Attack on Xavier's

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Havok, Mirage, Madelyne Pryor, Colossus, Storm, Dark Beast, Rogue, Jubilee

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04/05/2013 23:30

Xavier's Mansion

Evil alternates attack the mansion

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The ever familiar FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! is heard just outside the south wall of the administration living quarters. It rattles the windows and sets off various alarms indicating that there's a hostile presence on the property. This will summon all the currently active X-types in a matter of seconds.

Mirage can see the conflict outside her window, Havok (wearing a black uniform with red gloves and red arm bands is seen battling a rabid looking Beast. Beast is avoiding Havok's blasts as Havok seems to be able to avoid Beast's claws. They are hand to hand, blocking, rolling, kicking, leaping and using the terrain as bound points.

It had been a late night, meetings with SHIELD brass went long, and as SHIELD director Mirage was required to attend them, and with the Genosha matter and the dimensional rift a hot topic she wanted to be there. The room door swings open and she steps in a look of confusion crossing her face. This wasn't her room back in SHIELD HQ..this was her old room at Xaviers. It only takes a moment to figure out what has happened, this wasn't her first dimensional switcharoo, and it was a lot better than her last one, where everyone had four eyes and tentacles.

Givng a shrug she heads to the closet glancing in the mirror as she passes to see that at least she still has her SHIELD uniform and eyepatch in place the former only slightly wrinkled. It's then she hears the loud noise outside. One she hasn't heard in years, since before she graduated Xavier's and signed up for SHIELD. She's across the room and on the balcony in one quick mad dash "What the hell!" she exclaims, running back inside to grab one of the bows/arrows off the wall before running back to the balcony and climbing over the railing to drop to the ground below.

Havok is struck, he's slammed into a tree then falls to the ground at Beast's feet.

"ENOUGH!" Jean's voice resonates through the evening air. Above the battle, hovering between the darkened trees and wearing black leather with acres of exposed skin. Wait, that's not Jean, it's Madelyne Pryor!

Her right hand extends toward the Beast who is telekinetically grabbed. He snarls and is lifted off the ground by 3 feet. He struggles, but to no avail as his strength does not come close to the TK might of the Goblin Queen.

Havok looks up to Madelyne and smiles, "Timely, my love. It's almost as if you were waiting until I was downed. Maybe dramatic pause?"

Just then, lightning illuminates the night sky. Storm is seen high above the trees. Her arms outward and she will close upon the area within two rounds.

Using the trees as cover, Mirage moves silently from one to the other, pausing once when Pryor shows herself, a few muttered swear words escape her lips as she finally understands the gravity of the situation. Since she is the stranger in a strange land here she isn't sure who is the attacker and who the defender, she just knows how it would be in her own world, so can only guess it would be similar here. Storm, Beast good guys, Havok supposed to be a good guy, the dominatrix is an unknown entity, though she resembles Jean Grey, good guy, but she doesn't look all that nice in this dimension.

Moving on silent feet to the next tree so she is on LOS of sight of Havok the bow comes up with arrow nocked and the lets it fly in a incapcitating, but perhaps not deadly, shot.

Piercing his armor, the arrow strikes Havok in the right flank. He lets out a yelp and spins sideways. As he does, his arms release a stream of his super-heated plasma that obliterates trees at Mirage's head height, even the tree she stands beside and a few beyond her position.

Madelyne's attention is pulled from Storm (above) and she spies Mirage (visually and telepathically). She then throws Dark Beast at Mirage with the instruction of, "Rip her to shreads, my pet!"

Like a fastball special, Dark Beast is claws, fur, and fangs flailing toward Mirage.

Mirage quickly determines that anyone standing and/or breathing is a potential enemy unless they prove otherwise. As the tree above her explodes into splinters she ducks and covers, dashing sideways to avoid the larger tree chunks that rain down from above. The words of the Goblin Queen are amble warning of what is to come but instad of trying to dodge the incoming man she braces for impact taking the opprotunity to slip into his mind and weaves the illusion of his greatest desire.

The Dark Beast lands and begins to stand in a daze while drooling. About him, at his feet, appear a field of enslaved mutants(mutates) that have all been altered beyond recognition. Though, also beneath his feet are Mr Sinister and Apocalypse who have been chained and bound. The Dark Beast himself is found triumphuant above all...

Havok rips the arrow out of his flank with a hiss of pain.

Storm has descended to just above the tree line and a fog rolls in to obscure 80% vision.

Madelyne Pryor disappears within the fog.

Mirage will hear the familiar voice of Colossus next to her, "Fear not, Danielle, the X-Men are here."

Jubilee's fireworks illuminate through the fog giving a pretty glowy yet hazy colorful show as she exclaims, "Take that, evil nasty bitch!"

The temperature drops the the creeking of ice is heard as Iceman slides by through the fog.

Then the sound of a fist smacking a jaw is heard as Rogue notes, "Darlin, ya came ta tha wrong address." as she smacks Madelyne who lets out a yell of disgust.

Madelyne exclaimes, "DON'T touch me!" and then something else happens as Mirage feels the resididual shockwave of a telekinetic blast which slams a camoflouged Rogue into the side of the building.

That isn't exactly a comforting thought, in her world the X-Men have become nothing more than a band of terrorists, lead by a mentally questionable Cyclops. In her role as SHIELD director she has had many altercations with them. The words of the Russian reminder her that this isn't the same X-Men she has dealt with so they are given the benefit of doubt.

Rocking back on her feet, steadying herself on the tree beside her, Mirage narrows her one good eye to try to pierce the fog, with Dark Beast locked in his illusion she ignores him. With the fog thick she can only make out sillohettes and she begins to move in the direction of Pryor's yelling.

Another telekinetic shockwave resonates through the trees and Colossus is seen standing next to Mirage, his massive hand offering to support the small of her back to prevent any unsteadyness.

Colossus states verbally as if he's speaking over a com or a telepathic link, "Psylock, Mirage and I are ready to act."

Admist the fog, the growls of the Dark Beast are once again heard as it could be suspected that Madelyne broke him from the psychic pleasures of global domination.

Then the fog bank is illuminated by another blast of white hot plasma giving various silouettes throughout with the utterance of a tremendious FOOOOOOOOOOM!.

While she isn't exactly sure what the X-Men have in mind to stop the evil Pryor and her minions, Mirage doubts she has time to ask, so she will just go with what she knows, shooting things, though that would be much easier without all this fog present. Hopefully part of the plan is to get rid of it. One hand tightens on her bow, the fingers on the other hand resting on the string, ready to quickly take aim and fire, despite the lack of arrow, once action is called for.

Colossus seems to have heard something in his mind and he says, "Mirage, stay close. We are to engage Havok - whom is not Havok, and take him down." He then starts moving into the dense fog.

Other sounds of continued battle are heard. And then something not quite human resonates through the trees, the sounds of demonic laughter and snarls.

"Take down Not-Havok. Got it." Mirage replies as she searches through the fog for her target, using the trajectory of his last plasma blast as a base guide. At the sounds of demonic laughter she feels a strange tingling across her skin, but nothing comes of it, this version of her having never went to Asgard or became a valkyrie. She chalks it up to the chill in the air and nerves. She follows Collosus toward thier goal, ready to fire at a moments notice.

Colossus counts quietly to Mirage as he notes the closing distance in meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, 15 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters. Then rushes forward and will engage. When within 3 meters, Mirage will be able to see Colossus grabbing Havok from behind. He turns Havok to face Mirage and Colossus says, "Subdue him!" leaving it up to Mirage to brainpain Havok.

A quite sigh escapes from Mirage, she is the director of SHIELD, she should be back in her office going over field reports and...strike that, being in the field is much better, the thought brings a grin to her face. She pauses when Colossus runs forward and puts Not-Havok in what is assumed a full-nelson. The bow comes up immediatly, the psychic arrow flaring to life on the nock and string, before flying unerringly to its target.

With Havok's arms bound, he doesn't get a chance to blast Mirage before he is arrowed and goes limp in Colossus' arms.

"Good work." Notes Colossus.

Other combative noises are heard throughout just before the wind starts to pick up and the fog begins to clear revealing downed enemies of the X-Men.

Yet, no sooner does the vision come clear than does some shift in space-time which finds the X-Men assembled standing alone devoid of Madelyne, Not-Havok, Dark Beast and the unseen demons.

Mirage begins to walk forward, her SHIELD uniform has no clip from the bow so it remains in hand, as the dimensional shift sweeps through the area, she staggers slightly and the Mirage from this world is back in place. She looks around perplexed a moment before the fuzzy memories of what just happened cross the forefront of her brain "Well at least I wasn't a six year old this time.

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