Attack of the Klaw

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Ares, Ant Man, Bride of Nine Spiders, Arachne, NPC: Klaw

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Lower Manhattan

The Klaw is in New York and attacks.

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-----[ Lower Manhattan - New York ]-----

When most people think of Downtown Manhattan, this is what they're thinking of. Skyscrapers block the sun, turning the streets into the familiar glass- and steel-walled canyons. The Financial District serves as a magnet for daytime traders and office workers; the buildings of Battery Park City are a twenty-to-forty-story sea of orange brick. Battery Park itself, named after the artillery sited there during the Revolutionary War, provides an expanse of green right down to the shoreline from which the Statue of Liberty can be seen.

Lower Manhattan is dense with landmarks and significant buildings; among them are Federal Hall, the fort and national monument Castle Clinton, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the ferries to the aforementioned Statue and Ellis Island.

Additionally this area is home to the financial district of New York City. <see +view>.


It's late afternoon and all is well in the city of New York..or as well as it ever is. The heat wave that has plagued the northeast the past few days has finally broken. The result, wet streets from this mornings thunderstorms. The rain is over now though and with it cooler temps.

Cars and taxis speed hurriedly by on there way to other parts of the city. Foot traffic is light due to the amount of construction in this part of town, and mostly consist of tourists and those that work and live in the area.

With so much construction going on across the city, there's plenty of work to be had for someone in that particular field. It just so happens that today on this particular corner in downtown Manhattan that the God of War, Ares, finds himself. Though naturally he is not going under such a title today, he finds much more success finding paying work under the name of John Aaron, or even at times Aaron Deus. Today, though, with the rain and all his expertise is a bit moot with the ground being so muddy in the area. So what did the foreman ask him to do? Ride shotgun in the mixing truck as safety regs require. Definitely not a task for the God of War.

"And so he goes up the side of the wall, tries ta make the catch, totally flubs it. I swear, the Yankees are just half-assin' it these days." The man sitting beside Ares in the cab of that heavy vehicle seems happy to chatter away, content with his captive audience. "You know what I mean? Sometimes you can just tell when someone's heart ain't in it, right buddy?"

To which Ares replies in his growling gravelly voice. "Right." None too pleased.

Indeed, with all the construction, Scott is actually busy. When new projects begin, there is the completely ignored world of the insect and many are displaced. He doesn't kid himself that anyone will enviromentally protect the dirt between sidewalk cracks when construction crews come to tear up the sidewalk. Instead he just shows up to direct his friends to a new home, using his insect network to find suitable habitat with a food source. In this case, there is lucky a candy shop a block away and there is a file of displaced ants (trail of tears?) making their way in that direction.

The ants have more to worry about than construction, it seems. By the hundreds... the THOUSANDS... the ants are in a panic. Moving to defend their homes and their eggs and their queen. The reason? Spiders. Hundreds of them, of all different species, have moved into the area. They are devouring every insect they can find. Hunting. Trapping. Webbing. The construction workers have noticed them as well. Spiders all over the girders, spinning webs and catching flies. Getting into lunchboxes. Landing on shoulders. Freaking out the manly men working the high steel.

And so it goes, cement is mixed and burly construction workers deal with an influx of spiders, must be the crazy weather making them act wierd. Ants go marching and fleeing from the same spiders but all that is forgotten and the loud BOOM!, that cracks through the air above. Glass from windows rain down as they shatter in the upper floors of nearby buildings, as do spiders as the force of the sonic blast flings them from buildings. They aren't the only spider that is being flung from building though, the blast sends a black and white clad woman, falling from a building, webbing flies from her hand as she throws it out and adheres to a building to stop her fall.

"And let's not even talk about the Giants, those bunch of slackers've..." The man sitting in the cement mixer trails off as a large black spider actually 'chitters' faintly as it climbs slowly upon his shoulder. His eyes go wide and his words shift off from something intelligble to something akin to, 'YAAAH!' as his eyes widen and he draws back slamming the back of his head against the door window.

"It is a spider." Ares says, even as he reaches over and squishes this particular small one between two fingers, giving the freaked out man a glowering eyeballing before he looks away still annoyed.

That's when the first explosion sounds, the glass tinkling down from on high to shatter upon the street and part of the construction site. Men are sent running hither and yon, voices lifted crying out and not a few screams. It's a scene of chaos as motion breaks out. Some folks start to run for cover, some take off.

Yet one of the few areas of calm seems to be around the passenger side door of that cement mixer as John Aaron steps out of it, casting his gaze upwards and focusing upon Arachne's form. He closes the door with a thump.

Spiders eat ants, ants eat spiders - wasps mix things up, and the bug world is bug eat bug as usual. Save for the inordinate amount of spiders afflecting their terror on the insect world and perhaps altering the ecology of the unseen world by arriving in such large numbers to this area. As much as Scott would like to speak with his friends more about this disturbance in the force, out of curiousity if not more, there is a boom and glass flying. With a command to soldier ants to withdraw their colonies from dealing with the spider horde, for safety and continuation of their colonies, he takes his present mount, a flying ant, and turns it upwards towards the spider-esque woman. Flying away from ground level, he goes to investigate the same. Holding back to observe what might really be happening.

"Interesting." High atop the roof of a building, Bride of Nine Spiders hears the explosion and shattering of glass, even above the noise of construction. She leans forward and peers down. Another woman mated to the web of life, it seems. "Je je je je je." How very interesting. Bride cannot cling to walls like Arachne. So, instead, she takes a flying jump and leaps to the nearby construction. Then she begins a series of jumps, moving from level to level until she's more or less eye to eye with the situation.

Those looking up will see a tall man dressed in a form fitting red bodysuit. Where his right hand should be is a large cylinder with a barrel like protrubence coming from it. He stands on a buildings ledge looking down the prosthetic at the end of his arm aimed down at Arachne. Seeing the man on the flying ant coming at him though he changes his target and fires a sonic blast from the device at AntMan. Anyone familiar with the various enemies of the Avengers may recognize his as Klaw.

During this Arachne has taken the webbing and uses it to fling herself upward, flipping though the air gracefully to land on the buildings ledge opposite from Klaw. She looks down onto the street below when Klaw seems to blast someone else besides her.

"Get out of the truck." Ares says, his tone terribly neutral.

"Hnh, wha? Why?" The construction worker leans to the side towards the passenger side, peeking out of the window and down at the deity.

With his gaze levelled upwards, Ares doesn't glance away from the sight of this Klaw person. His nose crinkles slightly, though he replies to the man who was so recently sitting beside him. "Because I am thinking about throwing this truck at him."

"You wha?!" Though the man doesn't move from the seat in the vehicle. That is until he feels the large mixer start to rock and shift under him as Ares starts to pick it up by the side.

Dropping out of it, the construction worker beats feet rapidly, calling over his shoulder. "Yer crazy!" At least he was warned though, clearly Ares is turning over a new leaf.

One good way to drive an ant crazy is to mess with wavelengths, not simply to consider the basis of Klaw, but that a sonic force has been fired at Ant Man and his present company. He does what best he can think, he leaps from the ant, suggesting the ant go in an opposite direction. His plan, to split attention and hopefuly avoid the sonic force by creating two targets moving in independent directions. They can meet up and regroup once they are safe, or he'll have to call another flying ant to save his small arse before he splatters.

Now, isn't this interesting. A man made of a form of chi instead of flesh. A woman connected to the web of life. Down below, an immortal walking among mortals. And... prey. A man smelling of prey but still a man. Bride of Nine Spiders leaps into the air and moves into a fast dive position, her arms at her sides, her legs behind her. Head first to the ground. Quickly, she catches up with Ant-Man and snatches him from the air. "Hold on, Ant." Bride shouts as she twists her body in order to snag the ever conviencent flagpole with her free hand. She spins around and then launches upwards, feet to the sky.

As the sonic blast reverberates through the air and Antman dives from his mount, Arachne is throwing another web toward Klaw, or rather the contraption that he has on his arm and pulls with a hard jerk.

AntMan avoids most of the sonic blast with his maneuver though he is on his on when it comes to the Bride.

Klaw is caught of guard by the sudden jerking motion and he looses his balance, falling off the ledge. By then Arachne has dissapated the webbing so Klaw freefalls until he lands in the muddy construction site with a splat, making him easier to get to for those below.

Watching all of this transpire, Ares has managed to hoist the cement mixer above his head, the wheels of the construction vehicle spinning helplessly making it seem almost like some forlorn animal. His eyes follow the course of Klaw as the man in red jerks, twists, falls, and then lands with a /SPLAT/ in the mud of the construction site.

A few steps are taken as Ares closes the distance, then he draws the heavy vehicle back. "Stay down." And as he says this he brings the mixer forward, large muscles tensing as he tries to _SLAM_ the heavy vehicle right onto the creature made of sound, shattering the great thing into the ground and splitting its hopper open like an eggshell, wet cement sloshing out all over the place onto the mud, terribly icky.

Being caught by the spider is probably not the ants best position. Alone amongst the horder when an ant doesn't stand a chance save for in numbers. Still, she saved his life, somewhere in the sonic blast that nearly killed him, his ant wasn't so lucky. "You," he questions, partially curious, partially accusing ... still she saved his life all the same. "Same team then ... if the spiders are yours, call them away from the construction site, some ants might help." But they won't go near the army of darkness that are the spider invasion. He doesn't know the real plan of Ares either, but offers his first thoughts to the lady that caught him. And regardless, he's with her until he gets to the ground safely.

Bride glance upside down, toward the ground where heavy construction equipment is being utilized as a battering ram. "Je je je je je." She hisses her laughter. Then, she and the Ant-Man are on the falling again. This time, however, it is a controlled fall. Mimicing Hong Kong action movies, Bride begins running down the side of the building. No wallcrawling here. Just martial arts madness. When she's only a fifty feet up she leaps, grabs hold of a streetlight, and spirals down to the ground. Then Ant-Man is released.

The sudden stop at the end of the fall was of no consequence to Klaw and as he gets to his feet he is suddenly down again as he is smashed under the heavy weight of a cement mixer, add the goopy cement that is oozing out and under the construction vehicle, well Klaw won't be coming out from under that soon. There will be plenty of time for the authorties to be called so they can take the guy into custody.

With the villian dealt with sufficiently, Arachne disappears onto the rooftop, after giving a wave of thanks to those below for the help.

Leaving the cement mixer there standing on end atop of where Klaw was, Ares takes a step back and ever so typically dusts his hands off as if that was that. He glances back over his shoulder up in the direction of where Arachne was, cocking an eyebrow at the wave and then the departure. He looks the other way at the flickering fleeting silhouette of what could only be the Bride. He barely realizes what all has happened most likely.

Of course that's the moment when the foreman peeks out from his office, looking with wide-eyed wonderment in the direction of Ares from behind the cover of the window and his clipboard.

John Aaron cocks an eyebrow and asks, "Let me guess. I'm fired."

The foreman's head bobs up and down quickly, but then he drops out of sight.

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