Assault on Neverland

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Beta Ray Bill, Sunpyre, Box, The Director, Persuasion, Mentallo, Sabretooth,

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IC Date:

Neverland, Canada

Synposis of events that led up to and occured during the Neveraland assault

Social or Plot:


Everyone knows that Gypsy Moth was ejected from X-Factor weeks ago. She then returned to try and steal the borrowed Avengers Quinjet and was captured by Havok, arrested, and then turned into the authorities (X-Factor Organization).

Weeks after, the Moth was able to get a message back to the team listing that she was in a prison. It was soon revealed that Havok had planned the entire event.

Suspecting corruption within the X-Factor Organization (not X-Factor team but the government agency), Havok staged Gypsy Moth's arrest and subsequent handoff to XFO to be processed. He was determined to discover why many of the mutants they had arrested were showing up as mercenaries - especially Sabretooth who worked for XFO as a member of a beta-team that performed subversive missions of assassination and information management.

Working with Beta-Ray-Bill, X-Factor went north to the mutant concentration camp designated Neverland and staged an assault. In doing this, they freed hundreds of mutants and Gypsy Moth herself.

Ex Neverland Mutants – Most of the captive mutants have disappeared back into society. Those that were Morlocks have returned back to the underground tubes beneath the streets of New York. Some mutants had been brainwashed by the Director and were made to work for him. Mentallo, Persuasion, Box, Domino, Cecilia Reyes, Sienna Blaze, Wildchild, Marrow, Washout, Sabretooth, Sauron, Msmero, and many others were utilized as field agents. They too were released from the mental manipulation and are back on the streets.

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