At The Bookstore

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Aurora, Scarlet Witch, Ambrose

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11/22/12 9:39

November 22, 2012, 9:39 PM

Jeanne-Marie goes to a bookstore where she runs into Wanda and Ambrose

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Jeanne-Marie is a bit out of her usual realm of interest, as she browses this Greenwich Village book store. Rather than the holy books section she usually keeps to, she has today drifted towards the aisle that is usually held as blasphemous to her. The Mystic section. In particular, she's browsing books about demonology and protection from demons.

The door bell jingles as a tattered man enters. Inhaling the collected musky scent of book glue, bug dust and human skin cells, he paused there, svouring the sensation within this place. Finally he started towards the aisles, not familiar with the outlay of this store as he comes around the corner into the aisle Jeanne was in.

Wanda is already present, going through the 'mystical' section, and... for the most part, snorting somewhat derisively as she sees some of them. Occasionally she hmms thoughtfully and seems to pull a book out slightly, as if noting it for later or something. For the most part though, she seems rather scornful of the selection here.

When Wanda seem to scoff at some of the books in the section, Jeanne-Marie turns to look at her rather curiously, as she cautiously asks, "are you...familiar wit' zis topic?" Doesn't take a genius to note Jeanne-Marie is uncomfortable being in the section, let alone actually talking to someone about the topic.

"What? No, I wandered through the first aisle I sa- oh! you meant HER, not me." the not-all-present Ambrose stated irritably over his back, although it turned to apologetic tones as he had half turned and saw Jeanne-Marie looking at Wanda instead of himself.

Wanda glances over at Jeanne-Marie, and gives her a smile, "Oh, hello! I suppose you could say I'm a bit..." She pauses, and looks curiously at Jeanne-Marie, recognizing her as Aurora, but then she looks a little confused, "Um, yes, I know quite a bit about the occult, you could say. Did you need help with something?" She does, however, arch a brow at Ambrose for the interjection, tilting her head over in his direction.

Jeanne-Marie turns her head to look quizzically at Ambrose, wondering why he was answering, before the confusion is made clear. She offers a polite smile, and murmurs, "I did not mean to confuze you, I was jus' askin' zee lady..." Jeanne-Marie nods with her head in the direction of Wanda, who clearly was also looking at books in the Mystic section. Jeanne-Marie does look strikingly like Aurora, as Wanda gives her a closer look, only she speaks with a thick French-Canadian accent, and her manner of dress is rather puritan compared to how Aurora dresses. Other than that, she may well be the same woman if not a twin. "I am tryin' to find a book zat best describe 'ow to protaict onesailf from demons."

Nodding politely to the reassurance, Ambrose was about to step away when he heard the question. A pause, a blink and his lip curled up for a brief second derisively before stopping again, and returning to a thoughtful expression "Hrm... A good question indeed." he admits, inserting himself back into the conversation balatantly.

Wanda blinks, then looks at Jeanne-Marie, "Oh, you're... being serious. Well, that isn't a common problem. What demons are plaguing you, miss?" She hms, "I mean, faith and a cross would be sufficient for most, as demons tend not to harm those on this plane without invitation." And we'll kindly ignore the Inferno incident a few years ago... probably for the best.

"You been troubled by demons?" Jeanne-Marie asks Ambrose with a surprised look on her face, she knows demons are shameless enough that they would haunt anyone. It's just a pity when they go after children, they are so much more easily corrupt. Jeanne-Marie does look serious as she keeps her gaze on Wanda, waiting to see if she has any advise on the matter. "I'm zorry to bot'er, you jus' seemed like you know zis topic well." Jeanne-Marie is equipped with a cross like a pro, so she shouldn't have any problems, but still she wonders. "Oui, zat is w'at I thoug't myself. But I 'ave seen one demon zat was not afraid...a bold one."

"What? No, not personally. At one point though I would have laughed at the idea of them even existing. Now? " a shrug "Well, things have changed. I have seen and observed things that made me decide that such creatures or something like them, can indeed exist." he explains

Wanda frowns a little, "Oh, really? How does it tend to manifest? Do you actually see it, or...?" She shakes her head, "And there is no bother, miss. If you are in trouble, I would want to help you."

"I am vairy glad to 'ear zat," Jeanne-Marie says to Ambrose, smiling at the realization it was mere curiosity on the man's part. "Try not to 'appen by zem, t'ey are dangerous." Looking back at Wanda, Jeanne-Marie seems quite hesitant to share any more, "if you can...maybe point me to a book zat really 'elps? I need to study more on zis subject"

"Oh believe me if I saw anything that looked demonic, I would be going the other direction." promised the greying man. Ambrose then glances at his bare wrist, and blinks "Err, excuse me though I need to get what I came for and depart. Ladies." he tips his hat, turning to leave.

Wanda looks at the books on the shelf, then shakes her head a bit, "Really, if you are being troubled by a demon, I don't know if any of the books here would really help that much. But I know a bit about the subject, so I could maybe assist you..."

Jeanne-Marie waves a parting towards Ambrose, and then turns her full attention to Wanda. "You t'ink none of zese books 'elps?" Jeanne-Marie looks a bit disappointed to hear that, sighing, as she murmurs, "I am pretty sure I saw a demon in zee Church, while I was praying..."

Wanda considers a few moments, "Well, if you saw a /real/ demon..." She smiles a bit, "Why don't I come with you, and get an idea as to what exactly this is?"

"Errr," Jeanne-Marie seems more then a little hesitant when Wanda offers to come with her, cause her to rethink the consultation, before she timidly quips, "maybe next time...I, I really have to go," and just like that she hurries out of the store. Perhaps it's not Aurora after all.

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