Aroma of Burnt Naga

Brief Title:
Seth's 1st DR Session

Cyclops, Mirage, and Seth

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IC Date:
06/19/12 16:09

Danger Room - Xavier Mansion

Seth has his first Danger Room Session with mirage as Scott watches.

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Using the school’s comsystem, Cyclops has summoned Mirage and Seth to the Danger Room. The room is just a empty hollow metallic chamber at the moment. Cyclops, in his X-Men uniform sits behind a glass window overlooking the chamber, “Seth, welcome to the Danger Room. Mirage, thank you for coming as well.”

Scott Summers then offers, “Seth, this is a room is our training room. Students and staff are able to use their powers here freely without danger of injury or damage. The room, thanks to alien Shi’ar technology, can literally create any environment.” To show this, the room goes completely black and then Mirage and Seth find themselves standing in a dank and torchlit tunnel with various curves and ways to move about. Seemingly they are in some sort of labyrinth. “For all intents and purposes you are in a maze in Minos. But in reality, you are still in the Danger Room, safe at the school. We can also recreate people and things for you to interact with.” To demonstrate that, a loud brawing can be heard in the distance and heavy footsteps as if something is coming after them. Scott then offers, “You can use your powers without worry about using your powers. We teach defense and offense and monitor your output. Since this is your first session, you will be paired with a staff member. Today, it is Danielle Moonstar, aka Mirage.”

Having been summoned to the Danger Room, that is where Mirage stands. She is geared up in her usual red and black uniform but most of her weapons are absent, except the usual bow and arrows. She looks from Cyclops in the control room to the room as it changes around her. Being used to such things she gives the change very little thought. Her eyes move to Seth to guage his reaction to the new surroundings.

Seth is following just behind Mirage, checking out his new uniform. "I feel kinda naked in this... It feels like it doesn't weigh a thing, and that I'm wrapped in nothing but air...", he complains. Then, as the Danger Room activates, he glances around in surprise. "Oh, so it's kinda like the Enterprise-D's holodecks..." As Mirage is announced, he nods to her. "Miss Moonstar..." Then curiosity marks his face,
"Okay, I really have to wonder, since I'm basically just your average dumb kid from New York... Who exactly are the Shi'ar?"

Scott responds, “You will learn about Shi’ar and the many other alien races we have encountered before. For now, I suggest you prepare yourself.” With that the sounds of the braying and the footsteps are getting closer and closer until finally the light from the torches picks up a nearly 7 foot tall half man/half bull. The Minotaur spots the two mutants and lowering his body charges towards the two moving at an increased speed.

Stifling a chuckle, Mirage nods at the greeting from Seth. But her attention turns to the room as soon as the greetings are past. Knowing full well what the Danger Room is capable of she has gotten her bow out and an arrow nocked while Cyke and Seth have been talking, "Seth you are letting him distract you." lifting the bow up she pulls back on the string to let one of the arrows fly. She knows full well though that it will take more than a few to take the Minotaur down.

"Gotcha", Seth indicates to Mirage that he's got his head in the game. And, as the Minotaur engages, Seth engages as well. Not by advancing, but with a full-fledged blast stright at the creature; full power, wide beam - that way, the creature won't be dodging. the blast.

The arrow hits its mark on the Minotaur but it merely breaks under the speed and might of the charging mythological creature. The energy blast though is strong enough that it literally rips the creature. The Minotaur is sliced in half, now separate pieces the bull part and the man part break apart.

From his view in the Observation Booth, Cyclops blinks ordinarily would automatically begin a lecture, but he needed a measure of Seth’s full blast. Scott pushes a button and hissing can be heard coming from the opposite end of the tunnel.

Well that is one arrow that Mirage won't be getting back. "No need to use a mountain when a hammer will do." she tells Seth. It's pretty much all the lecture she is prone to give. Succint and to the point. "You take point Seth," she gestures down the hallway "I'll watch our tail to make sure nothing is coming from that direction.

"I thought this thing had the built of a mountain to it. My bad." He starts walking, keeping his eyes peeled for anything. Once he finds a niche, a wall he can lean against to hide his frame from plain sight, he takes it. It would almost seem like he's done this before. "I shouldn't be taking point", Seth replies in a whisper to Dani. "My eyes are like two beacons, giving away my position."

The hissing and the rattling can be heard as another mythological creature makes her presence known. The creature, Medusa, lower body similar to a snake slither along the floor as the snakes that make up her locks hiss and weave about her head, should anyone make even the slightest or quickest glance at her, they will be turned to stone. She slithers along forward moving towards Mirage and Seth. A quiver with arrows and a bow are strapped to her back.

"Correct, but your eyes are the least of your worries." Mirage glances down at his feet "I'd be more concerned about your footsteps." she whispers to him listening from where she has come up beside him "We can equip you with glasses that will hide that properly." her own soft soled mocassions are much better to move silently in then the boots that come with the standard uniform. Espcially against hard floors. "Whatever you do, do not look at her." Mirage warns as the Medusa comes into her peripheal vision. She slides a hand along the wall reaching for one of the torches hanging there.

Seth slowly takes a deep breath as he realizes who the opponent is. He tries to look around for anything that could be used to block her sight, or maybe even reflect it back at her. A shield, a mirror... anything.

Bring able to see them, but they unable to look at her, but able to hear her position, Medusa grasping her bow and reaching back for an arrow. Her snakes hiss in the direction of Seth and once she notches the arrow, she takes aim and points to her bow at Seth and fires off an arrow.

Not being able to look directly at the creature limits Mirage in how she can handle it. She is going to have to go by sound. Hearing the twang of the bow, Mirage targets that sound with the torch she has taken from the wall and throws it at the snake haired Naga. At best she can intercept the arrow with it and perhaps knock the bow from its hands and if neither, they are no worse. Except that Seth may be a pin cushion, but that's a risk you take when you enter the Danger Room.

The torch strikes Medusa’s hair. Screaming in agony, the Naga screams and responding very much the same way a human would react if their hair was on fire, she writhes about waving her head and trying to fan out the fire as the snakes on her head die one by one. While shaking her head around suddenly she clumsily waves her arms near the torch and suddenly her whole body begins to catch the dank tunnel is slowly being filled with the aroma of burnt Naga.

As the arrows is coming towards Seth, the room goes black and then the lights come up as the room is normal. With the defeats of Medusa and the Minotaur, Mirage and Seth have won. Cyclops’ voice speaks over the comsystem, “Good job. Both of you.”

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