Asgardian War Poodle Sitting

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Poodle Sitting

Mirage, Unamed Valkyrie and Sunspot

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Harry's Hideway - Salem, NY

Dani is asked to dog sit by one of her Valkyrie Sisters

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[ Harry's Hideaway - Salem Center ]

Harry's Bar can best be described as comfortable. The furnishings, mostly darkly stained wood, are old and scratched. The leather seats are worn and cracking in places. Despite the worn appearance, the proprietor keeps the place relatively clean. The back corner is devoted to a dart board and pool table, while booths spread along the other walls. Tables take up the middle of the room, while a long bar stretches along the left wall. Bar stools cozy up next to it, while the traditional array of bottles and mirrors take up the wall behind the bar. An old jukebox is squeezed in between two booths by the bar.


Just another night at Harry's, right? That is, until Bobby DeCosta goes crashing through the door and hits the floor, bounces a few times, and comes to a halt.

"What a woman..." Bobby manages to say in a dazed voice.

The woman in question, a six foot five blonde who could easily be a Nordic supermodel, dressed in armor and bristling with weapons, steps into the bar. A wicker basket is held in one hand. This isn't Brunnhilde but it will be easy to identify her as one of the legendary valkyries.

Considering recent events both global and those closer to home it is no surprise to see that Dani is at the bar. She usual is when she needs to get away from the stress of hero life. She sits at the bar sipping a beer and finishig what could be a late supper when her former team mate falls through the door.
With a glance over her shoulder she gets up from the bar and walks over to Bobby offering him a hand up "Finally found one that was to much for you?" she grins down at him, glad to have a bit of a distraction from her unpleasant thoughts.

When the armored woman steps into the bar and all goes quiet...certainly all the customers now have their attention on her and any conversations have ceased. This also brings Dani's attention to the woman, "I see you did." she holds an arm out in greeting to her fellow valkyrie "Greetings.." she says along with the rest of whatever it is the asgardians say when greeting one another.

The woman walks forward and pulls Dani into a huge embrace. "Hail and well met, sister! Verily, tis good to see the youngest of our clan hearty and well!" The valkyrie sets Dani down on the sawdust floor. "Sadly, I come not for pleasure." Even as she says that, the woman grabs a mug of beer from the bar and downs it in three long swallows. "Instead, I seek a favor from thee, sister."

Returning the embrace, though in not such a crushing manner, unfortunatly Dani didn't get all the asgardian traits when she became a valkyrie and thankfully that isn't held against her. "Yes it is great to see you again to." she glances at Bobby on the floor "Though I hope you didn't break him to bad." she grins though, finding that situation amusing. It is about time he meet his match." she moves to the bar and leans against it, signalling the bartender to pour another draft for her valkyrie sister "What is the matter?" her grin fades into a concerned frown, "If it is in my power I will gladly give whatever assistance is needed.

A fluffy white head pops up from inside the basket. A... poodle. "This be Peanut." The valkyrie explains. She takes a break to down the second beer, then continues. "My hunting hound and boon companion. The All-Father hath assigned me a most perilous mission on Asgard. I have need of someone to dogsit my cutie-pootie-patootie-smuckums-wuckums until such time as mine assignment be over. Might thou watch him, sister?"

An eyebrow goes up and Dani looks down at the creature peeking from the basket and once more her smile returns and she awwws at dog in the basket, holding out a hand for it to sniff before she scratches behind the dogs ears, "That is a most strange request," she comments "but I will gladly watch Peanut and care for him as if he were my own." she moves to scratch the dog under the chin "Our valkyrie sisters are off on other missions to?"

"Aye." the woman nods her head. "Tis a most busy time for us. The All-Father hath need of a great many items for one of his projects." She air quotes around the word project. "Peanut, be thou a good boy!" She sets the basket on the bartop and leans down to kiss the poodle on the nose. "Many thanks, dear sister. I shalt return as soon as I may." She hugs Dani once more. Kisses Peanut once more. Downs one more beer and then hurries onto her task. One does not leave the All-Father waiting!

"May your journey be a safe one and you return to your hearth healthy and whole." Dani says in farewell to her asgardian sister. She watches the armored woman leave the bar then hefts the basket off the table "Well Peanut," she mentally reaches out to communicate to the creature that they are heading to his new home, "looks like you will be with me for awhile." she moves over to where Bobby is still laid out on the floor "Come on Bobby," she prods him with a foot "Let's get you home."

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