Avengers Assemble!

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Steve Rogers, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Cloak, Hercules, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Vision, Firestar, Lyra, Gogo

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Mistress Love

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2013/05/31 12:00

Stark Tower

Commander Rogers assembles a new team of Avengers!

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Rarely have so many heroes been called together without the fate of the world hanging in the balance. And yet, here you are, among the mightiest and the most cunning, the most skilled and most powerful. Standing on the very large balcony of Stark Tower, all looking towards where Commander Steven Rogers, the man formerly known as Captain America, now head of SHIELD, stands. No longer carrying the shield and yet, his presence still speaks of goodness and strength. Of vigor and inspiration.

Commander Rogers says nothing for a moment. He simply looks, making eye contact with each of the heroes before him. When he seems satisfied that he's connected with each, he speaks in words firm but filled with passion.

"Ladies. Gentlemen. Thank you for coming. The last few years have been hard for us. For the world. A powerful and persecuted minority was decimated. Restored now, thank God, but it was not an easy road for them. We have been manipulated by one of our greatest enemies into a Civil War. Manipulated further by a group of alien extremists seeking to conquer our world. Had our name and our mission dragged through the mud by a psychopathic villain. We have suffered but we have endured and we are stronger for it. Dedicated, once again, to the principles that founded the Avengers. Courage. Compassion. Heroism. Ladies and gentleman, we are reforming the Avengers. Not as a small team that answers every call of danger but as a taskforce. A large group from which mission teams will be formed. Specific combinations of skills for specific jobs.

"I believe each of you present has something to offer the Avengers. Power. Cunning. Strength. Skill. Intelligence. Know-how. Experience. Vigor. Energy. Courage and Empathy. More importantly, I think the Avengers has something to offer each and every one of you. So, I'm going to ask you. Each of you. Simple and straight out. Will you be an Avenger?"

Wanda looks up at Captain America, a mixture of feelings passing through her mind. To be asked back, after what she... well, her clone, but she still feels responsible, did. She straightens, pride swelling in her as she's been asked back, despite all that's happened, and she smiles warmly, "Of course. You would never need to ask."

Suited up, Jess has her mask drawn down, her face left bare as she clings to the tower itself,3 her back to the wall and knees bent so she looks down at the balcony, not quite feeling comfortable enough to join the group itself. She offers a slight nod when Steve looks her way, then goes still as she quietly listens to the speech. Afterwards, Jess drops to the balcony itself and slips through the crowd, waiting for an opening to approach Cap and offer a hand to him, "I'll be an Avenger if you're sure you want me here. I figure we'll see plenty of each other what with your new job anyways."

In the panel Spidey comes up only part of the way, partially emphasizing that he's shorter than a lot of the other heroes. He holds up a finger as he addresses the speaker, 'What? Again? Alright. But only if Logan sleeps down the hall. He snores.'

Not one for attention, Tyrone usually buries head deep with the hood of his black cloak. He stands, literally among Earth's Mightiest Heroes as one of them and remembers as a teenager idolizing these very men and women. As Steve Rogers turns to make eye contact, his head peeks out from under the hood, his eyes fall to the ground. Thoughts run through his mind. Images flash of himself as a stuttering youth, as a street vigilante, as a questionable member of the New Warriors. Does he really belong here? His eyes finally looks up and meet Commander Rogers' eyes. This man, the epitome of heroes, deems him worthy of this post. The usual coldness of Cloak's stare is gone and replaced with eyes expressing gratitude.

As the new head of SHIELD speaks, Ty's eyes look out from the balcony. He hopes that Tandy is in the crowd. She would be so proud of him. As the faces jumble together, one face seemingly appears. It is the face of Billy, his childhood best friend, the boy who died because Tyrone could not speak up. The visage of Billy is one of pride. Pride in his friend. Tyrone knows Billy is not there, but that his spirit looks down on Tyrone in pride. Cloak does deserve to here and so when asked "Will you be an Avenger?" His usually stoic and cold voice becomes one of joy and gratification. It is the voice of Tyrone Johnson and in one of those rare moments, stutter-free. Cloak says, "Yes. . .I will be an Avenger."

Hercules stepped forward as Steve finished speaking. Looking around at the gathered faces his attention eventually turns back to Steve. "It has long been my honour to count myself amongst the Avengers, as always the Lion of Olympus will lend his strength to your fight."

Kate stands there in full uniform, next to and sorta behind others. Her mask shows her bright smile. She deserves to be there. She knows she does, yet standing amongst all this greatness she still feels like she's just a pretender. She can't help but hold her breath when Cap talks. Sure, he's Commander Rogers now, but to her he'll always be that symbol of American perseverance. He'll always be Captain America. When he finishes his speech, she can only answer in the standard salute given to all Avengers. A big purple-gloved thumb's up!

The Vision stands off to the side, wrapped in his cape the way he often is. He is not fully facing Commander Rogers, but he does have his head turned in such a way as to regard him. Vizh is in a position he has been in a few times before in the past; freshly activated from a lengthy period of being destroyed or disassembled. The Stalwart Avenger listens to the Commander's speech. Compelled to respond by Steve's question, the Vision says, "I was created to be an Avenger. Despite what my creator believes his intentions were, the Vision was always meant to be an Avenger. We have many lessons to learn from our recent past, I believe we will all be able to act on those lessons and become better and stronger from them." The Vision pauses to regard the rest of those gathered before continuing, "Commander; If you make the call for the Avengers to Assemble, I will be there."

Clint is leaning against a tree in the courtyard. Arrow in his hand twirling that around, as he takes in all the people that Steve has asked to be here. "Steve, you know me. The answer is Hell Yeah." Very simple for him, then he goes back to taking in the sights, and keeping an eye on all his ExGirlfriends, this many gathered together can't be good.

It has been years since Firestar donned her uniform and mask with intent of keeping it on for the near future, and looking at the man so famously known as Captain America, she speaks quietly and without bravado, "I will do my part, as I am able. I was once an Avenger, and am ready to join the ranks again."

Lyra has been through a lot recently. Sent to back to her home dimension, sent back to this one, joined ARMOR, watched her boyfriend killed in front of her, Kissed Normon Osborn....Joined the Frightful Four while looking for someone close to her. Finally finding said person. A lot has brought her to this moment, standing here listening to Commander Rogers give his speech. There are some that might think the young Hulkess isn't quite up to being a hero. But obviously some do or she wouldn't be here. She glances around at the others that are gathered here today watching each of them listen to the speech. The emerald skinned young woman runs a hand through her fiery red hair and then raises her hand in a salute to Commander Rogers, "I will be an Avenger." she calls out loud and clear so that there is no mistaking that the tall young woman is the one speaking (not that anyone would miss it anyway.)

Annie listens to Captain Roger's speech, nodding along with each point he makes. When the specific qualities are counted off she marks the others in the room one by one with her eyes as if to label them with the listed attributes. When the question is asked of them all she nods her head the affirmative, "Yes!"

Commander Rogers listens to the replies. He smiles, pleased that such good people will ensure the Avengers live once again.

"Perfect." Steve Rogers holds out his hands, calling for the crowd to quiet down, "We'll be headquartered out of Stark Tower. Tony Stark has promised that whoever wants it will have a room here. You will train here. You will work here. You can play here, too. This is the home of the Avengers. Your home."

Commander Rogers steps back and motions to a woman with flaming red hair and red sunglasses.

"Some of you know Julia Carpenter already." He says, "As Spider-Woman or Arachne. She's recently had a change in powers that make her uniquely qualified to act as our team coordinator. A combination of psychic powers that will help us predict danger and coordinate in the field. Technically, I'm team leader but it is Julia... Madame Web... who will be heading day to day operations. With her help, the Avengers will be more effective, more capable than ever before."

Steven Rogers pumps his fist into the air and shouts those two familiar words. A shout sure to be echoed by each and every person present.


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