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Nightcrawler and Havok

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08/13/12 10:14

Havok's office, Xavier Mansion

Havok and Nightcrawler discuss recent events.

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Alex Summers is found seated behind his desk. The office door is ajar and he can be seen through the 1/2 foot wide crack. He's presently on the phone (land line) and leaned forward with both elbows on the desk. His left hand holds the receiver and his right thumb is to his temple. He seems to be looking down at the desk (default position d/t posture).

"No, listen very carefully. Your 'spin' doesn't work for us. Just as we no longer work for you. You and your agency has been screwing us over for years. I don't even know why Xavier trusted you, but here it us. Your office received a faxed resignation from my office. File it cause we're done."

Somewhere between the door open and the conversation, Kurt considers leaving to come back later but decides its not best. Though not inclined to interrupt the phone conversation, the elf will knock on the door, softly so it doesn't swing open wider but load enough to be heard. Could be an excuse to stop listening to excuses with whomever he is speaking with - sort of like the 'if the meeting runs 5 minutes late, remind me of our next meeting with important people so we can leave.'

Looking up from his desk in response to Kurt's light knocking, Alex sees the door open and Kurt. He'll raise his chin then nods over toward a chair for Kurt to take a seat.

Alex continues, "No Val, you've done enough damage."

<brief pause>

"And? That's a problem? I mean you want the people to trust the government and then they pull this shit. This is why the future sucks ass. Cause you people want to toss us into concentration camps."

Kurt comes in, takes the seat and does his best to look distracted even though he can put two and two together even before Val's name is dropped. If he catches an eye from Alex, he'll mouth 'Keep the connection ... may be handy.' Hopefully enough to get his point across without being distracting.

There's a sigh when Alex hears the words from Kurt. A glance away as a potential indicator that Kurt is right then he says to Val, "Val, take it for what it's worth. We no longer wish to work for a corrupt government organization that imprisons, enslaves and murders mutants - or any people for that matter. When you get uncorrupt, call me."

Kurt still remains mostly silent until the phone conversation seems to be done. He does give a double thumbs up at the good will, through the ill-will, that Alex expresses to Val. "Insider information," says Kurt, "We'll need contacts if we try figure all the stuff out that was being covered up."

"I'm sure all that crap is burried underneath a sea of paperwork, filed, redacted, then burned. There's no finding out shit at this point. It's over, done with as far as they and we are concerned. They're going to continue to 'spin' it and we'll continue to fight the good fight.

"Oh, I'm more than sure it is," agrees Kurt, "But if there is ever a lead, Val might have it. Even if she didn't know who all was doing what, she knows who made the bigger calls. She knows her chain of command. Besides, she was in contact with Sabertooth, that's a lead right there. Didn't you promise the Winter Guard you'd turn him over to them?"

"Yep, and I've not forgotten that either. If we don't do anything about him, and they figure out he's free, they're coming after me. And while I actually have fantasies about Darkstar doing just that; I'm not sure my ass is gonna actually like the reality of it. So, one of our first orders of business - Capture of Sabes and turning him over to the Guard.

Kurt nods, "Good to have a plan. We going back up to Canada to follow a lead or we calling in favors?" They all know people, question is who wants to start using contacts. Then he half grins, "Darkstar or Dani? She punches you and then you get googly-eyed when whe came to your office. Something I don't know about there?"

"Shut it, elf. I like strong women - and both fo them are strong. Whereas I don't like psycho women cause, well psycho hose beasts scare me." Alex grins reflecting on that remark. "So yeah, when Dani punched me, oh it hurt but dude, it made her 1000 times hotter. You know when you get that 'stand up and take notice' feeling... that was it."

"That's an interesting moment though," grins Kurt, still seated in his chair. "She has your attention but it was a pretty big demand for it. The question being do you have her attention? I'll admit Dani is a good looker. As up front as she is, I don't see her responding to being punched back."

There's a shake of Alex's head in denial, "Nah dude. It ain't something I'm going to pursue or even tell her. We got nothing in common other than this team and we both like camping. She's more suited for someone like Proudstar or Guthrie. So no, it won't become a thing."

Laughing, Kurt shakes his head, "I think if you said Proudstar, you'd get another punch. That's like seeing some german girl and saying she'd be perfect for me, because she might not be Bavarian." Then he shakes his head, "No, I guess it wouldn't matter to me, all germans girls are game, ja. But Guthrie, really, clean cut kid, don't the bicker a lot? If that's the case, you'd be a shoe in too." He chuckles some more now, wondering if punching is Dani's way of flirting now.

Alex grins and also gets a soft laugh, "I totally was not going with injun for injun. I was just talkin that they have a history - both boys do with her. And I think she's drawn to strong leader type figures - but not me. I'm too out there for her. Too much baggage."

"You're too much baggage for all of us really," admits Kurt, "I think Sam has the better deal on history, considering James spent so much time with the Hellions. I'll ask her about that Kentucky kid. I don't see it, too clean. Or maybe I should act more like a gentleman?"

"You? You trying to get you a squaw too?"

Laughing more now, Kurt shakes his head, "No, well, not Dani. She has the looks, but I saw the eyes you had. Wingman fruend, wingman, I won't step in on that territory. If it comes to squaws, I'll look elsewhere. Besides, isn't that supposed to be an offensive term, should we say that where she might overhear?"

"Eyes? Dude, I told you. I ain't even gonna try. I know better. Plus she's on the team and she already has a serious hate-on for me. The only one I've ever been able to hang with like that and be on the same team is Lorna - and you saw how that worked out. So she's all yours if you want to take her back to your teepee."

Grinning just the same, Kurt shakes his head, "Wait, how'd you know I even have a teepee've been spying on me?"

"Haven't you been to the security office? Bishop lurks in that place. He's got cameras everywhere.

Letting his eyes open some, "Oh, wait, you're saying I need to be a little more careful when I take the female student body on campus tours?" Its probably safe to assume Kurt is completely meaning something else all together with campus tour.

Alex grins, "Dude... Round the world is the sex position, campus tour could be your own trademarked one. Come to think of it, I'll bet Bishop has gotten an eyefull of Richenda's bloomers at least a dozen times by now."

"Wait, is that an American or an Australian thing," ponders Kurt, "Everything has to have a proper name. If its only one move that I can include on the campus tour, then I'm going to need to trademark a bunch of names. That's not even getting to what happens off campus." A chortle, then he shakes his head, "Only a dozen, if that's all Bishop has, he probably needs to watch the backup tapes more."

After a brief chuckle, Alex leans back and breathes a sigh of relief, "You know what... I'm kinda feeling this new team setup. No contracts, no government tom-foolery, and well, no paycheck. Crap we totally need to work out the stipend crap with the estate again."

Kurt nods, "That and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you can count on everyone. Some people call it trust. All the secrets and conspiracy of lately, everyone really needs to feel some trust. It'd be good to have some brauts and beer before summer is gone, team building, discuss that we should round of Sabertooth for some answers and to fulfil the commitment before Crimson Dynamo is showing up on your doorstep."

"You really want to try and relive the last grill event we had?" Alex says with a queryful smile. "I seem to recall me going off on Gypsy Moth.. or at least I wanted to.

Pondering an inquisitive expression Kurt offers, "I don't recall that even. Maybe too much beer in my stein. Besides, I think you left out some challenge claiming you were the champion at beach vollyball."

"Oh. Then maybe it's a false memory of being pissed off at the Moth. Wish fulfillment." Alex notes with a grin trying to stifle his own urge to laugh at the given past situations. "Speaking of... so Leyu and Sybil.?"

A definite nod of his head "Yes, Leyu and Sybil," agrees Kurt. "Remember when you accused me of being uncool for outing Leyu ... that was me taking the hit before you let Leyu punch you and then told someone else you had the hots for her too. Though that its a real relationship maybe, I was guessing Sybil was just enjoying the mutual attraction ... don't quite know yet."

"Yeah, but I was kidding." returns Alex in regards to 'outing'. "I had no clue and was still coming off the whole Lorna and Betsy thing. But yesterday <friday> I almost told them to get a room with all that cuddling and cooing crap."

Grinning, Kurt nods, "It was a bit much, I think that was Leyu's diversion tactic to prevent herself from blowing up because of her feelings for Sybil. Leyu is great if not a loose cannon, but you have Sybil so by virtue we still have the nuclear bomb Leyu. Though, I like her anyways, I wasn't the one that had to keep secrets from her for a month."

"Yeah, you people still don't get it though. Xavier and Scott kept secrets from us, and are still keeping secrets from us, for years. It was in Sybil's best interest and livelyhood that I not share. But girls and their silly psycho emotions think that they should be kept in the loop. It's not lack of trust, it was ensuring the safety of Sybil."

With a nod, Kurt offers, "No, I'm in agreement, I don't think you should of told Leyu about Sybil - myself as well, we're in agreement there. Maybe once it was out, a sorry sooner would of cooled the flames. But, I think the biggest kick is Dani though, she wasn't compromised and didn't expose any leaks. If she knew, she could of eased the situation with Leyu afterwards."

"Dani has always been in the back of my head. I mean I wanted to tell her, but Jean wasn't available to put in those psychic blocks like she did for Sybil and myself. Further, a day or two later she left for Colorado and then we were attacked. There really wasn't an opportunity."

"You know that, but neither Leyu or Dani really know that," offers Kurt. "You should probably speak to Dani though. She didn't outright agree to the team concept. I think you owe her that one. Double win for you, you get time to oogle her with your eyes, she might get mad, you get keep her trust and you might get punched again. Actually, that's like quadruple win ..."

Still smiling, Alex shakes his head... "I even mentioned that crap the other day during the inquisition. Neither of them heard it. I'll talk to Dani again. If anything maybe she'll punch me."

Moving to stand, "Its win all around." Then Kurt is on his feet, "And the didn't want to hear it, they wanted to be heard. Same thing really, but perspective. You have ears as well as eyes. Woman want you to listen, this is 2012, not 1912."

Alex stands as well, he's got direction and says, "Dude, 1950 with Ward and June Cleaver." and will begin walking to join Kurt in their departure. He has his own direction though, to find Dani.

Kurt grins as they walk out the door, before they part company. "So, you're saying, everyone in X-factor likes the Beaver?" Then he laughs at that, wondering if Bishop followed enough of the conversation to get the joke as well.

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