Armand is a strange strange guy

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Armand is a strange strange guy

Armand, Blindfold, Phantasm, Vaughn, Julian

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Central Park

Blindfold and Mike's search for Armand ends in the park. Vaughn wanders upon them to chat, and Julian makes a cameo

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-----==[ Central Park - New York ]==------------------------------------------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Central Park is the green heart of Manhattan. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Central Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.

There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk donated to New York by Egypt; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.

Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Nearer the north end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - though it no longer provides drinking water for New York residents, a decision that has cut down significantly on the number of supervillain attacks on the Park.


A job hasn't been lost thankfully and there are hotel rooms and the like for Armand to stay so he has time to be settled down on a blanket near a bench in the park. He wears a simple pair of dark blue jeans with dark green converse sneakers, a cream colored v-necked sweater and a dark green/plaid vest is worn as well, his hair pulled back out of his face into a singular braid. As always he has his messenger bag and his golden backpack. He is casually working on painting his nails, each nail being painted a different color and so he has 5 different colors spread out in front of him as he works.

After a surprising phone call and a quick excuse given to Wade. Mike has found himself wandering about town. A knit cap covers the head but instead of the hair being tucked underneath, they have been halfhazardly been hidden away by the dark jacket Mike wears, causing for the odd illusion of a very flat just below the chin hair length. He's not really focusing on his appearance as his trek about the city, and a late forming hunch has led him here to the park. Near one entrance, he pauses, looking around.

Blindfold came tapping along in a hurry, wincing now and then as she used torso muscles still sore and turns her head side to side as though searching for something, yes her face was bruised and a piece of tape over the bridge of her nose. But it was still ruth wearing her sneakers, jeans a blue sweathsirt and a purple shawl wrapped around her for warmth.

Armand is quiet as he finishes painting his left hand, holding up his hand to blow on his nails and he has to wait for the polish to dry so he takes time to reach into his golden bag to pull out a paper bag filled with flakey rolls filled with some sort of cream and some are savory with ham in them and he selects one with his free hand and takes a happy bite, chewing slowly and thoughtfully.

Upon spotting the happy baker, the pale blue of Mike's eyes fixate upon the younger man. Downturned lips quirk up, bringing them to a more horizontal placement upon his features. He moves from his spot, heading over to where the Armand sits. "Are you okay?"

Blindfold knew mike was on the same search she was and warm gooey pastries...she knew of only one person that could have those in hand. Following her nose and mike's voice she came over to Armand and tilted her head "Can I give you a hug please if you don't mind?"

There's a pause where Armand hears a familiar voice and he sits there with the half eaten bun half-way to his mouth and he looks between Mike and Ruth and back again and he sighs softly, lowering/dropping the bun back on the paper bag. He rubs his hand over his face and takes a deep breath. "Sacrebleu..." He mutters under his breath in French. "Ah, Mike. Ruth." A long pause. "I" He holds up his hand with the painted nails.

With the painted nails for display, the musician eyes them for a few moments, frown returning before returning before being quelled back. "You, did your nails." He pauses, "Not what I was expecting today- another day, okay but-" Mike squints at Armand.

Blindfold nods a bit sadly "Not happy, yes I know I'm sorry. If you want me to go, just say so, it's alright please thank you. I would have brought you cookies or something but...regretably I fear that batter is hard to tell when it's mixed. What I said wasn't just to cheer you up or reassure you..."

"I was out of black, I can either pay mon room fee so I have a place to be sleeping or I can purchase more black polish." Armand drawls softly before he carefully blows on the left hand of painted nails and then he takes another deep breath, looking to Blindfold. "Ruth...just please relax. You're safe now, that's wonderful. Do you want a bun?" Okay, so despite the lack of emotion, he does sound genuine.

Mike looks to the nails and shakes his head. "Get the black polish. You can crash at my place til we get stuff figured out. We got some extra beds that are going unused."

Blindfold smiles and carefully takes a seat beside him "I am safe and very thankful Armand, yes thank you, safe because of you. Mirage wants to thank you herself, please for me, let me get you the polish, I would make you a blanket but knitting one would take me a couple weeks" that wasn't to say he wouldn't have one in a few weeks just not right now. "Things may seem broekn right now but it will be alright Armand, I knew I would get out of that situation just as I knew eventually I would be in it. I just want you to be happy again.." leaning lightly against him as she tried to be comforting, her voice full of genuine concern and optimism.

Armand chuckles softly and leans forward a bit, laughing softly and he just takes a deep breath. "Th-thank you Mike...I'll...I'll think about it..." Then the laughing continues, there's almost an insane edge to the giggling as he fumbles around in his messenger bag, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and with shakey hands pulling out a cigarette. "I understand Ruth. I do understand." He takes another deep breath. "Merci...merci to you both."

Eyeing the cigarettes, Mike frowns, a hand reaches over, grabbing the hand that is singling out one of the cancer sticks, miraculously not hitting the nails portion. "How long have you been smoking, Armand?"

Blindfold smiles toward Armand one arm reaching across her torso to to hold her front, her face was bruised with a strip of tape on her nose but she was gently leaning on Armand "Mirage is the Dean of Students, everything will work out and you don't even have to settle for your GED if you don't want."

Armand considers how to reply to that as his hair fades from the dark brown to a lighter shade of brown for anybody who notices things like that and the hand that's been grabbed and he blinks several times. "...couple of years, g-gave it up for a bit, then started ne sais pas...just...just..." He looks up towards the sky and grates out through gritted teeth. "Ever since mon LIFE, turned to utter SHITE and everytime there's bright horizon of possibility, someting comes and completely EFFS everyting up..." Deep breath goes here, he gently pats Blindfold's shoulder however where she's leaning.

Mike is quiet, not releasing the cigarette holding hand as he looks at Armand, frown deepening. "I think I can understand that but..." He looks to the pack, "Any chance we can get you on a habit that won't have you breathing through a hole in your throat in ten to fifteen years?"

Growing louder as the source comes walking up one of the paths is a very nice tenor voice singing Feelin' Good, with all the polish of a studio recording. Blindfold might recognize it as Vaughn's voice before he steps around the bend. Dressed in a royal blue and dark navy stripped hoodie, black skinny jeans, his hands are thrust into the front pockets of the hoodie.

Blindfold nods quietly in agreement with mike "Sides, your life isn't going horrible, things will work out in short order, you want everyone to get along peacefully and that's something that's taught where I go it's the founding dream, Armand yes please. Ooo, that sounds like vaughn signing one of your fav songs, things will be alright you'll see"

"Oh oui, there are many tings I could get addicted to as I slowly waste my miserable little life away and one night instead of playing with myself, I'd strangle myself to death without knowing it as I pass out from too much of taking the weed smoking and barbituates, they'll find me lying dead in a tub of butter covered with sprinkles from the 50 frosted donuts I consumed during having of the munchies." Armand speaks very quickly and its like a steady purr of words as he takes a deep breath and then another. There's a pause as he just covers his face with a hand and then looks down at the blanket. He freezes up upon hearing the lines of a familiar song and he blinks several time, lowering his hand a bit and blinking. "Ruth...dear. How have you been, are they taking care of you?" A nod to Mike. "I have been rude, how are you two doing." There's a long pause as he does have to just stare at Ruth. "...that's not what I want, Ruth, that's never what I wanted, but its sweet of you to think so. And I like that song, because it is deliciously sexy but guess what, as cute as his ASS might be I can't ask him out because I have to make sure I have money to buy milk and orange juice so I do not be getting scurvy."

Mike's frown fades back to neutrality as Armand describes a future death where he emulates a bulimic David Carradine who just had a party with Cheech, Chong, and Kirstie Alley during a down year. Even after Armand's done with the mild rant, Mike stares at him, blinking moving his hand away as Armand has forgotten about smoking for the time being, "The scary part is part of me's not sure if you're joking."

"Stars when you shine.. you know how I feel.. Scent of the pine.. you know how I feel... Oh.. Freedom is mine.. and I know how I fell.. " Then something catches his eye, the teen stops singing alters his course. "Jeezum, Ruth... what happened to you?"

Blindfold picks her head up from armand's shoulder "You..don't want a day when mutants and humans live together in peace, when people aren't judged on their looks but people are open minded enough to give others a chance before judging?" was ruth off her game today? Then she smiles toward armand and waves vaughn over "The patched me up very well, yes thank you Armand just some bruised or cracked ribs and a broken nose, my jaw would have been broken if I hadn't partially dodged the first punch" but she didn't have to wave him over "The black knight tried to teach me a lesson, it didn't take I guess, yes thank you"

Armand offers Mike a wry smirk. "I don't know either." It is a haunting almost statement as Armand stares off into space as people make their greetings and the like.

Mike fails to do the greetings as he just looks at Armand oddly. "...Offer's still there. We have a fridge for your orange juice."

Armand, Blindfold, Mike, and Vaughn are standing around talking. Vaughn has an expression of building anger, which is replaced by utter confusion. "Black Knight? You mean like Martin Lawrence?" He frowns, "When did this happen? What happened?" He pauses, "Hey, Armand..." He looks over at Mike, "Um hello."

Blindfold smiles and was seated on the ground on a blanket, gently leaning against armand with a bruised face and a piece of tape over the bridge of her nose "Mike, vaughn, vaughn this is mike, yes thank you I'm alright, it's not as bad as when seth and I went into the city with someone and the car got totalled cuz of some jewelry theives" that one put her in the medbay for a few days! "Ballista, the black knight, part of the hellfire club kidnapped me but I'm ok she was only trying to knock me out, not kill me thankfully, yes thank you" her tone implying a mistake on ballista's part "Armand helped save me, yes please"

Armand sniffs and just nods as he exhales softly. "Black Knight as in a psychopathic female dog who is still operating on high school 'oh no you didn't' vengeance schemes monsieur. Not representing any heaven or hell club and I did not save anybody, I just made a phone call." He looks back to Mike before lowering his eyes. "I may have to take you up on that, I still have my job so I could...ya know, always pay a bit but...I'll give you a call." He carefully selects one of the cream stuffed sticky buns and takes a bite, chewing with his eyes closed. There is a belated. "Hello Monsieur Vaughn."

As Vaughn greets Armand, the established rocker straightens up and turns his head to look to the DJ. Upon them making eye contact, Mike gives a upwards tilt of the chin in a half nod of acknowledgement. "Hi." Mike looks towards Armand, "Do. Crashing with us has got to be cheaper than staying in a hotel."

New to the City of New York, Julian Keller is having the time of his life. Armed with his parents credit card, he's enjoying the Big Apple as few truely can. For right now though.. he's ducked his parents hired bodyguards and is wandering the city on his own. Clad in as 'average' looking clothes as possible he's taking a stroll through Central Park, watching the people around him. Essentially seeing how the rest of the world lives. Those without money.

Blindfold rubs her good cheek on amrand's shoulder to comfort him before nodding to the others "She was acting on her own not representing the hellfire club, just acting on her own, an insane woman with an unpleasant mentality, she might belong to the hellfire club but one had nothing to do with other this time, she simply wanted to teach me not to act on what I 'perceive', yes thank you. Mike's right Armand, a comfortable bed and would be alot cheaper then a hotel, please yes thank you, it would keep him from worrying about as he has been for some time, as I have been worried"

Vaughn crosses his arms in front of his chest. A scowl settles in his expression. "Have you checked in with anyone about this, Ruth?" He glances over at Armand, "I'm still keeping my apartment in Hell's Kitchen... as long as you promise not to sell my stuff, you're more than welcome to stay there for a bit."

Armand scratches his cheek and nods against to Mike and then he looks at the rainbow colored nails on his left hand and works on finishing his bun. He is quiet before offering to Blindfold. "I think I'm gonna go." A small nod as he looks between Blindfold and Vaughn. "Thanks ah, how do they say..." He squints. "Ah yes, thanks man, this is meaning alot." Then he begins to put the caps back on his nail polish bottles.

Mike watches Armand get up, he steps back, looking to the teen as he does nothing to stop him from his packing away his nail polish, "Keep in touch, alright?"

Blindfold turns her head to armand as she rises with a wince, you never knew how much you used certain parts of your body until they got hurt then takes a sticky pad out of her pocket and peels the top sheet off sticking it on his shoulder with a number on it "Please yes, keep in touch, call if you need anything, anything at all" then nods to vaughn "Yes, Mirage came to save me and I already saw medbay, yes thank you"

Vaughn nods slightly at Ruth, not looking any more pleased or relieved by the fact that it's already been seen to. He nods to Armand, "The offer is open if you decide to take me up on it... You still got my number?" He looks over at Mike, "Nice to meet you, Sir."

Armand works diligently to cap all his nail polish containers and stuff them away into one of his bags while he rolls the paper bag of buns up and offers them towards Mike as he gets to his feet and brushes his pants off. "Here, a sample of my work, non? I am also good at waffles." Its delivered with a deadpan sort of drawl but the grumpy young man nods quickly to both Blindfold and Mike and then to Vaughn. "Oui Oui...I will call, especially if I go into labor." Then he turns to nod politely at Vaughn, idly shouldering his bags. "Oui...I have." He nods politely once more before bending over to snatch up his picnic blanket, murmuring in French to himself. "Thank you all for your concern and offers. I must now go flog myself in acting of self flagegatio-what the hell ever you call the overly kinky process of spanking yourself for thinking naughty thoughts or saying bad words." He sighs and turns to make his way off. "Au revoir!"

Being offered the bag of pastries, Mike's attention shifts to them. There is a pau- Oh who are we kidding? FREE BAKED GOODS. The musician accepts the bag graciously, "Thanks, Armand." He watches the boy taking off, giving a small smile. Upon his being sure Armand's not in range to hear him, he murmurs quietly, "That is one odd kid."

Blindfold nods her head to Armand "No beating yourself please, just...take care of yourself because there are people who aren't trying to use you or manipulate you but just genuinely care about you please okay? thank you yes" then listens to Armand walk off before turning to vaughn "Am I sure I'm allowed out and not grounded again to keep me safe? No, but I saw medbay and they didn't keep me in a bed, sides remember how much you wanted to do anything but stay cooped up when you got hurt? I'm sorry yes, see I met ballista only once before and we talked before she wanted to go beat and rob some rich couples who did nothing wrong but be rich, I tried to talk her out of it and try to get her to see why doing that was wrong but her logic went round in circles, her mind almost like a I did what I could and I told someone and apparently it caused several inconveniences for her and she balmed me for telling someone what she was about to do...then she found me in the gardens and attacked me, we fought yes because I wouldn't simply surrender to her just because she said so, I'm sorry I wasn't going to do that no. So we fought and at first I was able to dodge before she grabbed my cane and got in a few punches and knocked me out, when I woke I was in a decrepit warehouse in a cage. Armand came and brought me food, yes thank you, he called the number on the business card he had and stayed with me until help came and I was saved" then shakes her head toward mike with a smile "Not so odd, just..stressed and upset right now, worried about his future and not wanting rely too much on others, his trust in people has been broken too many times, yes thank you"

Vaughn closes his eyes slightly as if listening to Ruth was enough to give him a headache, as he tries to follow. "Let me guess this straight... you got into the business of some super-powered bad guy... She attacked you, kidnapped you... " He puts his fingers to his temples - like some sideshow psychic, "I don't have to be psychic to see you being grounded until you're old enough to vote." He sighs, "Ruth, you got to learn that bad guys are bad guys because they don't do what's right.. you can't just talk your way out of stuff... " He pauses mid-rant to look at Mike, "Yeah, pretty much about as odd as odd gets, but a nice guy, nonetheless."

Mike nods at the other man's assesment, turning to look to the remaining pair, looking towards Ruth, "He's got a point. Shouldn't you of all people have the foresight not to do that?" He looks over to Vaughn, "Sorry, was a bit distracted a bit ago. Nice to meet you."

Blindfold smirks at the two "I didn't know who she was when I met her not until the second time I met her when she attacked me, yes thank you but it's not fool proof I don't see danger to me until almost when it's about to happen"

Vaughn looks at Blindfold, "Then maybe you'll remember that from now on when you decide to just head off into the city by yourself, especially if you're going to stick you nose into other peoples' business... especially super-crooks." While there is a scolding tone in his lecture, there is also a fair deal of concern. He offers a half-hearted smile over at Mike, "No worries... I don't offend easy."

Mike nods, giving a half smile, "Then, I shouldn't worry about heading off without having a good size conversation with you. Kind of canceled on a friend to settle another matter. Might want to head back now."

Blindfold chuckles softly at the two wincing as she holds a hand to her front "I may get into trouble and bad people may not like it but I'll still do it because if I don't say something then who will stop them? I see what I see for a reason and I'll always do what I can to prevent the bad things I see. Let's go home? I want to sit down for a bit"

Vaughn smiles, "Nice meetin' you, Sir..." He looks over at Ruth, "Someone who can deal with such people... Scott or Logan or hell even maybe me... " He sighs shaking his head, "Yeah, let's get back... " He adds in as an afterthought, "and whatever punishment Jean or Scott thinks up.. I'm sure it's not enough."

And so, OFF THEY GO!

sing us out, Vaughn!


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