Bad Santa

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Mercury, Sandman, and Wolfsbane

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01/05/13 19:47

Danger Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Sandman runs a Danger Room session for himself, Mercury, and Wolfsbane fighting a deranged Santa and reindeer

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With the new year comes the same old traditions and work. And so, the first weekend of 2013, Sandman finds himself at the Xavier Institute in the Danger Room ready to train with his young protégé. He sits in the control room, setting up a scenario and using the school’s com system asks for Mercury to join him there.

It didn't take long for the metallic girl to answer, and just several minutes after the announcement was done, Mercury shows up at the DR Control Room, "Hello, Mr. Baker." she says, smiling as she steps inside, "How were your holidays?" she asks. "Or should I call you 'Sandman' in here?"

As Mercury enters, Sandman smiles, “You can call me whatever you want, but I guess to be formal and stuff I guess call me Sandman.” He smiles, “My holiday was ok. Nothing too big. Went to Symkaria and hung out with Silver Sable and my old Wild Pack buddies. We went to this one bar and there was all these. . .um. . .” He censors himself since he is taking with a kid. “. . .cookies and milk and stuff.” With that he presses a button and the Danger Room itself transforms to a very cold wonderland. “I’ve asked one of the X-Men to join us too. Get some cross team training.”

That X-Man would be none other than Wolfsbane, someone Mercury's already familiar with. "I heard ye needed me for some training?" she asks as she enters, taking note of both people with a glance from her to him. She's arrived already in costume and a brief inspection of the scene within the Danger Room leads her to say, "Oh, snow." She doesn't sound disappointed, either.

Smiling as Wolfsbane joins them, “Why, it is Ms. Sinclair herself. Wolfsbane. It’s not too often that the Avengers and X-Men work together, so now you have the best of both worlds, Mercury.” As he leads Mercury out of the Control Room and onto the snowy ground, he shivers a bit though he cannot really feel the cold. “Thanks for joining us, Wolfsbane.” He smiles as he greets her. The sound of sleighbells can be heard in the distance.

Mercury looks out at the snowy area and sighs. Cold. Even inside she can't escape it, but, it is training, so might as well bear it. She steps out of the control room as well, following Sandman and Wolfsbane, "So what are we going to do in the snow, Mr. Baker?" she asks, but then she hears the sleighbells, "What...? Really?" she blinks softly.

"Technically an X-Man, but it still feels strange tae think I'm actually one," Wolfsbane confesses as she makes her way across the threshold into the high-tech room, bare feet crunching softly on snow. Her head cants to one side at the sound that reaches her ear. "Is this th' North Pole, then?"

Yep. With the holidays come and gone, I thought we might as well as have some fun. . .warped as it will be.” A sleigh high in the air circles above the three heroes. Rather demonic mechanical reindeer pulling a large sleigh with an evil look robotic Santa Claus looms down. “Ho Ho Ho! You’ve all been naughty. . .time to die.” With that the lead reindeer fires off a few laser blasts from its nose as the hefty Santa reached into his large sack.

Mercury looks up in the sky as she hears the sleighbells, "Not JUST the North Pole... but Santa Claus' North Pole!" she says as she points up at the approaching sleight. "Wait...." she notices something strange, "That's NOT Santa! Whaa!?" she says, before diving ot the side to avoid one of the laser blasts from the the lead reindeer.

Wolfsbane merely stares for the first few, long moments. "Och, ye have go' tae be kidding me. An'..naughty?" The laser gets her moving on instinct, scrambling in the opposite direction of the way Mercury moves, kicking up a bit of snow in the process as her breath shows on the air. "Yipe!"

Remaining where he is standing, his body shifts to create a large hole in his chest so the blast easily goes through him without damaging him. “Ok, so part of training is strategy. We got a crazy Santa and his reindeer. There in the sky shooting at us. Mercury, you know my powers and Wolfsbane’s and your own. What do you suggest we do?” He could have come up with something as could the lupine X-Woman, but since this is training for Mercury. Santa pulls out a large bazooka, “Ho Ho Ho! Time to shoot some hoes!” A missile fires out of the bazooka aimed towards Wolfsbane as the lead reindeer continues to shoot lasers from its nose towards Sandman and Mercury.

Mercury has to stop, surprised at Sandman's words, "Wait? You want ME to lead us!?" she asks, blinking her eyes softly, "Me, the rookiest of them all!?" she asks again, and her shock and surprise at being made leader leaves her unaware of the incoming laser fire. At least it didn't hit her, just the ground being her, but the impact sends her tumbling forward, adn she rolls a bit before readjusting herself. "Are you sure about this, Mr. Baker?"

Wolfsbane's attention pauses on the others when Sandman chooses Mercury to be the one to call the shots here. "I hope ye know what ye're doing," she begins, only to look with widened eyes at the bad Santa. "What did ye call me?" she growls, but she's forced to go on the defensive again in leaping away from the missile and bound off to the side further as the splash of the impact rises up.

Once again, manipulating his sand body to remain where he is, but to avoid the laser, “Yes, I know what I am doing. So Mercury, lead us.” The sleigh moves down closer and is set to land yards away from the three heroes. The missile misses Wolfsbane but causes a large explosion of snow to fill the area around her. As the sleigh lands another rocket missile is fired but this time towards Sandman and Mercury, while the reindeer are unleashed from the sleigh and three robotic reindeer runs towards the snowy area where Wolfsbane is. Their eyes light up and seem to scan for her.

Mercury grumbles as this is the first time she has to make decisions on the fly for herself AND her whole team! "Ok, ok.... uhh... Sandman? You can travel through the ground, can't you? See if you can reach this Robo-Santa and immobilize him. Wolfsbane and I will take care of the reindee- ACK!!" the explosion of the rocket, while not hitting her, was enough to catch her unaware and again send her tumbling. "This isn't turning out like a good day..." she grumbles.

"An' let's hurrt it up a wee bit before one o' us really gets zapped!" Wolfsbane calls out, knowing that even though it's a Danger Room session there's still the potential for some minor injuries...when it's all working properly. She's rolled to a stop, shaking off bits of excess snow as she glares at the mechadeer, then she morphs to wolf form and challenges them with a growl, ears pinned back.

The three mechadeer spots the wolf and reveal sharp metallic fangs as their eyes glow and they charge Wolfsbane. The snow has cleared from the previous explosion. Sandman listens to Mercury’s order, “Alright, chief. I’ll do what you say.” While Sandman can move about on the ground or really just about in any environment, sand on snow isn’t so great. But he forms himself into a sand like snake and slithers towards the Santa, but moves slower than usual. The 5 remaining reindeer move forward and try to surround Mercury. They also reveal sharp metal fangs.

Surrounded. Mercury looks around herself and finds no escape route. "My... Grandmas, what huge, metallic, sharp teeth you all have..." teh metallic girl says out of nervousness. It has been theorized that she cannot be really hurt by physical trauma or cuts, and tiny accidental cuts seem to support this theory, but she was never once bit by a dog, or, y'know, MECHANICAL RABID REINDEERS! And she's not in a mood to test that out, either. She waits for the first to attack and she bashes its head with her hand shape-changed into a metallic mace head, both her hands now in that shape.

It's difficult to tell how tough these things are just yet, but what Wolfsbane may lose in some ways - the ability to talk, grab and so on - she gains in the ability to move differently on all fours and present a harder target to attack. In the process she leaps at one of the reindeer, looking as if she'll land on it. In fact, she does - back in the form she'd been before, costume reappearing in the process. The purpose? To try ripping its head right off!

The mechadeer head flattens and sparks shoot out of it as it is smashed by the mace. Two more lung at Mercury. AS he makes his way to Santa, the obese robot just bellows out with laughter. It reaches to grab the snake and starts to laugh as the sand snake struggles, but as it does so, grains of sand fly about but begin to filter into the robot. In her were form, Wolfsbane is easily able to rip the head off of one of the mechadeer but two others lunge at her as well, ready to bite and snip at her, similar to what the other two would be doing to Mercury.

Mercury narrowly dodges the two other mechadeers that attacked her, and she rewards them both for their teamplay with one head smash each. "Are these guys made out of metal, or simply aluminum foil!?" She asks, as she reforms her hands back to normal and puts her hands together over her head, both her hands together forming a bigger mace head which she uses to smash the last robo-reindeer that was harassing her!

Hopping off the one she's just torn the head from, Wolfsbane's head darts side to side. In the form she's ended up in there's a short half-muzzle and tail as well, lending to a more animalistic look. "That's right, come an' get me!" she taunts, moving to get herself in between the pair that lunge only to duck and roll when she thinks they're close enough. With luck, they'll attack each other instead.

Not sure of what the robots are made of, but most likely some lesser metal, Sandman does not answer Mercury as his sand form is all but diminished as the Santa seemingly chokes the life out of him. In reality, his sand form ahs been filtering into the robot’s body. With all the sand gone from the outside, Santa makes his way towards Wolfsbane hoisting up the bazooka and ready to aim at her. Though it moves a lot slower and some sparks start to shoot from it.

The two mechadeer attacking Wolfsbane do indeed collide with each other and explode into robot parts that rain down. The deer attacking Mercury are also easily disposed of. Just leaving the slowing moving Santa and his big bazooka pointed at the girls.

Mercury is done smashing the last robo-deer to bits when she notices when she notices the robo-Santa making its way toward Wolfsbane and aiming bazooka at her, "Wolfsbane, watch out!" she cries out as she tries to stretch her arm as fast as possible to try to push that bazooka away from Wolfsbane's direction.

Wolfsbane's caught sight of what Sandman's up to and the effects seem to be clear. "He's slowing it down!" she calls out in the aftermath of the boom from her remaining mechadeer, but she moves to a more nimble and ready position in preparation of lunging to the side again in case that missile seeks her out once more.

The bazooka is not only moved but knocked away from the Santa Clause. It spins in the air wildy and launches the rocket which fortunately is aimed at the Santa Claus. It explodes, as sand and metal rain down. Sandman’s disembodied voice rings out, “Now that is how to ring in the New Year.”

The lights go off in the Danger Room and come back on at the room resumes it regular empty hollow metallic chamber appearance and Sandman begins to reform his body. “We won. Now. . .Mercury, what did you learn? Wolfsbane, any critiques/tips for her?”

Mercury blinks as the lights go off and then return to the Danger Room, as it is now a simple, empty room again. "What I learned?" she asks, "That Santa needs to use better metal on its minions." she chuckles softly, rubbing the back of her head, before she looks at Wolfsbane since the 'disembodied' Sandman requested the girl's feedback.

Moments after the big explosion, an arm up to shield her eyes from it, Wolfsbane's feet are back on solid, flat ground rather than snow. "Sandman?" she asks before he starts to take shape again, a glance cast toward the metallic girl before shaking her head. "Nothing tha' comes tae mind, honestly. All she really had th' time tae do was direct us a' things."

“True.” Sandman offers as he continues to reform. “But she directed us the right way. I was the best suited to take out Santa, while you were both best suited for the deer.” He smiles as he looks to Mercury, “You are not ready to lead the X-Men or anything, but it was a start. You thought on your feet and you thought well.”

Mercury chuckles, smiling, "No offense, but I really wouldn't want to lead, or anything. I'm perfectly fine taking orders and helping the team." she says, smiling a bit embarrassed as she rubs the back of her head.

"Honestly, I'm na a leader type either," Wolfsbane says, hinting at an overall attitude that speaks more to her still-newness to the team she's joined up with. "But I agree about th' decision she made. I hope I never come across a Santa like tha' for real." She's on her way back toward the control room at this point, features losing certain hints of the animal side, mainly in the tail going away.

“Well, neither am I, but you never know. I ended up having to lead a group of random heroes during the mess with Ultron, so you never know when you will be put in those circumstances.” Sandman follows Rahne towards the Control Room. “So you are a genuine werewolf, but weren’t bit by one. I fought a werewolf some time back. Weird encounter.”

Mercury rubs the back of her head again as the lecture ends and Sandman and Wolfsbane leave the room. Mercury follows a moment later, not wanting to be left alone in the DR. She follows the two back i the control room, "Going to run one more scenario, Mr. Baker?" she asks, smiling.

"Na a true werewolf," Wolfsbane explains, and for a few seconds she goes fully human - no traces of the wolf whatsoever, though the costume remains. "I'm na affected by silver, ye'd na become one if I bit ye," Here she gives a half-smile as she returns to that midform of hers. "It's just muh mutant power. Ye fought a real one?" Then she looks toward Cessily again at her question.

“No, I think we are good with training for today.” Sandman answers Mercury and then resumes with Wolfsbane, “Yeah. I got into it with Man-Wolf. Though now that I think of it. He might be an actual werewolf. Or some kind of alien or something. He attacked a random woman and I smacked his nose. He then ran off.”

Mercury blinks at the way Sandman disposes of Man-wolf. "You... smacked him on the nose?" she asks, blinking again, "Please tell me you didn't do it with a newspaper roll?" she asks, chuckling softly, smiling as she closes the door leading to the interior of the Danger Room, now that there won't be any more sessions, right now.

Wolfsbane arches a brow at the description, frowning briefly though it may be tough to tell if there's a specific reason. "Well, ye'd best na try tha' with me," she says with a half-smile. "Either o' ye, for tha' matter. I think I've heard o' him, though. Thought he's a true werewolf."

Laughing Sandman responds, “Well technically. I created a sand newspaper and hit him on the nose.” He looks to Wolfsbane and raises his hand teasingly, “Don’t worry , Rahne. Now that I have seen you in action. I wouldn’t even dream of trying it.” He hmmmns and snaps his fingers, “Oh ok. I remember now Man-Wolf I guess isn’t really a werewolf either. I think some moon rock or something turned him into a wolf. I guess wolves aren’t just an Earth thing considering him and Man-Beast.”

Mercury rubs her head softly, "Why is he not a true werewolf? Just because of that moon rock thing? If you think about it, all 'true' werewolves turn when the full moon is out, and they howl to the moon... and what made the guy a werewolf was a rock from the MOON... why do you think those aren't related?" she asks, shrugging gently.

Wolfsbane sniffs, but there's enough of an amused look in her to hint that she's taking the gentle teasing well enough, nodding afterward as she listens to the recollection of the thing that makes Man-Wolf what he is. "That's a wee bit more complicated than it is for me, but I have full control over it. An'..nae, wolf-types are na limited tae just earth. I can tell ye tha' for a fact." Here she looks distant for a moment.

Shrugging his shoulders, “Good point. I always thought it was bit by a wolf thing. But yeah, who is to say they or even Wolfsbane are not real werewolves.” Sandman looks to Wolfsbane, “Do you consider yourself a werewolf?” When she wanders off, “Hey I know someone who is, but isn’t a vampire. So yeah, there’s also a mummy and Frankenstein types that are heroes. . .so to speak.”

Mercury chuckles softly, "I guess we're living the 'Grimm Fairy Tales'." she comments with a bit of amusement in her voice, lightly shaking her head, "Anyways, where are we heading now? I don't think the Danger Room control room is a place to hanging out." she chuckles.

"I'm na a werewolf," Rahne answers, head shaking slowly. "Just a mutant who can turn into a wolf, but most people dinna care about th' differences when they see me." Something about the rest of what he tells her seems to be unsettling enough that she rubs the back of her neck and nods, giving Mercury a thin smile. "I was thinking o' food after this."

“Well, why don’t you two go get some food then? I am going to work on some stuff and then I have to head back to the city. I’m on duty tonight for the Avengers.” Sandman smiles.

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