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Jean stumbles upon Kisha as she researches the cause of the robot attacks.

Jean Grey, Kisha

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07/23/12 13:00

Basement - Xavier Mansion

Jean stumbles upon Kisha as she researches the cause of the robot attacks.

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-----==[ Basement - Xavier Mansion ]==----------------------------------------
The basement of the Xavier Mansion isn't a gloom-filled dungeon, but rather an entire other floor. Off the stairway down from the East Wing is a dimly lit hallway with stucco walls and concrete flooring; Situated off of that is the laundry room, where a pair of washers and dryers are set up to handle the laundry needs of the Mansion inhabitants, along with sewing equipment that has been put aside in the event of an emergency. Further off the hallway is a fully-stocked wine cellar, dark and cool and damp, its racks not so well-stocked as they might've been in years past, but still holding many fine vintages. It's when you go beyond the still-used parts of the basement, into the old Servants' quarters, that things begin to be neglected. Though some of the rooms are still mostly empty, many of them serve as storage, old boxes left to pile up and be forgotten. ...At least one of the old Servants' rooms has been co-opted by an inhabitant who finds them more comfortable, though... so be careful where you go sticking your nose.

Starting a whole new life underground is one Kisha Dorogoi or well perhaps not. While most of the staff and student body lurk in the super secret bunker level the teenage inventor has all but vanished off into a dark disused corner of the basement (at least the darkest level which isn't in danger of collapsing). It's not much of a challenge to find her however, given the ever increasing bundles of cabling she has been running into a borderline unsafe link into the schools power supplies. Creature comforts are decidedly sub-par although what it lacks in furniture it more than makes up for in obsolete computer parts welded together and a lot of lab equipment marked 'property of the xavier insitute'.

One of the staff members not located in that super-safe bunker below is Jean Grey. She enters through the make-shift shaft functioning as an elevator and finds herself almost tripping over numerous cables. Looking down, a crimson brow rises with a combination of suspicion and intrigue - the former more prone because of recent events. Following the cables to the source reveals a student in the darkness nearby, and Jean allows her telepathy to scan protectively across the vicinity as an added security measure. "It seems the staff hasn't been the only busy bees down here," Jean says to the inventor. A wide glance goes to all the equipment formally housed above now in the presence of a student. "What is all of this, Miss Dorogoi?"

"Exactly what I was asked to do," Kisha replies, not glancing up as her fingers dance over the keys of what might be an old Commodore 64 jury-rigged up to the mess of wiring. "Investigate the robots... The trouble is I can't use the main science facilities because then whoever is behind it might find out. Hence all of this. Although I must admit I did use the electron microscope because I'll be damned if I'm hand building one of those out of the junk in Xaviers basement. I'd offer you a chair, but I don't have any... Some of those boxes are quite sturdy though and I might be able to stretch to some black coffee if you'd like?"

"I'm fine with standing," Jean replies. She continues to eye the scope of equipment and wires sprawled across the basement of the mansion, and then finds herself behind the student and her progression. "Have you found out anything interesting as of late regarding the robots?" A hand pauses on Kisha's shoulder as she types, a firm grasp giving a subtle introduction from headmistress to a student.

Kisha shifts around to face Jean, keeping the keyboard on her lap although it now strains at the wires. "The robots are of no importance. It's the /dust/ which is important. Or rather what I think is a highly advanced, by which I mean beyond what you'll find outside of Reed Richards personal do not do because it is evil list, nanotechnology sample which has infiltrated the robots /and/ our school systems. Quite why it's done that and not just oh I don't know given us all cerebral aneurysms I don't know."

A hand raises as Kisha turns around to face Jean, and then falls to her side as she takes notice of the wires tugging slightly. She nods at the information her student grants her with an expression of concern clear across facial features. "Nanotechnology?" Jean repeats in a way that affirms her knowledge of the term, but is unsure how it could have possibly found itself into the school. "Does it contain alien properties, or is it, say, a byproduct of our native Tony Starks and Emma Frosts?"

Kisha shrugs. "Do either of them have the ability to produce identical adamantium devices on a microscopic scale?" she asks in response. "Personally I doubt it... I have no evidence to say it's alien, but then again I can't rule it out. My gut tells me it isn't a human behind it, because it's... how to explain." She frowns, fingers still tapping on the keys. "Say a caveman builds a machine gun, bullets and all, then uses it to club other cavemen around the head. That's a bit like this. The nanotechnology makes the robots attacking us look like utter crap."

Jean remains silent at the student's inquiry, no matter sarcastic it may seem. The red-head would not underestimate the potential for either businessmen. A palm reaches to the back of Jean's neck and massages the area delicately as the inventing mutant speaks, indicating added pressure to any already stressful situation. "So there's a good chance that something bigger is causing this." There is a pause for thought before Jean continues. "Have you shown Doctor McCoy any of this information?"

"Honestly? No. I was already suspicious of the school systems after the first attack and finding a place I can discreetly talk about the matter has proven tricky," Kisha admits with another shrug. "Especially as I have fears he might consult with Forge who is... potentially compromised. Cyborg parts you see. I only dare use this stuff because it's so old it's barely able to carry out the functions I require, which means it should in theory be uninfected. As for the cause all evidence suggests to something of that nature. Given the robot uprisings I'd put bets on some sort of A.I. or machine race. It's very early.... but I think I maybe able to cobble together something that /might/ deal with the nanites. Sixty to forty in our favor, better if I had access to better materials. Perhaps hitting eighty six percent."

"Hank is most likely busy with the medical bay, but when he is free I will have him come find you, Kisha. While Forge may be a concern, I trust Hank's biochemical genius," Jean replies, her tone tense but confident. The neck rubbing continues for a moment before another palm rises up, and Jean rubs her face in an attempt to fight away fatigue. "While I appreciate your efforts, I don't want to overexert you. Despite your own genius, you are still a student."

Jean does take notice of the teenager's sense of disgruntlement as the emotion rolls off her telepathic senses like droplets of water against a window. The elder mutant does not respond to it though, as her own emotions weigh heavily against her duties as a protective curator to those enrolled in her school. "Given our track record," Jean begins, "They'll always be wave after wave of killer robots." Despite the rather grim environment around them, Jean attempts a grin and then suggests, "Take a break, and then you can finish your research."

"Would it ease your worries if I pointed out I /like/ working like this? As the song says 'And what's so bad about living underground eh? It's not been so great living up here, if you want my opinion.' although I can't imagine you spend much time listening to the War of the worlds musical?" Kisha proclaims. "I could just do with some gold, but I'll make do with the things I can scavenge. Just keep this quiet from the other students, best not make them worry."

"No, not really," Jean answers Kisha with a smile threatening the corners of her lips. Another assuring palm touches the inventor's shoulder as she says, "Your secret is safe with me," and then turns around to face the exit to the shaft once more. "I'll send Hank up when he's done, and I'll return shortly to check on your progress."

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