Blind Swordswoman

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Blind Swordswoman

Blindfold, Nightcrawler

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08/13/12 14:00

Xavier's Mansion

Kurt teaches Ruth sword play

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Blindfold was standing in front of the sinks with her sleeves pushed up, her cane propped up against the counter nearby as she washed dishes. No one put sharp knives in here right?

If the knives are present, it wasn't Kurt. He arrives in a cloud of purple smoke. Audibly, not detectable, as the bamf only happens when he leaves a space and the air rushes in, he may just be detectable to the sensitive as new mass entering the area. Even if not noticed then, he'll see what's going on, then call out, "You're not doing everyone's dishes are you?"

Blindfold smiles tilting her head as she turned around toward the sound of his voice "I was going to, yes, but then Scott came and told me my punishment was lifted. Been up to any pranks, Kurt?"

"Good ones you mean," ponders Kurt, scampering on all fours to get closer to Ruth, "Then no, but pranks, always." A chuckle, he'll offer a friendly hug this time around, his spirits in good moods of late. "And punishment, I never hear anything first." Then again, he's not faculty and doesn't have an official position as it stands. Looking at the work, "If this isn't punishment, you're going above and beyond, I guess I can't invite you to sword practice if you’re busy ..."

Blindfold chuckles with a nod and gives him a warm hug when he scampers near "Jean grounded me indefinitely when the Submariner paid a visit to the grounds looking for the Professor. I'd snuck out twice after curfew but I just trying to help and had no intention of meeting the Enchantress" finding a dish towel to dry her hands with "No, it's alright, I can come back to this later. There is always time for sword practice, yes thank you"

"No, definitely something one doesn't want to intend," grins Kurt about the meeting of Amora. Though for the rest, "I think the problem is, in our time, we tried not to get caught sneaking out. The problem of course really being, we're sort of the ones that figured out the sneaking out stuff, so we know all about it. You're secret's are safe with me, I won't tell Scott. But yes, sword practice, we should start that. All I need is you and two swords. You opposed to teleporting." He then says quietly, "I usually don't ask someone, its more a surprise, but I've got a soft spot for you ..." Still he reaches a hand out to keep physical contact with Ruth for when she is ready to just bamf a couple times.

Blindfold giggles "Yes, I'm afraid the enchantress gives me the willies." then shrugs about the sneaking out "Yes, thank you, I didn't intend on getting caught but Namor gave me away and then she asked some questions and I was not going to lie. I only did it to help the situation with Armand" then reaches for her cane, remembering exactly where she'd propped it up "Teleporting during sword practice? No, it's alright, thank you, I'm not opposed to it at all"

"Really, what situation is this with Armand," ponders Kurt as he bamfs no, not during sword practice. Letting her talk about Armand, he does interject, "This is my room, don't tell anyone, it has swords." He departs Ruth long enough to get swords, clanking ensues, he's back at her side and bamf's again. They are outside by the noise and smell alone. "I have wooden dummies ready, not ready for the danger room just yet." He offers by explaining, not trying to interrupt what she might say about the student with the hair.

Blindfold smiles keepijng contact with the imp "Mike had asked Scott's help with Armand. Armand's job is here in New York, but his school is in Massachusetts. He doesn't feel like he fits in at the Hellions Academy I'm afraid and Mike fears about his commute and that Armand is being squeezed into making a choice his job or his school. Mike believes the headmaster has used their mental powers to manipulate Armand and keep him at the school. Horribly despicable things Mike suspects from them. Armand isn't happy there but feels he has no choice because he knows of no other school similar that is up this way and Enchantress certainly seems to have taken to Armand I'm afraid. It's really sad that someone would do that to another, which is why Mike wanted to help Armand but he's rather spread thin as is and asked Scott for help with Armand" then smiles and nods "I won't tell" then listens to clanking of blades and sniffs the the fresh outdoor air "Were you able to get Sybil, please, if you don't mind? What happened with Neverland?"

At first Kurt offers, "Probably shouldn't of told Armand anything at this point, if Mike things he is really interested in another school. I've met Aramnd before while training with the Massachusetts Academy students." He lets that go then offers, "Yes, Sybil is returned, X-Factor no longer operates as a government entity. I was the Nazi like I said, those were people we had apprehended, some good ones dead because they had no use to the government up there. Something we shouldn't talk about, but you may know already, best I am honest with you Ruth." Then he reaches to take her hand and puts in on the hilt of a sword. It’s a real sword, metal and sharp for what it is worth.

Blindfold nods "I didn't tell him anything but he gave me his number" then as her hand is put on the hilt of a real sword her other arm reaches to give him a half hug "I am sorry, my apologies for Neverland but I'm glad you're not a part of it anymore. There is an old saying about governments being corrupt when men run them but it's rather Christian. Thank you, it's good that Sybil was saved and others. Like I say Kurt, I see better then most" giving a soft giggle to lighten the mood "thank you, yes, I appreciate the honesty"

Gladly accepting the half hug, the fuzzy elf returns it in kind. "I believe you do see better than most Sehen-chen." It is all German the word usage, despite what some might think. "Now, I think we should begin with defensive posture. I think that will benefit you the most of I understand how your abilities work." Taking the second sword he swings it for practice than tosses it to land sticking in the ground. "This may be overly intimate Ruth, let me know if its too much." Kurt's words to her as he circles around to stand behind her, and closing to sort of move her arms and body for her. "High guard, low guard," he will say slowly, helping her to lift the hand at her waist so sword is high on her preferred side, and making a circle motion at her wrist to swing down to the opposite side of her body.

Blindfold leans into the half hug with a smile, wondering for a moment what the german word meant before she nods. Feeling the weight and the handle on the sword as she listened to his sword slicing thru the air before the distinctive *shunk* of it sticking into the ground. Blushing unwittingly at his words, she turns her head to hear him circle and nods following his nudges and adjustments "High gaurd, Low guard"

Whether through the act of teaching or the proximity to Ruth, Kurt speaks softer, "Nice, ja, this is good Ruth." No explanation there. Then moving the wrist in circular motions, he explains, "The object is, at first, to keep the other sword away. High attack, you push out and down ... low attack, out and up. The upward motion keeps it further away, but if they apply enough force, it will lead the edge to your hand guard - your secondary safety. Move your lead foot forward." A three footed foot moves to hers, same side she holds the sword on, to suggest it move forward some. Circular motion than stance.

Blindfold takes a deep breath and focuses on the task at hand "So high and low but push out but in opposite directions?" feeling his foot against hers she slides it forward six inches "If you don't mind please, what's a hand guard?"

Kurt has no qualms about taking her free hand to wrap about her waist to reach over the top of the other hand to feel the hand guard. "It’s a piece of metal. When swords meet they will slip across the surface of one another, most strokes will carry straight towards one's fingers. The guard will protect the hand so you can commit more to your position." He leaves her hand on the armguard, his fingers going back along her arm to her side for positioning while. "It comes from old pike guards used in hunting and a logical progression of the cross guard. Less effort to protect your fingers really." Then his foot goes to her other one, "Back foot perpendicular, it’s an odd feeling at first, but helps with full radial movement in combat."

Blindfold grins as she runs her fingers over the guard on her wrist and nods "So the blades run along each other with enough force and hopefully you can push the other away from you wrist before it hits your arm?" for a blind girl she was in pretty good shape from her muscle tone. Feeling his other foot against hers pivoted it and slid her toe outward perpendicular with her forward foot "Yes, thank you, it does feel weird, but...lends to stability? It would be harder to lose balance this way wouldn't it?"

A nod from Kurt, "Precisely, stability as well. Practice the defensive moves with the sword, I think if you get comfortable with the feeling of them along with foot placement, we'll move into phase two of training. That will be adding your abilities to the mix. We'll take some precaution but we'll have to trust each other." Says the elf, standing pretty close behind Ruth, nearly talking into her ear directly, using his hands to guide her body, perhaps more than necessary.

Blindfold smiles "How could I not trust you? you have a heart as golden as your eyes, Kurt." Slowly going thru the movements as she began to pick up the speed to a more fluid pace as she got more comfortable with it.

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