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Quick Stop at the Bodega

Cyclops, Manifold, and Franky & Arlane

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06/16/12 01:22

Mutant Town - New York

Scott goes to check on David.

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David isn't actually outside in mutant town, but in the stock room of the Bodega. There are two of them currently, working together to lift a box too heavy for one alone. He's in better shape than the last time Cyclops saw him. Clean; dressed in clothing that isn't torn and stained, and his bruises and cuts mostly healed.

Having finished another volunteer night at the hospital, Scott Summers, dressed down in black trousers and a green T-shirt, looks very beat and very tired. Opting to make a quick stop at the Bodega before heading back to the Institute, he enters the bodega. Franky is behind the counter and greets Scott with a hug and a smile. Arlane walks out from behind a few shelves and gives Scott a kiss on the cheek. After cordial conversation, they point him to the stock room. He smiles and makes his way there. Knocking on the door so as not to shock David. He salutes, “Hello, young employee who is hard at work.”

Despite Scott's best intentions, he is shocked, and momentarily startled. The box slips and lands on the foot of one of them, and they both let out a string of curses in stereo and both grab their respective right feet in an identical expressions of pain.

Shaking his head, Scott stifles a laugh as he apologizes, “Sorry, I did not want to scare you, David.” Scott has visions of a similar incident happening to Jamie Madrox sans synchronicity. Approaching the boy and picking up the box to place it in its proper place, “I was in the neighborhood and wanted to see how things were working out.”

"Just fine," the Davids reply in stereo. They both shake their heads, and the injured one disappears. The remaining one stands up, no longer pained. "That's harder than I expected, you know," he says conversationally. "I thought two of me carrying a box would be fairly simple, but, well.. Ever notice how hard it is to move certain things independantly of eachother. Like one eye in one direction and the other in another? Sure I can go cross eyed, but looking up and down at the same time? I have the same problem when I'm in two bodies.."

Scratching his chin as he thinks, “So no independent movement. Everything is purely identical. I wonder if you had more training or as you grow older, if you will be able to have free form movement between your duplicates.” Scott ponders the thought, being a headmaster of a mutant school, he tends to think of younger mutants by their potential.

David makes a face. "I think I'll need a lot more practice to do it well," he admits. "And I'm sure you noticed the other drawback; doesn't matter which body gets hit. It hurts."

“Yeah, well perhaps, there may be some kind of suit that could help with that. I have a friend who has a similar mutant. Though his duplicates appear whenever he is hit or touches something. So a special suit was made so that he could control it. But I am not sure the specific dynamics of how your power works.” Scott hypothesizes.

David shakes his head. "Nothing like that. It takes a mental effort for me to duplicate. We both share the same mind, though. Hence the pain and the difficulty of doing two things at once.."

“Yeah, so only the outward manifestation of your abilities is the same as my friend. That’s about it.” Scott shrugs, “So how have you enjoyed the store? Franky says you are working out pretty well.” Looking the boy over, “You certainly look better.”

David nods. "I decided to buy some new clothes. At least then if someone spots me in the back room, they're less likely to accuse me of attempting to shoplift. Frank knows I won't, but still.. The first and second time were embarassing when Frank came back to look and realized they were talking about me. By the third time, it was just annoying."

“Good point, even in Mutant Town people are just genuinely suspicious. It is in our nature to be untrustworthy at first. That’s a sad state for the world.” Scott shrugs understandingly. “But still glad to see it’s all working out for now.”

"Heh. Also found out I have to be careful what I'm touching when I duplicate. I duplicate whatever I'm touching too. As long as it's touching me."

“Really? That is interesting.” Scott scratches his chin and he thinks it over. “So anything you touch you can replicate. But how does it stay for? The objects that you create?”

"Well, one of whatever I'm duplicating will disappear as soon as I stop touching it," David replies. He smiles sardonically. "Frank thought it might be a useful way to increase his stock, but no go."

Chuckling at David’s comment on Franky, “Yeah, I can see how’d he think that. But in all seriousness. You definitely want to be careful. People may try to abuse that.” Scott’s warning sounds genuine.

David shrugs again. "How? Like I said, the duplication only lasts temporarily." He picks up a back of candy. There is a brief blurring and there are two Davids standing side by side, both carrying a back of candy. They both release their bags at the same time. One disappears immediately, the other bag hits the ground. "See what I mean?" The Davids say. One of them disappears, leaving one David standing in the back room with Scott, and a single bag of candy on the ground. He bends down to pick it up again, and replaces it on the shelf.

“Still. Some people can either see the potential as being able to replicate another object for long period of time. Even if they are wrong. We live in a world of villains, human and mutant.” But Scott nods his head, “And it still is impressive.”

"I wonder what else I can duplicate?" David muses, mostly to himself.

Smiling, Scott advises, “That is a good question. You know you could train a bit by yourself and learn a few small tricks. I would say, test it out. Test out the parameters, when you are by yourself and use various objects. Different weights and sizes. Start small and work your way up. What is the biggest thing you have duplicated? Is there something you haven’t been able to duplicates. And of course different states, liquid, solid, vapor. Things like that. Small things you can do on your own to improve your powers and test yourself without hurting anyone else.”

David nods, considering this. "Maybe even people. But if it affects them the way it affects me, it might give them one blinding headache.."

“Well, I would not try it on people. At least not yet. You never know the effects. Even if it is just a headache.” Scott offers and rubs his temples, “Speaking of headache. It is late and I have to head back. It was good seeing you again, David. I’ll say bye to Franky and Arlane and I’ll visit again soon.” With that he bows his head and makes his way out.

David nods. "Seeya," he replies.

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