Avengers and X-Men Joint Training Op 1: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

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Avengers and X-Men Joint Training Op 1: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Ms. Marvel, Sif, Cyclops, Rogue

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06/11/12 19:00

Danger Room, Xavier Institute

Cyclops has pursued a joint training opportunity, bringing Avengers to the Institute to train together with X-Men.

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Leading the Avengers and his teammate Rogue into the Danger Room, Cyclops offers, "So yes, this is where we primarily where the X-Men do their training. The Danger Room uses alien technology to create any time of environment. Anything you can think of it can create." Genuinely excited about the idea of cross-training, Cyclops is dressed in his blue and gold uniform. Pointing up to the observation room, the room can be controlled from there, but also it responds to verbal and mental commands. "We also have safety measures in place, which for this exercise we will set pretty high. I don't need any Avengers you returning in a bad way." He chuckles as with all those present, hebll be lucky if he does not get hurt.

"It's like the Simulation Room at Avengers' Mansion, Sif, except that instead of using Stark tech, this uses Shi'ar technology. The programming is significantly different. I've worked with both. But it serves many of the same purposes, and as far as I know, both are rated to be able to handle any of our abilities without serious issues." Ms. Marvel offers as she follows into the Danger Room. Lots of people forget that she has spent a lot of time here, and is nearly as familiar with this place as any X-Man. Or, of course, X-Woman. "It handled Binary just fine. Truth is, it was ideal in helping me to understand what Binary was capable of, when that was what was going on with me." She offers a nod towards Rogue, trying to be as casual as she can manage. They may never be as easy with one another as they are with others they know, but at least neither has tried to put the other through a wall or the roof just yet today. "You have a plan for the scenario, Cyclops?"

Rogue chuckles "Ah think ya the only one who end up in a bad way Scott, After all Ah Asgardians are pretty tough from what Ah hear, and ya know Ah have a pretty good idea what Ms. Marvel capable of." She tries to joke about her and Carol, because even though their relationship is getting better, there is still a lot of tension between them.

The idea of cross training, when it was broached to her, fascinated Sif so she readily agreed to it. When she arrived with some of the other Avengers, her mood was actually rather quiet and somber. Dressed in her typical red and white with the long red cape, stylized winged helmet and the large sword strapped to her back. Cyclops warning is met with the quirk of one black brow. "You underestimate Asgardians." A simple statement before she goes quiet again, arms crossing over her chest as she surveys the Danger Room. Not so different than the training room they have at the manor. Ms. Marvel's explaination simply confirms her thoughts and gets a nod from the Goddess.

"Well, there is always a standing offer, Carol. Should you ever get tired of leading Earthbs Mightiest, this is your home too." Cyclops smiles as he stands in the center of the room. "And I decided to have a little fun. . .which is rare for me." He winks over at Rogue, "The Danger Room has will actually pick a scenario for us at random. Since we cannot always expect what is coming at us. . . May as well as see what scenario we get." Speaking loudly, Scott commands, "Danger Room, begin sequence. . ." The lights go empty in the room.

The current Avengers Chairwoman stays close to Sif as they wait to see what will be unveiled when the Danger Room takes shape for the scenario in question. Mildly concerned - last time she saw Sif, the goddess was in excellent spirits, and seeing her less so worries her a bit - the blonde heroine reaches out and lightly touches the raven-haired goddess's shoulder. "Sif." she offers softly. "Are you alright? I'm not going to pry. But ... if you need to talk. Now. Or later. You know I'll be there to listen." And if she wants the pushing damned mortals to back the Hell off and leave her alone, all she has to do is say nothing at all. Carol's easy that way. "Let's see what the random number generators come up with, then ..." she says more loudly, for Cyclops' benefit. As for this being her second home? She doesn't respond, negative or positive. That's a charged issue, and always will be.

Rogue looks between Scott and Carol "Yeah, ya welcome here anytime ya like." though her tone was less than convincing" So lets find out what our luck has brought us today." and gets ready for a fight.

Despite al that may have transpired lately, Carol is a friend which is why Sif bothers to respons at all. "I can't say I am, really." Her eyes blue eyes hold a world of worry, tension and sadness when she makes eye contact with the blonde at her side. "Now would not be the time. Later, perhaps."

She turns her attention on Cyclops and Rogue, a light frown marring her features before she draws her sword as the lights go off. It would appear the woman is more than ready to take out some of her frustrations on whatever comes at her.

When the lights return, the four heroes no longer find themselves in the empty holographic chamber. This time, they stand on the streets of Washington DC. The streets are chaotic and police and national security have cordoned off the area. Standing at the entrance of the Capitol Building. Any innocent people have been removed and the building cleared out, but a few senators and politicians remain captive.

Standing at the entrance is the Blob. Laughing, the gargantuanly obese mutant laughs as he looks to Cyclops and his lady heroines. "No one gets passed me!" He laughs heartily smashes his fist into his chest and plants himself firmly into the entrance way. Scott grins, "Ms. Marvel, you want to take the lead on this." Scott can do it, but as guest. He allows her the chance to take the lead. Perhaps an opportunity for Scott to improve his following and listening skills, as he notes the mood of Sif and how Carol tried to attend to her.

"He's even more massive than you or Thor. Not hugely strong by comparison, but he's not weak. But when he works up momentum, he can be scary. And he tends to laugh off most damage. Name's Blob." Ms. Marvel runs down, mostly for her teammate. She's sure the other two know who this is and a reasonable bit about him. "We need him off-balance and out of the way. Cyke, hit the floor. Sif, left and low. Rogue, right and high. I'll take the sky and get an overwatch on the situation. As soon as you can make a gap around his fat ass, shoot the gap and get inside. His bulk will impede him in many of those inside spaces, and we have to find those still trapped in there and get them out. Ready? Go!" Ms. Marvel's lead is firm. It's easy to see she has a good understanding of each person's abilities, and is trying to utilize them all intelligently in the situation.

Carol suits actions to her own words, flying up and circling to get a good look around at what is going on, to check that they aren't letting anything or anyone get away, or get into a position to pin them down against Blob.

Rogue holds her tongue when Ms.Marvel start giving orders, but instead just says "Ah'm on it." and moves to get into position.

Nodding his head as if in agreement or simply because he knows about the Blob. Scott starts moving forward, but remaining relatively low. Adjusting his visor, he presses a button and lets loose a low but powerful enough beam that strikes the very ground on which the Blob stands. While the Blob is powerful, he needs a firm foundation to stand on. With the ground literally smashed under his feet, the Blob falls through the ground, half his body stuck as he screams and waves his fist in the air.

As Carol gets an aerial view she will find Destiny the blond precog of the Brotherhood holding Senator Robert Kelly hostage with a crossbow. The other members of the group are nowhere to be seen. Behind the building itself, flames can be seen starting to swirl about in ways that flames do not naturally move and the ground begins to quake and shake a bit. No doubt who are causing that to happen.

Rogue watches Blob fall through the floor "Yah stay right there and don't be causing anymore trouble." and looks around for the source of the fire and earthquake "Ya boys scared to show yaselves?"

SIf is suddenly called away to Asgard as she uses her sword to teleport there herself.

With the Blob down for the count, the flames from behind the Capitol Building suddenly take the shape of a bird and the fiery phoenix comes to life and flies directly towards Ms. Marvel. While on the ground below, the ground quakes and shakes more violently. The ground opens up and Avalanche pops out controlling the ground as he creates gaint hands of concrete which try to catch or kill the X-Men.

"OK, folks. I have what appears to be Destiny on the roof, Kelly in her custody with a small crossbow for the kill shot. Given her talents, only way to take her down is with more chaos than she can predict and counter. Rogue, see if you can help Cyke find Avalanche. Looks like I'm going to be busy." That said, Ms. Marvel flies right /into/ the bird of fire. Oh, look! Energy! Omnomom! Cue the glowing Ms. Marvel, now.

Rogue snickers to herself as she sees Ms.Marvel asboring the energy "Guess Pyro is gonna bite a bit more than he can chew. Ah almost feel bad for him." and she turns to the newly emerged Avalanche and dodges the smashing hands and grabs one of "Now that ain't no way to give had to a lady." and proceeds to crush it.

As Rogue crushes the hand, Cyclops is in the hand and attempts to shoot it off and is suddenly pulled underground. Avalanche then turns to Rogue, "Hey, teammate. Want to rejoin. . .looks like your X-Man boss is going under."

As Ms. Marvel absorbs the fire bird. Pyro curses a bit as he appears on the roof next to Destiny who offers the two through their communication system, "Switch opponents." Pyro moves to the edge shooting off two streams of fires down to Rogue while Destiny aims her crossbow at Ms. Marvel.

Rogue shakes her head "Nah, Ah never liked ya even when we worked together." and gets an idea before suddenly flying behind Avanlanche and into the hole get Scott out.

Ms. Marvel hovers in place, giving Destiny a nice big glowing target to fire at, apparently completely unconcerned ... right until she fires. As soon as she does, Ms. Marvel streaks off, literally a blur of light, and aims herself for Kelly, since Destiny just committed herself, and her weapon, leaving an opening for the rescue.

Easily diving past Avalanche, Rogue successfully is able to get underground where she will find Scott getting his body crushed by a giant concrete hand. Destiny fires at Ms. Marvel, but the speed of the Avengers chairwoman proves too quick for the precog and she is able to get to Kelly. The senator nods, "Take me away from this freakinb mutants!" as he tries to grab her. Pyro remains at the edge of the roof and fires a stream of flame blasts directly into the hole that Rogue flew into. Avalanche remains above ground but causes enough shaking to attempt to trap Rogue and Cyclops undergrand.

Rogue breaks open the hand and grabs Scott "Hold on Scott, this ride may get a bit bumpy." and flies out with Scott, and goes to ram Avalanche, put her body between him and Scott.

Ms. Marvel avoids the crossbow bolt handily, and wraps her arms around Kelly, scooping him 'up, up and away' from Destiny. Of course, then Mystique tries to strangle Carol, and the glowing Avenger grimaces at her. "Raven, you idiot. I can fly in space. I don't have to breathe if I don't want to, and unless you can match Colossus, you can't squeeze hard enough to phaze me." To prove her point, Carol then flies straight at a road surface, at reasonably high speed. Given Mystique's resilience, it won't kill her. But going squish like that will definitely put a crimp in her style.

And Mystique literally is road kill, without being dead, but hitting the road at that speed, Mystique is splat and knocked out. With Rogue she is able to ram into Avalanche who is able to survive due to the body armor, but he is relatively knocked out. With his arrival back above ground, Cyclops is able to quickly dispatch Pyro from the roof with an optic blast. . . Leaving Destiny the only remaining member who starts to rush away from the roof into the building.

Rogue tries to focus on other things rather than Carol ramming her foster mother into the ground as stands up from doing her impression of a human battering ram and sees Destiny running "Well that went better than Ah expected, but Irene is heading back into the building, are we gonna go after her?"

"Wrap 'em up, folks! No getaways." Ms. Marvel shouts, as she carries Mystique over and puts her into custody with the cops. "She's a shapeshifter, so don't be stupid." Once everyone has taken care of their defeated foes, Carol calls out, "Alright. Rogue, scoop up One-Eye, there. We need to catch Destiny. She'll know we're coming, but I want us to fly pretty random. Don't plan it. Don't think it. Just /do/ it. We'll figure it out on the fly so that she has nothing clean to anticipate." And they're off!

Destiny continues running her way through the building, but at her elderly age, she is moving much slower than the average criminal. Appearing at a second floor window, she has her arm wrapped around someone throat holding her crossbow to his head. "I suggest releasing my teammates in the Brotherhood. Whatever plan you come up with. I will see it beforehand and defeat you!" Cyclops looks to Rogue, "You heard the boss, letbs go get random."

Rogue hears Carol's name for Destiny and Scott referring to her as the boss and clenches her teeth as she starts flying in a random direction. She is going to be a good team player, yes she is.

"You can't see it all, Destiny." Ms. Marvel calls out, as she and Rogue continue their chaotic, unfocused flight patterns, heading Destiny off without really doing so. Just keeping her contained. Ms. Marvel fires off a few blasts of golden photonic energy, pretty much at random, towards spots around Destiny, but never /at/ her. Not yet.

Remaining where she is, Destiny appears ready to push her hostage into one of the photonic blasts, but instead the hostage is met with a low level optic blast which pushes the hostage away. Destiny moves back and begins to fire off a series of bolts from her crossbow towards Ms. Marvel as she has seemingly ignored Rogue this whole fight.

Rogue notices Destiny firing on Ms.Marvel and takes her opportunity to end the fight and flies to towards Destiny and grabs the crossbow "Sorry Irene, but we got to ya in."

Carol lets the shots fired hit her, striking hard - more than enough to sting, but not enough to penetrate the invulnerability her Kree-altered body holds. She grimaces, and watches as Rogue does /exactly/ what Carol hoped she would to, taking the lead. "Surrender, Destiny. We have no desire to hurt you."

Destiny points to Carol and Rogue and utters, "Burn. . .burn that is what is what will. . ." The scenario ends at Cyclops' command the room goes black before returning to its normal empty self. Clapping his head, Cyclops offers, "Well, the first cross-training went pretty well. Carol, if you thought so, I hope to do one at the Avengers Mansion?"

Rogue nods "Yeah, Ah think it went alright for the most part, and Ah guess it would be intersting to how ya do it in ya Mansion." Rogue must getting better, she played the part of the team player the whole time.

Ms. Marvel lands as the illusion fades, and she offers her (gloved) hand, first to Cyclops, and then to Rogue. "I think it went quite well, and I would welcome the opportunity for a joint session at Avengers Mansion. We can try to set up a time to do that next week?" It will give her time to program up a good scenario for them to work through. "You did really well, Rogue. I hope we'll get the chance to work together for real, sometime soon. And ... thanks for following my lead. I'm afraid in this scenario, protecting the capitol, it was force of instinct. I'd like to arrange the next scenario so that Cyclops can take command, a situation where your team should lead, and we should follow your guidance." She'll work on it.

"Well I am looking forward to it." Cyclops nods his head, "Yes, ladies. Both of you did well. And Yes, Carol. Next week. Itbs a date Avengers and X-Men." Scott laughs as he heads up to the Observation deck, "I am going to review the tapes of the session."

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