Be Cool, Spiral

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Guns don't hurt people…


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A gun shop in NYC

Spiral tries to buy a handgun, gets sent on her way by Iceman

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Spiral is if anything getting worse as time goes on, even though she's started to remember more stuff from her past. Her parrot, her dog, Longshot, being a stuntwoman... the problem is she remembers all sorts of other things, that almost defy comprehension - events from her past, but different, like it's not her past but someone elses. Events from the future, which may or may not come to pass, quite often bad. And over it all is the still growing loathing of her own six arms: some part of her instinctively knows they should not be there, and every glance from a passerby at her as she roams around New York does not help her state of mind.
And so what's a cowgirl to do when she's confused, shaken, and thinking the dark things about the future? Get armed. Unfortunately, the government has different ideas about roaming wanderers without ID walking around with weapons.
And so she's in a gun shop, getting nowhere, and alternatively shouting, begging and pleading with the proprietor, half hysterical. The other customers have already cleared out, as glowing eyed mutants don't go down very well with the civilians. "You don't understand, I've already been attacked once! Or... more than once, even... Sometimes! I used to own a handgun, you must have me in your records somewhere!".

When people start yelling in the street about crazy mutants in a gun shop, most people think it a good time to be elsewhere. Truthfully, Bobby Drake thinks so to, but he feels obligated to walk towards what others are running away from. There's this thing an old friend of his says about great power and great responsibility. So, frowning, Bobby walks up to the front of the shopp and tries to get a look at who's in there and if it's someone he recongizes. Thanks to a badly placed shelving unit, all he can see is the back of Spiral's head. White hair. Doesn't tell him much. He takes a moment to adjust his sunglasses, not particularly wanting his face to appear clearly on security camera footage, then walks in. To the eyes of those in the shop, he's just a fairly average man who chose the wrong time to come into the shop.

Spiral isn't violent, at least not yet. She looks more upset than anything, but a multi armed, glowing eyed upset woman is a bit much for the poor shopkeeper. "L-look... the laws the law." he tells her. "Even for ... muties like you!".
That sort of thing isn't the best thing to say to Spiral, who reels back as if struck. "I'm not a mutant..." she mutters, and then leans forward, all six hands on the counter. "Look. I'm a perfectly responsible and respectable person." she tells him slowly, voice a little unsteady. "I even got a name. Rita.". The rest of her name, she does not recall, but it's a start! "And look... yesterday, tomorrow, whenever, I got attacked by four guys on the street, and they really meant business I think, and I can barely even stand up half the time these days!".

Iceman clears his throat s he steps further into the shop. He gets a look at Spiral from behind. A six armed woman. Why does that sound familiar? Still, he's rather not watch things go any worse than they are already, so he speaks up, "Uh... ma'am?

"Lost my ID." Spiral mutters, half turning around to eye Iceman momentarily. "So now I'm stuffed.". Nobody is handing over weapons yet, so she just slumps against one wall, dejected. And reaches up with two hands, closing her eyes, to rub at those eyes for a long time. "Nngh. Maybe I should try and get my old job back or something... if I'm going to be stuck like this for a while.".
At least the guy behind the counter isn't being hassled anymore.

Bobby walks over and puts a hand, gingerly, on Spiral's shoulder. Well, top shoulder. "Come on, why don't we clear out of here, let the man get on with his day, and you can tell me why you're so desperate for a gun." He looks over to the man behind the counter and mouths, "I've got this," In the hopes that he can stave off a decision to call the cops. Turning his attention back to Spiral, he adds, in exactly the soothing tone that most people would use when trying to talk to someone who is obviously distraught, "My name's Bobby."

"Nngh...". Spiral frowns, but opens her eyes. "I got in some trouble some other time. Got attacked. And there's all sorts of crazy stuff going on maybe, a girl needs to defend herself during times like this. But meh... I didn't think of ID too much. I guess I better go before something else happens, like I end up in some cell somewhere, for no reason beyond having six arms.". She blinks, and adds, "I'm Rita...".

"Nngh...". Spiral frowns, but opens her eyes. "I got in some trouble some other time. Got attacked. And there's all sorts of crazy stuff going on maybe, a girl needs to defend herself during times like this. But meh... I didn't think of ID too much. I guess I better go before something else happens, like I end up in some cell somewhere, for no reason beyond having six arms.". She blinks, and adds, "I'm Rita...".

Bobby looks at Spiral flashes her a smile, "Nice to meet you, Rita." He nods at her, "Yeah, Leaving is probably a good idea." Gently, he ushers her towards the door, wanting to get her clear before someone calls the cops. "I can imagine you've been having some trouble. I mean, I've got some friends whose looks are a bit... unusual, too, and they have problems all the time." Just making conversation.

And that is only really the start of Spiral's trouble. "And I have to find Longshot, as well, you heard of him?" she wonders, looking over at Bobby, though with little hope. "And find my house. My dog, and my parrot, I got to find them too.". She totters doorwards when given slight urging, one hand on the wall to help her out to the street.

Iceman is just slightly startled then. Longshot. Woman with six arms. There's a connection there tickling the back of his brain, but it doesn't come to him. He replies, "Uh, yeah, I know Longshot. Don't know where to find him, but I do know him. Once out on the street, he turns towards the nearby Park and points, "Why don't we take a walk? We can talk, maybe clear our heads a little?"

"A walk?" Spiral asks. The world spins around her for a moment, and she looks blank, before shrugging. "I... suppose." she gasps, feeling faintly sick. "Bobby. You don't care about the... arms?" she wonders, sensitive. "Everybody knows him... of course they do, but nobody knows where he is. He must have gone through the portal. Gone. I really have to get my old job back then." she mutters, not really talking a whole lot of sense, chances are.
Iceman chuckles and shakes his head, "Eh, what's a few extra arms? I mean, I hang out regularly with two guys who are blue and furry. One of 'em even has a tail." He flashes her a smile and nods towards the shop they just left, "Kinda why I walked in there. Someone was yelling about a mutant in the gun shop." he shrugs and then adds in a lower voice, "We get a lot of bad press."

"I'm no mutant. Really!" Spiral protests. Not that she's an anti mutant type or anything, but this really isn't her, somehow. She's even got a metal arm, after all, only some of them seem to have grown there. "And I know the guy with the tail, he didn't seem to like six arms at all." she remembers. "In fact he probably attacked me at some point in time.". Though whether that was yesterday, tomorrow, or last decade, she somehow doesn't know.

Bobby looks at Rita and frowns then, "Really. You were in a fight with Kurt?" There is a little shake of his head, "Well... at least I kept things from going any worse back there." Now he seems a little more hesitant, though he is still walking towards the park.

"Not the other day." Spiral replies, certain of that much at least. "That never happened. But in all the days, from this day to that - sometimes.". She looks back at the gun shop a little wistfully, and her brow creases in concentration. "I really... need to do something about all this." she admits. "I got no idea why I'm here, whats going on. Maybe if I get back to work. Something to concentrate on.".

"Right... OK..." Bobby sounds thouroughly confused at this point, "So, you know Longshot, you've run into Kurt, you have no idea what's going on or why you're here. I guess getting back to work makes some sense... So, what kind of work do you do." Just making small talk as they walk. Their passage through the street does not go unnoticed, of course. Even in New York, a woman with 6 arms does draw attention on the street. Of particular note is one woman who walks out of a store wearing a sari. The woman turns, sees Spiral and Bobby walking dowards her, grabs her chest and screams, then darts back into the building she had just come out of. Bobby winces at the disturbance.

Spiral seems more wounded than surprised at the outburst by the passerby. But it obviously has its impact on her, as she winces noticeably, even in her confused state. She wraps the lower four arms around her middle, trying to make them a little less obvious. It doesn't work out.
"I did stunts, for movies... oh, it was like a different world, if I am remembering it right, to where I am now. I didn't have all these arms then and everything made sense. Now, I've not even done anything and it's all screams. You see why I needed a gun... at least she just ran away.".

Bobby is now even more confused than he was before. He looks at her and shakes his head, "People are idiots when it comes to dealing with major differences. I should know, I've got a few of my own, they're just a little less obvious." He pauses, then clears his throat, "I understand wanting to defend yourself, but be careful. you don't want to end up in more trouble instead of less." He pauses and looks at his watch, then sighs, "Listen, I've gotta run. It was nice meeting you Rita. I hope things work out for you."

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