Back Down to Earth

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Back Down to Earth

Scarlet Witch, Nightcrawler

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IC Date:
2013/06/28 10:54

New York

Kurt and Wands return from visiting Azazel

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Through arcane sorcery and the training of one Doc Strange, the Scarlet Witch is more the able to get them back home post-haste, so along with the Nightcrawler, the duo return to Earth and their home dimension. As if the weather outside reflects the mood of the trip and where it was sunny and clear skies when they left, grey skies have been cast overhead now and rain is spattering windows. Lightning does not flash but the low rumble of thunder echoes from the distance, a low thrum indoors but detectable just the same.

Kurt finally says after they both feel safe, "That could of gone worse."

Wanda nods slightly, "Yes, it could have... but honestly, I'm not entirely sure what happened there. How are you feeling, Kurt?" She glances over at the fuzzy elf with no small amount of concern. "Any different?"

"I don't know," he says ponderously. Nightcrawler feels over his abdomen and chest where the sword was placed a moment. "A little, if only there was an attractive woman around with a penchant for the color scarlet that could feel my forehad and put an arm around me, just to see if I'm doing well." Then he grins a little as if seeing Wanda for the first time, "Looks like I'm in luck." Even while opening his arms for a hug, hopefully getting one, he shakes his head, "Physically, I'm good, I'm worried about what intentions my father really has though."

Wanda hugs Kurt, at that point, "Silly.." She places a hand on his forehead, then hrms, "I suspect that if the sword isn't meant to do anything to you directly... that you're a type of decoy. The individuals that do want the sword will be coming after it. If I had to guess, I'm not sure how he operates."

"I sort of wrote him off as pyscopath when I learned he only had a few kids during his temporary teleports to earth for the purpose of then killing us to open up a permanent teleport." Kurt nods, as if he has no clue really what could really happen on account of this weapon. "Then I'm curious, will someone come after it, like another sibling, to use it as needed to do nefarious work, then put it back in, or will I even know. Or is it some other decoy all together, meant to draw something else." His arms hold Scarlet tenderly, not wanting to let go at this moment. "Think we can figure it out, or enough that we might know a hint at that purpose?"

Wanda smiles over at Kurt, "We'll figure it out. I can see if Doctor Strange is available, if I can't decipher it, love." She squeezes Kurt tight, then lets go a bit, holding his arms as she nods, "I won't let you get hurt by this. Not if I can help it."

A warm smile crosses his face, Kurt nodding agreement to his personal belief that Wanda would do what she could to not let him get hurt. Sympathy in his features, he gives her hand a squeeze as she holds his arms. "I sort of not worried what might happen to me, I'm worried this thing might end up hurting someone else, someone I love even. I'd do what I could to prevent that."

Wanda nods, "I know. I won't let that happen either, not if I can help it." She smiles and gives Kurt a kiss on the cheek, "Now that is over with, what did you want to do?"

"Its over, and I'd really like to spend time with you," he says quietly, Kurt's eyes closing just a little at the soft kiss on his cheek. "But I don't know if having the sword in me is too odd now, to be that close." Its an honest worry, he wouldn't think about it, but doesn't want to be too revolting in that there is something foreign to him that is within him.

Wanda grins, "As long as that sword isn't poking me at inappropriate moments, I think I'll be alright." She gives Kurt a wry look, tilting her head, "But if you just want to have some quiet time, I'm perfectly fine with that."

A mirthful chuckle comes to Kurt, he shakes his head while lifting both hands to Wanda's cheeks and touching his forehead to hers. "Only if that quiet time involves you. I'm more fine worried about the fun inappropriate moments, forgetting this ordeal for now and being with the woman I love."

A soft laugh, at that, "Why Kurt, I thought that was a given." She smiles, lightly stroking Kurt's cheek as she leans in close, "Where would you like to go?"

"Didn't you mention having an offical place to call home now in the city," asks Kurt, perhaps referring to the tower itself, and that he's not keeping a hotel on reserve at the moment. "Unless you want to see my place up at Xavier's ... I know this little island lake that's rather secluded on the way."

Wanda chuckles, "I do have a place... care to come along?" She grins, "It's got an excellent view, that's for certain. I think it's eighty floors up or so." A wry look at Kurt, "Nice and private, for the moment anyway. No promises if I have an alert come in."

"Nice view, city, I can't argue," grins Kurt, "Perhaps you have some quick way to get us there?" Versus walking, seeing as he can't port them both up yet as he hasn't seen the new digs. Though he moves closer, his arms falling down from her cheeks and around her, as if to share body heat on a warm day.

Wanda smiles, and chants a bit, gesturing as the magic swirls around both you and her... and you wind up... somewhere /else/.

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