Asking A Witch About A Devil

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Firestar, Scarlet Witch

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11/22/12 11:11

Avengers Mansion

Firestar goes to see Scarlet Witch for advise about dealing with Daimon Hellstrom

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After having made a phone call to the Avengers, asking for a private meeting with the Scarlet Witch, Firestar shows up on time. Walking into the conference room, she waves sheepishly at the Scarlet Witch, always feeling a bit smaller around the Avengers, what with the New Warriors being considered the kids and everything in comparison. "Thanks for taking the time to see me."

Scarlet Witch smiles over at Firestar, looking rather relaxed even though she's in her costume right now, "hello Firestar, and it's no problem at all. How are things with the New Warriors?" She rises from her chair, gesturing to the seat across from her at the table.

"Not bad, been a while since we failed at I think we're getting our groove, Night Thrasher is as serious as ever...but we're doing well. Yishi has been a very good addition to the team, she's a sweet girl." Firestar moves to the chair across from Scarlet Witch and sits down, leaning her hands on the table, as she looks a bit more grave before she speaks, "have you ever heard of a Daimon Hellstrom? Professes himself to be the son of the devil?"

Scarlet Witch leans back in her chair, taking her seat once again, "Well, that's good. I know it can be rough to start a new team. There were quite a few skeptics when the Avengers were just Cap, myself, my brother, and Hawkeye." She smiles warmly at Firestar, but grows a bit more serious as she mentions, "Daimon, yes. That is what he professes... I have not dealt with him much, personally, though Agatha mentioned him from time to time."

"Oh is it ever, you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that," Firestar grins, albeit her manner of recruiting to the New Warriors wasn't as nice as it could have been. "That's terrific! Is he really the son of Satan? Is he really a demon? Is there anything that can be used against him?" For a rather good, wholesome girl, Firestar sure seems keen to find away to ward if not hurt Daimon.

Wanda pauses, then looks curiously at Firestar, "Is he... well, what exactly is he doing?" She doesn't seem to elaborate a bit, leaning back in her chair again to regard Firestar carefully.

Tapping her fingers nervously against the table, Firestar looks thoughtful for a moment, before eventually shooting out, "Daimon crossed a major line with me...I want to be able to protect myself from him."

Wanda blinks a bit in surprise, "That seems a little... out of character, for him. What exactly happened?" She leans forward, steepling her fingers on the table in front of her.

"I saw him attack a man, so I intervened," Firestar begins, before slowing down to elaborate, "turned out that 'man' was actually a I was in over my head, I get it...but then, Daimon, he was rude."

Wanda hrms, "Well, define 'rude'... I mean, honestly, most mystical heroes aren't taken that seriously by the rest of the hero community at large, so quite often misunderstandings can occur." She looks less interested in smacking down Daimon than trying to just work things out.

"He...touched me," Firestar becomes a bit more quiet, and also more somber, "and when I pushed him away, he said he promises that he will kiss me. But it wasn't flirting, he was menacing...I'm not real comfortable with magic, I don't know what he can or can't do....but I need to be able to protect myself from him."

Wanda frowns at that, "Well, that is decidedly... inappropriate, to say the least." She gives Firestar a wry look, "Frankly, I'd try and cook him a bit with your powers, that'd be the easiest thing to do. As far as Daimon himself, well, I'll have a /word/ with him to be a bit more polite. And if he tries that with me, I might just turn him into a toad."

"I thought so," Firestar nods at Wanda's words as she agrees with her, and she smiles a bit at Wanda's suggestion, "I guess I could give him a taste of how dangerous I can be." That final reassurance from Scarlet Witch that she will have a word with him, does seem to really make Firestar feel that much better. Her smile is back. "Really? You would do that for me? Thank you! I really appreciate it...I don't really have any experience dealing with his sort. I was really nervous."

Scarlet Witch laughs softly, "The first rule of mystics... more often than not, they can't stand up to a powerful hero, or heroine, with their natural powers." She grins at Firestar, "Especially when it's a power like yours. But I'll make sure he understands in no uncertain terms that certain conduct is /not/ appropriate."

"You really made me feel a whole lot better, Scarlet Witch, I gotta say...he looks intimidating, and hearing he was the son of the devil, that kinda paralyzed me for a bit. I should have fried him when he first got too close," Firestar at least has the notion she can handle him now, and hopes that with Scarlet Witch's help, she may not even need to do that. "Thank you for your help," Firestar gets up, "I guess I should head back to Warrior Central, but if you ever need anything from me, just let me know."

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