Bad Moon Rising

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Bad Moon Rising

Rex Gregson, Blindfold, Storm

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Mutant Diner

Rex and Blindfold meet up for sundaes, but when a terrible future vision comes over the younger girl, they both express concern for a common friend. (time jump converted)

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Marvel - Thursday, May 02, 2013, 7:49 PM

-----==[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==---------------------------------------

The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.
From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.

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[O] - Mutant Town - New York

Ruth was in the Diner with Storm as a banana split came over big enough for three. But....there were only two of them...who could the third person be? "Thank you for the outing, yes. I hope Rex comes by, it would be good to see how she is doing, please thank you"

Indeed, here she comes! Dressed in very normal clothing, human and looking a little uncertain still she looks about the diner before spotting the other two. Approaching, her eyes stared at the desert "... Uhm. Wow. I think I just heard my belt scream."

Ruth smiles with a chuckle "Please come join us, between the three of us it won't be so much, yes please. I was hoping you'd come by, may I ask please how you are?"

Rex Gregson slides into the booth across, smiling at Storm "Exhausted, but tired. I'm glad all that fuss is over though. It caused so much confusion at rehearsals." she picks up the third spoon and scoops some up.

Ruth giggles gathering a spoonful "Maybe after some time has passed you'll do the elf look for a concert, many found it fetching on you, yes indeed. Are the memories sorting themselves out, if I might ask please?"

Rex Gregson goes a little pink "Maybe, but I could do without the tight pants." she admits with a laugh "We'll see after Phantom of Rock. And ... I still remember what happened, but I think I am mostly 'normal me' though, if that ever existed." nom herself "I still get odd dreams. I may have to put them into a song... whrever that was, it was a nice place! Marble, and gold, horses, and knights and things!"

Ruth smiles as she listens "Sounds wonderful, others didn't have such a nice experience, Manny was good but came from a world where many of our heroes were dead, a shame and a surprising contrast to the manny of our world, yes thank you" nom, mmm "I think it was the tight pants everyone liked the most and the ears, yes please"

Rex Gregson bursts out laughing a little, going further red "They DID help my posture admittedly." she remarked keenly "How have you been doing though? I dont remember if you changed at all during that time."

Ruth giggles with the laughter before smiling "I didn't, others changed around me and weren't aware they had changed until it was pointed out but I remained the same and aware of the changes for some reason, yes thank you, I'm glad things are back to normal it was abit much to take in. Did you know though? Mike woke from the hospital and is home again, yes please, and Sandman is alive and well again, no I still have no idea how that happened that he came back to life sorry"

Rex Gregson listens to this as she orders a root beer float for herself, then nods "He did? That's so good! I was worried about him - both of me." she looked quite relieved "And... that's good about Sandman too! I dont think I ever met him..."

Ruth nods "With order in the hospital he was staying at we were all worried, you should meet sandman sometime, rough around the edges but a very good person at heart" then Ruth tilts her head in that way she does sometimes, dun dundun! And pales bit as she starts sniffling.

Rex Gregson gets her root beer, then blinks as Ruth goes pale "Ruth? What's wrong, hon? " she asked, suddenly quite concerned.

Ruth sniffles and makes a pitiful noise "Mike...he's restrained to an alter looking up thru a skylight...candles and chalk symbols...people in red robes...they're going to kill him!"

Rex Gregson goes a little pale as well, and looking at storm a moment, turns to scoot about to next to Ruth and put an arm around her "Is he? Right now? " she asked, not entirely familiar with Ruths' abilites.

Ruth sniffles and sounds like she's crying even though no tears fall and shrugs "I'm not sure, he looks different, he recognizes one of the red robed people the one who stabs him...right in the heart...he looks like he's been worked over a bit though...he's going to be a pieces stored there..."

Rex Gregson looks at Storm, not too sure what to say to that. So she pulls out her phone to try and call Mike.

Storm frowns at the story and puts a comforting protective arm around ruth as well. Looking to rex with concern "Hers is an ability I would not want but her heart is big and she has great strength for her years"

Rex Gregson nods and frowns "He's not answering, it went to voicemail. Should we call someone or is it not happening yet?:"

Ruth shakes her head "I can't tell, it's under a full moon. I can lead you there though, would that help, please yes?" her voice trembling with her sorrow "He was missing..for a few days..yes sorry" feeling for a napkin to wipe her nose as she sniffles back a sob.

Rex Gregson frowns "When is the next full moon? I dont think its tonight..." she notes, and checks her phone "... no, its not tonight. So he's safe for about a week or so? Come on, deep breaths. Happy place!"

Ruth takes a couple deep breaths but can't seem to shake the feeling "We have to let him know...we can't let him die, please thank you, the's in hell's kitchen, no one deserves to die like that" rubbing her arms as if she were cold, the cold of death perhaps? "I'm sorry, my apologies, I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing people die"

Rex Gregson hugs tightly, frowning. She's used death as a theme in some of her shows, but it wasnt REAL Death "I dont think ANYONE can. Hush, its okay. We'll warn him." she dials her phone, this time leaving a message "Mike! Hey uh, I got a REaLLY important message. Can you avoid Hells's Kitchen for awhile until we can talk? We're talking 'Code red' avoid here. You know? See you..."

Ruth smiles to both the adults and hugs Rex tightly in return "Thank you for telling him, yes. I'm not always clear on when but when I see something there is no question so far that it has or will happen, yes sorry" wiping her nose and sniffling the last of her upset away.

Rex Gregson nods and closes the phone with a sigh "We'll get through this I promise. But the ice cream is melting. We'll take care of him. He IS our friend." she remarks softly.

Ruth nods and takes a deep steadying breath "Yes, thank you, we won't give up, we can't, Mike has too much to live for and he's our friend, yes please we'll do everything we can to keep him alive."

Rex Gregson smiles a bit and relaxes her hug on the other girl "Shall we finish this ice cream then? And then floats on me. " she promises

Storm pats ruth on the back reassuringly before making sure everyone was back to their good spirits and joins in the ice cream.

Ruth chuckles softly "Yes please let's finish before it turns to sip and we have to ask for straws"

Rex Gregson giggles "I think the banana chunks would get stuck in the straw." she remarks, spooning some up herself.

The comment makes Ruth giggle and she quickly covers her mouth so not to spray her ice cream. "Yes thank you that might be problematic indeed"

Rex Gregson nods as her float arrives, and one for Ruth "I hope you arent too ladylike to burp." She remarks

Ruth smiles "Long as no one holds it against me, but no one taught me to have burping contests, sorry yes"

Rex Gregson shrugs "Eh, I didnt mean a contest. Just that ice cream and root beer are very burpy.

Ruth hms abut that "I never noticed before that the combination made you burp, yes thank you"

Rex Gregson wells "It fuzzes up a lot in the mug. There's reason to believe it fizzes up inside too."

Ruth nods "That makes sense yes please" and takes the last available spoon of ice cream leaving just a bit of hot fudge and banana

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