Attack of the Toys

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Attack of Toys

Volstagg, Ares, Richenda Grey, Mirage

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Midtown - New York

Robot madness continues outside a Toy Store and Radio Shack. Afterward Dani introduces Volstagg to Italian Food

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Midtown - New York ]

Midtown Manhattan is the single largest and busiest commercial district in the United States. The majority of the city's skyscrapers are located in these blocks, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, along with most of the city's hotels and not a few apartment towers. More than three million people work in this space; Fifth Avenue is here, with its famed shops, and so is everything from Grand Central to St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Daily Bugle to the Museum of Modern Art. This is how you get to Carnegie Hall.


Deciding something needs to be done about all the crazy things affecting Midgard and considering the Avengers kindly let Volstagg off the roster by suggesting all Asgardians were deciding not to join Earth's Mightiest Heros, the Lion of Asgard has taken up the mantle to get to the bottom of things. Assembling the Warriors Two - Midgards Deadliest Duo and calling upon the only Asgardian connection that has actually returned his call, Dani, Volstagg has brought together a group of adventurers to fathom the mysteries. While most probably came to stop the misadventures of the behometh, he is all the more thankful the team is willing to work on this crisis.

The call to assemble (one call to Dani for help, and Ares is out with Volstagg thinking they're on a bar crawl as they just came from Perry's after some libations) -- takes them to street level near Perry's bar, he greets Dani, and companion, as they arrive. "Hail yon mighty warriors, the Valliant Volstagg be thankful that thou hast answered the call," he claps his golden, gloved hands together ready for action, "Midgard be assailed by forces the likes she has not withstood and together shall we be valiant in our vigilence. I suspect treachery afoot of Earth's technological wonders and avast of mine great connections, I have learned the center of all technological intelligence be the most advances Shack of the Radio, henceforth we ride." He points down the street to a nearby Radio Shack.

Walking along beside Volstagg, Ares is for once bemused. There is something infectious in the great Asgardian's boisterous manner and it is good to have some connection to an individual who is such a positive influence upon those around him. Yet the look of bemusement is rueful, as if he barely begrudged himself this joviality.

"Are you certain it is truly automata that we hunt and not simply more bounty of midgard to sample?" The tall man walks beside the /large/ man, his stride even and thoughtful. Then he espies the other people and cocks an eyebrow.

Luckily for Volstagg Dani and friend were already in the city procurring much needed supplies for the rebuilding of the school. It only took a quick taxi ride to get to the meeting spot so here they are, "Volstagg...and friend" she greets them both, heartily as is the usual asgardian custom "We aren't raiding another Burger king are we?" she glances around to make sure none are nearby. Though when the explanation comes her brows go up "Radio Shack...really?

Procuring is one of the things Chenda's proven to be good at, so she's along to help Dani. Thus she's there when the unusual phone call comes in, and there's nothing for it but to go along. Not that Chenda minds too much.

She's climbing out of the cab behind Dani when she catches sight of the two men the valkyrie is greeting. The big fat guy is nobody she knows, though Dani seems to know his name. The other, on the other hand... "Lord Ares?" she asks, dark eyes widening in surprise.

With a mighty chuckle and much patting of backs, Volstagg nods his head to Ares in reply to the question. "I assure thee, bounty will be sampled, for Volstagg does but venture upon satiated innards," he wipes a joyful tear from his eye at the mirth all around, but shakes his head to Dani, as he continues speaking on the vast topic of food and drinks "Alas, there be naught a King of Burgers, this be but a ploy. Want not fair Valkyrie, good Ares assures Volstagg that Long John be true legend." For whatever that is worth.

While there is really no robot madness at the local Radio Shack, who's sign gleams in brilliant reds. It has partnered with a toyshop next to it, where they offer lots of tech toys and gadgets, from dancing AI robots, to robot dogs, and even flying drones that can fly around buildings and obstacles they detect with their own cameras. It is in this direction that Volstagg walks, assumig everyone is going to go. "Be fooled not yon Valkyrie, for it be but Shack in name, it is an establishment filled with awe and wonder," he comments on the trueness that is Radio Shack. Even as they walk, a crowd has gathered in the toy shop, applauding some new technological toy that is doing tricks. A radioshack guy is outside on street level, having helped get it running, alongside a guy from the toy shop.

Drawing up short beside Volstagg, Ares frowns as his eyes fall first upon Richenda, then in turn upon Dani. He gives a small nod in return for the greeting, but then looks towards Volstagg, "So you truly did create an assemblage of heroes, as it were." The tall man makes a small 'hnh' sound, then looks back towards Dani and says simply. "John Aaron, or Lord Ares. Either will do. I see you have been gathering other individuals of whom will most likely foot the bill at the end of the evening, am I correct Valiant?"

Glancing at Chenda then back at Ares when the young girl recognizes him Dani's eyes narrow at him "Well met." she replies to his introduction, though she doesn't look all that pleased to do so. She knows how to hold a grudge. She follows the two men toward the shops in question, scanning the crowd that surrounds the toys on display as well as those just passing by on the street. Dismissing Ares for the moment she responds to Volstagg "Long John? As in Silver, they fried seafood place. Gawds that stuff will stop a heart...Well maybe not yours, the hearts or mortals tremble at such sustanence.

Chenda stumbles under the huge Asgardian's backpat. "Um, hi!" she replies, managing a slightly nervous smile. "Chenda Gray. Nice to meet you, good sir." Clearly this one thinks with his stomach, but he seems likeable enough. She looks to Ares, meets that frown, and blushes, nodding her head politely. "The Shack of the Radio has some amazing stuff, but I don't know if it'd be much help in tracking down the robots that are causing so much trouble. At least not without a lot of help from a brilliant technical mind."

"Yon pleasure be mine fair Lady Gray," responds Volstagg, who then addresses the stopping of hearts with a mighty chuckles, "Thou be assured, Volstagg be not the Lion of Asgard without warrant, surely his heart be mighty enough to fair well with the Galiant Long John." A good excuse to enjoy fried fish and chicken to his hearts content.

As they near the toy display, there is a whoa of amazement from the crowd gathered to observe the event, as some toy does some trick while the clerks of both the toy shop and the glorious Radio Shack smirk like pompous jerks. Followed by another whoa from the crowd as the crowd backs up, then the Radio Shack guy lifts the remote control and presses a button maddly. Then a third whoa with some panick as people start to get away. That is about the time the black ninja robot toy flips over the crowd and brandishes is devilish plastic swords with menace. The crowd parts to reveal the wu-tang clan of robot ninja toys, newly arrived offering some level of AI interaction for kids to play with and teach it words or something. The toys seem to be attacking the crowd and on a mission to raise havok. "Avast," bellows Volstagg, "Yon problem meets us head on." He doesn't look ready to jump into a horde of robot ninja toys though.

Towards Mirage, Ares comments off-handedly. "Actually, their chicken is not that bad." Though once they move down the sidewalk further his attention is drawn towards the crowd of people. He lets Volstagg take point, as really any on-looker is most likely going to look at him first simply by the surface area being so much more prominent for the Asgardian hero.

Ares eyes the little robots, then looks back towards the Lion of Asgard. "I am not certain that these are the homunculi that the news reports have spoken of."

Dani backs up to make way for the fleeing crowd. She stares at the toys a moment and yes, she facepalms. The two things she has recently learned to detest...ninjas and robots...combined even! This is shaping up to be a very bad day for her. Thankfully though they are just toys and at this point pose minimal danger individually, though a swarm could be bad if they get out into the city. Not wanting to draw the minimal weapons she has yet, she takes to stomping on one that runs past her as it chases one of the audience members away.

Clearly unimpressed by the newest hot action toys from CONGLOMCO, Ares crinkles his nose and shakes his head. He /thumps/ Volstagg hard on the back companionably as if to give the great man a taste of his own medicine as he murmurs. "I think you and the children can handle this one. I will go and see about libations for your impending glorious victory against such challengers." Having said that, Ares turns and starts to walk across the street in typical New Yorker fashion, holding up a hand and making a token jog when the cars slow down just enough for him to get past.

"I'd be more worried about your arteries than your heart," Chenda quips, with a smile for the Lion of Asgard. "Maybe cut it with large helpings of coleslaw and corn?" She catches sight of the displays ahead. "Okay, these aren't so bad. Too expensive for me, but nice to watch." Privately, she wonders how much of a surrogate social life these toys will provide for overpriveleged kids. After all, if you've got enough of these little machines, who needs friends? And these don't talk back or disagree!

And then the toys start attacking people. The latest craze in toys is suddenly becoming dangerous. "Oh, that's not good. Robots /and/ ninjas... but they do only have plastic toy weapons!" Chenda dashes forward to catch up a toy wooden sword and shield from the toy aisle next to the Wu-Tang Ninjas display and enters the fray with a will! "Have at ye, foul churls!"

Indeed, while not dangerous, bruises leave marks and the toy ninjas are indeed deadly to the humans who don't wear super suits or have natural protections against plastic toy weapons. Even as Dani starts stomping straggling ninjas least they reak havok on the city and Chenda jumps into the fray with toy sword and shield, Volstagg stays his hand. "Thine small but mighty army be but the vanguard, Volstagg shall venture into the depths of the establishment to round up the main body." He steps into the toy store, leaving Chenda and Dani to deal with the plastic ninjas.

Once Chenda poses a real threat to them, they try to assemble to assault her. The make up a ninja formation, standing on each other's shoulders and moving to meet here - as if making up one body to duel the wooden sword, but spring out from each other in a chain reaction in an attempt to overwhelm her by numbers alone. The entire body doesn't commit to this spring loaded swarm assualt, and Dani holds back stopping those that would chase the pedestrians with her mighty foot of justice.

Chenda dashes forward as she sees that formation of ninjas stacking up, giving a shout and feinting with her wooden blade... then smashing right into the bunch with her shield foremost, sending most of the little monsters tumbling in different directions! Some stop moving once they come to rest, some don't. "Have to do better than that, you tiny terrors! Huz... uh-oh!" More are coming now, and they don't look happy. As they try to surround her and leap her way, she dashes and dodges, using her shield to ward off the tiny assailants that she can't avoid. Sometimes it comes in handy, being small and quick on your feet, especially when you can use the displays for cover from leaping attacks! Granted, the manager might not agree, especially since the robots aren't being kind to his store...

The battle continues in front of the toy store, waves of black ninja's taking on Chenda and Dani. Each one pushing them back for the time being. Then Volstagg exits the toy shop, bringing down some of the wall with him - as if making his own exit. As if surprised himself, "Aye, they be tricky demons yon homunculus swarm that assualts Midgard. One escapes me now," he suggests stepping towards an alley. Shortly after his breakout, wave 2 comes out, these ones having small wires and cables borrowed from Radio Shack. While the first wave tries to occupy Chenda and Dani, these ones come with cables, some using them like grappling hooks - hurling them at Chenda to try and bring her down while another cable group runs under foot, drawing a line between them to try and trip up the giant woman.

The first wave is thinning out, thanks to Dani's fast feet and Chenda's opportunistic attacks on leaping 'bots when they land. Between the two of them, they're stopping the escaping machines short of freedom.

But then things change. For one, the store suddenly lacks part of a wall, thanks to Volstagg. If she didn't have to spare so much concentration for fighting, Chenda might laugh in her amusement. "Careful, Volstagg! We want there to be a store left when we're done!" she teases, and turns back to her fight.

Only now there are more 'bots again, and this time they're changing tactics! Aside from dodging, she can't do a lot to counter those grappling hooks, which snag on her tee and slow her down. But the trip-up group gets a surprise when they dash for her ankles! A well-timed and forceful kick right to the cable they're holding onto so tightly catches them off-guard and sends them tumbling their own ways, landing in heaps! "Nice try, but not nice enough!"

With trip troop tripped up, the grappling gurus try to press their advantage, a few more join the tangle with some others grabbing the trip line to join in on bringing Chenda down. A few go in through the hole left by Volstagg as if to regroup. There are less straggles trying to menace the city now as they are coming back to deal with the dynamic threat of Chenda and Dani. A few of the grappling ninjas start to go for Dani too.

With her stomping and kicking at the toys, Dani looks like she is going more of a native american pow-wow dance then actually trying to defeat the toys but is is working for the time being so she keeps it up. When the second waves comes, with thier grapples and hooks she is glad she choose to wear her uniform on today's outing. It will protect her from the points of the hooks and possibly prevent them (the grappling hooks) from gaining purchase. If not well a bowie knife appears in each hand from her boots and she moves toward Chenda to hand the young girl one, should she need to cut herself loose.

Chenda is proving to be a tough takedown, if only by dint of size and quick hands. She's wearing regular clothes, so the little horrors are having a much easier time catching their grapnels on her outfit. She manages to get her right arm free, dropping her toy sword to reach for Dani's offered knife. "Thanks!" She swings the thing in a quick arc, severing most of the grapple lines on her left arm and shoulder.

Still, she took too long to get free. The all-new trip troop is finding her too heavy to deal with, but the grapple group is having an easier time catching onto her lower body. A bunch leap from atop displays, trying to pull her off balance and to the floor with their weight. Chenda's sense of balance keeps her up, but the combined weight of the 'bots does bring /something/ down. The gypsy girl gives a startled yelp as her jeans are pulled to the floor. "Hey! That's fighting dirty!"

The knife might prove usefull to Chenda, except in the retrieval of pants of course. Even then, realizing the giant outweighs them no matter how many hooks they get on, the decide to unleash the dogs of war. A swarm of flying remote controlled devices piloted by robot ninjas comes from the building, about 10 all told, a mix of helicopters and planes from both the toy shop and Radio Shack. Some carry grappling hooks of their own, while others have picked up little objects with which to hurl down at the fighting women. When Chenda comments about dirty fighting, there is a ninja snicker that sounds like an old Donky Kong video game - or maybe that's imagined in the chaos of robot ninja army v1.3.

Using the knife in her hand to sweep the ones that have managed to climb up via the laces on her boots Dani stomps on those into spare parts and moves to help Chenda free herself from the ones attempting to climb her. The pants falling does have one advantage, it makes those that were on that peice of clothing go tumbling away where they can be stepped on. She lifts her head at the whip,whip,whip of toy choppers and whir of RC vehicles. As the RC air strike flys around them she wishes she had a net at hand...which makes her think that maybe the toy store has an educational toy section which could have bug catching kits, which would have nets in them, so waving her hands at the planes/choppers she scans the outdoor displays for those or anything else she could use in similar fashion.

"Uff! Thanks, Dani," Chenda says quickly, sweeping away a pesky 'bot climbing onto her shoulder and another that's doing its best to get to her neck. With her hands too full to completely salvage her wardrobe, she toes off her shoes expertly and steps out of her fallen jeans. Continuing the fight in her black, white-striped high-cut briefs is embarrassing, but at least she can move again!

She looks up just in time to see the airborne horde of ninjas coming their way. "The choppers are easy to overbalance! It just takes a tap in the right place!" She drops her shield, snatches up her discarded wooden sword, and tosses it to Dani. "Use this!"

There are indeed nets to use, the robot ninjas haven't figured out that plan, if Dani can grab one and, indeed, use Chenda's idea of unbalancing the remote controlled toys, the air patrol will be easy to deal with. At about the time that the robot horde seems to be under wraps, the flying ninjas being rounded up or exterminated and a few stragglers is when the sound of an oncoming bus is heard. Clearly through the large front window it looks like two grappling hook ninjas are steering the device, which means one or two more are most likely pushing the pedal - the one that makes it go. They haven't figured out stop or don't care to figure that one out. As it heads for the toystore, there is the sound of ripping metal just the same and as the bus nears, Volstagg drops from the 'sky' - comingout of the alley, his large weight falling on the bus, only to be followed by the fire escape he was climbing. He unceremoniously lands on the front of the bus with his rear end, squashing the heavy battering ram and taking out its ninja pilots.

Wooden sword in her main hand and net in the other Dani swings them around, thankfully in this case little skill is needed and a plane is either knocked away or netted as they fly around the two girls. She tries to stay back to back with Chenda, though at times that is hard with the way the planes and choppers are strafing.

Swinging the sword Dani takes down a toy RC helicopter, nearly breaking the thing in two, wincing as a rubber bouncy ball, the ninja's throw at them, is pinged off her forehead. She'll have a nice bruise from that one. She doesn't have time though to nurse superficial wounds, which she has several, stomping on plastic toys, especially with thin soled boots on doesn't feel good. She swings the net turning to see the toy driven bus barrelling toward them and the store. She calls out a warning to Chenda as she dives to the side to avoid getting hit. Thanks to the hefty mass of Volstagg and fire escape he brought down even if she wasn't quick enough she is still safe from being run over.

With Dani's knife in one hand, Chenda hurls a power-seed at a flock of incoming helicopters, scattering them like leaves in a blast of wind and sending hapless toys flying! It's the best way to guard Dani's back that she knows of. She's taking her share of small bruises and scrapes, especially from an RC car that tries to run up her bare shin. She flips it aside with her foot and keeps fighting.

And then Dani shouts a warning, just in time to alert the gypsy girl to the sound of an oncoming bus! She'll never get out of the way in time! Chenda stands frozen, dark eyes growing every wider with horror as the thing barrels closer and closer...

And then, WHAM!!! Volstagg lands on the front of the bus like an Asgardian anvil from heaven, smashing it and its robot drivers flat! Chenda breathes a sigh of relief as the bus stops nearly in its tracks, halted by the massive warrior. "Remind me never to buy you a Diet Coke," she says, unable to resist teasing the huge man. "I think that's the last of them... do you see any more?"

Struggling to climb out, simply because of his weight and using his own hands as the jaws of life really, Volstagg is about to say something rather heroic despite not having done much by try to get away. Though he turns beet red when he notices Chenda who is talking about Diet Cokes and noticing anymore. Fist coughing into a golden mauled (gloved) fist he looks away for the moment. "Not a one mentions this scenario to Hildegund," he says in a quiet whisper towards Dani. Then, hopefully Chenda remembers her pants were taken by a few plastic ninjas, and Volstagg makes to grab one. "Fortuitous was our venture mighty warriors," minus one Ares who took a moment to sequistor libations for the truimphant heros, "For now we have one of the ensorcled homunculi, be it not the larger variety good Ares thought was our pray. We may indeed fathom the depths of this mystery to learn the magics at foot here says I." He holds up the plastic toy ninja in triumph.

If she thought she would be on any assistance Dani would be trying help Volstagg up, but doubts even with rope and Brightwind pulling, were he around, their combined forces would be unable to free the heft of the asgardian diety from the remains of the broken bus. "Chenda pants." she whispers to the girl, who grabs her pants and darts into the store to get them on in privacy. Dani then steps forward in case there is someway she can be useful in his gaining freedom.

Making a zipping of the lip gesture she nods "Not a word from me." but that could be just out of fear of shooting the messenger on Hildegund's part. Reaching out she brushes glass from Volstagg's arm and shoulder and eyes the toy in his hand "And what do you intend to do with your prisoner?

Holding out the defeated toy, its innards probably showing, Volstagg exclaims, rather loudly and not secretively. "Yon technological wizards of the Shack of Radio shall weave their magics upon golem hither, and our party shall hence learn the secrets of the assault on Midgard that we may end the siege and rescue Midgard." Its a simple plan destined to work. While not openly so, he is quite thankful for the help with clearing off the rubble from the bus. "Our tells shall join the annals of Earth's Mighteist Warriors, our songs sung in the halls of Long John for many generations to come."

Dani looks from the broken toy to the Radio Shack that probably is void of employees at the moment, given the toy robot attach that just occured. "I don't know how much help they are going to be." she cants her head thoughfully, "Maybe you could take it to the Avengers or Mr. Fantastic. They will probably be more helpful at determining a cause than minimim wage cell phone jockeys."

Were it not for the toy sword and net still in her hand Dani would be faceplaming again, "I think this is one battle I would rather not have my name involved in." but she knows that isn't going to happen. Not with everyone having cell phone cameras, not to mention the traffic and store cameras. This is going to be all over the evening news and she probably will never live it down,

"Thy genius that thoust be Dani," grins Volstagg at this thought, holding up the too as if to show the heavens. "Surely the Avengers will help me to learn the source of these magics that ensnare Midgard." He is about to give Dani a Volstagg back pat, but pauses mid pat, "Avast, who be this Mr. Fantastic. Surely another of earth's legends that cometh with many a fine feast hall showing his fine name and offering many small chests with colorful trinkets and sliced potatoes for the small folk to enjoy?"

"Mr. Fantastic has nothing to do with food. He is the leader of one of Midgard's hero teams. The Fantastic Four. He is off the charts intelligent too." Dani takes a step forward when the arm comes up for the obligatory pat, using the need to put the toys in her hands away to avoid being knocked to her knees. When the arm stops she stifles a sigh of releif, dropping the sword and net in one of the few toy store bins that weren't toppled over. "You know Volstagg," she turns back to him stepping forward to put an arm around the vast god's shoulder, which really isn't so much as around as it would be with a normal sized person, "I think it is about time someone introduced you to Italian food.

At the point of fathoming his own intelligence because he will proceed to tell Mr. Fantastic that he should open his own food service industry based on Volstagg's own understand that earth's legendary figures open up eateries to feed the masses, he is caught at the arm on his shoulder and consideration of food. "Italian food," he ponders, strocking the golden organe locks of his beard then. "This be something I have yet to try. For my journey's have only taken me to the many feast halls across midgard dedicated to hero's. Save for Marrekesh, a fine feast hall introduced to me by Ares." A warm smile on my face, "Tell me good Dani, doest Italian food halls come with ladies dancing for our entertaining pleasure?" Leaves one to wonder where Ares has mislead Volstagg.

Deciding that explaining to Volstagg why Mr. Fantastic probably would have no interest in opening restaurant or other food eatery is a lost cause, Dani instead gestures in a southerly direction "No dancing least not at the ones I know about. Little Italy is in that direction. There are quite a few that on different nights have all you can eat pasta, and/or pizza." that is until Volstagg has been there. He's enough to make the most prosperous/generous restaurant change thier policies.

Looking at the ground, Volstagg seems reticent about this food venture, "Little Italy sayest though?" Stepping carefully, which isn't easy for him, he heads in a southerly direction, "Be it filled with little people? Amazing, but I suppose the universe provides a true alternate to giants. What sort of food should I expect from these Italian's of Little Italy? I think not their little food can stay the hunger of the Mighty Volstagg, all I can eat else otherwise Dani."

Dani stifles laughter at his misunderstanding as she steps over broken toys and RC vehicles to guide the asgardian in the right direction, "It's just a name Volstagg, they aren't actually little. In fact some of the men are big enough to be mistaken for your own kin, where it not for the darker hair and complexion." she pats his arm "Trust me. The food is supurb. Pastas with thick sauces, dough smothered with meats and melted cheeses." she herself is getting hungry just thinking about the foods that can be gotten in Little Italy.

With Dani at least understanding him and indeed stifling the laughter, Volstagg grins over his own confusion. "Just a name thou sayest, just a name," he lets the sentiment echo over the importance of names in his opinion because thick suace, dough smothered with meat, melted cheese, all these ring in his ears and reverbarate in his stomach. Smacking his lips, "So be it, these not so little Little Italians shall meet the likes of Volstagg who will accept their all thy can eat challenge, which Volstagg will surely win. Lead us on this venture Dani, least my stomach protest further delays." He clasps his large hand on Dani's back so that they walk with arm to shoulder of each other, off into the sun set of Little Italy.

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