Armand's Goodies

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Armand, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, and Spiral

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10/27/12 18:12

Mutant Town - New York

Sandman and Wanda do some outreach work in Mutant Town and Spiral taunts and Armand saves the day with his goodies.

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Spiral may be a bitter, crazy, dimension twisting sorceress, but some part of her still longs to be accepted by the humans, even though she knows she never will be. Mutant Town is probably her best bet, even if she's not actually a mutant; a rather technical difference though to anybody who sees someone with six arms and glowing eyes walking around.

And so she's ambling around Mutant Town during the morning, flitting from street to street, not exactly sneaking around but trying to not be all that obvious. After all, she's already doing a pretty good job of burning bridges here with her hanging out cigarettes to all the mutant kids at the gig last night...

Also finding himself in Mutant Town is the Avenger known as Sandman. While he has not been as present lately due to being on missions for the Avengers off planet, when this former villain turned hero, hears of impending danger hitting his home town, he finds time to help out. With news reports of an impending major ‘storm of the century’ coincidentally called Sandy. Sandman finds himself helping out in Mutant Town. Using his pssamic abilities to fill large bags with sand to keep things pinned down when the storm eventually hits New York in the next few days. Mutants watch but do not help the non-mutant despite his helping them.

So she's a bit puzzled to see some guy filling bags here. Sandbags, eh, sounds like something military going on. So she ambles over that way, more out of curiosity than anything else, noting all the somewhat sullen mutants gathered around. A few of which turn their sullenness upon Spiral, as a couple of them have likely heard of her after all. Especially given she got turfed out of last nights gig for handing out Lucky Spirals.
"Suspicion and dislike everywhere? Or merely laziness..." she murmurs.

With other Avengers eventually joining in the outreach work to Mutant Town, Sandman informed Jarvis and asked for any free Avengers to join him. He continues to fill the bags with sand and has yet to notice Spiral. As a crowd gathers to watch him, he grins a bit and decides to put on a little show. As he fills more and more sandbags, he gets creative with his displays causing little shapes and commanding the sand like a conductor conducting an orchestra as grains of sand fly this way and that.

Spiral has no idea who Sandman is, but she sees a showoff, and smirks, folding two arms across her chest, while the other four wave around vaguely, as they are wont to do. It's hard to find a use for so many appendages sometimes!

She pushes over to the front though, all the better to watch. As she's feeling impudent and somewhat lighthearted by her standards - she's been having quite a few good days in the Bronx as schemes approach fruition - she steps over to him, and waves a hand. A metal tin appears on the ground nearby Sandman, and she heads over to it to drop a few coins in for him. "Nice display..." she murmurs, with a sardonic grin.

Given that Sandman's call was asking for Avengers, Wanda elects to make a bit of a flashy entrance. In this case, she flies in, wearing her costume, much to the oohs and aahs of the crowd. Then she gestures, telekinetically moving the sandbags and helping Sandman stack things up, "Sorry I'm late, I had to find a substitute for monitor duty today." She grins down at Bill, lowering herself from the sky to stand near him, easily recognizable even with the different costume as the Scarlet Witch. As Spiral speaks, her eyebrow arches a bit, as she obviously recognizes Spiral, but decides not to do anything. Just yet.

Being an Avenger, Sandman has found himself around all types of people and all types of entities, but even still a six armed woman does draw his attention. Enoungh that some of the sand he is commanding suddenly drops to the ground, which is easily reabsorbed into his body. “Um. . .thanks.” He offers to Spiral not picking up her sardonic tone. Assuming she is a mutant as they are in Mutant Town, “With all those arms ya got, you can probably do alot to help out. I beat you can do somethin’ cool too. Want to help out?” Before he waits for a response, his teammate arrives. “Now that is a nice display.” He looks to Wanda and smiles, “Thanks for coming. Wasn’t sure anyone would come. This ain’t our typical gig, but we can’t always fight Galactus or The Stranger.” His light hearted face and tone show that he has no idea who Spiral is or what she is capable of.

Spiral grin widens at Sandman's words. "You want /me/ to help you?" she asks, finding this quite amusing. "That is not the first thing people usually say to me... it has the merit of being original at least.". She tilts her head, looking at the sandbags, shaking her head slightly. "Sand is not my specialty, not in the way that flesh is, in any case. I don't think I can help you.".
And then her gaze is drawn to Wanda. Spiral's glowing eyes widen. With her warped perceptions she recognises Wanda immediately - the one who is everywhere! And without any twisting going on.

Scarlet Witch looks over at Sandman, giving him a bit of a warning look as he asks Spiral for help, then she looks over at Spiral, seeming to take a bit of caution in how exactly she phrases things. Almost like she's talking to a very dangerous predatory cat... which isn't TOO far from the mark, really, "Well, this is true... but there might be something else that you could do to help?"

Not really understanding Spiral’s response, Sandman shrugs, “Well, I don’t know what you mean. But if you are a mutant, this storm is comin’ so whether its sand or flesh, you should hel pout if ya can.” He looks to Wanda and shakes his head negatively. He is not even a mutant and he is doing his part. But when he does look to Wanda and picks up on her warning look, he check out Spiral again. Maybe it is some kinda mutie female envy thing. Sandman decides perhaps, let Wanda be the one to talk to this one. He hmphs as his body suddenly turns to sand and two smaller versions of Sandman rush out and return to filling the sandbags while the main Sandman stands by Wanda. Multi-tasking at its best.

"I don't even know why you are wanting sandbags filled..." Spiral says, a little bored, now, looking down at the sandbags. "Filling sandbags, maybe I could bring a few soldiers here, that's the sort of thing they do, no?" she wonders. "Why? oh, a storm.". She shrugs, looking around. "Storms aren't one of my specialties, either." she admits.
She seems happy to watch, though. Tiny sandmen filling the bags entertains her for a little while, at least. But only for a moment, her gaze is soon drawn back to Wanda again. "Why are you here? To fill bags?" she wonders.

Scarlet Witch looks over at Spiral, and smiles a little, "Well, to help out. If it means filling bags, I /can/ do that, but I think that's covered. So, I'll help stack them." She focuses her magical powers, telekinetically moving and stacking the bags. Even doing it a little 'Tetris' style to make sure they are more secure than they might be otherwise.

“You can bring soldiers here?” He looks to Wanda with a quizzical look and mouths, “Who is this chick?” As the tiny sandmen continue to fill the bags. The real Sandman then offers to Spiral, “Just because we are Avengers, doesn’t mean that we are above doing grunt work. We help out anywhere and everywhere we can. Anyone with powers, should do their part. Whether it’s filling sandbags, stacking them with magic, or with six arms, I figure you gotta be strong or something. . .you could help move them over to the piers and or bring them over to the clinic.”

Spiral can sorta understand why Sandman would fill sandbags. That's clearly the sort of thing he's been put here to do. But why someone like Wanda would do such a thing... well, Spiral can't help but be confused. She stares at Wanda for a while, watching the sandbag Tetris, and after a while, imperceptibly shakes her head.
"Ah, Avengers. I don't know you, but the Scarlet Witch is unmistakeable." she tells Sandman. "And it seems she has the picking up side of things well covered.". Spiral eyes Wanda again; it seems the dimension travelling sorceress has something of a wary fascination going on. "You have some connection to Magneto, no?" she asks.

There's a young man dressed in a pair of fitted dark jeans, a pair of dark magenta colored converse sneakers, a flattering magenta colored zip up hoodie over a black turtleneck. All of Armand's hair has been pulled back out of his face in a low ponytail as he carries cooler with one hand and is holding a paper grocery bag in the other...his usual messenger bag/golden backpack worn and he slows to a stop as he starts to notice familiar faces.

Wanda looks over at Spiral, and nods, "I'm his daughter, yes. And I know a little bit about you, as well." What that is, she leaves unsaid, but it might explain her attitude as she passes Sandman another warning look. She finishes stacking the sandbags in the wall with her magical powers, giving Spiral a curious look at the mention of her father.

Oh snap! On no she didn’t. Did she just mention who I think she mentioned. The tiny sandmen stop a moment as Sandman looks to Wanda and though this is not necessary he comes to her defense though there is no real reason too. He wags his finger at Spiral, “Hey, lady. . .just because her dad is Magneto, don’t mean squat. Either help out or go home.” The tiny sandmen’s facial expression go wide as their jaws drop. He hmmmns a moment and looks to Wanda and winks, ‘I got this.”

"It might matter, it might not." Spiral tells Sandman, after ahhing at Wanda's revelation. Spiral isn't the sort of person who just blurts out to people what's on her mind, either, so she just looks rather reflective for a moment as she thinks on that information, before apparently mentally dropping it.
"I'm only watching." she says mildly. "I think that's still legal here, even though your government does get up to the most terrible things sometimes in the name of freedom." she says, tone slightly bitter.
Then she notices Armand here, and starts a bit. Oh no!

Armand tilts his head back a bit before he clears his throat and raises his voice a bit. "Bonjour!" He greets brightly. "I have brought ah...delicious foods, and am missing people to share it can you ever help me?"

Scarlet Witch glances over at Sandman and gives him a slight smile, "It's alright. Believe me, I've come to grips with all that, and it doesn't bother me at all." She glances at Spiral, "Besides, I think you were just asking a general question, yes?"
At Armand's intervention, she smiles a little, "Oh, really, what sort of delicious foods are we talking about here?" She arches a brow, looking over at Armand.

With Wanda and Spiral both seemingly reacting in a calm manner, then he becomes a bit embarrassed. “My bad, lady. You’re right. You can be here. You don’t have to help out if you don’t want.” He then follows Spiral’s eyes to Armand. Oh no! Indeed! Sandman smiles and waves to the boy. Ever since the whole Loki thing, Sandman has not been the nicest to the kid. But never to let to start. He grins, “I can help you with that. What kind of food, did you bring us?” He then looks to Wanda, “Oh this is Armand. Good kid. His hair goes all Medusa and he has some powerful friends. . .including the Avengers.” He winks to Armand.

A small smile as he arches an eyebrow. "Today, I am bringing fresh croissants with tomato, goat cheese and some chicken breast...and then there are some with turkey and other delicious sausces you can dip, they were fun to bake and then I am having some cookies with white chocolate chips and mini pumpkin tortes for the dessert...I am afraid ah, I only have the milk and some fizzy watery drink that tastes like mint..." Armand replies carefully before he stares at Sandman for a few moments, eyebrow raising a bit as he sighs softly. "I was not aware that the Avengers counted me as a friend, it is ah...interesting what you learn." He nods politely to Spiral. "It is good to see you are...well."

Spiral is already a bit surprised by Armand showing up, and even more surprised by the talk of Medusa hair. It's kinda hard to see where those glowing eyes are focused, but presumably she's staring at Armand's hair.

"A young man with contacts all over the multiverse, it seems." she says with a blink. "Thank you, almost back to my old happy self." she tells him, part sincere, part bitter. Bitterness is never far away from Spiral. "Almost. I am sure I'll be back to normal very soon though, everything is working out very well at the moment." she adds, with a her best pleasant smile.

Pretty much leaving the women to their mutual mutant thing, he looks over to Armand, “Hey I’ll take some of your food. I bet it tastes great too.” Sandman winks, “And of course you are our friend, Armand.” He stares at the mutant boy, “How do you get this stuff done? I swear you have a power for food.”

Scarlet Witch looks over at Armand, "Well, thank you, that sounds quite exquisite." She glances over at Spiral, looking between her and Armand, then smiles towards Sandman, "Well, if he gives the recipe to Jarvis, he definitely will be a friend of the Avengers." Her eyes dance a little bit at that.

Armand looks around with a soft hmm. "Cooking helps me to relieve the stress...oui, so I am the cooking when I am stressed or worried or unhappy or anyting, come, we must find a good place to settle down." He looks between all of the individuals. "Well, come now, we must have a picnic!"

"He is very normal. He has the right number of arms, but is more forgiving of those who do not than most." Spiral notes, a little hesitantly.
"Though he also seems to have no sense of self preservation whatever." she adds drily when a picnic is mentioned. "I don't think that it would be a good idea to include me, Armand. I might get bored, and then who knows what will happen." she says. "And so few people appreciate my conversation. Or my appearance.".

Smiling as he looks over at all the sandbags stacked up by himself and Wanda, “Well, I think we’ve done alot of good work today and have earned some good food.” Sandman looks to Armand, “A picnic sounds nice.” The tiny Sandmen suddenly rush forward and slam into the real Sandman as he absorbs them back into his body and suddenly more arms sprout out of his body to match Spiral’s, “No need to worry about your appearance. I can match it. Anyone messes with us. I’ll take care of em.” He grins.

Scarlet Witch looks over at Spiral, and smiles faintly, "Let's see... considering what I've seen and dealt with in my life, having six arms instead of two doesn't seem like such a bad thing at all, and it definitely doesn't make your appearance negative." And she sounds like she means it, as she looks over at Armand, "A bit of a break would be nice, admittedly."

Armand sets his cooler down along with his grocery bag and he tugs a dark green picnic blanket from one of his other bags as he's spreading the blanket in a clear space before dropping to his knees and starting to lay out the various foodstuffs along with small paper plates.

Spiral knew as soon as Armand showed up that she'd have to end up fleeing: it's some sort of talent he has. So she recoils a little, wrapping four arms around herself, as she casts a withering look in Sandman's direction. "You do not understand, sand man.".
The two free arms wave agitatedly. "You are what you are, but your form does not rebel against itself. And you are not trapped in the dance.". Her relatively good mood is melted away in an instant, as suddenly she's filled with thoughts of past enemies; Longshot, and all the rest.
She doesn't need a picnic, she needs some time to brood, and think about doing horrible things to people she doesn't like. So with one last scowl she waves a hand, and vanishes. Back to some hidden lair somewhere, no doubt.

“Well, that was something. . .” He looks to Wanda, “So you know her? Is she always like that?” He shrugs his shoulders and heads towards the open space and picnic area that Armand has set up. He smiles excitedly as he is about to taste some of Armand’s food.

With that Sandman munches on some food while Armand and Wanda enjoy Armand’s goodies.

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