Backhand for the Win

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The Vision, Blacklash

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08/31/12 11:30


The Vision practices a backhand he learned from Dr. Pym on Blacklash

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Everything is ordinary in Chelsea, as ordinary as one could expect. People out and about, visitors at the Hotel Chelsea, enjoying the historical atmosphere, the tradition, the ambiance. Across the street, regulars are enjoying gyros at the Pita Hut, having a view of the hotel across West 23rd. A few doors down on the ground floor is Barton's Gym, advertising for people to look better naked it would seem. However, 11 floor's up, on one of the balcony like rooftops above the Gym in the penthouse region, something strange is afoot. A man in a dark purple cape has accessed the roof by means other than the rooftop access and has rolled over and down a few balconies in search of a specific room it would seem. Then, with the crack of a whip he has opened the side of that room/apartment/flat, ignoring the glass door itself in favor of knocking some bricks around. Even as some of the debris flies off and over the edge, raining small pebbles on the street itself, the man in the cape enters the room in search of something.

Is something afoot? Not originally, it seemed. People were enjoying their time in this area of the Big Apple. It's not totally unusual for peoples days to take a total one-eighty in the blink of an eye, so as pebbles and debris rain down from the newly formed side entrance into the suite, people are pretty slow to react. I mean... it could be anything in this town, right? However, whatever caused the sudden shower of broken brick and construction material, doesn't get ignored.
Cell phones are pulled out by people below. Some open up social networking mobile sites, others raise their cell phones up to take pictures. One keen, quick thinking woman texts the Avengers Hotline with something akin to 'Rocks are falling in Chelsea. There is a hole in side of a Building' but, you know, with less letters and poor grammar. Through the magic of cellular technology and radio towers, the text message alert is picked up all the way over at the Avenges Mansion.

Incognizant of the happenings down below, Blacklash continues at his present task. He searches out the inhabitant inside to begin questioning about a device of some sort or another. Before long, said inhabitant, a man pushing into middle age in a bathrobe and squirming while trying to attach a power gauntlet to his hand is thrown or pushed out of the apartment and onto that rooftop. Struggling with the device, new to him perhaps, a concussive blast of blue fires well off course, taking part of the building with it and flying into the sky like a beacon.
Mark, aka Blacklash, laughs from within, "Not good enough Tom, pay what you owe now, or I'll take it out of you." The whip cracks again from within the building and the middle aged man scrabbles back on the rooftop, then the purple cape clad Mark appears back in the opening, wielding both whips at this time.

By the time blue fire lances out into the sky from a poorly aimed attempt to defend ones self, the texts (More came after the fire) are answered by an active member of the Avengers. The Synthetic Avenger, who has not had a chance to stretch his legs outside the mansion in a month, is flying through the air. Rather than avoiding building by flying over or around them, he makes a bee-line towards Chelsea, phasing through buildings that get in his way in the process. This speeds up his progress and allows him to get to Chelsea relatively quickly. The Vision floats above the street by a couple of feet in an effort to assess the location and nature of the problem. It's not difficult to find where, as cell phones pointed upwards to take pictures and video for various media sharing websites are a tell-tale indication on where the problem is unfolding. The Synthetic Avenger grabs the ends of his colorful cape and ascends towards that level of the building.

With a crack of the whip, Mark is not yet aware of the descending synthezoid, the whip wraps around the man's arm with the weapon. "If you don't have the money to pay for the goods," he says, "Then its time the repo man makes good on his contract." Though he isn't pulling the man in or moving to take off that power gauntlet. Instead, he second whip he has is recoiled into Blacklash's own glove and he reaches to his side, grabbing what could some sort of galvanized wire by its sheer thinness. However, when it connects to the glove, it sparks to life, glowing blow and sparking off any metal in comes into contact with. About ready to use this device on the man is about the time a colorful figure is nearing the rooftop. Not familiar with the man/being personally, Mark isn't completely out of the loop with television. "You the response I get, or there some big Avenger's convention and you're stuck back listen to the police radio?" Not so much meant as a joke, he stands still a moment assessing, the other man tries to back away some to get out of the middle of anything else, but his arm is still in the whip.

As Mark comes into view of the Synthetic Avenger, Vision's eyes brighten. Various sensor suites are performing scans and checks on the two beings struggling. When Vizh is addressed, he turns his attention solely on Blacklash, "You expected more?" He shakes his head and flies towards the two of them. As he approaches he demands, "Your customary warning; Release that gentleman and come quietly. This is not how civilized people deal with their disputes." the crystal centered on Vision's forehead starts to glow as solar radiation begins to concentrate in his body at that point.

"Civilized people pay their debts," says Mark, "And usually don't look to illegal sources for new tech to support their semi-lucrative crimes." A chuckle, he knows he's up to no good and no good would come of simply going quietly with the Vision. So, the cybernetic whip releases, and on command, transforms into what could be nun-chucks. They are tossed at the floating being and the scan would most likely indicate they are set to explode, on a timed release of about 3 seconds, perhaps in the vicinity of the Vision. This is most likely meant as a diversion as Mark is reaching for a bolas at his side, that sensors would reveal is a 50-ton gravity bomb. The amount of voltage in his necrolash is enough to kill a horse, possibly even an elephant - maybe several.

The Vision furrows his brow, "Not an appropriate response to my demand." In order to fly, Vizh must make his cellular structure intangible. That said, anything thrown at him would simply pass right through the space where his ethereal body occupies. However! Vizh assumes what is thrown at him is dangerous even before his scans indicate it is an explosive. He solidifies part of his body in order to block the device from phasing through him and dropping off the side of the building and causing more damage or danger for those around below. Vizh did not know of the three second timer and the device hurled his way explodes in his solidified hand. The force throws Vizh back.

Not planned perhaps, but Mark doesn't know that, and tries to seize the advantage, by moving to the ledge closes to the Vision. He doesn't know what sort of blast might come from this guy, he's only ever seen footage, but he's sure he doesn't want to feel the heat (literal/figurative). With a few quick snaps of his wrist he builds momentum on the bolas and releases it towards the synthezoid before he recovers. With an eye, he keeps the necrolash ready but is also prepared to retreat if necessary (not that he has many places to go at the moment).

The Vision was thrown into a prone position from the blast. While on his back, he raises the hand he took the explosive device with. He looks at his palm, then the other side and back to the palm; Inspecting for damage. Nothing that his internal repairs can't stitch up. He turns his head to regard the approaching Blacklash, "Your efforts are pointless." Once again, Vizh goes intangible and his prone body simply melts through the solid surface he is laying flat against. The Bolas not striking him. A moment later, Vizh phases back up, head first, a few steps behind where Mark is. The intangible Avenger raises a hand, adds density to it in excess of his base-line, clenches a fist and swings a backhanded strike at Mark.

When the Vision phases, Blacklash has a ponderous moment, as his bolas strike the floor of the rooftop where he just was. Even as it explodes to exercise its gravity core on the environment, Mark is unaware were his opponent has gone. In most buildings built post 1960's 50 tons of additional gravity would be subsumed into columns and steal skeletal structure, displacing upwards of 60 tons and more in the wake of Wright's upside columns and ingenuity. However, the beams at the top of this building begin to crack as the gravity bomb stresses the building. The other man gets up to run back into his apartment. All this happens such that Blacklash isn't prepared for the high-density backhand delivered by Vision. It makes full contact and sends the man scrabbling, even with helmet an armor, there is a lot of force transferred to the man in the purple suit and he collapses on the rooftop grabbing the back of his head. In fact, he'll probably need some medical attention after this, assuming the building doesn't suck him in first.

The Vision does not stand there and watch Blacklash hit the ground after his strike. He turns at the waist and looks upwards towards the facade of the building. His eyes narrow and sensor suites are going nuts assessing what's happening to the building. The stress of the weapon Mark used is doing this? Vision taking one for the team in that instance wouldn't have changed the outcome... the building was going to be stressed regardless. He pursues his lips and twists back around to look in the direction of the bolas that's creating this growing structural problem. The crystal on his forehead glares up, Vizh braces himself and a continuous beam of red-hued solar energy lances out towards the device. Clearly Vizh is trying to blast the device, possibly melt it or completely destroy it with the full-power blast from his solar crystal.

Whatever is at the heart of the device, the Vision focuses his beam on the bolas in the hopes of stopping it. Initial strength beams don't quite seem to do the trick, which causes Vision to release at maximum/safe level of solar radiation which his body is capable. He may feel the drain, but if he pushes himself enough, it will get through and destroy the advice before any collapse happens. This allows Mark enough time to start coming to his senses. Bleeding from either the impact or the collapse, he attempts to get one of his cybernetic whips going again. Even as the bolas are scorched and destroyed, the Vision, under that stress, can see that Blacklash appears almost knocked out and lackluster, the whip really flailing sadly at the moment.

As the beam doesn't seem to, initially, be affecting the device, Vizh pushes more solar energy from his batteries into the beam itself. Doing this taxes his own power supplies and drains him quickly. The sustained burst and effect does weaken the Synthetic Avenger, and slows down the minor repairs that need to be made on Vizh's hand. When he shuts the beam off, Vizh's momentarily drained state is apparent. He takes a staggering step forward to keep himself from tipping over. He places his hands on his hips and turns to look towards Mark. He says, "That was a poorly devised plan of attack." He turns his attention from the punch-drunk Blacklash to the facade of the building. Scanning; He attempts to see if he stopped the device in time so part of the building doesn't completely collapse.

A quick scan reveals the building won't collapse right now, but will need some structural repairs to a few of the upper most steel beams before that could crack with wind velocities and stress from the weight of the rest of the facade itself. Scrambling himself, Mark drops the cybernetic whip and lays down to catch his breath, regain his bearings.

Satisfied with what his scanners determine, Vizh turns to fully face Blacklash once more. He closes the gap between them, his steps getting a bit more spring in them as his solar batteries rebound from the sudden, forceful expulsion of their energies into that last attack. He reaches for Blacklash, "You have a lot to answer for; Come with me."

There is no resistance at the moment, Blacklash knows he's beat and probably doesn't want a backhand again, but he's excersizing his right to remain silent. In this state, it shouldn't take long for Vision to safely remove weapons from Blacklash and render him a non-threat as all his bark was in the form of devices he had created for that purpose.

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