Aurora Doesn't Care About Cold Weather

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Aurora, Showstopper

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02/22/13 10:49


Aurora decides to go to the pool and doesn't feel like a public place, good thing she has friends at the X-Mansion

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Today Aurora felt like going to the pool, and how very convenient it is that she's on good terms with the good X-folks who just so happen to have a lovely Olympic size pool! Being the not so thoughtful kind who tends to barge her way where she pleases, she doesn't so much arranges to check with anyone if it's fine, she just zooms in from the air, before slowing considerably as a big splash forms when she gets into the water. She's dressed not in a costume, but rather a lilac bikini, fully dressed for the occasion she had in mind.

Study period... which, for Chenda, involves not so much studying as stepping outside to get rid of the feeling that the walls are doing that trash-compactor impression that they do so well after a few hours. The patio door opens and she steps out onto the pavers, still pulling on her tassel cap.

She's just in time to hear a tremendous splash from not far away. The gypsy girl pauses with her hand on the door, blinking in surprise and looking over in the direction of the pool.

All she can see is the aftermath of the splash. Still, /something/ had to make that! She shuts the door hastily and moves to the poolside, careful to avoid the rapidly-freezing water on the concrete.

Aurora emerges from the water, an elfin jovial expression on her face as she waves one hand out of the water, before playfully splashing i Richenda's direction, though not aiming to hit her with the splash, "bon jour! It's okay, I'm Aurora, with Alpha Flight...we're friends of the X-Men."

Chenda's dark eyes widen as the woman comes to the surface. She's surprised enough to give a little squeak when that splash comes near her, pulling aside enough to get only a few drops on her jeans. "Um, bon jour, Aurora, with Alpha Flight?" she replies uncertainly, her answering smile more bewildered than bemused. "You're also in an ice-cold pool in the middle of February. How do you do /that/? I'd turn into a popsicle!"

Aurora giggles at Richenda's concern about the dangers of hypothermia, as she explains, "Alpha Flight is Canada's answer to the Avengers, being up north we're kinda used to the cold. Particularly me and my brother..., which is a really great gift to have, because that means every season is bikini season!" She leans back and starts to float on her back, looking like she's having a rather good time, so clearly, the freezing water really do not bother her.

"Wow, you're lucky. I'm from the Southwest, and I don't think I'll /ever/ get used to how cold it is here," Chenda replies, half-admiringly and half-enviously. "This house is heated amazingly, and I still have to either wear full PJs to bed or sleep with an extra blanket."

She follows Aurora towards the other end of the pool. "So, what brings you down this way? Just here to work on your tan?"

Aurora laughs, as she starts swimming a back stroke about the pool, "I believe after your first outing to the arctic you'll come to appreciate it doesn't ever get really cold in this region," Aurora turns her head to look in Richenda's direction, grinning impishly, "so now cute sexy babydolls for this weather, huh? Oh well, it's not like you have shared dorms here, do you?" Is she openly suggesting flirting and teasing with the boys? Good thing she's no staff member at the school. "I felt like swimming, and I didn't feel like drawing too much attention at a public pool, and going to the ocean is a bit out of place at this time of the year."

"Feels plenty cold enough to me!" Chenda shrugs and smiles... and her smile turns into giggles at that question. "That's probably a good thing. We also don't have private baths in the individual dorm rooms. I get more attention than I want as it is!" Her looks are pretty exotic in this part of the country.

She watches the bikini'd woman swim about. "I dunno about the ocean, but I can see how a public pool'd be a problem." Yes, she saw the ears. And one or two news stories. "Is it hard, being so well known?"

"Ohhh?" Aurora seems quite curious at that, "there was never such a risk in the school I went to.'ve got girls into girls?" Aurora shifts to breast stroke and swims to the edge of the pool, where she reaches to hold on to it while looking up at Richenda, "not really, I rather like it, I get to be in magazines, they show clips of me on tv shows, I was even invited to participate in talk shows a few times. I wish they would let me do some modelling though, I think that would really be fun."

"My previous roomie was," Chenda replies. "I meant just in the halls during classes and meals, from the boys, but one or two girls in the dorms have kissed a girl and they like it," she explains, paraphrasing the popsong.

She giggles as Aurora explains this, kneeling down in front of her to get closer to eye level. "Modeling? I used to have a friend who was into that, but she had her own path to follow. One or two people here have done that, though. I keep hoping they'll point me in that direction." She smiles. "You'd be good at it, with your confidence. That's most of showmanship, right there."

Aurora snickers as Chenda pretty much borrows the lyrics of that cute little song, "interesting, wish the school I went to was more like this one, maybe I'd be better off today." Making a dismissive gesture with her hand, she says, "please, of course I'd be good at it. There's very little Aurora isn't good at..." so she's got a bit of an ego, okay. "You one of the students with powers?" Aurora asks, "what can you do?"

"Oh... sorry. I'll never insinuate you might be bad at something again," Chenda says, a little taken aback. Of course, she rallies within second. "Unless it's being modest," she ripostes playfully, grinning impishly at the Canadian superheroine.

"Powers? Yup. I dunno if I should show you, though... the faculty can be a little touchy about demonstrations."

Aurora laughs when Richenda doesn't seem to take well to her mannerism, she is after all used to getting the same from the likes of Heather in Alpha Flight. "Oh, don't fret, Richenda, I'm not so petty as to need people's approval, it's enough that I know I can do anything I set my mind to very well, I'm not vain like my brother." So if she thinks she's not vain, just how bad can Northstar actually be? "Oh...well, can you describe them? I'm curious."

Chenda's answering smile is a little more genuine. Apparently she has a little use for /false/ modesty as Aurora herself. "It's never bad to know what you're good at," she agrees. "Bragging about it? /That's/ bad. Gets you into trouble, too."

She frowns, thinking about that. "Well... I can throw concussion blasts, with differing amounts of light and sound. And I can disintegrate things by touch. Like I said, I'd rather not demonstrate, and it's kind of hard to explain. I'm not completely sure what I'm doing when I form a blast, or touch something and it vanishes."

Aurora lets out an impressed whistle, "that makes you one dangerous little girl, and the X-Men let you walk about freely? Good for them." She then gets a slightly mischievious look on her face as she murmurs, "I can think of a few people you can make disappear and the world will be better for it."

Chenda shakes her head. "I can't disintegrate people... just stuff. Nothing alive, as far as I can tell. I can blow 'em around without any trouble, though." She leans back a little. "What about you, Aurora? I know you can fly, and don't worry about cold, but what else? And don't worry, I don't blab," she adds quickly, winking conspiratorially.

"Pity," is Aurora's playful reply to that, meaning perhaps she was more serious than one might suspect about people that just need to be gone for good. "I'm really, really...REALLY fast," Aurora explains it in as simple terms she can, "and if I'm around my brother, we can totally blind a city block. Alone," there's a flash of white light that quickly fades infront of Richenda, "it's just not as impressive."

There's a questioning look in Chenda's eyes as she listens to that power list. Perhaps she's not keen on killing. The flash of light gets her attention... unfortunately, it's startling enough that she tries to pull back and ends up on her denimed derriere. "Whoa... actually, I can do that! I can use my concussion blasts as flash-bombs. It's the most useful trick I know."

Snapping her fingers, Aurora points out, "exactly...mine is based on photokinesis, if you want to get scientific about it, but same concept. Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," Aurora apologizes, but from the impish grin on her face, she looks everybit as if she DID want to startle Richenda.

And Chenda catches that grin. "Oh, if I've ripped my jeans..." she starts, dark eyes dancing with dangerous mirth as she gets to her feet and looks, tracing her fingers over the seat of her pants...

The trouble is, her heavy coat blocks her view. "Aurora, did I?" she asks, turning her back to the woman in the pool. "I can't see..."

"Well, if you really want to know, you'll have to take off that coat, I dont have x-ray vision..." Aurora points out, "though if they did rip, maybe you need jeans that are less tight?"

"If you're this much of an imp most of the time, it's probably a good thing for the rest of the world," Chenda quips, and slowly peels off the coat, holding it in front of her to give Aurora a good look at her posterior.

Aurora seems rather amused by Richenda's implication, "perhaps it is...we'll never know." Aurora takes a brief look and then holds her index finger to the tip of her thumb, "it's just a teeny bit torn...may be able to fix that."

"Just my luck to wear purple underwear today," Chenda replies, blushing and bemused. "I guess I should go in and change before my next class. Nice meeting you, Aurora." She shrugs back into her coat and turns for the door.

Still, she can't leave without giving Aurora a present. She forms a power seed in her hand, screening it from the Canadian woman with her body, then flips it casually over her shoulder into middle of the pool.

More water joins what's on the cement.

With her little stunt Richenda does manage to get a little shriek out of Aurora at the unexpected explosion that sends water splashing about and has her clinging to the edge of the pool, wincing and looking about her carefully to make sure everything is in order, before looking after the girl going back into the Mansion, "oh that was slick, we'll see what happens next time we meet!"

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