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Cyclops, the Phantasm, and Rex Gregson

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09/19/12 14:00

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Cyclops meets with Rex and Mike to discuss an event for the school

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After the reconstruction of the Xavier Institute, Scott Summer, headmaster and leader of the X-Men, has sought out a way for the students to have an educational, but somewhat more fun experience. After raking his mind for awhile and getting input from his staff. He thought perhaps a celebrity of sorts making some sort of appearance of there being some sort of discussion or lesson that could be done. After contacting Lila Cheney and Alison Blaire, their schedules would not allow them to offer such a lecture.

So after some more discussion, Scott, discreetly and without revealing the true nature of the school has reached out to schools in New York City, particularly in Mutant Town. All schools agreed to an anti-drug lecture which would feature a celebrity or two, providing entertainment and education. After contacting various contacts, Scott has arranged to meet with Rex Gregson. Keeping it informal, they have opted to meet at the Mutant Town Diner. Scott is dressed comfortably in a black polo shirt and khakis. He sits at the table waiting for the celebrity to join him.

The difference between Rex Harrison and Sombre Tyrannosaur is enough that were it not for the fact she HAS been identified publically as the rock star, one could almost assume she had a secret identity herself. The young woman arrives a few minutes later, a folder under one arm and popping her Ipod earbuds out. A pause at the diner door, dark eyes glancing once then twice, before falling on the man with sunglasses. After consideration, she waves to him uncertainly and starts to walk towards him "Hello. Mister Summers? " she gives a guess, and a smile.

Rising from the booth, Scott Summers bows his head and extends his hand, “Ms. Gregson . . .or do you prefer Ms. Tyrannosaur? Or. . .” He chuckles embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I am not used to dealing with celebrities. . .well in the entertainment industry anyway.” He gestures for her to take a seat and gestures for a waitress to come over. “So, thank you for agreeing to meet with me. Your management were very helpful and excited about the idea for reaching out with an anti-drug message to local schools.” He adjusts his ruby quartz glasses slightly.

"Gregson. Tyrannosaur only on stage. " replies the woman with a smile. A hesitation, and then she takes the hand "Fair enough. Consider this an intro course - I'm told i'm pretty easy going compared to some like Elton John. " she remarks, taking a seat and putting the folder down "Oh, I LOVE doing things like this! Even if I hadnt made it big I would have done it. I'm glad the new Management is working out as well. Still on probations. Are you the head coordinator for it then? I had various ideas, depending how serious-slash-realistic kind of thing you wanted to do..." she trailed off at the end, realizing how silly that could sound.

Raising his eyebrow a bit as she speaks on, Scott smiles when the waitress approaches to take their orders. He orders a salami and bologna sandwich on white bread. Very simple and basic. Odd choice. The waitress then takes Rex’ order. After that is done, Scott continues the conversation, “Yes I am the coordinator and point of contact. The size and manner of the lecture is all yours to decide how you would like to do it. Though there is one caveat. The schools are located here in Mutant Town. While the event is not necessarily pro or anti mutant. There will be mutants among the students from the schools here. Are you comfortable with that?” He asks her pointedly. At times, he can be a rather intimidating man, unintentionally or intentionally. This time it is not intentional, but it is still a pointed question.

"Absolutely." she reassures him with a smile, then it splits into a grin "Unless one accidentally sets my hair on fire of course."

A coughing laugh, and she continues "Size I think you can take care of? I have no real limit myself - you know what's available to hold the children better than I around here. As for the manner, well, we'll do some of the talking thing - I was thinking if I can get in touch, perhaps get a few other local faces in - I know Mick Drago, although not sure if he'll be available or not. And Gogo, the wrestler. She could probably do something on bullying... you know, kind of each of us talk about how even though our 'roles' are usually a bit inclusive of the wild side of life - in my case, drugs and that with the rock and roll part, and her with the violence and bullying of wrestling - not that I do drugs or anything. It IS just an act. And of course, I'll select songs and peices that are more child-friendly to what this is all about. "

She sits back "One thing though, that I noticed is different here than in Europe is that over there, we're more 'If you're going to, then at least dont be stupid' while here its 'dont do it at all'. Which would you prefer me to do? I'm assuming the second but its good to know right?"

Quirking an eyebrow at the mention of hair being set on fire an then coughs a laugh, Scott ponders. “I take a mutant set your hair on fire. . .” He grimaces a bit as he looks her over again. “I am only relatively familiar with Mick Drago’s discography. And I don’t watch too much wrestling.” He hmmmns as he knows a bit more about them then he lets on, “Well, there is a large park in Mutant Town, that we can obtain permits for to us.” As she lists her manner of doing the event, he smiles widely, “That sounds great. I love the idea of music. It seems more like a festival than a lecture. It sounds great. While I understand that most teens nowadays will have tried drugs. I prefer we go with the don’t do at all At least, at the school I work with. There is a zero tolerance policy for it.”

"Oh, no! Never had that problem luckly." she taps on the table, nodding in understanding. Perking up a little bit at the mention of the park, she nods "I can do that. Rules are rules after all. I have an idea for a few 'skits' too in between songs that could work... plus the usual "Hi, I'm a rock star, dont do Etcetera..." speech. The park I think I know - there's only one in the area right? " she tilts her head, then nods "I think we can do that. And of course, music, dancing... oh! I always forget this question; what age range are we looking at? So I know how... Hrm. Not sure how to put it. 'explicit' isnt really the word. " she pauses, then tries again "... I guess 'rating' would be the word. I wouldnt do anything that includes cussing or anything of course. But some younger children I wouldnt want to upset."
“Well, while the focus is mostly high school age, there will be some elementary school age students. I trust your music will be appropriate.” He smiles when their orders are brought to them.” Scott takes a bite of his sandwich, “I really do thank you for agreeing to do this. It is nice to know celebrities do genuinely care about what is happening with their fans.” He hmmmns, “Oh and it is funny you bring up Drago. We contacted his management and informed them of the meeting here. But we’re not sure if he would attend.”

"Of course. " she smiles at the waitress, scooting her own plate forwards "as I said, I love doing stuff like this. I'll run the final play list by you. Too bad school is just starting up - Schools Out is always a favourite." she confesses, then shrugs "Next time i guess. And ohh! Excellent! I cant' wait to see Mick again. You're very good. Maybe if he is reluctant I can pull some strings."

“That would be great. There are two other musicians I reached out too. But their schedules are conflicting, but you never really know. Lila Cheney and Alison Blaire may join in, if they can. But any help you could provide with Mick Drago would be great.” Scott offers.

Rex Gregson nods "I've heard of them. I'll keep my fingers crossed and 'optional' songs in the list in case they show up. " she smiles as she turns to sip her tea "Anything in particular I should be aware of, aside from the mutant children who may end up? Will there be parents? I'm assuming some chaperones. I haven't had a chance to really get to know the school system well in america.

“Well, no parents will be there. But there will be staff from the schools. And security, of course. I presume you have some sort of security or bodyguards about you.” Scott looks up to see if he can spot anyone who may be Rex’ security detail or bodyguards.

The door to the diner opens, allowing for a gust of wind provided by the wind tunnel effect generating buildings surrounding the area. This is likely annoying to those sitting near the door but it also acts as a manner of announcement to a newcomer entering the establishment. The newcomer, dressed down considerably but straying from his usual grayscale color scheme and knitcapped ensemble, closes the door, muttering a curse as he's straightening out his long hair. It seems 'Mick' lost his hairband today. Despite his own publicized issues, it looks like he doesn't bring security with him.

"Kind of. My road crew has stage security. I'm still looking for a personal bodyguard. There shouldnt be any problems." hopefully. She bit her lip, then offered him a smile "I guess I'm a bit TOO picky myself. I never needed one till moving to America. Then first day here... bam." She shrugs again "I'll hire on a reputable company if we feel we need it." the door opens, and her face lights up as she waves "Mike!"

“Oh what happened your first day here?” Scott asks curiously and then the door opens and Mike walks in. When Red waves, Scott presumes this is her friend and not the rockstar. But he takes a moment and then recognizes Mike as the object of an attack that he defended against. He hmmmns a moment and then registers more as to what Ruth has said regarding this man.

"I was witness to a near kidnapping. They got caught and all that, but it was still a bit shakey." she admits, not mentioning the other incidences. She then smiles again at Scott "This is MIck Draco, mister Summers. " she notes, somewhat amused.

Getting his hair in some semblance of order, Mike's head turns as he hears his regular name being called. He doesn't wave but he moves over to the table that Rex and Cyclops are seated at. Offering a hand over to Cyclops in greeting as Rex 'introduces' him. "We've met, Rex," he offers in response to the other musician, dropping his hand when the extended hand is no longer necessary, he glances to the waitress and then back to Rex. "I'd try not switching back and forth between the names. Kind of trying to keep some degree of separation from personal and work related stuff."

“Well, nice to meet you in person, Mike or Mick? which do you prefer?” Scott smiles and gestures for Mike to join them. As he sits down a different waitress approaches. This woman is more reptilian in nature and looks. Her reptilian whips back and forth and she seems to grin wickedly when she sees Rex. The waitress makes a hissing noise as if she is about to spit.

Rex Gregson glances at the waitress again, this time more than a split second. Then she jolts, sitting up fast enough to spill her tea on the table. Her face was three shades paler, and the woman looked quite startled - almost afraid for a few moments. "GAH!."

"Well, being you got management involved, I'm guessing this time around it'd be Mick." Mick replies, cracking a bit of a smirk as he slides into a seat, leaning back. The lean back doesn't last long as Rex's reaction causes for him to sit up straight again, looking over to Rex's expression "What?"

The waitress spits out some water into glasses for the three. She reacts oddly to Rex, “Sorry. It’s my mutant power.” She apologizes and she gathers up the glasses, but mutters, “My water is purer than tap, but whatever.” She shoots Rex a nasty look and mutters something about racism. Scott watches the entire interaction, but remains seated and does not overreact. “Are you alright, Rex?”

Mike frowns, bringing a hand in gesture to his face as an approximation to the area of face where Rex had the burns, "Those marks?" He glances towards the lizard waitress and then into the glass before looking back to Rex. Powers explained or not, the way of refilling the glasses was kind of gross.

Frowning at what has just happened, Scott stands up, "Well, we will be in touch regarding the event. Thank you both again." With that, he walks towards the back. Crying can be heard as the waitress is upset. Scott goes to speak with her.

Rex Gregson watches Scott go, then sighs and thunks her head down on the table with a moan "... Ugh. Ten thousand people watching and I accidentally upset a waitress!" she groans to Mike.

Mike glances to Rex as she speaks, "Well, I bet the ten thousand people didn't look like someone who just spit acid at you. Or were at least far enough away you couldn't see the resemblance." He sighs, opting not to order the coffee the next time a waitress deems fit to come to their table. "Guess I was REAL late if that's all I got of the meeting. What'd I miss?"

Finishing her note, Rex puts it with the cheque and the money - plus a very hefty tip. "Good point there. And I guess... well, I'm not USED to it." she speaks VERYquietly "Anyone would react like that in surprise. " then she shook her head 'We talked about the age groups for the concert, the location and such. I have a skit I want to do, I had an idea if you were wanting in on it..."

"There's a problem if you get used to that type of situation," Mike murmurs, setting his hands down on the table, "Everyone's got their way of dealing with surprises." He glances to the waters again, grimacing a little before he shakes his head, snerking, "Okay. I'll bite. What's the skit?"

Rex Gregson sighs and changes the topic as she straightens once more, pulling her hair back. She eyed the water warily, then slid the glass towards her "Well, I thought... If its ok, I dont know what your comfort levels are. I was thinking a kind of 'girl hits on guy, but girl has cig. So guy turns girl down'. Type thing. With the usual 'smoking is sooooo cooool' and 'no, its disgusting' things.

Mike pauses, considering the skit suggestion, "What age group are we talking about again?"

"High school and some middle school. So nothing too racy or anything. My idea was a short 'skit' between song sets, and we can alternate. Thinking of getting Gogo. That wrestler? In on it too to do a 'bullying' thing
"Nothing racy..." Mike agrees with a nod, "But, we'll have to work on the dialogue.

They're a bit harder to reach than elementary school age. So 'don't smoke mmm'kay?' isn't going to work." He reaches over to grab a menu, looking at it, "So, Annie's getting involved? That's good. How long is the presentation going to be?"

"I'm thinking standard set... two hours, intermission. Maybe we can have a pop quiz and give out swag. Kids love swag." remarks Rex "Also its a strict 'dont do it' event, not a 'be safe while doing it'. A big distinction I think. Sadly, I can't think of many songs WITH that kind of message. I'll have to dig through stuff. Alice has a few ones but they're more ironic and may set the wrong tone. Also going to do a few 'you guys are awesome' and 'beign different is cool'. "

A few minutes later, Scott exits the kitchen and returns to the booth. “Sorry, she was upset and offended, but then she apologized. She has a younger sister with a similar mutation who attacked you previously.” The waitress stands at the counter. Tear soaked eyes. She approaches with her pad and pen. “Ms. Tyrannosaur, I wonder if I could get an autograph and apologize for what my sister did to you.”

Mike frowns a bit, "Kind of does take away a chunk of the songs I was thinking could work... House takes all was more about drunk driving and not 'don't drink'..."

"Tell me about it. There just ARENT that many rock songs... I guess we'll have to get origi... nal." a pause and she glances up and over at the Waitress. Then at her own note folded in her hands. She stood up and takes the pen with a smile "Sorry for my reaction. I'm both new in town, and it was just a bit... startling. Call me wet behind the ears I guess." she admits with a weaker smile "Apology accepted... even I guess? And autograph I can do... and tickets to my November show too, as MY apology for how I acted."

The waitress squeals and hugs Rex abruptly and suddenly. There is some strong force behind the embrace. “Thank you. A concert would be great.” Scott smiles and nods his head approvingly and looks to Mike, “So how’ve you been?”

Mike looks to the waitress and then back towards Rex as she offers tickets to a November show. His expression changes. Not happy, not angry, not upset but something else. More of an expression one would see on someone who was reminded of something or someone they lost a long while ago. His response to Scott is slowed, several ticks of time going by before pale blue eyes shift to look to the glasses wearing mutant, "Sorry, what?"

Rex Gregson sits back down again, now glowing with a smile. all was well, in her world "I feel better now. Ice cream?"

“Ice cream works.” Scott smiles as does the waitress who goes on back getting ice cream for all involved.” As she goes back, he looks to Mike, “How’ve you been? It’s been awhile since I have seen you. I am glad you are doing well. And how is your friend with the hair? Armand?”

Mike glances to Rex and then to the waitress, giving a nod before she heads off. He turns to look back to Scott. "Armand?" His mood darkens a bit, "I don't exactly have a means of contacting him. I haven't run into him for a while." He sets the menu back, being that ice cream has been decided upon, "He seemed kind of stressed out the last time I saw him. That school of his isn't that great a fit."

Mike glances to Rex and then to the waitress, giving a nod before she heads off. He turns to look back to Scott. "Armand?" His mood darkens a bit, "I don't exactly have a means of contacting him. I haven't run into him for a while." He sets the menu back, being that ice cream has been decided upon, "He seemed kind of stressed out the last time I saw him. That school of his isn't that great a fit."

Rex Gregson listens a little bit, then asks "Hair? Rainbow hair? He danced to Dancing Queen at my festival concert a few months ago." she frowns though at the news as she wrinkles up her apology note and tosses it in with the napkins neatly.

“Dancing Queen?” Scott hmmmns and makes no comment. beat. “Well, if you see him, let him know to contact me. We have room for him at our school. . . I have heard h is associating with unsavory company again.” he sighs loudly.

Mike nods to Rex's question, "Yeah. Him. Kid's nice, kind of big on giving everyone a chance but, there's a limit to how much you can do that before it bites you in the ass." The musician looks over to Scott at the offer, brows lifting before the side of his lip tilts upwards as his mood improves a bit. "Yeah. If I run into him I'll let him know. Is there a number I should give him?"

"I havent seen him in a while myself since that concert. I wanted to give him a tshirt for being a good sport." admits Rex. Then the ice cream arrives.

Pulling out three business cards, Scott hands one to Rex and two to Mike, “One for each of you and one for you to give to Armand when you see him.” Scott pauses, “You are the one he kept referring to as Mr Milkshake. . .or something about your milkshake bringing him to a yard.” Scott shrugs his shoulders, “Or maybe not.”

Rex Gregson had just taken a swallow of ice cream when Scotts' comment reaches her brain. Eyes flying open, she coughs, and snorts, grabbing for a napkin as she starts to try and resist the fits of giggles overcoming the woman.

"He wha-?" Mike looks confused for a few moments before a faint memory catches up with him providing the explanation. His hand lifts up, pressing the palm to his face, "Jesus." His head shakes, "That is an odd kid." Peeking his eyes between his fingers to see Rex trying to stifle laughter, he lowers the hand in order to better provide an explanation. "First time we met, he was behind me in line at a fast food joint. He was short on cash for a milkshake and I bought him one."

“Oh I see. So your milkshake literally brought him around. . .so to speak.” Scott laughs at the whole interaction, “Yes, he is an odd one. With some odd friends at that.” Scott sighs as his ice-cream has arrived. He looks at it and then takes a scoop.

Rex Gregson coughs and inhales a few times, still giggling "... He DOES kind of look like a girl sometimes." she admits finally, red in the face "An odd one, but I give him kudos for being himself and not caring what others think."

The long haired, androgyne musician opts not to follow up on the girl comment for some reason. "He isn't picky about his friends," he comments, tucking away the business cards, "But, a lot of people's weaknesses could also be considered a strength." Taking the remaining ice cream, he looks to it before picking up a spoon.

“Well, I guess that is the latest fashion trend. Kids follow what they say on celebrities.” Scott looks to Mike who looks androgynous musician. beat. “So that is why I think it is a great idea that you all agreed to do this. Tell me have either of you worked with Lila Cheney or Alison Blaire”

Rex Gregson runs a hand through her own dark hair. "Which is all how the business works! And no, I havent'. I think I've run into them on occasion but nothing I can confirm for sure." she confesses.

Mike looks over towards Scott, shaking his head, "Nope. With the exception of Greysong, the majority of musicians I've worked with on projects were either studio musicians, ones I hung out with on tour, or ran into at appearances. Which, I'm not doing much of at the moment." His smile fades, "Uh, speaking of which, if you're doing any form of publicity or announcements leading up to this thing and the acts get mentioned, could you not bring up my being involved?"

Nodding his head at Mike’s request, “Certainly. Plus it would make a great surprise for the students.” He looks to Rex, “That is if you are ok with it. We can contribute to promoting the event, but I would think your management would take care of that. I think it would be better as a closed event. Not one for the general public.”

Rex Gregson looks at Mike with some consideration, then blinks "Sure, I can keep it on the lowdown. " she promises, her puzzlement obvious. Then she nods at Scott "We'll say 'surprise guests.". And yes, that's probably for the best. While I dont mind people dropping in on regular shows, this IS kind of for the children."

Mike nods, ok with the arrangement. "I'm ok with people finding out after the fact though so we don't have to do anything overly ridiculous to accomodate for that." He gets another spoonful of ice cream, "Closed show works too." Yep. Better security. Yep yep.

“Well, I am glad that we are all in agreement then.” Scott smiles as he finishes his ice-cream. “I apologize as I am not overly familiar with either of your songs. I know some of your more mainstream hits. And I am not too clear, but if you were to perform other people’s songs would we need to cover copyright or patents or something of that nature?”

Rex Gregson shakes her head 'For a charity event I dont believe so. At least, I haven't had to in the past when doing free gigs." she confirms. "and IF we have to for some weird reason, we can write up something to make you be reassured i'll pay anything if it happens."

Mike nods to Rex's statement, "So long as we're not profiting from this, we should be fine. Now, if it involves a group like, oh, say, Metallica we'll be sure to get their permission in writing, notarized, with some type of recording of a verbal commitment." There's a bit of a smirk as the musician makes some form of joke in this assurance. He works on the rest of his ice cream.

Rex Gregson adds quickly "With green M and Ms

“Ah, yes. . .the whole napster debacle in the 90s.” Scott laughs, “Well, then. I love it when a plan comes together.” He looks between the two musicians, “So how does it feel?” He asks them. He pauses and then continues, “Being a famous musician? Having fans? Being loved by millions?”

"I dont know about MILLIONS... but its definitely... well, interesting? I enjoy it a lot - I find I can blend in a bit better here in New York than in England, probably because I'm not QUITE As well known here yet as over there. Its a lot of fun though -Unlike a lot of musicians I love the majority of my fans. Great people." she explains with some energy.

Mike takes his time enjoying his ice cream, allowing Rex time to answer first. "I kind of fell into it," he admits, "I loved touring with my friends, sharing the stage with them and hanging out with them off stage." The spoon lingers in the dish, "I'm looking forward to when we can be able to tour again without issue."

Rex Gregson finishes her ice cream as well "Sounds like we have a plan. And I'm sure you will someday Mike... sadly, today I have to go talk to my new costume designer... so take care, right?" she smiles warmly, paying and tipping well as she moves to head to the door.

"Will do my best." Mike gives in response to the parting musician, lifting a hand in a slight wave before he goes back to finishing his ice cream.

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