Bad Juju

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Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Satana and Topaz

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Inner Sanctum - VooDoo Lounge

The foursome try to figure out what the Vial then got from the Liln contains

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==[VooDoo Lounge - Inner Sanctum]==

The trio find themselves within the private area of the Voodoo Lounge. Hellstorm has already helped himself to the scotch and draws it from the glass in a quick motion.

Once the safety of Topaz's VIP room for the gifted is reached, Brother Voodoo will only have a beer, simple as that. He will note, "This is too direct, even after with speak with Rintrah, we should see what the other groups have accomplished. I would like to conclue this business, but we should not move too soon. I do not want to see us overwhelmed as the others are busy." Fighting a Liln is one thing, it even took them time to get the process down, but Lilith and, perhaps, multiple such demon monsters, is another ballpark.

The vial once more comes out and is placed within a ward in the middle of the round table. She has sent a mental summons to Satana, but doesn't expect to hear anything from where right away, as it is her day off. "We know where Lilith is, we could just go after her directly." she moves across the room to her bookshelves, her plan to start reaserching the vial.

Hellstorm notes, "I'm guessing that Strange, through Rintrah, has a plan regarding the assault. I realize, just as Voodoo may be heading, that we three, or nice considering the rest, cannot take down an entity such as Lilith by ourselves - we need an angle. I'm hoping that someone has the plan, because I sure don't.

Considering it for a moment, Voodoo spies the vial as it is warded. "This item the Liln was after, perhaps it is something to the spell Lilith is working on to come wholly back to earth and summon all the Liln to her. If we can find other items she meant to use, we could reverse craft the portal to that it negates her from this realm?"

"It's certainly a place to start." Topaz looks up from the book that floats open in front of her "Once we know what the vial contains it will give us a better idea of its use and if it is a component for portal spells." given a path to take her hand movse and the book floats back to it spot on the shelf and another floats down "I don't know if I have the proper tomes here, but when we go speak to Rintrah I can see if there is something in his library that has the knowledge we seek.

The Lounge isn't exactly close by, and the mental contact from Topaz seemed somewhat urgent. So while Satana usually doesn't mind mundane forms of travel, she figures that this situation calls for something more expedient. The mental signal is pretty easy to follow, so the demoness teleports over. Not wanting to be totally indiscrete, she appears at the entrance and walks through, brushing aside the curtain, the leather-clad redhead saunters out. "Evening, everybody."

Dark eyes fall upon his sister which brings a smile to the corners of Hellstorm's lips. He offers a greeting, "Sister." but says nothing more from his position against the countertop on the far end of the private room of the Voodoo Lounge.

Topaz has continued to scour her tomes for any information or mention of anything resembling the vial and other things pertaining to the type of mystical portal Lillith could need for what she has in mind. She's aware of the woman's arrival before she physically appears "Hello Satana." she gestures to a vial on the table that is filled with a sparkly, glowing blue liquid. Magical senses will indicate that there is a ward around the vial to prevent its detection, "We tracked a liln that was after that. Fortunately we were able to wrest it from him. What do you make of it?

Brother Voodoo watches the arrival of Satana, perhaps as any healthy male would. At least he is controlled enough so that his eyes do not buldge out of his head, much as when Topaz stored the vial itself, simply his eyes linger, he is a healthy male it would seem. As the topic goes to the actually vial, Jericho offers up, "There is hope that it might be something she requires for the portal she is opening and that we may use such knowledge, should we gain it, against here."

The redhead smiles wryly at her brother's greeting, giving the others more or less polite nods. As Topaz gestures towards the vial, Satana cocks her head and regards it with something between curiosity and wariness. "How about let's take a look, then?" she replies. Stepping closer, she struts like a runway model and it's all too natural for the half-succubus. Her gazes is on the vial but she's speaking to Topaz. "May I borrow you for a moment? If one of the Lilin was looking for this, we might only get one chance to take a look."

Hellstorm keeps quiet while his sister is the star of the show - of which he estimates she can actually discern the contents or purpose of the vial.

"Of course." Topaz plucks the floating book from mid-air and places it back on the shelf "Do you want me to boost you or ward?" there are probably other reasons that she will be needed, but those are the only two she asks about since they are the most obvious to her. She moves to the table to stand beside Satana, ready to do which or what ever she requests.

As the two woman move to do their things, which is all magic of course, Jericho turns to Hellstrom. "Between us, we shall not ask one another to be borrowed. I fear such would ruin our repuatations." He half cocks a smile, hopefully that he is aiming at a joke is read by the other. Brother Voodoo then remains silent for the now as the two women discern the properties of the liquid

Satana's eyes remain locked on the vial as she replies. "Boost. If this goes bad, the worst thing that could happen is I spend the weekend in my father's plane without internet." Her eyes begin to glow, and she flashes everyone another wry grin. Drawing a deep breath when she feels the boost, she exhales slowly and lashes out magically at the ward. Nostrils twitch and she leans in a little, sniffing. "Under no circumstances should anyone touch this." she declares.

"Oh?" asks Hellstorm as one eyebrow raises to his sister's exclamation. "Is it bad juju?"

There is a brief nod of affirmation and almost immediatly there is a current of magic flowing from her to Satana. While she does have to concentrate it isn't so deep that she isn

There is a brief nod of affirmation and almost immediatly there is a current of magic flowing from her to Satana. While she does have to concentrate it isn't so deep that she isn't able to pay attention to what Satana tells them. A worried look immediately comes to her face at the announcement "Why?" mostly because she has already touched it "I am not going to grow hair on my chest or warts on my hands or something." she can't help put glance down at her chest.

Being in good spirits mostly, Brother Voodoo asks of Daimon regarding internet in hell, "What, no one has figured out a line to your father's realm, or does your father use a firewall ... to keep lost souls from getting out, I mean through ..." He is dead panning, but he's stabbing at humor there. Its the beer, its going to his head. He follows the idea of bad Juju back to the vial, curious what it is but not overstating the obvious, which Hellsrom just did when Satana declared no one should touch it, he even smirks a little at Topaz's worries.

Satana nods slowly to her brother. "It's toxic to magic. Not the vial, but its contents. If this gets into your bloodstream, whether through a cut or whether you ingest it, the potion sucks out all of your magical energies. Probably not permanently, but long enough to be inconvenient." Looking amused, her gaze flickers to Topaz and she adds. "That would be worse than the worst wax-job you've ever had."

Knowing that the vial contains Topaz begins to move around the table, touching sigils at various points feeding them the energy they need for activation, "I think it is best we keep this tightly warded, until I can ask Rintrah to come remove it. I would feel safer with it in locked away in Doctor Strange's Sanctum, than the basement of my bar.

For once on a more serious note since they have returned from Chinatown, Jericho offers, "As safe as any of us could feel really." Saying the Doctor would be the most likely to handle the item but, whether or not that makes any of them safe, remains open. "Perhaps this is a good sign for us, that Lilith would worry about other users of magic to seek such a substance out?" That or perhaps there is some way she could use it to drain and syphon magic to herself, he doesn't know though.

Probably the least serious person here right now, Satana just shrugs despite her earlier warnings. "All this talk about dungeons and force fields and shit. I was just gonna suggest we flush it down the toilet. The city water supply should disperse it well enough." She brightens, then adds sarcastically. "Hey! How about we put it on board the next sattelite to the sun?"

"While dispersing it into the sewers is a lovely thought, we don't know what it does to a non-magical person. We assume it does nothing, but we can't be totally sure." she looks at the vial critically "Given half the chance my bartender," the gothy one that looks like Andy Sixx "woulld test it out for you." her tone suggests that's not a good idea.

Further agreeing, sadly, Brother Voodoo also offers, "Not to mention we don't know what this would do, even so diluted, to the magical properties of our world. As this world in part is the source of my abilities, and perhaps Topaz's as well, I think it best we consider the mundane option of safe storage."

Satana doesn't seem too disappointed when her half-assed suggestion is shot down, and she shrugs again. "Yeah, you're probably right." Her eyes brighten with mischief, then, and she offers. "Or maybe I could give it to my father for his next birthday..." Looking at Topaz with a shake of her head, then. "And actually, I haven't seen much that your bartender *won't* eat. Or drink. Might get rid of a few moles, even." Looking around, she asks. "So who wants to take the poison to Strange?"

Topaz chuckles at Satana's comment though she does have to wonder how she would know about the bartenders moles. It's probably better she not ask, she probably would prefer not to know, "I would rather Rintrah come fetch it. He is sure to have a container that he can bring to transport it safely." or can contrive a container to do so "Anyone that leaves the Lounge with that becomes a walking target to the Liln. I'm sure by now Lillith has figured out someone has intercepted her delivery boy and is actively searching for it.

Brother Voodoo doesn't counter the idea of Rintrah being the delivery boy, he's already the messenger as it stands. Topaz doesn't pick it up, but Jericho does, questioning, "We are to assume then you have spent a great deal of time rather noticing the moles of this bartender?" As if its all conversational, which, it really is as they all sit in the private area of the Voodoo Lounge.

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