens."

David makes another face. "I guess I'll leave figuring out your powers to the professionals."

Blindfold looks puzzled at him "Hang on, what was that? You ok? You sound..I dunno different"

"Huh?" David replies, confused, "I sound normal to me, maybe you have a vision coming on?"

Blindfold thinks "Nooo, those can sometimes be disorienting. Did you do something with your face."

David blinks. "Umm.. Yeah. I did," he replies, taken aback.

Blindfold grins "What was did it mean? Sorry, it's just...sometimes facial expressions subconsciously alter thevocal tone. It usually translates well but I couldn't understand the undercurrent this time"

"Oh. I just kinda made a grimace, since my guess missed the mark, is all," David replies with a shrug.

"Oh. Huh.." David sounds surprised by the question. "To be honest, I'm not sure when they developed but I only discovered I was a mutant a little over a year ago.. Mine isn't the sort of power that normally activates accidentally."

Blindfold hmms thoughtfully "I ws thinking the key might be in when our powers developed. I've always had mine, just wasn't always beleived, even by my own aunt. She thought I was having nightmares, but on day I wouldn't let her go to the bank and later the bank wound up on the tv news. I kinda like to study psychology though, I keep thinking I'll figure out something of what my vision dreams mean. Like freud used to have a chaw chow in his office, convinced it helped calm anxious patients, who knew thaty given a few decades there'd be scientific proof of that effect dogs have on people?"

David shrugs. "I suppose it depends on the person. A caniphobe definitely wouldn't be calmed by a chow chow," David points out, then suppresses a yawn. "Whao. It's getting late. I should go to bed," he says, stifling another yawn.

Blindfold nods covering her mouth as she yawned cuz he gav them to her, they were contagious y'know "Yes, definitely time for bed, it's been a very hectic day" now the question was would she be able to find her way back toher room again? Rising from her seat and stretching.

"I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else to show you to your room," David says apologetically, "I don't know where your room is, didn't even know you were enrolled, and I'm not supposed to enter the girl's wing besides."

Blindfold smiles "It's alright, thank you though. I'm sure with enough wandering I'll find it"

David nods. "Right, good night," he says, before heading up to his room.

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