Avengers Play Tag

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Avengers Play Tag

Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Vision, Sandman

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06/08/12 13:00

Simulator Room, Avengers' Mansion

Ms. Marvel, Vision and eventually Sandman join American Dream in the simulator room for some 'fun' exercise.

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The computer keeps count as she throws. American Dream, dressed in full costume, lets fly with her shield. It hits the west wall and bounces, flying to the south wall, where it rebounds to the east wall and, finally, back into Shannon's waiting hand.

"Four hundred and seventy-five." The mechanized voice announces.

When a check at the simulator's door panel reveals it is already active, and that American Dream is already inside, running a 'non-encounter' program, Ms. Marvel checks the permissions on the simulation and then keys in her own access code, waiting for the room to then permit her entry, the door hissing to the side as the shield returns safely to Shannon's hand. "Fourt-hundred and seventy-five? Bounce-passes? I know you're a stickler for practice, Shannon, but that seems a tad much. You doing OK?" the black-clad heroine offers as she enters.

Coincidentally, The Vision arrives at the entrence to the simulator room a moment after it shuts upon Carol's entry into the room. Vizh purses his lips and makes a mental note to check the simulator schedule ahead of time. He raises a hand up to the access controls and opens the doors. He enters the simulator room, as well, and reaches for the ends of his cape. He wraps himself in his cape, as he often does, and strides further into the simulator since he knows full well there's no super human fighting going on in here. For the time being, Vizh remains quiet and unobtrusive.

"Don't have your powers, Ms. Marvel." Shannon says as she performs her four hundred and seventh-sixth triple wall shield bounce. "Don't have Vision's robotic body. Only way I stay good is practice." She catches and releases almost immediately. Four hundred and seventh-seven. "Five hundred triple wall bounces and then I move onto throwing release and catches."

And as often as she hears it, Carol has to shake her head. "Shannon, I know practice is important. But ... I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But /that many/ sounds like overkill." Carol knows all about training muscle memory, and she never did that many reps in one session with anything. But she's also not going to tell her friend and teammate to just take it easy or slack off. It still has to be Shannon's choice.

When his name is brought up, Vision steps forward to join his teammates. He shakes his head, "Though my body is Synthetic, that does not mean I do not need to hone my skills and abilities. If you don't mind my correcting your assertion, Shannon." He turns his head and gaze to look at the points in the wall where Shannon's shield is colliding, "Though I may have to agree... it seems mildly excessive. If it works for you, however, by all means. I certainly could not, presently, perform that manuever even once..."

Shannon smiles as she works her way towards five hundred repititions. Her voice holds the strain that comes from exhertion. "I wish I could explain it to you." She says. "But I'm not sure I can. This is the intensity I needed to go from a wheelchair to a gymnist and from a gymnist to a hero. If I don't work this hard, I'm not doing enough."

Ms. Marvel watches, and listens. Then she nods. "Well, far be it for me to tell you how to be who and what you need to be, Shannon. I respect that." The other blonde well knows how much Carol respects her, who she is, and what she has accomplished. She certainly should! "If this is what you need, to feel it right, then by all means." Of course, with the room in this configuration, there's not much Carol can really do without getting in her teammate's way, and she doesn't want to do that. So for the moment, she stays right where she is, watching, admiring. Part of her wonders: is this what Steve does? Is that where Shannon learned this degree of fanatic discipline?

With nothing else directed towards Vision, the Synthetic Avenger does not say anything further. He stands there with his cape wrapped around him lightly. He cants his head slightly to one side as he observes Shannon and looks again towards the points of the wall that the shield is impacting. He turns from this observation to look towards Carol, "So the simulator room has a scheduled user after Shannon, than? Perhaps I will run the simulation I have in mind in the mainframe and interface with it, instead."

Shannon reaches five hundred. Just for fun, she turns and throws her shield. It hits Carol squarely in the gut and bounces off of it, quickly spinning across the room where it bounces off Vision's chest and then reaches her hand again. "Sorry, Mr. Vision. I didn't mean to ignore you. I'm almost done, really. I didn't mean to monopolize the room."

Carol oofs as the vibranium disc bounces off of her. She could have grabbed it - or tried, but she guessed what Shannon had in mind and let it go, shaking her head as she laughs softly. "Shannon, if you have the room scheduled, you're entitled to your time. It's not your fault that I've made it a habit of just wandering down here whenever I get done with my paperwork to try to get in a workout to ease the stress." Carol and paperwork is not a pretty mixture at all. Volatile, to say the least, even if she knows how important it all is. At least she's not like Tony, making some other poor peon do all the work and taking all of the credit. Speaking of ... maybe she should call Pepper and ask her out to lunch? "Still, if you'd be open to it, maybe we could reconfigure the room into a sim that all of us can participate in?"

The shield bounces off of the Vision's chest with a tell-tale *THWUD* sound. Vizh looks down, releases his cape and lets it flutter down and open up. He inspects his chest and humphs humorlessly, "How fortunate for me I decided to increase my density when I did." Vizh looks up and raises a hand out in front of him, "Do not worry about it, Shannon. I will interface with the mansion's networks. Now that I think about it, it is rather odd of me to want to see a three dimensional model of what I intend to work on. It is unnecessary." He hrms thoughtfully as he ponders that realization.

Shannon grins a bit at that. "We could. I don't mind cutting my workout short. Later, I can pick it up again." She inspects the shield for damage - to the paint job, not the shield itself. "Mr. Vision, sometimes you just want to see things with your fingers. That's what my Aunt Peggy used to say."

Carol considers for a few moments, and then snaps her fingers. "Hey, Vision. What did you need to practice? 'Cause I have an idea, just need to incorporate your sim into my idea somehow. I'm figuring we can set up a degree of a three-way game of 'tag'. That gets Shannon running, throwing to try to tag us, and getting herself into position to catch on the bounce, while presenting her with an actively changing target profile. And gives me an excuse to cut loose a bit, which is all I really need. Now can we work your plan into that?" And this, folks, is one of many reasons why Ms. Marvel actually makes a good Chairwoman for the Avengers.

The Vision is quick to answer Carol, "You can not." The Vision lets his statement stand there all by its lonesome for a few long moments before he feels the need to elaborate, "That is to say, I do not believe what I came here for will interract well with your thoughtful attempt to collaborate and incorporate all of our intentions in this room." He raises a hand to scratch at the back of his head. The Synthetic Avenger says, "I will simply need to run my scenerios some other time, when it is more appropriate to do so."

"That works. Or... I could go practice in the gym." Shannon says. "Really, Mr. Vision, I hate to keep you away from using the room to work on your project." She taps the shield with the fingers of her left hand in a low drum beat.

Carol looks at Vision for a few moments, trying not to let her frustration - or her burning curiosity - show. "Well, OK. If you really don't want to share with the class, Vision, I'm not about to make you. Do you want to say and join Shannon and I? Or do you need to run off and do those mainframe simulations?" Hey, for all she knows this is critically important stuff. So she'll ask rather than assume.

The Synthezoid looks over his shoulder towards the door he came in through. He considers Carol's question for a moment before turning back, "Ah, no. I do not need to leave and begin the simulations at the moment. They are not that critical, though they are important to an investigation. It is not time sensitive." he looks to Shannon and shakes his head, "You do not need to go to the gymnasium. Everything is fine."

"It sounds like a good plan, then." Shannon says. "I don't have to worry about hurting either of you with the shield. You both move more than fast enough to provide a good target. I like it."

"Certainly sounds like a plan to me." Carol offers with a smile, still glancing at Vision again, wondering without saying anything aloud. She can't help feeling as if something is not quite right, there, but she can't be sure what it is or what it means. So for now, it gets shoved to the back burner in favor of unwinding and having some fun with teammates. "Alright, then. Shannon, you're it." Carol floats over to the controls for the simulation room and starts keying things in, telling it to expand, making room for an arena suitable to their presence and flight. She creates some terrain and other challenges, on the ground and in the air, and then takes off, starting a winding, twisting path amongst the airborne obstacles. Here goes! "Alright, go!"

The Vision just stands there with his hands held at his sides. His hands are opened and relaxed as they hang there. When Carol decides that Shannon is 'it' and flies off, Vision just stands there. His gaze follows Carol's path for a second or two before he turns his head back down and looks at Shannon. He tilts his head slightly to one side and watches to see how Shannon reacts.

Shannon begins running. Instead of following Carol, Shannon heads in the opposite direction, keeping Carol and Vision in her periphreal sight. She waits for the right moment, aiming... and throws! Shannon's shield slams into the base of a far wall and then bounces, heading straight for Vision at an upward angle that will hit him just under the neck, should he allow it.

Oh. He doesn't allow it. Vizh turns intangible and simpyl drops downwards, through the floor. His upper torso pokes out of the floor for a couple of moments. He spins around to look to see where the shield will fall. Vizh comments outloud, "This may prove to be mildly frustrating for you..."

The simulator room has been opened up wide, creating a rather sizeable arena. The floor has various terrain features and hazards, while the 'sky' is filled with more hazards and challenges. American Dream is on the ground, running about at a good clip, while throwing her shield towards her fellow Avengers and trying to be in position to catch the shield as it returns. They've basically got a three-way game of 'tag' going on, here, and right now Shannon is 'it'.

Ms. Marvel is a very good combat pilot, and a part of that is her awareness of her surroundings at all times. She may have to watch where she's going, but she never lets that distract her from keeping an eye on her 'wingman', Vision, or their 'opponent', American Dream. Even so, she is surprised for a second when Vision just phases out - somehow, she always eems to forget he can do that - allowing the shield to pass right through where he had been and sail on towards /her/. Carol may be solid enough to bounce the shield without breaking anything, but that doesn't mean it feels good. Carol inverts and dives at the last moment, dropping down below the shield's path and only barely managing to avoid entangling herself in one of those ground hazards as she pulls out to resume her flight. "Tricky, tricky." she calls out, approvingly.

Having made his way into the Observation Room part of the Simulator, Sandman watches his teammates, at play. Well, in his mind, he sees this room as a great way to play and have fun when not out on a mission or saving the world. He considers pushing some buttons to mess with the team, but opts not too with the chairwoman present. Instead, he watches silently as the shield is flung through Vision and towards Carol. He really should know better, but he presses on the comsystem, "Bosslady, Watch out!" Embarrassed as she evaded it and Sandman appears with his mouth wide open and looking foolish, "Er, sorry folks. . .um. . .mind another in the game. . .of tag?"

The shield zooms past Carol and bounces off the ceiling. Shannon lunges forward into a roll. She comes up and leaps, catching the shield while in midair. Still in the air, Shannon twists and throws, seeking to bounce the shield off of Carol's stomach. "I don't mind!" She calls out.

The Vision floats upwards and ascends into the air a few feet. He remains only a couple of feet off of the ground. The Synthetic Avenger's eyes begin to glow white as internal sensor suites begin to run in his observation of Shannon's plan of attack. The Vision calls out, "Carol; I am not sure that this will work out the way you intend. I lack an incentive to actually remain a tangible target." There is the slightest uptick at the corners of the Vision's mouth. Is that a feeling of humor that Vizh is expressing?

"Great. Just great." Carol snarks back, playfully, as she pulls out just in time to twist about and catch the shield in the gut, the adamantium and vibranium disc careening off of her black-clad washboard abs and reflecting appropriately. "That stings. C'mon, Vision. If you just keep phasing, then there's only /one/ target, and not much point you being here. Play nice, willya?"

With the invitation given and permission granted, Sandman uses his own mode of transportation to enter into the Simulator. His body shifts from human to sand and begins to seep through the vent system and begins filtering into the main part of the Simulator where the three Avengers run through their exercise. The new target now fully in the room though in his psammic form. He waves to Shannon, "Think ya can tag me with that fancy shield, ya got."

Shannon grunts as she has to tuck and roll to get to the shield in time. The catch is off, though, and she just gets her fingertips on it. She can't throw it right away and has to get to her feet in order to reposition the shield in her hands. She curses - that would have left her open in a real battle, then tosses again, sending the shield straight for the Sandman.

The Vision arches his brow a bit at what Caroll says, "I am simply saying that in this exercise, I can succeed simply by remaining in an intangible state. It sounds, however, that you'd prefer that I do something I would not normally do were this a dangerous scenerio." Vizh drops to the ground as tangibility returns to his cells.

"Well, what I'd /prefer/ is up to me. What you /do/ is up to you, Vision." Carol responds as she takes flight once more, weaving around the obstacle course she created in the air, watching the attack on the Sandman for curiosity. "But a game of 'tag' is hardly any fun if there's only /one/ person to tag, because everyone else just goes intangible." She's not wrong, here, but she's also not sadly lamenting her state, either. She's having fun, and that's the point of this 'exercise' to her, even if others are taking it entirely too seriously - for her tastes, anyway.

Shouting out to Vision, "Phasing is for P. . ." Thinking the shield cannot do much. It strikes him square in the chest. Thankfully he is made of sand at the moment, so the shield simply slices through him as the shield continues past and bouncing off whatever back to the Dream. The top art of his body slides off as his legs run about then fall into the pile of sand that was his upper body. It begins to morph back together, "I stand corrected. . .Shannon, ya pack some oomph behind your throws." His disembodied compliments as he tries to put himself back together. "Ok so am I it now?"

Shannon runs and catches the shield. "I don't mind... if he stays intangible... just means... I have to be creative." Shannon says as she turns and begins running, the placed in front of her in defensive position. Its the manuever Steve uses when he's charging someone like Hyde or the Hulk. The shield covers most of the upper body and the head, providing protection. Shannon runs straight for the Vision, seemingly intent on rammming him.

Everyone's favorite Synthezoid stands there in his typical statuesque manner as he listens to Carol and Sandman. He turns his head and sees Shannon running at him, "Very well." he decides, "No phasing." But that's not the only truck The Vision knows how to do! Vizh shifts his feet underneath him and braces for impact. Not only does he do this, but he solidifies his cells and increases his mass. If Shannon wants to run into him, it's going to be like running into a wall. Though... by doing this perhaps Vision is demonstrating a lack of understanding for the game of 'tag' huh?

"Of course she packs a wallop, Sandy. Whatever would make you doubt it?" Ms. Marvel inquires, as she continues flying patterns above everyone's heads. She's curiously watching the charge at Vision, sure that Shannon has to have another plan, but also having little idea just yet what that might be.

"I got confused by the pretty face and body. She is small, but packs a punch. I can see why she is basically Cap." Well now that he is 'it' and his body is reforming, Sandman opts to follow Shannon's direct approach lead and as she charges Vision, he grins as his body begins to shake a bit like static on a television. Two identical duplicates appear, "I am the ultimate at tag. I can get all three of you at the same time!" The real Sandman begins shooting sand blasts towards Ms. Marvel, while the duplicates rush in the direction of American Dream and Vision. The two duplicates are distinctly shorter, slower, and weaker than the real Sandman.

At the last moment, Shannon moves into a home run slide, hitting the floor and sliding forward. She tosses her shield and, since he's not moving it slams off Vision's rock hard chest. Tag! On the bounce, the shield heads straight for Sandman's head.

Still flying, Carol comes to a halt in mid-air and just stares at Sandman, even as the shield is careening towards him off of Vision. "Small?" She's not really sure where he gets that impression. Is it because he's a mountain of sand and is often larger than any person? Maybe. But it still mystifies her. She has always been accorded as a quite tall woman, and Shannon is several inches beyond her. Beautiful, indeed gorgeous. But several inches taller, into the 'holy wow, never saw a woman that height before' range. Realizing that Shannon will soon have her shield back and be picking new targets, she gets to flying again, a new pattern of movements as she watches and waits for the outcome.

One of the Sandmen duplicate's is beheaded and falls into a pile of sand on the floor when the shield slices right through it. The other duplicate stops short and crumbles as the sand from them flies through the air and back to be reabsorbed into the true Sandman who is at a pretty tall height himself at the moment. "Wow I keep losing my head." He jokes.

"Ugh." Shannon smirks as she rolls to her feet and catches the shield. "Bad jo..." She pauses as her wrist beeps. "Time out." She checks her communicator. "Text message from Ms. van Dyne. She needs me for her latest fashion brain storm. Sorry. Thank you for the practice."

As American Dream wraps up her part of the practice. Sandman shakes his head and scratched his chin, "Well, I have been beheaded and sliced in half. . .Tag with the Avengers really is dangerous." Laughing a bit, he shifts from psammic to flesh form and looks to Ms. Marvel, "Well, I think I am all tagged out. . ."

After Shannon packs it in, Carol stops her flight and floats down to the ground, then walks to the control panel and resets the room, letting the obstacles and terrain features fade away. "It's true. Tag with the Avengers can be quite a challenge. Good thing we only let the folks who can take care of themselves participate." She's chuckling as she walks over to William. "So, Sandy, how're you? Vision, you can have the simulator now, to run your programs. Shall I set the locks on our way out, or will you do that?" Yes, Carol still wants to know what sims it is Vision feels he needs to run. She's curious, darnit! "We both came in on Shannon's practice, and she said she still had more to do, so I came up with a way to get her practice in, while letting us participate. Hence, tag with her shield. As I'm sure you guessed."

"Yes, I figured that was the case." Sandman chuckles, "I am good. I took a day or three off to clear my head after the incident with Loki. I read Phil beat his ass back to Asgard." He smiles as he starts to follow Carol out of the simulator, "Later, Vizh! No funky techno sex with the Simulator while we are gone, ok?" Clearly and carelessly joking, Sandman laughs loudly.

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