Asgardian Prisons and Dates

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Asgardian Prisons and Dates

Ms. Marvel, Tony Stark

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06/10/12 15:00

Computer Center, Avengers Mansion

Carol meets with Tony about developing a means to imprison Loki. Tony hits on Carol. Again.

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Carol Danvers sits at one of the workstations i the computer room, her heels up on her desk, a keyboard in her lap as she types up yet another report, another memo. She the paperwork - even if it never hits pulped wood - is never-ending in this job. She has already sent a message to Tony Stark, but it has been days. he's busy, and she understands that. She hopes she'll see him soon, but she's not holding her breath. So she's working on other things right now, trying to be useful. Productive.

Days..sometimes Tony looses track of them, at least since his return from out of the country several months ago it hasn't been because he's been drunk. Walking into the computer room, Tony glances around with a casual quick glance to make sure there's no glaring red lights, though HOMER would've likely alerted him to such if they were there, and then lets his gaze settle on Carol where she sits at the workbench, a gaze that lingers appreciatively for several moments before he says, "Carol, how're you? Got your note."

When the doors whoosh open to reveal Tony, Carol glances up, pausing in her typing. Since he's distracted enough to look at other things, she just grunts softly and goes back to typing, until he acknowledges her presence. If she notices the appreciative appraisal, she makes no sign of it and says nothing. "Hi, Tony. I'm glad you got it. Better still, you found the time to respond. I know you're busy. But I could use a few minutes of your time to discuss something."

Tony Stark walks up behind her, after pausing to touch a control or two and tweak a setting on one of the various computers in the room. Nodding, he steps right up behind the blond 'marvel' of a woman, smiling a touch as he nods, "Sure..I've beenw working through a few plans for my next iteration of the can be a bit distracting but Pepper reminded me of your note a .. coupla hours ago. So..what'd you wanna chat about?"

Up on Carol's screen is the report she's finishing up, on her conversation with the Super-Adaptoid following his confrontation with Loki. Given the import of the event, and the Adaptoid's continuing 'parole' status, she is required to report on things like this for the government oversight authorities. "I wanted to talk about preparing an upgrade to some of our systems here in the mansion. I'd like your help to work on a means to contain an Asgardian threat. I realize it won't be easy. But I'm afraid it might be necessary, so I'd like us to start work on it."

It may or may not be coincidence, the location that Tony chose to stand, but not only does it give him a good view of what's on Carol's screen, but also..of Carol herself. He looks down at her and nods slightly, quirking his whole expression into one of those 'thoughtful genius' one's he seems so well known for. "You want to try and ctonain, and or protect against a full on God, hmm? No...easy is certainly /not/ what I'd call it. Helluva challenge though."

"Stop trying to look down my top, Tony. Janet's too good a designer to have left an opening for that foolishness." Carol offers with a smirk. But she nods in agreement to his comments. "I know it'll be hard as heck. But I don't think Loki is going to give up, or go away. And I am sick and tired of his contempt for us. He needs to learn that /no one/ gets away with his crap. Everyone gets held accountable. No exceptions."

There's no hint of apology, or that he's upset at having been caught and Tony just flashes a grin at Carol and nods slightly, "It will be. Might bhe that Thor and Sif can give us some help..especially if I could get them to let me have a bit of time with Molnir and get an idea of just what type of damage they're capable of and where, if anywhere at all, they draw their power from." He then gets a slightly impish look in his eyes, "So, when're we going to have dinner? A planning session's certainly a good idea."

Carol figured Tony would be unrepentant. He's like that, and she knows it. But at least he gets back on business easily enough. "Well, I've asked them for their help. Hopefully they can be of some measure of assistance. And obviously, I'll help with whatever other resources you feel may be of assistance with this. I'm sure SHIELD, SWORD and HAMMER will want something like this developed, so they may be able to help us, if we'll let them have the tech."

Carol smirks and shrugs a bit. "You hungry already, Tony? We can plan things right here. What more do you need?" Maybe she's ignoring the bait. Or maybe she's trolling to see what his follow-on strategy is.

"Hmm, might be best if it's a Stark bit of technology, I can 'give' it to the foundation easily enough and then I can appropriately charge SHIELD, SWORD, and HAMMER to license the tech. That'll also let me ensure that it remains purely defensive as opposed to if they get their hands in early they'll want God nuking nukes or something like that." Tony replies after a moment's thought, a shrug, and then a wolfish grin. "I think better either alone, or .. in more comfortable surroundings..that and I can't believe that Janet's not done up a few designs for you that you've not had a chance to wear yet. "

Carol listens and nods. "Well, if you think that's best, it's your tech, your designs. I'll respect your choices." She's a lot more loyally patriotic than Tony, and less suspiciously-minded, especially regarding the government and its uses for technology and security. "Janet made me plenty of new designs. She loves doing that, and honestly I love wearing them. She's one of the few designers out there that can honestly do well by me." Whatever she means by that. "But whether I've had the chance to wear them yet or not is my business, Tony. So just tell me: you want to ask me out to dinner. It's not about the planning sessions. We can do that here, just as easily if not better. So ... say it. Or don't. Your choice."

Tony Stark laughs, a low chuckle, and he just nods and gives Carol a two fingered salute at having bene 'caught' in the game. "I don't /want/ to ask you to dinner, Carol... I /am/ asking you to dinner, preferably in one of those designs of Janet's you'd rather not mention enjoying so much." He glances around, eyes wandering over the walls and desks for a moment before turning back to look at her. "And most definitely not /here/...planning or not."

The blonde woman shakes her head, smiling ruefully. "Alright, Tony. You came out and asked. Fair enough. But I want to get this planning out of the way. If - or when - we go out to dinner together, I would prefer /not/ to discuss business, except maybe in passing small talk like 'how was your day?'. Got it?" Carol has her own rules about these sorts of things. She has attempted relationships amongst fellow Avengers before, and she knows what works, and what doesn't. "If we can stand agreed on that, then we can make plans - and remake them however often required until we can follow through."

"I think those are both very good things to work from, I generally hate talking work at that's perfectly fine with me." Tony replies with a casual rakish smile, then he goes a bit more serious. "Alright, so, a jail fit to hold a god hmm? I suppose I can start with the types of forces I had to deal with when I did the Hulkbuster armor...though I'll need to dust off the plans for that. Perhaps we can get Sif and, or, Thor to take one or both of us to Asgard for a bit of looking around and some testing."

"I'll mention to them both that we could use a brief expedition." Carol offers, nodding to Tony. "And, as I said, if there's anything else you need that you think might help, let me know. I'll do what I can to help make that happen." She taps out a message right there as they are talking, and sends it off. "Obviously you're going to need time to work on this. But I'd appreciate it if you could try to keep me up to date. Maybe a short note once a week, just to let me know where you are with it and what you might need? Hopefully that won't be too onerous for you. And yes, I'm alright if Pepper is the one to send the note."

"It certainly will take some time, but I'll keep you up to date, either via Pepper or HOMER one or the other should be able to give you a status report." Tony says with a flicker of a smile, nodding when she fires off that email to Sif and Thor, "That's probably going to be the best place to start however, that visit to where they're most at 'home'."

"Alright then." Carol sends off the message and awaits a response. Sif's comes in quickly, despite being the one of the two least familiar with 'Midgard' tech. "Well, at least Sif answers promptly. Have to give the woman credit, she has done an amazing job adapting here in a very short time. I like her." Then again, Carol always likes a good, strong woman who can take care of herself and enjoys kicking butt as much as she does. Cuts down on the prevailing testosterone levels. "You check your schedule, let me know when you can go. I'll clear mine to match. And then look for when you might be able to make that dinner." She's a woman of her word, after all.

He pulls out a small StarkPhone from his pocket, flicking through the device to peruse his calendar and then frowns and shakes his head, "I know I'm likely to just as well say 'Monday', and forget. " Tony says with a chuckle, then in a shift of tone he addresses the room in general, "HOMER: Tell Pepper to find me a spot, a day or two, where I can make a trip to Asgard without stirring up too many hornets nests of people who can't do without me and coordinate with Carol on that timing." There's a simple two beeps from speakers in the ceiling, and Tony nods, "Good, that's done..and yes, we'll have to figure out something after we get back for dinner."

Carol nods. "Alright. When Pepper lets you know when is good for you, I'll pass it on to Thor and Sif, and we'll make it happen. And I'm find with waiting until after we get back to make arrangements for dinner. Thanks again for this."

Tony Stark smiles, reaches out with one hand to just lightly..but confidently..lay it on her shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "I look forward to the dinner..the trip, well it's not every day I go to a god's home. I'll go and see if I can get a few tests and some initial designs started here shortly, give it a bit of time to settle in the back of my head before we go traipsing over the rainbow bridge."

Carol looks up at Tony and nods. "Alright. Far be it for me to interrupt or interfere with the creative process I asked for, after all. I'll talk to you later, Tony." She doesn't get up to see him out, however. More paperwork calls.

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