Awkward Homecoming

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Havok and Mirage

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Hangar Bay - X-Factor HQ

Havok returns from his England vacation, Mirage greets him, things get awkward

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==[ Hangar Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==

Having heard SHIPS announcement as she was setting up a training program Dani decides to put that on hold to make her way to the hangar bay. So when the transport lands she is standing just inside the hangar bay door, arms folded over her chest and looking positively stoic. She'll watch as the flying vehicle lands, maybe she is caluclating the odds of a crash.

Touching down with a thud, the flying car rolls into a stall and Alex steps out from beneath the rising gull wing door. He's not expecting to see anyone waiting for him and before he glances around, he withdraws his duffle, tosses it over his shoulder and then closes the door.

"I see you made it without crashing." Dani says in a tone that easily carries across the hangar bay. She doesn't move from where she is standing, though she does drop her hands to her sides.

Being caught off guard, Alex looks sharply but doesn't react in a frightened way. He grins (almost reticently) to the comment and comes back with, "I know, right? I totally thought I was going down over the Sargasso and would have to call in Doctor Quest to save me."

A brief grin crosses her face at the cartoon reference "Well good thing you didn't, hard to be rescued by fictional characters." she'll move forward then gesturing to his duffle "That it or did you need help with more?

With a brief glance to his duffle, he looks back to her, "It's it, thanks." then carries on walking toward the lift. Expecting her to join him on the ride.

Dani certainly isn't going to hang around the hanger bay all by her lonesome, so she follows into the elevator "How was the trip? Everything 'ducky' in England?" she asks after the elevator doors have closed and the thing has started to move.

There's a pause before Alex remarks, "England is good, Excalibur is good, Lorna is good, Muir is good." in an itemized list then adds, "Kurt and Kitty are missed over there. Liz and Lorna are fitting in well and taking up the slack - it seems."

"I would be surprised if they didn't." she remarks about Excalibur missing their former team members, "We have Coachwhip in lockup, native american gods are causing problems and Emma's teaching ethics at Xavier's." Dani goes through her own laundry list of things that he has missed while being gone. It's easy to tell she isn't happy about at least one or two things on the list

There's a studder of words and movement as Alex is given the 'current events' by Mirage. He says, "What?" in a queryful tone and unsure where to begin his line of questioning. But he starts with, "Emma teaching ethics?"

By the expression that comes to Dani's face at the question, it would seem that's the one that bothers her the most "Yes, with Captain America. I have come close to quitting the school several times already, but since I am the only one besides Jean that can shrug off Emma's own mental abilities, I don't think it would be right.

Troubled, Alex wears the emotion all over his face. "Hang on, who approved this? Are we really talking about Emma being on campus, teaching, and probably being the most powerful mentalist on the planet now that Xavier is gone?"

"Jean. She assures us Emma didn't influence her into the decision." there is a lift of shoulder "But as you said, Emma's powerful, and I can't trust her judgment on this." the doubt is plain in Dani's voice.

A nod of acceptance, Alex releases a sigh and then glances back to Dani with more on his mind than just Emma.

"Other than those three things you didn't miss anything. Though Kurt will be sure to tell you different." knowing him Kurt will make up all sorts of stories about what has happened over the past few weeks. Then the elevator stops, the doors opening to the penthouse level. She is probably empathic, and not in the mutant way, to realize something is bugging Alex but if she is going to ask it isn't going to be the the elevator.

He'll let her get off, there are conversations for later days. He's going down to the residental level next so he can drop off his stuff and shower. He notes, "Hey, I'll catch you later and we can catch up?"

"Well, you know where to find me." Dani takes the few steps off the elevator and glances back over her shoulder "And welcome back." with that the elevator doors slide closed.

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